26 Best & Fun Things to Do in Richmond (Indiana)

If you are searching for things to do in Richmond, Indiana, then you are in the right place.

Richmond is a city known for its protected engineering and early recording industry. It is located in east Indiana, close to Ohio.

The early history of Richmond is attached to the National Road, which brought numerous settler families into the city.

In the years that followed, Richmond became the most crowded city in the state and a center for industrial and human expression.

Richmond was the social event place for various significant Impressionist specialists, making it more of a happening location as time passed.

Are you planning an exploration of Richmond? Here are the top things to do in Richmond, IN.

Things to Do in Richmond, Indiana

1. Richmond Art Museum

Richmond Art Museum
Credits: Warren LeMay / Flickr
Richmond Art Museum

People get a good feeling from seeing something new on a trip, and what better place to see something new than the Art Museum?

From the late nineteenth hundred through the mid-twentieth century, the city was related to craftsmanship, specifically in the American Impressionist movement.

The Richmond Art Group incorporated the likes of Charles Fremont Conner, John Elwood Bundy and Maude Kaufman Eggemeyer.

Large numbers of these craftsmen were subsidiary with the Art Association of Richmond, which in 1898 turned into the Richmond Art Museum.

In the historical centre’s rich stock are pieces by Walter Shirlaw, Frank Duvenick, Henry Mosler, William Aitken Walker and William Wendt, to name just a few.

You’re in for many interesting artworks at the Richmond Art Museum, and it’s a perfect place to add to your list of fun things to do in Richmond, Indiana.

Address: 350 Hub Etchison Pkwy, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

2. Historic Depot District

Historic Depot District
Credits: Cathy Cline [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Historic Depot District
A couple of blocks from downtown Richmond is an eccentric, remarkable sales region overflowing with exquisite engineering from 1875 to 1910.

The focal point of the locale is the Pennsylvania Railroad Station (1902), planned by the workplace of Daniel Burnham.

Daniel Burnham is famous for the Flatiron Building in New York and the Rookery in Chicago. About 25 trains stopped at this station a few years back.

Home to the Model T Ford Museum, the Historic Depot District is an excellent spot for a stroll, thanks to the huge block structures it has.

Presently the district has interesting features ranging from exhibitions to bars to restaurants to displays and shops for books, records, blossoms and furniture.

If you’re searching for top things to do in Richmond, Indiana, you should try visiting the Historic Depot District and do a little exploration of your own!

Address: 180 Fort Wayne Ave, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

3. Wayne County Historical Museum

Wayne County Historical Museum
Credits: Wayne County Historical Museum / Facebook
Wayne County Historical Museum

Wayne County Historical Museum This splendid nearby records museum is on a campus surrounding the Hicksite Friends Meetinghouse.

This construction was given as a gift to the Wayne County Historical Society in 1930 and has flourished bountifully ever since.

The Wayne County Historical Society has been the source of many donations, which have left the museum with a notable series of artefacts and buildings.

In addition to the meetinghouse, there are seven systems on the campus, including the oldest log schoolhouse within the county.

Among the numerous things to explore, there’s the Davis plane from 1929, steam-powered tractors, early vehicles synthetic in Richmond and Ancient Egyptian mummies.

There are many nifty things to see at the Wayne County Historic Museum, and it wouldn’t hurt to explore and see what might pique your interest.

Address: 1150 N A St, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

4. Model T Museum

Model T Museum
Credits: Model T Ford Club of America / Facebook
Model T Museum

Richmond is home to the Model T Ford Club of America, the world’s largest Ford Model T enthusiasts club.

While the city has no manufacturing affiliation with the vehicle, you couldn’t find a better place for a Model T Ford Museum.

The Model T Ford is also bountifully found in the Depot District with its wealth of early 20th-century architecture.

Spread over two buildings, the collection takes you through the peak years of Model T production from 1908 to 1927.

You’ll see the 294th Model T that ran off Ford’s famous production line and all manner of customisations ranging from a racing car to a fire engine.

Other attractive exhibits include a variety of Fordson tractors and a replica machine shop with belt-driven tools. It’s a good place to visit.

Address: 309 N 8th St, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

5. Glen Miller Park

Glen Miller Park
Credits: Suti Stock Photo / Shutterstock

Richmond’s number one recreational area traces back to 1885 and is named for the railroad leader, Colonel John Ford Miller.

Something uniquely great about Glen Miller Park is its normal freshwater springs, noted for a high iron substance.

In a generally upscale area of the city, Glen Miller Park falls inside East Main Street-Glen Miller Park Historic District.

One of the contributing landmarks is the Madonna of the Trail by the entry, raised by the Daughters of the American Revolution and committed to the soul of trailblazer ladies in the United States.

Concerning conveniences, the recreation area has a sprinkle cushion, tennis courts, a few sanctuaries, and a rose nursery.

If you’re still contemplating whether this place has fun things to do in Richmond, Indiana, then you should consider the hiking trails at Glen Miller.

Address:  2200 E Main St, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

6. Hayes Arboretum

Hayes Arboretum
Credits: Hayes Arboretum / Facebook
Hayes Arboretum

The Hayes Arboretum began with a progression of buys made by Stanley W. Hayes to save parcels of old-development beech-maple backwoods.

There are around 60 sections of land of old-development timberland at the Hayes Arboretum, for certain trees going back to 450 years.

Fully intent on reestablishing the antiquated forest that welcomed the trailblazers, Hayes additionally directed reforestation tests.

The reforestation tests were similar to the Oak-Tulip Experiment, established from 1922 to 1923. 

There’s a natural place in a dairy outbuilding tracing all the way back to 1833. Inside, you can figure out all you want in Indiana’s local vegetation.

The Hayes Arboretum has 16 miles of trails, around half of which are assigned for mountain trekking. 

If you are interested in nature, you should add visiting Hayes Arboretum to your list of best things to do in Richmond, IN.

Address: 801 Elks Rd, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

7. East Main Street–Glen Miller Park Historic District

East Main Street–Glen Miller Park Historic District
Credits: Deansfa [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
East Main Street–Glen Miller Park Historic District
En route to Glen Miller Park, East Main Street is fixed with a progression of forcing homes from the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth century.

Once in a while, referred to as Millionaire’s Row, this masterful group was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

One glaringly obvious milestone is the Henry and Alice Gennett House, built-in 1898 in a dramatic Colonial Revival style.

Brandishing a two-story Ionic porch, this was the home of Henry Gennett, leader of Starr Piano Company and the organiser behind Gennett Records.

That building’s engineer, John A. Hasecoster, planned various homes around Richmond, including his own Queen Anne-style house.

These houses are among 80 other contributing structures in styles going from Italianate to Queen Anne, Classical Revival, etc.

Address: 2200 E Main St, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

8. Thistlethwaite Falls

Thistlethwaite Falls
Credits: Kyle Hartshorn / Flickr
Thistlethwaite Falls

At the south finish of Springwood Park is a picturesque cascade, tumbling down a trip of edges on the West Fork of the Whitewater River.

Twenty feet high and sixty feet across, Thistlethwaite Falls is man-made and is named for the sawmill proprietor, Timothy Thistlethwaite.

He made a dam for his plant during the nineteenth century, diverting over this rough porch. It’s a great put to chill on a blistering summer day.

The cascade is a great spot for hunting Late Ordovician fossils, going back exactly 450 million years. 

The Thistlewaite Falls has a mesmerising view that can captivate almost anyone. What’s more, is the fact that you can take a lot of pictures.

If you need to pass the time, cool off or relax the best place for you to visit would be the Thistlewaite Falls. There’s so much there to explore.

Visiting Thistlethwaite Falls is one of the top things to do in Richmond, Indiana.

Address: 65 Waterfall Rd, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

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9. Joseph Moore Museum

Joseph Moore Museum
Credits: Joseph Moore Museum / Facebook
Joseph Moore Museum

There’s always a good reason to explore a new place with new things to see and learn about, and one place to get all that is Joseph Moore’s Museum.

The incredible and free exhibition hall dedicated to Indiana’s exciting history is a good motivation to visit the Earlham College grounds.

The historical centre’s foundations return to an assortment gathered during the 1870s by Joseph Moore, a teacher at the school.

This began as a bureau yet extended to a full room after he bought the halfway skeleton of a mastodon found in New Paris, Indiana, in 1873.

Among the star attractions are live iguanas, snakes , and one of Indiana’s three Ancient Egyptian mummies.

There’s so much to see and learn about at Joseph Moore’s Museum and if you’re looking forward to best things to do in Richmond, IN, come right over!

Address: 801 National Rd W, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

10. Gennett Records Walk of Fame

Gennett Records Walk of Fame
Credits: Richmond Music Festival and Gennett Walk of Fame / Facebook
Gennett Records Walk of Fame

Richmond’s Gennett Records, established by Henry Gennett in 1917, delivered probably the earliest pontoon of jazz and blues.

These musicians include Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Duke Ellington, Hoagy Carmichael, Bix Beiderbecke and Charley Patton, to mention a few.

You can visit the studio site close to the Whitewater River, where there’s an interpretive path calling attention to the previous area of the studio.

The most popular artisans are remembered with emblems implanted in the way, intended to look like 1978 rpm records.

At Gennett Records Walk of Fame, you’ll also see the honourable mentions of those who contributed to the building of Gennett Records.

It’s always a good idea to visit a place where you and anyone can be inspired to be the best they can be, and you’ll find that Gennett Records is such a place.

Address: 201 S 1st St, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

11. Amish Country

Richmond and Wayne County have a huge Amish populace, which becomes obvious in the event you visit any neighbourhood streets.

It’s definitely worth the effort to find the numerous Amish-possessed organisations nearby. You could take it up as a challenge.

The Amish may be furniture creators with excellent artistry or nurseries selling spices, perennials, annuals, vegetable plants, seeds, etc.

In Fountain City, ten minutes north of Richmond, you can visit the Fountain Acres Amish Store for cheese, confections and log furniture.

At the Amish Country, you’ll feel detached from the whole of Richmond as it’s a different environment to explore.

This place is perfect to add to your list of fun things to do in Richmond, Indiana, as it has many interesting possibilities to explore and appreciate.

Address: IN-227, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

12. Richmond Rose Garden

Richmond Rose Garden
Credits: Chris Reynolds [CC BY-SA 2.0], Wikimedia Commons
Richmond Rose Garden
Richmond has gained traction for its roses, owing to a popular nursery established in, E.G. Slope 1881 around what is presently Glen Miller Park.

The rose nursery developed dramatically, and by the 1940s, the Hill Flower Products Company had more than 1,000 sections of land for flowers. 

For a long time, this rose legacy was commended by a Rose Festival, which subsided in the last part of the 1990s.

There’s still a part of Richmond reviewing those times at the Richmond Rose Garden, established a long time back on Glen Miller Park.

Presently, you can appreciate more than 100 assortments of All American Selections roses, supplemented by perennials, blossoming annuals and elaborate trees.

The Rose Garden is just the right place for a family day out. The beautiful scent of the flowers, accompanied by its beauty and peaceful environment, makes it a perfect vacation spot.

Address: Lower Dr, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

13. Middlefork Reservoir

Middlefork Reservoir
Credits: Vitalii Nesterchuk / Shutterstock

Among the best things to do in Richmond, IN is a visit to Middlefork Reservoir.

At the actual north of Richmond is a 177-section of land that was worked on during the 1960s, giving close to 66% of the city’s water supply.

This waterway sits inside a 400-section park that has gotten a ton of consideration from the Richmond parks division over a couple of years.

With four safe houses and adequate vegetation, it’s a fine spot for a family outing or gathering.

The lake is obviously the focal point of consideration for fishing excursions and a great boating experience. It’s one place to see a lot of new things.

If you don’t have your own vessel, you can lease an oar boat, skiff, canoe or kayak from the help place.

Different conveniences include concessions, a lodge, a lure shop, docking offices, an RC plane field and Richmond’s canine park.

Address: 1750 Sylvan Nook Dr, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

14. Old National Road Welcome Center

Off U.S. Highway 40, near the Indiana-Ohio line, is a guest community assisting you with capitalising on Richmond and Wayne County.

The Old National Road Welcome Center is open six days a week, except on the off chance you come after opening hours.

If you visit after opening hours or on Sundays, there’s a day-in and day-out data lobby inside the entryway where you can get guides and pamphlets any time.

The centre is a helpful first stop for a little while to the area, setting you on the correct way for anything from Amish organisations to collectables.

The store has an abundance of neighbourhood makes, from stoneware to candles, as well as memorabilia connecting with Richmond’s jazz and blues legacy.

You’re sure to fund something that piques your interest at the Old National Road Welcome Area, and all it takes to get there is a decision to make the trip.

Address: 5701 National Rd E, Richmond, IN 47374, United States

15. Antique Alley

Antique Alley
Credits: Aris-Tect Group / Shutterstock

There are many antique shops in and around Richmond that the Richmond/Wayne County travel industry department has made a path to assist you with finding them all.

There are at least 1200 vendors nearby, so Antique Alley is separated into western and eastern parts for accommodation purposes.

Travelling west, Cambridge City should be on your antiquing radar, as there are ten shops and habitats for collectables in the space only two blocks downtown.

Crossing the Indiana-Ohio line, your deal-hunting odyssey might take you to Lewisburg, where Brick Rhod Antiques and Bistro has 21 vendors under one rooftop.

You could spend a whole lifetime searching for and finding as many things as you desire to buy or see. It’s an antique enthusiasts’ heaven.

One thing that makes this place interesting is the fact that you can bring your kids along too, and they can choose to get whatever they like.

Address: Richmond, Indiana; United States.

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16. New Boswell Brewing Company

New Boswell Brewing Company
Credits: Nitr / Shutterstock

The New Boswell Tap Room is situated in a notable area in Richmond, IN, called the Depot District. The tavern is colossal, with the Italian Market included.

The menu changes with various sandwiches and pizzas. On some days, they have Backyard BBQ pizza and Italian Beef sandwiches.

It’s a huge serving of hot Italian Beef on a French-style bun covered with dissolved mozzarella cheddar and presented within its natural juices.

The beer prepared in the area isn’t always available, so not all are accessible daily. Some of the beers include the Cream Ale.

The office seems to be a work underway. There is a lot of room and a few different organisations in the structure.

With all that aside, it’s worthy of note that they have remarkable customer service as the staff are very welcoming and knowledgeable on how to help guests out.

Address: 410 N 10th St, Richmond, IN 47374-3118

17. Richmond Civic Theater

Richmond Civic Theater
Credits: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

A little non-metro town in the Indiana cornfields has one of the best local area theatres you have seen, and it’s only a trip away from exploration.

The Civic Theater is a lovely old structure, and it’s a particularly great resource for Richmond as it’s an exceptionally helpful area to explore.

Richmond Civic Theater has a decent determination of plays and remarkable projects from the neighbourhood’s imaginative sets.

One astonishing thing is that there’s not a terrible seat in the house. Fascination and intrigue for plays rely upon visitors’ qualities and the particular play.

The outstanding ability just equals the assortment of shows presented by Richmond Civic Theater that chips in their time.

It’s a great place for a family vacation and a must-visit event that you’re visiting the area. It’s left to the visitors to choose how to enjoy the place!

Address: 1003 E Main St, Richmond, IN 47374-4313

18. Madonna of the Trail

Madonna of the Trail
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
Madonna of the Trail

The Madonna of the Trail landmarks were planned to give an image of the city’s boldness and confidence of the well-respected ladies.

These were the ladies whose strength and love helped so extraordinarily in vanquishing the wild and laying out long-lasting homes.

Established in 1928 and 1929, the twelve sculptures became wellsprings of neighbourhood pride as they caught the attention of onlookers.

Through the endeavours of nearby and public gatherings, all are presently in great shape and plain view.

There is a bench now where one can sit and watch Madonna and ponder the pioneer women she represents.

Although the Madonna of the Trail used to be grey, the statue was later given a bright white shade of recent.

Address: 2209 E Main St Entrance of Glen Miller Park, Richmond, IN 47374-5773

19. Richmond Symphony Orchestra

Richmond Symphony Orchestra
Credits: Stokkete / Shutterstock

The Richmond Orchestra is a social diamond for the area. The orchestra engages the local area with shows and youth programs.

The Orchestra is also at home with pop and old-style programs. They also participate in the shows, learning about various pieces and writers.

The imaginative and execution level is extremely high as the shows are somewhat reasonably priced in contrast with bigger cities.

Richmond is honoured with an ensemble with astounding visitor guest artists who give visitors a pleasant evening to remember. 

It’s no news by now that there’s so much to expect from an orchestra as you watch the synchronised playing of various musical instruments.

That said, a visit to the orchestra will surely be an exhilarating experience, especially when it’s the Richmond Symphony Orchestra.

Address: 380 Hub Etchison Pkwy, Richmond, IN 47374-5339

20. Druley Performance Gymnasium

Druley Performance Gymnasium
Credits: Torsak Thammachote / Shutterstock

This is one great place for sports enthusiasts as it comprises interesting games visitors can watch for free without paying for designated seats.

The facility is a gymnasium located within Earlham College, and it’s one great place to watch an interesting game of Basketball.

The facility has impressive features, and its maintenance is top-notch, as there’s very little to complain about in Druley’s Performance Gymnasium.

Druley’s Performance Gymnasium seems like it could be old, yet it has been kept up quite well and modernised.

There are a lot of parking spots near the Gymnasium, and the stroll inside is short and simple. This is a pleasant setting to watch a game.

If you’re a bit bored and are wondering how best to spend your time, catching a game at Druley Performance Gymnasium is a good idea.

Address: 801 National Rd W, Richmond, IN 47374-4021

21. Luxe Lizzies Boutique

Luxe Lizzies Boutique
Credits: Creative Lab / Shutterstock

Who doesn’t like a good shopping experience where you can get to pick precisely what you want and not worry if it’ll be okay or not?

If you fall into that category, Luxe Lizzies offers fun, unique store designs for adolescents and ladies of any age, shape, and size!

From ordinary nuts and bolts to popular unquestionable requirements, you’ll track down everything at Luxe Lizzies!

Clothing sizes like medium, large, extra large and super-extra large can be found there. There’s also footwear, totes, gems and embellishments.

Luxury Lizzies is an exceptional shop with parcels to offer! The main thing outperforming their style choices is their commitment to quality things.

Match that with their beautiful adornments and different embellishments, and every visitors is hooked and makes it their most loved spot to shop!

Address: 724 E Main St Downtown, Richmond, Richmond, IN 47374-4312

22. 4th Floor Blues Club

4th Floor Blues Club
Credits: Ievgenii Meyer / Shutterstock

If you’ve been looking for a great place to throw a party, look no further as 4th Floor Blues Club is just the right place for that.

The area boasts a wide range of sitting and as well as other activities. There is also enough space for people to hit the dance floor.

Assuming you have a crowd, this is the best place for you and your crown to let off some steam as this can host about a hundred and fifty people.

The staff there are also very welcoming, and they see that the food and drinks are available for its visitors. They have great food.

One of the most mentioned features of the 4th Floor Blue ls Club is the old-fashioned elevator with its very nice attendant, which takes you to the club and down again.

The Blues Club is always described as a neat facility with a lot of space for a number of people. This makes it easier for those who have a phobia of the pandemic.

Address: 923 N E St, Richmond, IN 47374-3137

23. Smiley’s Pub

Smiley’s Pub
Credits: S_Photo / Shutterstock

Smiley’s Pub is a welcoming eatery with a thoroughly stocked bar. They also have a full menu of delightful food and beverages.

The dim wooden climate, the British telephone stall, and the natural British brew signs distinguishes this bar from others. 

The staff are well disposed and connect with the customers in discussion and chitchat. Thee are a lot of drinks to try out at the pub.

The menu is somewhat varied for a bar, yet the food is great. They also have entertainment and live performances which vary from day to day.

There’s something for everyone at Smiley’s Pub, as there is almost always something interesting happening within its walls.

If you’re only interested in getting a good drink or meal, you’re still welcome to Smiley’s Pub, as nothing stops you from having a good time.

Address: 39 N 8th St, Richmond, IN 47374-3028

24. Clear Creek Park

Clear Creek Park
Credits: Clear Creek Park / Shutterstock

Clear Creek Park occupies a land area of 49 acres and is separated by West Main Street into two distinct sections. The Cordell Municipal is known as a portion of Clear Creek, and the McBride Stadium is also close by.

If you are a fan of horseshoe pitching, Clear Creek Park should be a must-see destination when you are around town.

Clear Creek Park features numerous amenities such as basketball, diamonds, a horseshoe, concessions, restrooms, a playground, disc golf, picnic areas, and tennis.

The park also has an Open-Air Shelter that can accommodate 20 people. It is close to pickleball courts and next to the female and male restrooms. It has a spacious parking space, an outdoor grill, and four picnic tables and is close to park amenities.

Address: 1201 W Main St, Richmond, IN 47374,

25. Whitewater Gorge Trailhead

Whitewater Gorge Trailhead
Credits: ff-photo / Shutterstock

You can have a great time outdoors by visiting the Whitewater Gorge Park, which stretches from Test Road to Waterfall Road and occupies 100 acres. The walls of the Gorge consist of bedrock that showcases the historical geography of the region, which goes way back 000,00 years ago.

The Starr Gennett building is located in the Central area of the Whitewater Valley Gorge Park and once housed the Starr Gennett Piano Co. and Recording Studio. The company started operations in this area in the 1870s and received international recognition on Starr pianos, phonographic, and Gennetts records (a recording division).

The Starr Piano Company is well known for its Gennett Records and its significant contributions to the early times of country, jazz, gospel, and blues music.

You will also be able to find the Veteran’s Memorial Park in the Park to commemorate veterans from this region who served in the army. You can spend the day searching for fossils and enjoy beautiful landscape views.

Address: 544 Test Rd, Richmond, IN 47374,

26. Legends Lanes

Legends Lanes
Credits: Natnan Srisuwan / Shutterstock

The Legend Lanes is a perfect place to come with friends and family to have a great time. You can have fun bowling at a price that does not require breaking the bank; their prices are affordable for everyone.

The Legend Lanes has hosted different bowling tournaments, such as the 2019 Indiana USBC Youth Scholarship Tournament and The WCUSBC Open tournament Team Event. Visiting this place is great for making new friends.

This destination also has a snack bar where you can eat various foods such as cheeseburgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, chicken twist, grilled cheese, Mac n’ Cheese bites, pickle fries, and many others.

Address: 3919 W Nat’l Rd, Richmond, IN 47374,

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Plan a Trip to Richmond

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The city has lots of interesting attractions that cuts across several disciplines such as culture, history, recreation, arts and more.

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