23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Port Washington (WI)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Port Washington, WI?

Michigan Lake is reputed all through the east-central parts of the United States as one of the most romantic locations to visit due to its beautiful sunset views and other lovely sight attractions.

Port Washington is a stunning city on the coastline of the famous Michigan Lake and the county seat of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin State. It had a population of 11,881 in 2020.

This stunning little city is famous for its sunsets, museums, lighthouses, and history, which makes it a fantastic retreat for people who want to relax and unwind.

You should visit Port Washington if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly travel destination in Lake Michigan.

Are you planning an exploration of Port Washington? Here are the top things to do in Port Washington, WI.

Things to Do in Port Washington, WI

1. Upper Lake Park

Upper Lake Park
Credits: James Meyer / Shutterstock
Upper Lake Park

Port Washington is the home of the Upper Lake Park, a sizable 62-acre Park with a stunning, unimpeded view of Lake Michigan.

Visit Upper Lake Park for a picnic, sports, and other revitalizing outdoor activities. Even Milwaukee residents travel to Port Washington to visit Upper Lake Park. It is one of the most frequented Parks in the city.

It’s a beautiful spot to unwind with friends, family, or your spouse. Another great feature of this well-liked Park is its proximity to North Beach, another famous attraction in the city.

Address: 554 N Lake St Port, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

2. Coal Dock Park

Coal Dock Park
Credits: Kelly0707 / Shutterstock
Coal Dock Park

The Coal Dock Park in Port Washington, Wisconsin, is a friendly neighborhood coastal park and the most incredible place to get fresh air.

The city’s pedestrian bridge and promenade are close to this Park, which is somewhat new to Port Washington.

Coal Dock Park is a popular place for Port Washington residents and visitors to unwind and take in the breathtaking scenery that the great Lake Michigan brings.

The Park is perfect for a romantic getaway, where you and your partner can spend the day at this Park and watch the lovely sunset; the best part is that it is free.

Aside from containing a pavilion, the Park has a viewing platform and a strolling trail that follows the Lake Michigan shoreline. The Park is also a popular venue for holding local events.

Coal Dock Park is one of the finest access points to the South Beach and Dock Bird Sanctuary.

Address: 146 S Wisconsin St, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

3. Sauk Creek Nature Preserve

Sauk Creek Nature Preserve
Credits: Nathan Marciniak / Flickr
Sauk Creek Nature Preserve

Going to Sauk Creek Nature Preserve would be one of the best things to do in Port Washington, WI, if you’re a nature fan and would love to spend time in the great outdoors.

This Port Washington nature reserve is famed for its limestone bedrock ledges along a creek. It is seated on 27 acres of land area.

Through its pathways, this locale connects numerous streams and marshes that flow to Lake Michigan, making it an excellent place for outdoor leisure activities.

Additionally, you can view local species traveling through the Sauk Creek Nature Preserve, as it’s a significant wildlife area in the county.

The Sauk Creek Nature Preserve offers some of the best wildlife viewing, fishing, and even hiking opportunities.

Address: 3236 Co Rd KK, Port Washington, WI 53070, USA

4. South Beach Park

South Beach Park
Credits: Egmont Elsner / Shutterstock

South Beach Park, although small, boasts lovely scenery and all the essential features of a standardized beach park.

It boasts many stores and restaurants in addition to its kayak launch. South Beach Park combines water and land areas that offer twice the fun in contrast to other Parks and beaches.

In Port Washington, especially during the summer, the Park is a great area to go swimming with your family or traveling companions.

Address: Wisconsin St, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

5.1860 Light Station

1860 Light Station
Credits: Charles G. Haacker / Shutterstock
1860 Light Station

One of the first lighthouses in Ozaukee County is the well-known 1860 Light Station at Port Washington.

The lighthouse remains a magnificent sight, especially if you’re interested in learning about its history; although people are not allowed to climb it,

The 1849 Light Station was built at the peak of Port Washington’s northern cliff, which looks down on the city’s core.

The management overseeing the station’s affairs added a lantern above the keeper’s apartments to enhance the Light station.

The lighthouse stands firm over the city, creating a beautiful backdrop for taking good pictures.

Address: 311 Johnson St, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

6. Port Washington Historical Society

 Port Washington Historical Society
Credits: Port Washington Historical Society / Facebook
Port Washington Historical Society

Visit the Port Washington Historical Society to get a pleasant experience and more in-depth about the history of Port Washington.

This organization was founded in 1991 by some citizens of Port Washington to highlight and conserve the city’s remarkable history.

The organization is responsible for maintaining lighthouses and leading tours for tourists keen to learn about the city’s history. Additionally, they oversee the Port Exploreum Museum.

You know where to find them in Port Washington if you’re a quiet history enthusiast who wants to learn more about this city’s past.

Address: 205 N Franklin St, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

7. Full Circle Restaurant

Full Circle Restaurant
Credits: Plier’s Full Circle Pub & Restaurant / Facebook
Full Circle Restaurant

The Full Circle Restaurant serves the locals and tourists in Port Washington the best home-cooked and convenient meals.

The informal neighborhood eatery has been open since 1981, making it one of the city’s oldest restaurants. It is geared towards providing healthy and homely meals, craft beers, and other delicious drinks.

Rich Plier, the restaurant’s owner, is well-known in the city’s food community for his delectable menu, which focuses on traditional American cuisine.

Additionally, the pub at Full Circle Restaurant is a well-liked hangout for residents. Eating at Full Circle Restaurant in Port Washington, WI, is worth experiencing.

Address: 3704 Highland Dr, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

8. Possibility Playground

Possibility Playground
Credits: Possibility Playground / Facebook
Possibility Playground

If you are vacationing with kids, it would be nice to include a visit to the Possibility playground on your itinerary of fun things to do in Port Washington, WI.

Possibility Playground, located at Upper Lake Park in Port Washington, is a distinct and sizable outdoor play area.

In contrast to other playgrounds, Possibility Playground offers services for children with impairments and special needs.

If you come with your children when visiting Port Washington, this Playground offers a more welcoming and secure space for them to play.

The Playground was conceived by Mardy McGarry and finished in 2008 with the help of numerous contributions.

When children become tired of seeing Port Washington’s attractions, take them to Possibility Playground for a fun afternoon experience.

Address: 499 N Lake St Port. Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

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9. Breakwater Lighthouse

Breakwater Lighthouse
Credits: Grindstone Media Group / Shutterstock
Breakwater Lighthouse

The art deco-style Lighthouse, located near the end of the harbor’s breakwater, was completed in 1935. Its location gave rise to its name, “Breakwater Lighthouse.”

One of the most remarkable ways to begin your Port Washington vacation is to go across the breakwater and take pictures of this charming lighthouse, as entrance into it is not currently allowed.

Its picturesque location with a view of Lake Michigan makes it an unmissable chance to capture beautiful pictures as a memory of your trip to Port Washington.

This well-known breakwater lighthouse was declared surplus to the United States Coast Guard requirements. It indicates that they are turning over ownership and upkeep to private companies.

The City of Port Washington decided to take control to protect its beauty and historical significance. A visit to the Breakwater Lighthouse remains one of the best things to do in Port Washington, WI.

Address: 121 W. Main Street.Port Washington, WI, 53074, USA

10. Caper Company’s Ghost Walks & Hunts

Caper Company's Ghost Walks & Hunts
Credits: Caper Company / Facebook
Caper Company’s Ghost Walks & Hunts

Are you wondering what to do in Port Washington, WI? Go on a tour with Caper Company’s Ghost Walks and Hunts.

For those who love horror movies and prefer a heart-racing adventure, the company features ghost tours related to ghost stories that are famous in the area.

To make the tours more realistic, sightings in the historic downtown of Port Washington, WI, are used.

Address: 218 East Main St, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

11. The Chocolate Chisel

The Chocolate Chisel
Credits: Lynn Friedman / Flickr
The Chocolate Chisel

The number of people that visit the Chocolate Chisel daily proves it’s one of the best places to visit in Port Washington, WI.

A team of artists called The Chocolate Chisel makes gorgeous and delectable truffles fresh daily. Your taste buds will be treated to outstanding cookies, pretzels, turtles, sea salt caramels, and more.

Their delectable selection of bars, barks, and nut clusters will satisfy your hunger for chocolate.

The establishment also has an ice cream shop, the Amazing Ice Cream Company, offering ice creams and handcrafted waffle cones.

You may bring some goodness home by purchasing pints from the Amazing Ice Cream Company. Organic candies, malted milk balls, and chocolate-dipped espresso beans are other delicious treats the Chocolate Chisel provides.

This renowned chocolate and ice cream parlor takes a step further by offering customers books on ice cream, chocolate, and iced beverages.

Address: 125 W Grand Avenue, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

12. Nicky Boy Charters

Nicky Boy Charters
Credits: Neophuket / Shutterstock

Going on a fishing trip with the Nick Boy Charters is among the fun things to do in Port Washington, WI if you enjoy fishing.

There are overnight packages, half-day trips, and day trips available. The Nicky Boy Charter Fishing Company fleet consists of 4 sizable, well-equipped fishing vessels with the newest electronics and fishing equipment installed.

The same family has owned the business for over 30 years. The captains at the Charters are knowledgeable about fishing on Lake Michigan.

Nicky boy Charters ensures that visitors get the best experience, whether alone or coming as a group.

Thanks to the help of Knowledgeable and experienced captains, all fishermen are guaranteed to have a fantastic adventure.

The Nicky Boy Captains go out of their way to assist newbies to the sport by providing adequate information. Passengers of all ages are welcome to join the adventure.

You won’t be able to stop singing praises about this adventure. Do check it out!

Address: 106 Lake St #31, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

13. Ozaukee Interurban Trail

Ozaukee Interurban Trail
Credits: Dave Reid / Flickr
Ozaukee Interurban Trail

If you fancy yourself a true Adventurer, remember to pack your hiking boots and outdoor clothing when you make your trip to Port Washington.

Hiking through beautiful pathways like the Ozaukee Interurban Trail will be an enjoyable experience for you.

This famous paved footpath traverses Ozaukee County for 30 miles. The hike is relatively simple, making it a suggested family activity.

The Trail passes through nearby communities such as Belgium, Mequon, Thiensville, Grafton, and Cedarburg.

During the trip, you’ll come across beautiful sanctuaries, marshes, wildlife reserves, and rivers along the coasts of Lake Michigan.

The Ozaukee Interurban Trail is a well-known commuter route, so it sees a lot of cars and hikers.

Address: 121 West Main St. Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

14. Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve

Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve
Credits: KSKONKA / Shutterstock
Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve

Port Washington is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, which is evident in Lion’s Den Gorge National Preserve.

This natural site offers a variety of outdoor leisure opportunities. This natural preserve near Port Washington features a 3-mile hiking track if you’re looking for a great area to go trekking.

It also includes multiple boardwalks that go to different marshes. This deep, beautiful ravine offers a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan.

The Preserve has a twisting staircase leading to a rich cedar forest and a creek brimming with salmon.

The Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve is the best location if you’re itching to take in some of Wisconsin’s astonishing scenery or want to embark on an outdoor adventure.

Experiencing nature and wildlife at this Preserve deserves to be on your list of the top things to do in Port Washington, WI.

Address: 511 High Bluff Dr, Grafton, WI 53024, USA

15. Port Exploreum

Port Exploreum
Credits: Port Exploreum / Facebook
Port Exploreum

The Henry & Hill building was constructed as a social hub in 1907 for local businesses. It had bowling alleys and billiards tables.

It had been stripped bare, abandoned, and left to deteriorate in recent years, leading to a demolition order from the court.

The Historical Society of Port Washington bought the structure in 2012 and turned it into an educational and interactive museum in 2013.

It offers history that enables the visitor to think about the present while also experiencing the past. A board of advisors oversaw the design and comprehensive repair.

Visitors are charged a small fee to gain access. While maintaining a historically significant structure for future generations, the Port Exploreum engages families with dynamic, interactive, and changing exhibitions.

Address: 118 N Franklin St, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

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16. Forest Beach Migratory Preserve

Forest Beach Migratory Preserve
Credits: Delmas Lehman / Shutterstock

The Forest Beach Migratory Preserve is an abandoned golf course that was covered by nature.

The Preserve encompasses 116 acres of woodland, prairie, seasonal ponds, and marshy terrain.

Interestingly, the Migratory Preserve managers eradicated stubborn plant species, creating a favorable environment for native flora to flourish.

Numerous local bird species, small animals, reptiles, and amphibians call this refuge home. Before continuing to their goal, migratory birds from farther north frequently make a stop here for a short rest.

Address: 4970 Country Club Rd, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

17. Crossroads Museum

Crossroads Museum is in Saukville’s first fire station. It was erected in 1912. The Museum’s main room is an exhibition of memorabilia, an array of family histories, and numerous geological relics.

Parts of the former Milwaukee bridge are displayed constantly at the Museum’s entranceway. Visit the Museum to find out why it is called Crossroads Museum,

The Historical Society is the current overseer of the Crossroads Museum. You will want to attend this Museum if you’re a history enthusiast.

Address: 200 N Mill St, Saukville, WI 53080, USA

18. Port Wisconsin Inn and Suites

Port Wisconsin Inn and Suites is a lovely hotel that boasts a comfortable atmosphere for all who choose to drop by.

In addition to a warm lobby with free Wi-Fi and TVs in all rooms, the inn includes an indoor pool to keep guests warm when Wisconsin is frigid. A microwave and refrigerator are also available for your convenience.

A complimentary delicious breakfast containing fruit, waffles, and other items is provided daily. The on-site hot tub and fitness center are open to visitors.

Pizza and beer are available at Critics Corner Pub, which has a relaxed vibe. The distance to the Port Washington Marina is 3.2 kilometers, and the drive time to Fire Ridge Golf Course is 12 minutes.

If you’re visiting during the summer, you can sunbathe at North Beach and take a refreshing dip in Lake Michigan, just five minutes drive south of the Hotel.

For outdoor activities like lakeside picnics and wetland treks, travel about ten minutes north to Harrington Beach State Park; it is even more suitable if you are with the family. Port Wisconsin Inn and Suites is one of the best places to visit in Port Washington, WI.

address: 1077 Lake Dr, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

19. Tendick Nature Park

Tendick Nature Park
Credits: GenMills / Shutterstock

The Ozaukee County Park System recently completed construction of this beautiful Park in Saukville, in Ozaukee County.

With 122 acres of beautifully maintained landscape, it has amenities that make it a great neighborhood park.

Tendick Nature Park won’t let you down if you’re searching for a great place to picnic with your family or friends.

Like most excellent parks, this one has restrooms, a pavilion, a picnic area, a disc golf course, and an archery range. It also has a canoe launch at the Milwaukee River.

Address: 3919 Co Hwy O, Saukville, WI 53080, USA

20. Fin N Fly Sport Fishing

Fin N Fly Sport Fishing
Credits: BILD LLC / Shutterstock

Fin N’ Fly Sportfishing is a Fishing Charter with the simple goal of providing the best Lake Michigan fishing experience.

Some of the species of fish you will certainly catch are Brown trout, King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, and Lake Trout.

The species of fish caught is dependent on the time of the year. This establishment functions all year through but During the late summer months is when you’ll have the most excellent chance at a fish over 25 lbs.

While on the adventure, participants are educated on the ecosystem, fishing methods and equipment, shipwrecks, landmarks, and more.

Once into the fishing grounds, some gear and electronics are used to locate the fish and give you the best chance at success.

Address: 106 N. Lake St, North Slip #6, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

21. Vine to Cellars Winery

Vine to Cellars Winery
Credits: Matthew Ashdown / Shutterstock

You can’t be wondering what to do in Port Washington, WI, when you have yet to sample wines at Vine to Cellars Winery. The Winery is committed to providing a pleasurable wine-tasting experience.

As soon as you step inside the store, the delicious aroma of the diligently working yeast will surround you, making you feel at home.

Thanks to the fully equipped wine-tasting bar, you can taste any of the wines before purchasing. This Winery offers a variety of wines from Australian Cabernet to Pomegranate Zinfandel.

You are bound to find the perfect wine to suit you! Come in and see all that there is in winemaking!

Address: 114 East Main St, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

22. Judge Eghart House

Judge Eghart House
Credits: Judge Eghart House / Facebook
Judge Eghart House

Judge Eghart House is a historic home on the West Grand Avenue of Port Washington, WI. It is a stunning location to learn about past remarkable events.

The House was constructed in 1872 by Clara and Byron Teed, its first owners. However, in 1881 Judge Leopold Eghart purchased the property where he lived with his family.

Since it was a witness to the founding of Port Washington, the Eghart house has historical significance for the community. Antique hunters love coming here to view the Victorian home’s original furnishings.

This home also offers tours, during which the tour guides walk you through the living room, dining room, kitchen, dining and magnificent hall.

Address: 302 W Grand Ave, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

23. Harborview Ascending Hotel

Harborview Ascending hotel is an excellent place to rest your head after a fun and adventurous day in Port Washington, WI.

The Harborview Ascending Hotel Collection has a bar, restaurant, and fitness center. The Hotel has a front desk that is operational 24-hrs, Television, and an indoor pool.

The Hotel’s guests have access to a business center and meeting spaces; thus, travelers on business trips frequently stay here.

The proximity of the Hotel to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Milwaukee Area Technical College allows tourists to visit the areas with ease.

Address:135 E Grand Ave, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA

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Plan Your Trip to Port Washington

Port Washington is a fun suburban city. A brief weekend visit to this small coastal city is ideal, especially if you’re traveling with the family.

The lovely parks, expansive natural regions, picturesque lighthouses, and magnificent Lake Michigan will collectively give you pleasant vacation memories.

Have a fun trip!