23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Canton (GA)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Canton, GA?

Canton, Georgia, is a city in the district seat of Cherokee County in the northern portion of the state, and it’s a beautiful place to explore.

Named after Canton (presently Guangzhou) in China, it has a populace of around 22,000 individuals and is about 65 km north of Atlanta.

The city is arranged in a conventional Cherokee Indian domain, with the clan effectively moved west of the Mississippi River during the 1830s.

Only 200 European-American pilgrims lived here during the American Civil War, yet it didn’t stop Canton from being torched by Unionist powers.

Be that as it may, out of these misfortunes has grown an energetic social centre point with an exceptional mood of its own.

Are you planning an exploration of Canton? Here are the top things to do in Canton, GA.

Things to Do in Canton, GA

1. Visit Hickory Log Creek Reservoir

Credits: Julie / Flickr

Found between Bluff Parkway and Fate Conn Road, Hickory Log Creek Reservoir covers 160 hectares and has 25 km of coastline to explore.

Even though the city encompasses Hickory Log Creek Reservoir, the supply isn’t, in fact, part of Canton.

All things considered, this means practically nothing from the relaxed guest’s perspective.

The lake is of extraordinary interest to fishers since it was supplied with bream, catfish, and bass, among different species of fish.

The repository is otherwise called a most loved spot for kayakers, who are allowed to paddle across the waters to explore.

If you’re interested in a beautiful view and a great place to cool off, then the Hickory Log Creek Reservoir is just the place for you.

Address: Fate Conn Rd. at Bluffs Parkway, Canton, GA 30114

2. Cherokee County Courthouse

Cherokee County Courthouse
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
Cherokee County Courthouse

This noteworthy town hall was built in 1928 of dim white stone. It’s no surprise that it later became a tourist attraction considering its structural design.

 Recorded on the US National Register of Historic Places beginning around 1981, it was built in place of an early construction obliterated by fire.

The ongoing structure follows the Greek Revival design style, which was especially well known at that point.

It is critical for being one of the main town halls in Georgia worked of nearby marble, as opposed to block.

Notwithstanding its capacity as a noteworthy town hall and prison, this building also contains the historical gallery of Canton and Cherokee County.

If you’re looking forward to a historic walk down the memory lane of Canton and Cherokee, the Cherokee County Courthouse is the best place to visit.

Address: 90 North St g170, Canton, GA 30114, United States

3. Georgia Frontiers

Georgia Frontiers
Credits: gabati / Shutterstock

Do you love horseback riding but can’t seem to find the right place for that in Canton, Georgia? Then look no further as Georgia Frontiers is got you covered.

As far as organised horseback riding trails go, this one is considered to be the most organised one ever.

The horses are well cared for and are ready for a ride whenever visitors arrive. It’s always fascinating to see and ride beautiful horses.

The staff are attentive and pay close attention to the trails and horses, making it clear that they prioritise safety first.

What’s more is that even if you’ve never ridden a horse in your life, there’s someone who can help you enjoy the horse riding experience.

People with various levels of expertise are well taken care of during their various horseback riding experiences at Georgia Frontiers.

Address: 545 Ruff White Rd, Canton, GA 30114-7687

4. Canton Theatre

Canton Theatre
Credits: Thomson200 / Wiki (public domain)
Canton Theatre

If you don’t mind a little drama and other entertaining performances, the Canton Theater is the right place for you to visit and explore.

Located in downtown Canton, this auditorium has been operating for over 100 years. 

At the point when it originally opened, the theatre put on silent films and took on its decorative appearance after redevelopment in the last part of the 1930s.

Presently a non-profit, local area venture, its hall has plays, musicals, shows and basically some other type of performance you’d like.

Drawing in entertainers from right across the district, the Canton Theater is a much-cherished part of the local area.

Its presence implies occupants can appreciate Broadway shows without needing to go to Atlanta. A visit here is one of the top things to do in Canton, GA.

Address: 171 E Main St, Canton, GA 30114, United States

5. Dive Haven

Dive Haven
Credits: Adrien Ledeul / Shutterstock

It’s always exhilarating to think about possible things to do on vacation, and it’s no surprise that many would probably think about Scuba diving.

If one of the things you intend to do in Canton, Georgia, is to go scuba diving, then you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit Dive Haven.

Dive Haven is a family-owned swim, scuba, snorkelling and water-sports business that started in 2006.

At Dive Haven, you can get all the things you need for a great diving experience. They have a lot of diving gears like the snorkel, among many others.

Dive Haven also teaches future divers to become well-experienced divers and keep the tradition of scuba diving alive. It’s a great place for a vacation experience.

What’s so interesting about this place is that visitors get to learn a lifelong skill and also get to use it. There’s so much you can learn at Dive Haven.

Address: Canton, GA, USA

6. Cotton Mill Exchange

Cotton Mill Exchange
Credits: Maridav / Shutterstock

If you’re in search of a place to get great deals on antiques, clothing, decor, and the likes of them, Cotton Mill Exchange is the place to go!

This place is such a neat find, considering the fact that not many people know about the place or visit it as often as one would expect.

There are various interesting items at the store, such as home decor, garden art, beautiful clothing and other ornamental objects.

This place is fascinating for visitors and their families to visit. You could let the kids loose for a personal exploration of their own.

The shopping area is about four thousand eight hundred square feet, giving its visitors more places to explore.

If you don’t mind a little shopping while you admire the beautiful view of the Cotton Mill Exchange and explore its shops, there’s no reason not to visit.

Address: 141 Railroad St Suite 100, Canton, GA 30114-3076

7. Elite Ops Airsoft

 Elite Ops Airsoft
Credits: Elite Ops Airsoft / Facebook
Elite Ops Airsoft

You can’t say a trip is over unless you’ve had a lot of fun and what other place for a fun, family-friendly visit than at Elite Ops Airsoft.

Elite Ops Airsoft is a great place for your kids to get some exercise and build team skills. There’s enough fun to go round on at this place.

The field is unique because everything is movable, so the playing field is never the same. You can visit this place thrice and not recognize its interiors.

The viewing room is great for parents to watch the play. The staff are super helpful and extremely safety-oriented.

Players range from 8 to 80 years old, and everyone has a great time. It’s also comforting to know that nobody gets hurt as they play.

There are many fun things to do in Canton, GA and you’d be missing out if you’ve not visited this place.

Address: 857 Hickory Flat Hwy, Canton, GA 30115-3407

8. Etowah Water Trail

Etowah Water Trail
Credits: The_Gut / Flickr
Etowah Water Trail

The Etowah River cuts across northern Georgia for two hundred and sixty-two kilometres and divides Canton into equal parts.

Its water trail follows it for its whole length, incorporating the segment moving through Canton. It’s an incredible sight to behold.

As an incredible approach to getting onto the water without leaving the city’s limits, Etowah River Park is the area of a boat slope.

From here, you can head either towards East Cherokee or the Boiling Park, which is about 3.2 km away and more feasible to achieve.

The water trail shifts between totally pristine forest and country scenes that impeccably catch what’s genuinely going on with the south.

If you’re looking forward to a beautiful nature trail and a perfect place to relax, try out the Etowah Water Trail.

Address: 600 Brown Industrial Pkwy, Canton, GA 30114, United States

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9. Amc Riverstone 15

Amc Riverstone 15
Credits: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

Are you a movie enthusiast? Or wouldn’t mind a simple day out with family and friends enjoying a good movie? Then AMC Riverstone 15 is perfect!

AMC Riverstone 15 is a movie theatre found along Reinhardt College Parkway in Canton, Georgia, and it is a great place to spend time with loved ones.

The staff are lovely and welcoming, and the system is well organised. They ensure that everyone is well seated before the movie proceeds.

Snacks are also available at the Theater just in case you get hungry. The popcorn is great as well as it’s made with respect to visitors’ preferences.

AMC Riverstone 15 is one great place to sit back, relax and enjoy the day, as there’s always something interesting to do within its walls.

If you don’t mind a movie or two at the theatre, then a trip to AMC Riverstone 15 is a great idea. You can make reservations before you get there as well.

Address: 5 Reinhardt College Pkwy, Canton, GA 30114-5633

10. Cherokee Veterans Park

Cherokee Veterans Park
Credits: Creative Cat Studio / Shutterstock

It’s a well-known fact that a trip isn’t complete without visiting at least one park. Since this is the case, Cherokee Veterans Park is got you!

This park is a great place to walk. For a more leisurely walk, you can walk around the playground area and for a longer walk, there is a trail around the whole park.

The trails are excellent, concrete and wide sidewalks so visitors have plenty of room. It’s also a great playground for visitors to take the kids or grandkids.

The park isn’t just called the Veteran’s Park for nothing but was named after the various honourable men and women who sacrificed their lives to serve the country.

The flags, the plaques and the monuments can help tell the story of these brave men and women who should be thanked today and remembered tomorrow and forever.

The park features a playground, skate park and fields for several sports with ample parking. They also have a lovely Christmas Lights display.

Address: 7345 Highway 20, Canton, GA 30115

11. LaVida Massage

LaVida Massage
Credits: Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

A visit to the spa isn’t a bad idea, especially when you are on vacation and have had a couple of tiring stops at different locations.

It’s always a great experience to walk into a spa like LaVida with a welcoming attitude and pleasant surroundings.

One of the qualities of a good spa is its impeccable customer service, and that is one thing LaVida has pegged.

The staff are so friendly and welcoming that you’ll feel at home in their care. It’s one great place to get a massage.

If you try this place more than once, you stand a chance to get one of their free massage coupons as well.

If a relaxing experience is one of the things you have been looking forward to, a visit to LaVida is the right choice.

Address: 6175 Hickory Flat Hwy Suite 180, Canton, GA 30115-7207

12. Cagle’s Farm

When most people hear about a farm, what comes to their minds is a pile of dirt and some smelly farm animals, but that’s not the case with Cagle’s Farm!

Cagle’s Farm is consistently a fascinating place in Hickory Flat off Stringer Road because of all the exciting things you can do there.

Because of the new region, Cagles Dairy has moved and migrated to Ballground, where you can partake in some quality family time.

There are vehicle-pulled rides around the ranch and some interesting animals, a huge trampoline for the children, rewards, and a few jams from their shop.

You’re sure to love this place as it’s a well-rounded place with something for everyone to participate in. Nobody is left out of the fun.

So if you’re looking for an excellent place to visit and spend time with your friends and family, Cagle’s Farm is just the place for you.

Address: 362 Stringer Rd, Canton, GA 30115-4693

13. Cox Arboretum and Gardens

Cox Arboretum and Gardens
Credits: Texas141 [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Cox Arboretum and Gardens
Are you in search of beautiful and pristine natural habitats? If that’s the case, you should try visiting Cox Arboretum and Gardens.

Cox Arboretum and Gardens is a must-see destination for any gardener or plant enthusiast. There’s so much to see in this place!

The Arboretum is owned by Tom, who shares a wealth of knowledge and stories during the arboretum tour.

Cox Arboretum is the best-kept secret of Canton and is a must-see tourist attraction. 

The Arboretum and Gardens is an extensive collection of exotic trees and shrubs. There is a lot of fascinating plant life to observe.

The Arboretum is also considered an old-growth hardwood forest, meaning many trees on the property exceed 100 years old.

Address: 1621 N Lake Dr, Canton, GA 30115-4131

14. Paranoia Haunted House

Paranoia Haunted House
Credits: Paranoia Haunted House / Facebook
Paranoia Haunted House

Just in case your trip to Canton, Georgia is during the festive Halloween season, you’ll find Paranoia Haunted House most interesting.

This place is right around the corner in Canton, Georgia and is a great place to add to your list of best things to do in Canton, GA.

Paranoia Haunted House is the place to go for a scare of the century as this place puts in a lot of effort to give its visitors a creepy Halloween experience.

There are actors around the Paranoia Haunted House who will keep in Character throughout the experience and ensure visitors have the scare of their lives.

This place is great as it has fewer queues and many visitors can get the scary experience they’ve been looking forward to.

This place is also open before and after the Halloween seasons and is an excellent place for a family-friendly visit. Nothing is stopping you from taking the opportunity to visit!

Address: Canton, GA, USA

15. Canton Farmers Market

Canton Farmers Market
Credits: KREUS / Shutterstock

There are many fun things to do in Canton, GA, and there are many places to visit, but you can’t afford to skip a visit to the Canton Farmers Market.

Despite the fact that Canton exists within simple reach of downtown Atlanta, its local farmland creates large numbers of food for everyone.

Independent supermarkets stock a portion of the bigger Georgia brands, but to interface with the ranchers and their territory, there can be no more excellent spot to head than Canton Farmers Market.

The merchants that pitch up here offer a variety of things from soil products to chocolates and heated merchandise.

You’ll find privately made chocolates, craftsman cleansers, unrecorded music and cooking shows scattered around this place.

If you need farm-fresh products at a reasonable price, you should probably head over to the Canton Farmer’s Market.

Address: 251 E Marietta St, Canton, GA 30114, United States

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16. Tanglewood Farm

Tanglewood Farm
Credits: ventdusud / Shutterstock

For bigger animals, downtown Atlanta’s Zoo Atlanta is the spot to be as you’ll get to see various wild animals like the tigers and leopards.

Be that as it may, for the opportunity to get very close with more modest shaggy companions, go to Canton’s own personal Tanglewood Farm.

Also known as metropolitan Atlanta’s best little petting zoo, Tanglewood Farm remains in an emotional open country.

It has more than 100 creatures, ranging from dwarf goats to Scottish Shetland sheep, making it a great place for a family visit.

Past the creatures, there’s a Wild West model with a bank, prison, and general store.

So if you’re searching for interesting places to visit with your family, look no further as the Tanglewood Farm is just the place for you!

Address: 171 Tanglewood Dr, Canton, GA 30115, United States

17. Big Woods Goods

Big Woods Goods
Credits: guteksk7 / Shutterstock

Do you own a gun and have yet to learn how to use it? Or are you craving someplace to test out your gun accuracy? Big Woods Goods is just the place for that!

At Big Woods Goods, you can buy a gun and register it. You can also get all the gun handling experience you need.

The staff is super friendly at Big Woods Goods and helpful with all aspects of shooting and gun buying.

There’s also a promo for the ladies as they have free range time on Tuesdays. If you’re a lady, it’s beat time to visit.

The staff are knowledgeable, fun to listen to, and appropriately keep control of the class on the range.

Assuming target practice is one of your hobbies, Big Woods Goods is just the place for you, and will make quite an addition to your list of fun things to do in Canton, GA.

Address: 350 Ronnell Rd, Canton, GA 30115-8636

18. Blankets Creek Trail System

Credits: Akhenaton Images / Shutterstock

You can’t run out of fun things to do in Canton, GA, especially if you’ve never been to the famous Blankets Creek Trail System.

Trade the seat of one of Tanglewood Farm’s ponies for a view of nature and the beautiful outdoor scenery at Blanket Creek Trail System.

It comprises seven individual paths, with three appropriate for those taking their first somewhat shaking switches on rough terrain.

As well as testing your trekking abilities, the paths give a few shocking perspectives over the Etowah River. To arrive, you’ll have to travel south for a simple 15 km bicycle or vehicle ride.

The other four tracks are a mix of transitional, high level, and a 250-meter master track. It’s all kinds of fun on a walk through Blanket Creek Trail System.

If you’re the type to take up a challenge and see it through to the end, then a trip to the Blanket Creek Trail System is the way to go.

Address: 2261 Sixes Rd, Canton, GA 30114, United States

19. Practically Perfect Day Spa & Salon

Practically Perfect Day Spa & Salon
Credits: Rido / Shutterstock

If you’re exhausted from the tour through the city, one of the best things to do in Canton, GA, is to pamper yourself at the Spa.

Conveniently located in downtown Canton, Georgia’s historic district, you’ll find a very relaxing place called Practically Perfect Day Spa and Salon.

Practically Perfect Day Spa and Salon offers a calming, elegant atmosphere where clients enjoy themselves.

Customers are welcomed with a relaxing mini-vacation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

They have excellent service delivered by a friendly staff, making it a pristine location for a relaxing experience.

This place is excellent for a visit for those looking forward to a great spot to get in shape while planning other things to do in Canton, GA.

Address: 225 Reformation Pkwy Suite 116, Canton, GA 30114-2798

20. Reformation Brewery

Reformation Brewery
Credits: UfaBizPhoto / Shutterstock

This developing art brewery was brought up in the metropolitan Atlanta district by brewers hoping to deliver great, credible lagers, everything being equal.

The pub in Canton gives an inviting and comprehensive space to test and partake in their most recent inventions as well as a portion of their top choices.

Their top choices include magnificent stouts, wine-enlivened winter sours, Belgian-style tripels, and German wheat brews.

Offering something for everybody, there are likewise a lot of American pale lagers to pick from so no one feels left out.

Getting a good drink is one of the many things to do in Canton, GA, and there’s no better place to enjoy your drinks than the Reformation Brewery.

If you’re searching for a great place to unwind and relax with your friends, you should try visiting the Reformation Brewery in Canton, Georgia.

Address: 225 Reformation Pkwy Suite 500, Canton, GA 30114, United States

21. The Art Barn At Morning Glory Farm

It’s always a delight to see beautiful artworks and new places as you travel and The Art Barn at Morning Glory Farm reaffirms that.

At The Art Barn at Morning Glory Farm, you’ll see many beautiful yet one-of-a-kind artworks waiting to be admired.

There’s also a tour guide around the farm and its Art Gallery. You’ll meet Farmer Sue and Farmer Katherine, the tour guides.

There’s also impeccable customer service as the staff are very friendly and welcoming. It’s a great addition to your bucket list of things to do in Cantin, GA.

It’s also worthy of note that you’ll get attended to no matter the weather (unless very critical) by their staff.

This place is the perfect location for a family day out as it has many family-friendly activities for its guests.

Address: 208 Roper Rd, Canton, GA 30115-4941

22. Junk Drunk Jones

 You’ll surely have fun browsing through this store for the first time as it comprises a lot of neat finds to choose from.

Junk Drunk Jones is a small space packed with items with charming and eclectic decor and arrangement of collectables.

You need to look throughout the store as items placed throughout are true vintage and vintage-inspired items.

This eclectic and fun store has a treasure trove of antiques at great prices. There is also a wide selection of vintage clothing.

If you love oddities, you’re sure to find a few of them at Junk Drunk Jones. There’s so much to explore at this place.

If you feel like there aren’t any more interesting things to do in Canton, GA, don’t forget to visit Junk Drunk Jones for a different perspective.

Address: 175 W Main St, Canton, GA 30114-2744

23. Afterglow Day Spa

Afterglow Day Spa
Credits: Yuriy Maksymiv / Shutterstock

Everyone loves a good day at the spa as it brings out the absolute best in their external looks. If you missed Practically Perfect, then Afterglow Day Spa has your back!

At Afterglow Day Spa, the staff are impeccable at their jobs and see that their customers are well taken care of.

Every staff with their specialty see to it that they get things done according to the taste of their customers, so visitors need not worry the slightest bit.

You can also get advice on how to get your skin care regimen going at the Afterglow Day Spa. This is one of the best things to do in Canton, GA, for your bucket list of places to visit in Canton, GA

One thing you’ll notice at Afterglow is how clean their environment and interiors are. If you’re looking for an outstanding place to pamper yourself, this is the perfect destination.

Afterglow will keep you coming back for more as they also feature massage therapies, facials, nail care, waxing, eyelash extensions and airbrush spray tans.

Address: 1431 Riverstone Pkwy Suite 100, Canton, GA 30114-5601

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Plan a Trip to Canton

As far as interesting trips go, one of the best places to enjoy your vacation is the city of Canton, Georgia. 

The city boasts many fun things to do with family or friends during a vacation.

Interesting places in the city like Junk Drunk Jones and Afterglow Day Spa are the kind of attractions that will keep you coming back for more. 

Have a fun trip!