23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Freeport (Maine)

Freeport is a small but rugged town that sits in Cumberland County, Maine, United States.

The town had a population of approximately 8,737 people during the 2020 census.

Freeport is a popular tourist destination consisting of several attractions, including stores, fun centers, museums, galleries, and more.

The city is home to an extensive collection of attractions such as Hedgehog Mountain Trail Head, Seawalker Excursions, Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary, Wilbur’s of Maine, Maine Beer Company, Penttengil Farm, and more.

Another notable aspect of Freeport is the numerous active restaurants serving a wide variety of traditional meals and drinks which you would love to try.

Freeport is an iconic destination that you should definitely visit with your friends and family at least once.

Let’s explore the best and fun things to do in Freeport, Maine.

Things to Do in Freeport, Maine

1. Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Parks

Wolfe's Neck Woods State Parks
Credits: E.J.Johnson Photography / Shutterstock
Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Parks

Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park offers you a chance to fully immerse yourself in the amazing environment and commune with nature.

Here, you get to enjoy magnificent views and spend the day with your loved ones in a place surrounded by lots of wildlife and lush green.

Your visit to Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park will be one of the major highlights of your vacation, the property was donated more than fifty years ago to Freeport, and it spans over two hundred acres.

This is an excellent place for a romantic picnic and bird watching, as many species of birds are in the area.

You can go for a quiet walk or hike on the trail while also seeing local wildlife inhabiting here.

 Address: 426 Wolfe’s Neck Road, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

2. Seawalker Excursions

Seawalker Excursions
Credits: BILD LLC / Shutterstock

Do you enjoy casting lines and waiting to make a big catch? Then, add a visit to Seawalker Excursions to your list of fun things to do in Freeport, Maine.

Seawalker Excursions offers those who love fishing, both amateurs and advanced anglers, a fabulous time as they cast their lines and make big catches for dinner.

It is a family-owned and operated business that offers visitors an extensive list of fishing packages catering to the needs of all anglers.

You can enjoy family-friendly cruises or an enormous fishing time of six hours with Captain Corey Walker, the sole owner.

Captain Corey Walker is highly experienced and friendly, ensuring every guest on board is safe and has a fantastic experience.

Address: Pine St, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

3. Winslow Memorial Park

Winslow Memorial Park
Credits: Paul VanDerWerf / Flickr
Winslow Memorial Park

If you’re looking for a place that will bring you closer to nature, do well to add a visit to Winslow Memorial Park to your list of best things to do in Freeport, Maine.

When you visit Winslow Memorial Park, make sure you enjoy the cool breeze and picturesque environment.

Winslow Memorial Park offers lots of activities for visitors who want to spend the day here, such as boating, kayaking, and fishing.

The Park was named in honor of the Winslow family, the early pioneers in Maine during the early 18th century.

There are several picnic tables with barbeque grills perfect for an intimate picnic with your family and friends.

 Winslow Memorial Park features over one hundred campsites for those who would like to stay for a while. The trails here offer beautiful views of Casco Bay and are perfect for walking.

The Park is available for rentals for special events, and several concerts are held here during the summer season.

Address: 10 Winslow Parkway, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

4. Casco Castle

Casco Castle
Credits: Paul VanDerWerf / Flickr
Casco Castle

You’re definitely missing out, If you haven’t been to the Casco Castle, a historical landmark in Freeport erected in 1903. It is one of the best places to visit in Freeport, Maine.

Casco Castle is located in the southern part of Freeport and was formerly a Yankee’s dream. Its architectural style is a sight to behold. It was initially a recreation park in a bid to boost commerce and stimulate the usage of the recently erected trolley line.

It was later burnt down due to the loss of finance but currently exists as a long-standing structure open to residents and visitors.

 The building also plays a major role in the history of the state and town. Remember to come with your camera when visiting to take beautiful pictures.

 Address: Freeport, ME 04032, United States

5. Kate Gerencer LMT Therapeutic Massage, LLC

Kate Gerencer LMT Therapeutic Massage, LLC
Credits: Ersler Dmitry / Shutterstock

 Kate Gerencer LMT Therapeutic Massage, LLC is a place that is majorly concerned with making people feel better.

The company is owned by someone who is extremely passionate and has lots of experience in the business of rejuvenating and revitalizing people.

It is owned and operated by Kate Gerencer, a certified therapist who offers different massages, including deep tissue and Swedish massages.

 Kate Gerencer LMT Therapeutic Massage, LLC uses special procedures like myofascial and neuromuscular therapy to offer these services.

Kate Gerencer LMT Therapeutic Massage, LLC is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am-4 pm (closed on Saturday and Sunday).

Address: 20 Independence Dr, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

6. Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Mountain State Park
Credits: Stephen Ritchie / Flickr
Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Mountain State Park was founded in the 1940s. It is one of only five parks owned by the state of Maine.

This large recreational area of seven hundred and thirty acres is popularly known for its moderately elevated hill, which offers stunning views of Casco Bay.

Bradbury Mountain State Park features multipurpose trails of more than twenty-one miles, excellent for horseback riding, hiking, and snowmobiling.

The Park is a perfect escapade from all the buzz and bustle in the world as you get to relax and integrate into the environment.

The Knight Woods Trail features numerous interpretive symbols that talk about the area’s history, animals, and forests.

Bradbury Mountain State Park also features a playground for children and camping facilities for those who would like to stay overnight. Exploring this Park is one of the fun things to do in Freeport, Maine.

Address: 528 Hallowell Rd, Freeport, ME 04069-6213, United States

7. The U.S. Route 1

The U.S. Route 1 is proclaimed as the longest road in the United States heading from North-South.

This historic route has been in existence for more than three centuries as an arm for travelers and has played a significant role in the economy and enhancement of the United States.

The U.S. Route 1 goes through the coastline from Maine to New England, far and wide. There are lots of sights to behold as you drive through the route.

Along the route, you will find several old but beautiful villages and historic homes and enjoy fabulous sea views.

Address: 541 US-1, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

8. Freeport Historical Society

Freeport Historical Society
Credits: Jay Collier / Flickr
Freeport Historical Society

The Freeport Historical Society first began in 1914 through the efforts of Honorary Hilbert R. Johnson, a historian and judge of Freeport, and other city locals.

Due to a mighty storm and WWII that led to the tremendous destruction of the building, the society was shut down in 1944.

In 1961, After twenty years, the building was reconstructed to showcase and preserve artifacts relating to Freeport’s history.

Several artifacts promoting Freeport’s character are showcased in the reception room, such as the American Revolution, the Republic’s Grand Army, and the 1777 thirteen-star flags.

The Freeport Historical Society also showcases kitchen equipment, exhibits for transportation, and toys all over the facility.

 The Museum offers a wide variety of educational and interesting programs, including parties, antique festivals, tours, and more.

Address: 45 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

9. Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment
Credits: Paul VanDerWerf / Flickr
Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment

One of the top things to do in Freeport, Maine, is to visit Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment.

Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment is located on the coastline of Maine, offering people a chance to go outdoors and have fun.

The nature center enlightens visitors about the recent England state’s actively sustained farming society.

It is an amazing place that offers people a wide variety of activities, including kayaking. In addition, there are stunning nature trails.

Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment features a good number of farm animals. It offers locally sourced items like maple syrup, freshly cut meats, and more at the store.

If you feel a little hungry, stop by the farm cafeteria to enjoy delicious meals, including pizzas and lobster rolls.

Address: 184 Burnett Rd, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

10. Leon Gorman Park

Leon Gorman Park
Credits: Junjira Limcharoen / Shutterstock

Leon Gorman Park is a perfect place for the entire family, as it offers lots of outdoor activities irrespective of the season.

During the winter months, it is a great place for ice skating, and it offers a chance to appreciate the stunning changes in the colors of the leaves in autumn.

There are a good number of well-paved trails mostly used for walking and hiking; the area is also open for camping.

Leon Gorman Park features several picnic areas with a pavilion where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy lunch together.

Address: Freeport, ME 04032, United States

11. Desert of Maine

Desert of Maine
Credits: Zack Frank / Shutterstock
Desert of Maine

Your trip to Freeport wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Desert of Maine, although it is not recognized as an actual dessert.

The Desert of Maine features an open space of forty acres, mainly encompassed by a pine forest.

It is one of the best places to visit in Freeport, Maine. The Desert of Maine began in 1707 when the Tuttle Family acquired the land for farming.

The portion was later attacked by soil erosion which was due to a lack of crop rotation, overgrazing, and clearing of the land, which led to the abundance of glacial silt on the land.

In 1919, the Tuttles family later abandoned the land and put it up for sale; Henry Goldrup went on to purchase it for 300 USD.

The farmland was transformed into a tourist destination in 1925 and has consistently received hundreds of visitors every year.

The Desert of Maine currently features a farm museum, a sand museum, and a lovely gift store. It is usually open for guided tours from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm daily.

Address: 95 Desert Rd. Freeport, Me. 04032, United States

12. Maine Beer Company

Maine Beer Company
Credits: id-art / Shutterstock

Maine Beer Company is a favorite place for visitors and locals because of its outstanding collection of well-crafted beers and special brews.

The brewery features a cozy tasting room that also offers a wide variety of goodies, such as shirts, beanies, and glasses.

It also offers a large menu of savory dishes and pizzas to complement the unique and quality drinks available.

Maine Beer Company is open from 11 am-8 pm every day, and the staff here are always nice and friendly.

Address: 525 US-1, Freeport, ME 04032, USA

13. Hedgehog Mountain Trail Head

Hedgehog Mountain Trail Head
Credits: Jens Ottoson / Shutterstock

Hedgehog Mountain Trail Head offers 4. 5 kilometers of outdoor thrill in Freeport. It is a perfect place for professional and amateur hikers.

This is a beginning spot to a chain of gorgeous trails, which is equally beautiful and a great point to explore alone or with your furry friend.

The trails are relatively leveled and easily accessible with interpretive signs, which means you don’t need to be a professional hiker to explore the environment.

Hedgehog Mountain Trail Head is nestled on a 196-acre land and is adequately maintained and open throughout the year.

The environment is incredibly beautiful, with an assortment of blooming wildflowers spread out all over the place.

 You can stop by Hedgehog Mountain Trail Head and gain entrance free of charge, same for your travel companions.

Address: 100 Hedgehog Mountain Road, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

14. Pettengill Farm

Pettengill Farm
Credits: Jay Collier / Flickr
Pettengill Farm

A popular attraction in Freeport is Pettengill Farm dating back to the 19th century, with a land space that extends for one hundred and forty acres.

Pettengill Farm is a saltwater farm owned and operated by the Freeport Historical Society. The Farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Farm consists of open fields, salt marshes, orchards of apples, woods, and more. You can also stop by the saltbox house, a place without any electricity, fireplace, and plumbing.

Pettengill Farm features wild roses, lilacs, and many other plants surrounding the house; they consist of a few American species sourced from colonists when they arrived.

The entire property is open from dawn to dusk throughout the week, including the nature trails, fields, and gardens.

The farmhouse is open to individuals only by appointment and on Pettengill Farm day, which is often on the first Sunday of October.

Address: 45 Main St. Freeport, Maine, United States

15. Ack Me Arts

Ack Me Arts
Credits: ACK ME ARTS / Facebook
Ack Me Arts

For art lovers, here is a place you will absolutely love to visit in Freeport. Ack Me Arts will inspire your creative spirit.

Ack Me Arts is one of the best art studios, which showcases unique, striking, and eye-popping artworks almost at every corner.

This art studio displays beautiful cards, paintings, and prints made by Stephen Young, a talented artist. Every artwork here is born from the energetic waterside region of Freeport.

Ack Me Arts makes these artworks using beautiful and bright designs to captivate the incredible town of Freeport.

Address: 72 Flying Point Road, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

16. Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary

Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary
Credits: Diego Cervo / Shutterstock

For those obsessed with nature, visiting Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary ought to be on your list of what to do in Freeport, Maine.

Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary is a place that will captivate you through its remarkable beauty and charm.

This beautiful sanctuary encompassing 101 acres is home to several natural resources, including marshes and glistening streams.

As a secure habitat for many wildlife, it is a perfect place for wildlife watching. It has animals like raccoons, coyotes, and porcupines.

Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary features a gorgeous landscape, hemlock forest, Apple orchards, and white pine forests.

During the summer, this is a great place for hiking, while during the winter, it is perfect for cross-country skiing.

Address: 65 Upper Mast Landing Road, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

17. Buck’s Naked BBQ

Buck's Naked BBQ
Credits: BongkarnGraphic / Shutterstock

A restaurant that will definitely blow your mind in Freeport is Buck’s Naked BBQ, and it is a must-visit for lovers of properly smoked meats.

Buck’s Naked BBQ is a vibrant and energetic place that specializes in serving delicious and juicy burgers made with different kinds of meats.

The restaurant offers an impressive menu featuring pork belly, spiced ribeye steaks, shredded brisket, ribs, juicy chicken wings, and more.

Buck’s Naked BBQ features a special playground for little ones to explore and enjoy; there is also a separate menu for children.

The restaurant is always open from Wednesday to Monday from 12 pm-8 pm ( closed on Tuesday). Buck’s Naked BBQ staff are friendly and helpful while taking orders from customers.

Address: 568 US-1, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

18. Pigs Fly Bakery

Pigs Fly Bakery
Credits: tmalucelli / Shutterstock

Pigs Fly Bakery was established in March 1993 by Ron Siegel, who started baking bread at his home after working in Boston in the 90s at a restaurant.

It is quite popular among tourists and locals due to its locally made bread prepared in an old-fashioned style.

Pigs Fly Bakery uses almost thirty-six hours from scratch to wrap up baking a bread loaf. So whenever you buy its averagely baked or pre-sliced bread, you don’t need to start preparing a fresh loaf of bread from scratch.

The bakery offers more than twenty-five different handmade artisan and classic signature bread made using only quality and natural ingredients.

Pigs Fly Bakery offers patrons other baked goods besides handcrafted bread, such as cakes, cookies, and olive oils & jams.

Address: 21 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

19. L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean
Credits: bullcitydave / Flickr
L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is popularly known as one of the shopping centers in the city, which welcomes thousands of people annually.

This shopping center was established in 1912 by a fisherman and a hunter, Leon Leonwood Bean. It began as a little store that sold only outdoor recreational attire and apparatus.

Currently, L.L. Bean occupies a facility of 220,000 square feet, making it the largest shopping plaza in the city, which is also the reason why you need to check it out.

The owner, Leonwood Bean, created a waterproof boot known as Maine Hunting Shoe, which gained so much popularity and was sold nationwide.

L.L. Bean offers patrons tons of outdoor recreational activities, exciting events, and innovative classes throughout the year.

Address: 95 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

20. The Amtrak Downeaster

Amtrak Downeaster
Credits: Jason A. Patron [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Amtrak Downeaster
A place that offers you an amazing experience is the Amtrak Downeaster, and it ought to be on your list of top things to do in Freeport, Maine.

The Amtrak Downeaster offers patrons a stress-free, cozy, easy ride through Maine to Boston and several other places.

The name “Amtrak Downeaster” was a phrase that exemplifies sailing vessels manufactured during the colonial period by the ship makers in Maine.

The company offers five complete daily trips; guests can also choose first-class seating, where they can enjoy many privileges like classic digital newspapers, complimentary beverages, and more.

The Amtrak Downeaster offers tours that travel through the part filled with shopping centers, beaches, historic cities, restaurants, cultural centers, and more.

Address: 23 Depot St, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

21. Wilbur’s of Maine

Wilbur’s of Maine
Credits: Goncharov_Artem / Shutterstock

For an amazing treat, visit Wilbur’s of Maine, a family-owned and operated business. Wilbur’s of Maine was established by a couple, Tom and Catherine, in 1983. It began as a small store that sold only confectionaries.

As time went on, the business started creating several other varieties of chocolate, which led to a rapid increase in production.

The company relocated to its current location in 2008 and now operates two stores offering an impressive selection of foods and products made in Maine.

Wilbur’s of Maine has been continuously voted as the Best Maine Candy Shop and Best Maine Chocolate six times in a roll.

It offers visitors a chance to enjoy different samples of chocolates during the tours, and each guest gains a chocolate souvenir.

Address: 174 Lower Main St, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

22. Seacoast Tours

Seacoast Tours
Credits: Olesia Bilkei / Shutterstock

Are you still wondering what to do in Freeport, Maine? Then, go on an adventure with Seacoast Tours, which offers countless fun experiences.

Seacoast Tours offers visitors chances to gain more knowledge about the area and its beautiful marine wildlife.

The Waters of Freeport contain several marine creatures, including sea turtles and shorebirds. The sole owner and operator of Seacoast Tours is Captain Peter Milholland, a trained marine educator and mariner.

The owner is filled with the experience of more than twenty-five years in the maintenance and advancement of marine educational projects.

The Captain is enthusiastic about passing down his knowledge to individuals about Casco Bay. He always says, ” A way for visitors to experience the true magnificence of Casco Bay closely is through Seacoast Tours.

Address: P.O. Box 194, South Freeport, ME 04078, United States

23. Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub

Gritty McDuff's Brew Pub
Credits: Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock

Dine at Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub, especially when you’re in the mood for a celebration or joyful reunion.

Gritty McDuff’s Brew is a family-friendly brewery and pub established by Ed Stebbins and Richard Pfeffer with only two missions.

The Brewery celebrated thirty years of existence on 21st July 2018 for continuously serving good beers and delectable meals.

Its mission is to establish a brewpub that will be a landmark for offering craft beers and delicious meals in Maine.

Gritty McDuff’s Brew produced the first brew in Maine when it served its first beer on 21st December 1988.

It serves delicious meals and great drinks all days of the week, from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am-9 pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11 am-12 am.

Address: 187 Lower Main St, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Freeport

Freeport offers you all the satisfaction you deserve all through your vacation. Don’t hesitate to use this article as a guide.

This spectacular town will leave you with long-lasting good memories. Start preparing for that incredible adventure in Freeport, Maine.