25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Huntsville (TX)

Huntsville is the county seat of Walker County, Texas, United States. The city was founded in 1836. 

At the 2020 census, the population of the city was 45,941. It is the center of the Huntsville metropolitan area. 

There are quite some fun things to do in Huntsville, TX. Huntsville houses Sam Houston State University, Texas State Prison Museum, and HEARTS Veterans Museum of Texas. 

Huntsville is the home of Sam Houston, who was the Governor of Texas, Tennessee congressman, Governor of Tennessee, U. S Senator, and the President of the Republic of Texas. 

Huntsville is famous for being the home of the Texan State jail, which was constructed in 1848 as the first prison in the state. 

Additionally, you can visit the Sam Memorial Museum and discover the lifestyle of Texans in the early years. 

This city has lots of activities to engage in during a vacation, in addition to numerous attractions.

Are you planning a trip to Huntsville, here are the top things to do in Huntsville, TX.

Things to Do in Huntsville, TX

1. Visit Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon
Credits: Alice yue / Shutterstock
Blue Lagoon  

Scuba diving at Blue Lagoon is one of the fun things to do in Huntsville, TX.

The Blue Lagoon is clear, deep, calm, and a sight to behold. It is located north of Huntsville. This attraction is a fantastic place to cool off and observe the sun’s rays reflect off the water. 

You can also walk through the wooded area behind the Lake and snap gorgeous photographs of the water and trees. 

This lovely place is very secluded, so if you don’t like noisy places, you can come here and hang out. 

Blue lagoon is well known for its scuba diving excursions for experts and beginners who are learning the ropes. 

The pleasurable waters of Blue Lagoon are perfect for you if you want to relax or enjoy a day exploring underwater. 

Address: 649 Pinedale Rd, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

2. Texas Prison Museum 

Texas Prison Museum 
Credits: Whatknot / Flickr
Texas Prison Museum.

The Bonnie and Clyde legend is a very famous story in pop culture, but have you ever thought of where it originated from? 

The Texas Prison Museum is affiliated with the last capture and the death of this well-known American couple. 

This Museum offers a private peek into the lifestyle of the city’s prisoners. 

The fascinating exhibits, such as Lee Simmons and the prison rodeo, tell this destination’s history and offer visitors an opportunity to look behind the fences. 

A visit to this surreal destination should be added to your list of top things to do in Huntsville, TX.

Address: 491 TX-75 N, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

3. Raven Nest Golf Club 

Raven Nest Golf Club 
Credits: pisitnamtasaeng / Shutterstock

Golfing is among the many fun things to do in Huntsville, TX. Texans’ love for golf has made the sport an extremely famous activity in the state. 

If you are visiting Huntsville for a vacation, Raven Golf Nest Club is an excellent location to challenge your loved ones and friends. 

However, this 18-hole golf course is now known as Bearkat Course. Raven Golf Course features Native trees, grasses, creeks, and wildlife, well-groomed fairways 

When you visit this golf course, allow yourself to enjoy the solitude as you breathe in the clean, fresh air. 

The golf club offers courses for all skill levels, so if you don’t know how to golf but are determined to learn; you can register, 

Address: 457 I-45, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

4. Sam Houston Memorial Museum 

Sam Houston Memorial Museum
Credits: J. Stephen Conn / Flickr
Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Sam Houston Memorial Museum is one of the best places to visit in Huntsville, TX.

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum, encompassing 15 acres, is located on the site of the home of Sam Houston. 

The bravery of General Sam Houston is known far and near, and he is regarded as the most prominent Texan ever. 

The documents and artifacts that narrate the extraordinary life of General Sam Houston are protected in this Museum. 

Sam Houston’s home, known as “woodland,” and his steamboat are situated behind the Museum. The features additionally demonstrate the traits of a man who is an icon. 

Address: 1836 Sam Houston Ave, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

5. Huntsville State Park 

Huntsville State Park 
Credits: adriaticfoto / Shutterstock

Among the best things to do in Huntsville, TX, is to explore Huntsville State Park. 

This tourist attraction is a 2,083.2-acre wooded recreational area. Some animals in this Park are raccoons, fox squirrels, armadillos, and opossums. 

Huntsville State Park offers the peace and solitude you may need after a day of exploring the busy parts of the city.

If you love trekking or hiking, you will enjoy visiting this destination since it is filled with pine and sublime trees. 

Those interested in hiking or trekking will undoubtedly come to love this place full of pine trees and majestic trails. 

Huntsville State Park is also made up of Lake Raven. This Lake has crappies, bass, catfish, and bluegills. 

On some occasions, alligators have been seen in the Lake. 

Address: 565 Park Road 40 west, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

6. River Plantation Golf Club 

River Plantation Golf Club 
Credits: photoinnovation / Shutterstock

Plantation Golf Club is located on Country Club Drive and is an awesome place to play a round or two of golf. 

This destination is in Conroe, a neighboring city 33 minutes from Huntsville. 

This course feature 18 holes of challenging golf, a pro shop, and a golf course. 

Plantation Golf Course offers lessons if you want to learn how to golf. However, if you want to practice your skills, it has a driving range on-site that you can use to practice your swing. 

Furthermore, the prices of items at the pro shop are affordable, and the staff is polite and friendly. 

Whether you are an experienced golfer or a beginner, River Plantation Golf Club is a fantastic place to tee off. 

Address: 550 Country Club Dr, Conroe, TX 77302, United States

7. Sam Houston Statue and Visitor Center 

Sam Houston Statue and Visitor Center 
Credits: Brianna Paige Thomas-Baze / Facebook
Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Among what to do in Huntsville, TX, is to check out the Sam Houston Statue. 

Sam Houston Statue is an eye-catching monument that is the world’s tallest statue of a Texan Idol. 

The statue is a 67 feet tall monument and sits on a 10-foot base. The place serves as a venue for a nice picnic for buddies and loved ones. 

The visitor center has various unique movies, exhibits, and brochures about the history of Sam Houston. 

The staff at the visitor center are civil and polite, ready to grant you the assistance you need. 

The gift shop has a wide selection of Texan keepsakes and treasures of Sam Houston.

On your way out of this attraction, make sure you buy a souvenir for your loved ones to remind you of your visit to the Sam Houston Statue and Visitor Center. 

Address: 7600 TX-75, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

8. Lottie’s Books

Lottie’s Books
Credits: connel / Shutterstock

 Lottie’s Books is situated east of Downtown Huntsville and is seen as a gem. 

The book store feature books of different genres like romance, non-fiction, science fiction, Christianity, paranormal, and thrillers. 

This store provides something for everyone. Contemporary literature is also available at this bookstore if you want something exciting to read. 

Make sure you stop at Lottie’s book during your vacation in Huntsville for a wonderful experience. 

Address: 325 U.S. Hwy 190, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

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9. The HEARTS Veterans Museum 

HEARTS Veterans Museum 
Credits: Alan Wilson / flickr
HEARTS Veterans Museum 

The HEARTS Veterans Museum is a nonprofit history museum founded in 1993. 

The HEARTS Veterans Museum permits visitors to interact with the US military closely. 

The artifacts, ammunition related to the United State Military, Memorabilia, and arms are showcased at this facility. 

The HEARTS Veteran Museum will walk you down the past through the featured exhibits. 

Although it is a small, average war and Veteran’s museum, it has many memorabilia from wars such as the World Wars and wars in the Middle East. 

You will meet war veterans from Afghanistan and World War II who will tell you all the war stories at this Museum.

Address: 463 TX-75, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

10. The Crighton Theatre 

Crighton Theatre 
Credits:Sanches11 / Shutterstock

The Crighton Theatre, located on North Main Street, is a famous landmark in Conroe. 

The Theater is situated in Conroe, 30 minutes from Huntsville. The Theater was built in 1934 but has been renovated to its original glory. 

The Crighton Theatre is now a well-loved destination in downtown Conroe and a fantastic place to watch a live performance. 

The Theater presents different kinds of shows all year round, ranging from country music concerts to Broadway musicals. 

Address: 234 N Main Street, Conroe, TX 77301, United States

11. Sam Houston Wine Trail 

Sam Houston Wine Trail 
Credits: OPOLJA / Shutterstock

Are you looking for what to do in Huntsville, TX? Then, explore the Sam Houston Wine Trail. This Trail comprises a group of winemakers situated in the gorgeous rolling hills of East Texas. 

The Sam Houston Wine Trail takes you along the best winemakers of these pine-covered hills. 

The wineries’ tasting rooms along these trails offer quality wines that will leave you eager for more. 

Sam Houston Wine Trail helps locals and visitors to take a break from their daily stress, which allows them to refresh their minds and sense. You can visit this destination with your family and loved ones. 

Address: Huntsville, TX, United States

12. Cork and Canvas Paint & Sip Studio 

Cork and Canvas Paint & Sip Studio 
Credits: Kuznetcov_Konstantin / Shutterstock

Corks & Canvas is a locally owned small art studio offering Custom Wood signs, ceramic painting workshops, and classes. 

This art studio is your go-to place for everything related to DIY and artistic creativity. 

The Studio is situated in the downtown square and offers a cozy and creative environment to promote your DIY ability. 

Their goal is to instruct and guide you so that you go out of the Studio with a customized item that you will boldly display. 

Since the classes here are flexible, you can schedule a class or workshop at your convenience. 

Cork and Canvas Paint & Sip Studio can also serve as a venue for office parties, bachelorette parties, team building, birthday parties, or other events. 

Address: 1109 12th St, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

13. Frank D.”Poncho” Roberts Aquatic Center & Splash Pad 

Frank D."Poncho" Roberts Aquatic Center & Splash Pad 
Credits: Andrew Angelov / Shutterstock

Frank D. “ Poncho” Roberts Aquatic Center & Splash Pad is a recreational center known for its extensive range of water activities for different ages. 

Aside from swimming and engaging in different recreational activities, Frank D. “Poncho” Robert Aquatic Center & Splash Pad organize tutorials for beginners for a secure swimming experience. 

Spend a relaxing day with your buddies and loved ones, spilling, splashing, and laughing. 

Address: 912 Avenue N, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

14. Newton Gresham Library

Newton Gresham Library
Credits: LeicherOliver / Shutterstock

Newton Gresham Library is located at Sam Houston State University. It is a fantastic destination for people who like to read. 

The Library is home to over 1.3 million books, government documents, bound periodicals, microfiche, digital collections, microform, and digital collections. 

Other types of material include paperbacks for leisure reading, new books, current periodical issues, and children’s literature collections. 

Furthermore, the Library has a music listening room, a multimedia lab, a copy center, public fax machine, a small lounge area, and vending machines to keep students and staff comfortable. 

The modern architecture of Newton Gresham Library is stunning. This Library is so large that you may find yourself charmed while losing yourself searching for books. 

Address: 1830 Bobby K Marks Drive, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

15. The Oakwood Cemetery 

Oakwood Cemetery
Credits: Oakwood Cemetery – Huntsville, TX / Facebook
Oakwood Cemetery

The oakwood Cemetery is a popular destination because it is the burial site of a few famous people, including Sam Houston. 

The Sam Houston grave is a must-see if you are interested in Texas history. This Cemetery is stunning with trees, markers, and artistic monuments. 

People come here to pay respect to these Texan heroes, such as Henderson King Yoakum, the writer of Texas’s first history. 

Sam Houston’s grave is a work of art that was sculpted by a well-known artist called Pompeo Coppini in 1911. This artist is also known for sculpting the Alamo Cenotaph in San Antonio. 

The burial site of Joshua Houston, the help of Sam Houston, who later became a famous businessman, is also here. 

Address: 9th St, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

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16. Kim’s Home and Garden 

Kim's Home and Garden 
Credits: Kim’s Home and Garden Center / Facebook
Kim’s Home and Garden Center

Kim’s Home and Garden is an elegant and welcoming shopping destination.

This shopping center is a woman-owned and operated enterprise with many staff dedicated to providing visitors with top-notch quality and services. 

The products include everything you need to transform your garden and home into a gorgeous and cozy environment. 

Some of the products include Bedding Plants, House plants, Trees & Shrubs, Fruit & Nut trees, Citrus, Garden Art, Outdoor structures, Furniture, Gourmet meals, Wall Décor, Wind Chimes, Wind Mills, Fragrance and Flammables, and Statuary. 

The Garden features acres of beautiful plants and everything you can think of for a fantastic outdoor lifestyle. 

The historic mansion built in 1911 is filled with home decorations, gifts, and collectibles. 

Fountains, pottery, and statues are other fascinating items you will find here when you visit. 

Kim’s Home and Garden feature live music, festivals, events, and workshops all year round. 

Address: 2715 Lake Rd, Huntsville, TX 7734, United States

17. FarmHouse Café 

FarmHouse Café 
Credits: Farmhouse Cafe / Facebook
Farmhouse Cafe

FarmHouse Café was an idea created by Karen Koerselman, wife of the owner Brian Koerselman and her mom. 

His wife and her family have been doing restaurant business all their lives and began in the city with Café Texan. 

FarmHouse Café is a restaurant that offers top-notch home meals and an excellent relaxing atmosphere/ services. 

The staff comprises mainly college students of Sam Houston State University. 

FarmHouse’s philosophy is to treat you like someone who was invited for lunch or dinner by a friend or loved one. 

They are focused on making you feel excited about visiting the restaurant each time you decide to eat there, and they make an effort to ensure you enjoy your food. 

The restaurant ensures that its surroundings are clean and up to code and that the food ingredients are always fresh. 

Some food on the menus includes Fried Green Tomatoes, Jumbo Shrimp; Egg rolls filled with chicken, beans, corn, and spinach; green tomatoes sliced thin, battered, and fried crisp; broccoli cornbread; rolls; homemade pies; sweet tea; and cakes. 

Address: 1004 14th St, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

18. Downtown Huntsville 

Downtown Huntsville 
Credits: Rob Hainer / Shutterstock
Downtown Huntsville 

Huntsville is filled with historical legacies. Every part of this city has its charm, but Downtown Huntsville is well known for its legacy. 

When you are downtown, you are just a shy eye away from local grocery stores, pizza, fine dining, sandwich shops, bars, and shopping centers. 

Explore this part of the city and browse the various boutiques, music stores, and antique stores to experience the Texan culture. 

This section of Huntsville is always booming with movie screenings, live shows, and performances at the Old Town Theatre. 

Downtown Huntsville will give you a rare taste of the lifestyle in the city. If you are visiting during the festive period, you may have the opportunity to take part in the yearly fairs and fest in Huntsville. 

The destination holds yearly fairs like Christmas Fair and Bacon and Brew Fest. Exploring Downtown Huntsville is one of the best things to do in Huntsville, TX.

Address: Huntsville, TX, United States

19. General Sam’s Off-road Park 

General Sam’s Off-road Park 
Credits: Anikin Igor / Shutterstock  

General Sam’s Off-road Park is nine miles north of Huntsville, Texas. 

General Sam’s Off-road Park bestows a contemporary twist to touring trails by driving Jeeps, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles. 

The Park features 706 acres of rolling piney woods, sandpits, mud holes, six natural spring-fed creeks, tidy public bathrooms and showers, a wash pit, Rv areas with hook-ups, a general store Ames More than 60 miles of off-roading trails for Jeeps, trucks, and A. T. V’s. 

The General store has cold drinks, chips/ candy, buckets of ice, and other items essential for camping. 

The cabins are fully furnished with a freezer, microwaves, a refrigerator, a heater, and an air conditioner. Each cabin can carry up to 10 people, including six twin beds and two queen beds. 

General Sam’s Offroad Park is perfect for a camping adventure as the Park has all the amenities you will need to enjoy your camping trip, including a concert stage area and 19 different campgrounds. 

The Park offers a monthly event that will please you and your family, and they are dedicated to giving you the best off-road park adventure during your vacation, so why don’t you visit this place and have fun, get muddy, and dirty 

Address:224 Bishop Rd, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

20. Wynne Home Arts and Visitor Center 

Wynne Home Arts and Visitor Center
Credits: The Wynne Home Arts & Visitor Center / Facebook
Wynne Home Arts and Visitor Center 

The Wynne Home is a 19th-century mansion offered to Huntsville by Samuella Wynne Palmer, which has been made into an art museum.

The stunning mansion is home to exhibits from Texas’s best and greatest artists. 

The Wynne Home Art and Visitor Center present a wide range of arts, field trips, and cultural programs. 

Some of these programs are funded by the Art Center, like art classes and workshops, outreach programs for specific groups, and a guided tour of the center’s exhibit for tourists, locals, and school groups. 

Address: 1428 11th St, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

21. WG Jones State Forest 

WG Jones State Forest 
Credits: Song_about_summer / Shutterstock  

WG Jones State Forest is situated on Farm to Market Road and is an excellent place to see some wildlife. 

This destination is situated at Conroe, 30 minutes from Huntsville. WG Jones State Forest is home to many animals, including foxes, deer, and lots more. 

Additionally, this Forest has different plant species, including flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

Aside from the plant species and wildlife, the Forest has various trails you can walk and hike on. 

Whether you want to see some wildlife or hike and bike on the trails, WG Jones State Forest is a good location for outdoor fun. 

Address: 1328 Farm to Market Rd 1488, Conroe, TX 77384, United States

22. The Williams Ranch 

Williams Ranch 
Credits: gabati / Shutterstock  

There’s no vacation in Texas without experiencing a cowboy horseback ride, and there’s no better place in Huntsville for such an adventure than the William Ranch. 

The William Ranch lies in the midst of ponds and lakes, offering various water-based activities such as fishing, paddle boating, kayaking, and other activities to visitors.

Additionally, you can hike across stunning trails and have a fantastic time looking at animals like kangaroos, camels, and pygmies. 

This vacation rental house is perfect if you want to escape from the stuffy air of the city and take in the fresh country air. 

The Williams Ranch has six vacation rentals and a Ranch Backporch for events and personal use. 

The Backporch rental features hot tubs, a pool, outdoor TV, a sauna, an outdoor cooking spot, a barbecue pit, outdoor restrooms, showers, a fridge, and a radio. 

So make sure you visit Willams Ranch, as it’s one of the best places to visit in Huntsville, TX.

Address:70 Jones View Dr, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

23. Potato Shack 

Potato Shack 
Credits: pilipphoto / Shutterstock
Potato Shack   

Potatoes are regarded as royalty when it comes to vegetables, and Potato Shack heavily uses them. 

Potato shack is a locally owned business across from the Sam Houston State University Campus. 

Potato shack has been a favorite of the locals for the last 18 years. Sam Houston State University Alumni own it. 

The eatery offers a wide variety of delicious baked potatoes. In addition, you can enjoy homemade meals on-site, pick up, or takeout at this eatery. 

The eatery is designed with pools table and offers the best vegetarian meals in the city.

Address: 1229 Josey St, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States

24. Bennie J’s Smoke Pit LLC

Bennie J’s Smoke Pit LLC
Credits: INTHEBLVCK / Shutterstock
Bennie J’s Smoke Pit LLC 

One of the things Texas is famous for is barbecue; they go hand in hand. 

The famous Bennie J’s Smoke Pit LLC is known for its mouthwatering barbecue that will keep you coming back repeatedly. 

Some popular menu items are fish, veggies, slow-cooked smoked meat, and briskets. 

The public enjoys the beans and potatoes salads served at this barbecue outlet. 

Due to the meal rush, it is essential to place orders ahead so you do not miss out on the finger-licking dishes. 

Without a doubt, Bennie J’s Smoke Pit LLC is one of the city’s best barbecue places and one of the top competitors in Texas. 

Address: 621 9th St, Huntsville, TX 77320, United States

25. Candy Lane Park

Candy Lane Park
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock  

Candy Lane Park is located in Conroe, 30 minutes from Huntsville, and is a great choice for a fun picnic with your loved ones. 

Candy Lane Park is famous for its holiday-themed decorations, making it an exciting place to visit throughout the year. 

The Park has grills, picnic tables, and a playground, making it a terrific spot for your kids to have the most fun. 

Since the Park is close to downtown Conroe, you can use that opportunity and explore the many restaurants and local shops after you are done at the Park. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your picnic bag ready, move to Candy Lane Park, and have a terrific time with your family and friends. 

Address: Candy Cane Ln, Conroe, TX 77301, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Huntsville

Huntsville is a beautiful city filled with legacies and histories of heroes, historical landmarks, and lots to eat.

You should not think twice about visiting Huntsville, TX, because it has all the adventures that you will want to have when you arrive. 

Have a fun trip!