23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Calhoun (GA)

Calhoun is a flourishing city in Gordon County, Georgia. It is also the seat of Gordon County. The city has a population of 16,948 people.

Calhoun has many historical destinations and businesses. The city also has playgrounds, recreational facilities, art galleries, theaters, museums, parks, etc.

There are many activities for people who enjoy indoor and outdoor recreational activities. With all these many attractions, picking out exactly what to do might trick you. Nevertheless, our well-curated list of things to do will help you navigate this city.

Here are the best things to do in Calhoun, GA.

Things to Do in Calhoun, GA

1. The Rock Garden

Rock Garden
Credits: Stephen Rahn / Flickr
Rock Garden

One of the best things to do in Calhoun, GA, is to visit the Rock Garden. This magnificent Garden comprises over 50 mini castles, historic buildings, churches, and many other important buildings.

Each mini structure comprises little rocks, pebbles, broken glass, shells, and other remodeled craft materials. The ideas and creativity put in to create each piece are outstanding. 

You can have a walk through the entire wooden Garden, which feels like having a walk into a fairy world. You will be amazed by the hard work and creativity put into these structures.

You can also see historic structures like the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the White House, and Colosseum in Rome. Beautiful ornamental plants inside the Garden give it a magnificent look.

Address: 1411 Rome Rd SW, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

2. Gem Theater

Gem Theater
Credits: Bill Eichelberger / Flickr
Gem Theater

If you love theatrical performances, one of the top things to do in Calhoun, GA, is to check out one of Calhoun’s historical buildings, known as the Gem Theater.

The Gem Theater is an integral part of this local community. It kicked off operations in 1925. Over the years, the iconic Theater has carried out many symbolic performances and movies for people to see.

The Theater has even hosted the world debut of “Gone with the Wind.” Over time the Theater has undergone many refurbishments, but it still maintains and retains its unique charm and beauty.

The Theater is still the number one venue for entertainment in Calhoun. Live performances such as plays, musicals, and dance shows are the many things to experience in the Theater.

Also, the Theater showcases numerous films, which makes it an ideal spot to see a classic movie.

Address: 114 N Wall St, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

3. Harris Arts Center

Harris Arts Center
Credits: Harris Arts Center / Facebook
Harris Arts Center

One of the best places to visit in Calhoun, GA, to enjoy and appreciate art in its raw beauty is the Harris Arts Center.

The Harris Art Center is the abode for many galleries and art institutions. The Center is operated and managed by the Gordon Calhoun Arts Council.

The council is chiefly devoted to providing support and fostering art and art-related activities in the community. The Harris Art Center was constructed during the 1900s and was previously the Roker Hotel.

The Hotel was converted into the Harris Arts Center in 1997. It is where Roland Hayes Museum is located.

The museum displays life’s happenings and works of Rolan Heyes, a prominent musician and famous resident of Calhoun. The Harris Art Center is the perfect place to enjoy local art and learn more about the notable people that were part of the city’s history.

Address: 212 S Wall St, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

4. Calhoun Practice Field

Calhoun Practice Field
Credits: David Lee / Shutterstock

The Calhoun Practice Field is also an essential destination in Calhoun. Here should be a must-see destination for you if you love sports. But, Fascinatingly, it does not bear the look of an old Practice Field from the outside.

The first football match in Calhoun was played on Calhoun Practice Field.

The Calhoun Practice Field is also an ideal spot to see other enjoyable sports like softball and baseball. It is also perfect for enjoying the outdoors by watching a sports game.

You can also play games with residents and other tourists. In addition, the city’s government organizes tournaments and competitions throughout the year; do well to check their schedule before your visit.

Address, G26R+RM, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

5. New Echota State Historic Site

New Echota State Historic Site
Credits: Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock
New Echota State Historic Site

New Echota was previously the capital of the Cherokee Nation from 1825 before they were forcefully relocated in 1838. Today, the New Echota State Historic Site is seen as memorabilia of the great history and culture of the Cherokee people.

The New Echota State Historic Site also features a visitor center on the ground that showcases exhibits about the life, history, and culture of the Cherokee. In addition, you can check out a few revamped buildings, the Supreme Court building, and the Cherokee council house and home.

The most famous attraction onsite at New Echota is the Cherokee Print Shop. It is where the first Cherokee newspaper was printed, known as Cherokee Phoenix. 

The museum has renovated the printing shop to its initial condition, and it is now a functioning museum. Tourists can also view how these newspapers were printed and learn how significant it was to the Cherokee Nation.

Address: 1211 GA-225, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

6. Chief Vann Historic Site

Chief Vann Historic Site
Credits: Wayne Hsieh / Flickr
Chief Vann Historic Site

The Chief Vann Historic Site is a famous building close to Chatsworth, Georgia. The building is the first brick house in Cherokee Nation.

The Chief Vann Historic Site comprises visitor centers and exhibits on display about the history of this building and the entire Cherokee Nation. Make sure to check out this destination and observe the gorgeous building. 

If you are open to learning extensively about the history of Cherokee, the Chief Vann Historic Site should be a must-see destination. The Chief Vann Historic Site is about 28 minutes from Calhoun and is located in Chatsworth.

Address: 82 GA-225, Chatsworth, GA 30705, United States

7. Dalton Falls Fun Center

Dalton Falls Fun Center
Credits: milepost430media / Shutterstock

If you are searching for an ideal location to spend a great time with friends and family, check out the Dalton Falls Fun Center. The Center comprises a water slide, a game room, a snack bar, a kiddie pool, and a heated pool. 

You can have a good time outdoors on the miniature golf course or the designated playground area or even have a walk or run on the nature trails.

The Dalton Falls Chapter is ideal for relaxation and great fun. It is even a great destination to exercise and sweat. You can locate the Dalton Fun Center in Dalton, about 27 minutes from Calhoun.

Address: 2817 Airport Rd, Dalton, GA 30721, United States

8. Paradise Drag Strip

Paradise Drag Strip
Credits: Bordovski Yauheni / Shutterstock

The Paradise Drag Strip is one of Calhoun’s top-tier tourist destinations. It is a place to see expert drag racers challenge one another and display their skills.

Paradise Drag Strip, constructed in 1861, was an expansive cotton field. The cotton field was turned into a racetrack when the cotton field business experienced plenty of difficulties.

Over the years, the Paradise Drag Strip has witnessed numerous events and changes. However, it is still one of the most famous tourist destinations you sure do not want to miss out on when you visit Calhoun.

The track is the abode for the yearly Calhoun County Drag Race, an iconic event in the city you should be part of.

Make sure to see drag race action if you have been yearning for something exhilarating and fascinating. Races are available each Sunday, so check their schedule before your visit.

Visitors are also welcome to be part of the drag race if they own a dragster. So come with your dragster to challenge some of the locals.

Address: 500 Chatsworth Hwy 225 NE, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

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9. Resaca Battlefield Historic Site

If you are a historian, one of the many things to do when you visit Calhoun is to check out the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site. The Battle of Resaca was a massive part of the Union Army’s Atlanta military operations during the Civil War. It was one fierce battle, with over 5,000 casualties.

Currently, the Resaca Battle Historic Site is a reminiscence of the significant moments in the history of America. The Resaca Battlefield Historic Site comprises exhibits that tell the battle and Civil War story.

You can also check out the battleground, see firsthand where the war happened, and learn the tactics employed. The Historic Site is an ideal place to learn about the history of the Battle of Resaca and the Civil War.

The Resaca Battlefield Historic Site is also a lovely place to explore by hiking. It has picnic areas and a lake. If you are interested in the history of America or the Civil War, this destination should be a must-see. You can locate this site in Resaca, GA, 23 minutes from Calhoun.

Address: 6 GA-136, Resaca, GA 30175, United States

10. Copper Creek Farm

Copper Creek Farm
Credits: Brandon Bourdages / Shutterstock

Another interesting item on our list of fun things to do in Calhoun, GA, is to visit the gorgeous Calhoun farm known as the Copper Creek Farm, which can also be called an amusement center because of the many fun-filled and fascinating outdoor activities.

The Copper Creek Farm is a ground for the yearly Georgia Sunflower Festival. The festival commemorates everything that pertains to flowers.

There are varieties of Sunflower themed items and different sorts of drinks and foods. The Copper Creek Farm is also the abode to a giant corn maze that occupies 10 acres, one of the largest in Georgia. 

The Copper Creek Farm is available for visits from September to November. There are different themed mazes, such as the haunted maze that is popular on Halloween.

On regular days, visitors can go on a trip covering the entire pumpkin patch, play mini golf, or go fishing. Then, visit the Copper Creek Farm and enjoy the fun activities with friends and family.

Address: 1514 Reeves Station Rd SW, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

11. Kangaroo Jake’s

Kangaroo Jake's
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

One of the places to bring your children to have lots of fun is the Kangaroo Jake which is just 28 minutes from Calhoun, GA. It is a famous indoor fun center in Georgia.

It is the perfect place to do bouncing, flop, flip around, and have great fun all day. In addition, it features several inflatables for visitors to choose from.

The Kangaroo Jake’s feature slipper slides for children to race down and classic bounce houses for them to jump as high as they want. It also has assault courses for kids to use.

The fun here is massive and is something you and your kids do not want to miss out on.

Address: 3347 Martha Berry Hwy NW, Rome, GA 30165, United States

12. Miracles Cosmic Bowling

Miracles Cosmic Bowling
Credits: Dabarti CGI / Shutterstock

Miracles Cosmic Bowling is a place for a family fun time. Visitors can have fascinating moments with their loved ones at an affordable price that does not require you to break into a bank. In addition, there are many bumper bowling lanes for the children.

The bumpers are ideal to ensure the bowling balls stay out of the gutters and give the kids fun. It also has the fascinating Cosmic, where visitors can bowl with lowlights, a great music player in the background, and special lighting effects, more like what you see in nightclubs.

Address: 2208 Cleveland Highway Suites C& D, Dalton, GA 30721, United States

13. Calhoun Spine Care and Wellness Center

Calhoun Spine Care and Wellness Center
Credits: Aleks Gudenko / Shutterstock

After long hours of touring the city, you will be tired and need a place to give your body a nice treat. Check out the city’s local chiropractic center, known as the Calhoun Spine Care and Wellness Center.

The Center aims to help people improve their well-being and health via chiropractic services. The Calhoun Spine Care and Wellness Center are operated and managed by a team of certified and experienced medical experts.

The Chief Chiropractor is Dr. Blake. The clinic provides visitors different services such as massages, nutritional counseling, spinal adjustments, etc.

In partnership with other clinics, the clinic has organized numerous wellness and health programs. Visitors can opt-in for their eight weeks to wellness programs to augment their daily workout, body care, and exercise.

Address: Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

14. Calhoun Elks Lodge & Golf Club

Calhoun Elks Lodge & Golf Club
Credits: Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock

If you love golfing, one of the things you do not want to miss out on is visiting the Calhoun Elks Lodge & Golf Club; it is a great place to play some rounds of golf.

Calhoun Elks Lodge & Golf Club is a private club that provides a challenging yet still scenic 18-hole golf course. The golf course is open to the general public, but visitors are to ensure they have a membership to play.

Moreover, the fee is worth the price as you will be opportune to play on a top-tier facility with a discount on green costs. 

Furthermore, Calhoun Elks Lodge & Golf Club has a clubhouse, a tennis court, a gym center, and a swimming pool. There is a restaurant on site if you are famished after playing golf and would like to treat your stomach to good food.

It also has a pro shop where you can make purchases of golf equipment and items. The Calhoun Elks Lodge & Golf Club is a perfect destination to enjoy golf during your vacation.

Address: 143 Craigtown Rd NE, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

15. Gordon County Parks & Recreation

Gordon County Parks & Recreation
Credits: matimix / Shutterstock

Gordon County Parks & Recreation is a vast 79-acre property that houses some sports facilities adored by the city.

Gordon County Parks & Recreation has two complete-sized soccer fields, a full-sized football field, four lighted baseball fields, and six tennis courts.

It also has a skate park, a community center, two playgrounds, picnic areas, two basketball courts, and a skate park. The ideal time to visit Gordon County Park is during weekends. 

Residents in this area always come together to play various sports available in the Park and have fun. It is ideal to say that the Park gets you covered in every fun physical activity. Check this destination out is one of the fun things to do in Calhoun, GA.

Visitors can have fun playing tennis, going for a walk or strolling on the gorgeous nature trails, playing basketball, or even going picnicking. It also has a perfect setting for meeting new friends with locals and other visitors.

Address: 7494 Fairmount Hwy SE, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

16. Calhoun Outlet Marketplace

Calhoun Outlet Marketplace
Credits: Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

The Calhoun Outlet Marketplace is the abode for stores, including popular brand stores and indigenous businesses that provide various services and goods.

The mall is an ideal shopping destination for your shoes, clothes, and accessories. They also give visitors promos and discounts for their items throughout the year.

There are different types of restaurants on site and even cafes in case you want to treat your stomach to delicious food after your shopping spree.

If you also want to purchase gift items for souvenirs to bring back home to your loved ones and friends, the Calhoun Outlet Marketplace covers you. 

Address: 455 Belwood Rd, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

17. Historic Calhoun Depot

Historic Calhoun Depot
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
Historic Calhoun Depot

Before it became a popular destination where parties and birthdays were held, the Calhoun Depot was a blooming train station. 

The Calhoun Depot, constructed during the late 1800s, was an important place to see on the Southern Railway. The Calhoun Depot had a significant hand in the growth of the economy of this region.

As railroad activities were hauled in Calhoun, the region also forsook the Depot. The Depot has grown into a popular destination and event venue that can house about 100 persons. It houses the Calhoun Visitors Center and is perfect for learning about this city’s rich history and culture.

Address: 109 S King St, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

18. North Georgia Speedway

North Georgia Speedway
Credits: uznetsov Alexey / Shutterstock

The North Georgia Speedway is a mile clay oval race track. This family fun-filled race track has grandstands that enable visitors to have a perfect view of every race activity happening on the race track.

North Georgia Speedway is a perfect setting to watch many beautiful and sleek sprint cars race against each other for supremacy on Georgia’s oldest functioning oval clay race track.

Watching cars race on clay oval race tracks is simply fascinating; it is so exciting, warm, and natural and should be a must-see when you visit.

Address: 300 N Georgia Raceway Rd, Chatsworth, GA 30705, United States

19. Calhoun Bowling Center

Calhoun Bowling Center
Credits: Boris Medvedev / Shutterstock

If you are looking for a place to have incredible fun moments with your loved ones and friends, then the one place to visit when you are around town is the Calhoun Bowling Center.

The Calhoun Bowling Center is open to the public. It welcomes people of all skill levels, types, and ages to come and have an excellent time bowling in its facility. 

There are 20 lanes here, and they have bumpers for the kids. If you are more of an expert bowler, you can join any of their leagues and compete with other bowlers.

Apart from bowling, there are arcade games and pool tables. You can also check out their snack bar, which offers delectable food.

There is a spacious meeting room in the Calhoun Bowling Center where you can host your birthday parties, corporate meetings, and other special occasions. 

Address: 123 Columbus Cir NE, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

20. Pintage Antique Market

Pintage Antique Market
Credits: Pintage Antique Market/ Facebook
Pintage Antique Market

If you enjoy antiquing, an ideal place to visit in Calhoun, GA, is the Pintage Antique Market.

Pintage Antique Market is a top-tier antique mall in Calhoun. It contains quality antique items, home decor, boutique-type products, outdoor furnishings, and repurposed and handmade items.

This attraction also allows vendors to showcase their skills and passion in this artistic location in the downtown area of Calhoun.

This store’s items are well-stacked, so visitors can easily browse through them. Their staff are super friendly and welcoming and are always available to assist you in searching for that unique item you have in mind.

Address: 310 S Wall St, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

21. Ooky Memorial Park

Ooky Memorial Park
Credits: antstang / Shutterstock

The Ooky Memorial Park is a beautiful 10-acre park situated at Belwood Road. The Park is peaceful with superb facilities to provide you and everyone you come with a fantastic experience. 

Ooky Memorial Park has a 1.5-mile-long asphalt loop trail surrounding a pond that provides opportunities for walking and hiking around the area.

There is a fenced playground with fun amenities for visitors to enjoy with their loved ones and friends. The Park also has two pavilions to sit and enjoy the surrounding views and a spacious parking area.

Address: 4011 Fairmount Hwy SE, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

22. Moss Lake

Moss Lake is a massive water body, about 17 sq acres, and an elevation of 200 feet. Fishing activities in the Lake have been poor for some time now.

However, you might be lucky and make a good catch. The atmosphere here is tranquil and peaceful, a perfect escape from the noisy city.

Other water bodies near Moss Lake include Amakanata Lake, Town Creek, Crane Eater Creek, Moss Lake Dam, and Conasauga River.

Address: Calhoun, Georgia, United States

23. Jumpin Jack’s Zone

Jumpin Jack's Zone
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Jumping Jack’s Zone is a family-friendly indoor playground with lots of fun activities that will keep you and your kids entertained throughout your visit.

The indoor playground was opened in 2019. It is a 6,000 square feet facility with an incredible play space that can house kids of all ages together.

This facility has two party rooms, so you can make your children’s next birthday celebration memorable by hosting them at Jumpin Jack’s Zone.

After many hours of fun and playing around, you can check out their cafe for delicious snacks and drinks.

Address: 149 Kelly Ct, Calhoun, GA 30701, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Calhoun

One perfect place to consider while planning your next weekend trip should be Calhoun, GA.

It has everything you need to have a fun-filled vacation with family and friends, from outdoor recreational facilities to historical sites and restaurants.