25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Alexandria Bay (NY)

Looking for the best and fun things to do in Alexandria Bay, NY?

Alexandria Bay is an endearing village in Jefferson County, New York in the Thousands Island region on the south riverside of the St Lawrence River. There are lots of outdoor activities to engage in when you visit, and one of the ideal things to do is to walk around the St Lawrence River.

Here is a really beautiful place with numerous dining options and shopping choices. It is a wonderful place to spend quality time with family. The list of things to do in Alexandria Bay will guide you on the best ways to enjoy your stay when you visit.

Here are the top things to do in Alexandria Bay, NY.

Things to Do in Alexandria Bay

1. Visit Thousand Islands Bridge

Thousand Islands Bridge
Credits: Victoria Lipov / Shutterstock
Thousand Islands Bridge

Thousand Islands Bridge is a great place to be and admire the connection between two countries in the very center of Thousand Islands. The Bridge acts as a link, connecting southeast Ontario in Canada and northern New York in the United States.

It is one out of the five bridges across the St. Lawrence River. From standing on the bridge, you will get a picturesque view of the different islands situated in the River. You might want to bring your camera to take beautiful photos to post on your Instagram.

Visitors can enjoy scenic views of this area while walking on its pedestrian pathway or directly from the car. For persons with a fear of heights or acrophobia, visitors must be careful as the bridge is very high above the River.

Enjoy excellent views while spotting the 1864 islands, streams, the shoals in the river, and ripples.

Address: 43530 US Route 81, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607-2306

2. Keewaydin State Park

Keewaydin State Park
Credits: Ross Lazarek / Facebook
Keewaydin State Park

The Keewaydin State Park occupies 283 acres situated southwest of Alexandria Bay on the St.Lawrence River. The park allows visitors to enjoy the view of a few of the best waterfront campgrounds in Alexandria Bay.

You can also have a lovely stroll on the trails that connect the riverbank, get yourself rejuvenated with the smell of warm earth while you enjoy nature as it blends greatly with the aqua-blue water.

You might want to bring along with you a camera to take beautiful photos to post on your Instagram while enjoying great picturesque views of the islands from the waterfront gazebos and pavilions beside the water.

One of the significant things to find in the park is a big Olympic-sized pool coupled with enough rooms for cleaning and exercising with complete bathhouses.

Other outdoor activities to engage in includes geocaching, outdoor recreational hunt, fishing, X-country skiing, and lots more

Address: 45165 NY-12, Alexandria Bay, State 607, United States

3. Thousand Islands Winery

Thousand Islands Winery
Credits: 5PH / Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of liquor, one of the ideal things to do is to visit the biggest farm winery in New York State situated beside the riverside of St. Lawrence. You should consider here a must-see on your checklist of fun things to do in Alexandria Bay, NY.

The winery has gained recognition across the country, bagging 198 awards in wine competitions all over the country, and produces fifty thousand gallons of wine annually.

Steve Conaway established the winery via his interest in Riesling grapes. He was deeply connected with the lovely ambiance and beauty of the St. Lawrence River and the grand stone castles.

All that he pictured in this beautiful area was erecting a winery and vineyard that could stand the test of time in the whole of Europe. The winery currently makes twenty-three different wines that fall into five categories: fruits, sweet, semi-sweet, dry, and semi-dry.

You will have so much fun sampling their various tasty wines. You can also tour the facility and the tasting room, where you can have a glass of wine to taste.

Address: 43298 Seaway Ave, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

4. Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum

Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum
Credits: Cornwall Brothers Store Museum / Facebook
Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum

For anyone a history enthusiast, visiting the Cornwall Brothers Store and museum should be your major priority when visiting. It should be on your bucket list of fun things to do in Alexandria Bay, NY.

The museum was constructed in 1866 and has been dedicated to chronicling the history and lifestyle of this area. You can learn about the “Thousand Islands” history and how the early settlers lived here.

You can also dig into the early shipwrecks, skiffs, boats, and water occupations, the histories of local families, the history of the 19th century, how street racing was done during the ’30s, and many more.

The museum is open to the general public and is free for everyone, but donations are kindly accepted. Their staff is awesome.

Address: 36 Market St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

5. Marvel at Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle
Credits: AnjelikaGr / Shutterstock
Boldt Castle

The Boldt Castle was completely built in honor of George Bodt and his wife and is part of this region’s biggest destinations for visitors and locals. The castle was constructed in 2003 on an island named Wellesley close to Alexandria Bay in Jefferson County, New York. It is a Rhineland-style 120 room castle and yacht house.

The Rhineland-style home is open to the general public and is reachable via private watercraft, a boat, and a water taxi. The castle gets its main support from yacht houses.

The castle is a gigantic house designed using an American architectural style known as Shingle style structure and was designed by Philadelphia architects named W.D&G.W Hewitt.

The yacht house consists of a round tower with three yacht bays, a round tower with reception rooms, a spacious east yacht bay, an office, a large caretakers house, three yacht bays, and a strong wing with a crenelated tower.

Here is an important stop for you planning a vacation in Alexandria Bay. The building is magnificent with lots of fairy tale stories to tell, like in the movies. Consider adding the Boldt Castle to your list of fun things to do here.

Address: 22320 Boathouse Rd, Wellesley Island, NY 13640,

6. Boldt Yacht House

Boldt Yacht House
Credits: theschulers09 / Flickr
Boldt Yacht House

The Boldt Yacht House was constructed in 1903 and is situated on Wellesley Island and is dependent on the Boldt Castle. Tourists can board a shuttle boat for free from Heart Island.

The yacht house accommodated the Boldt family yachts and numerous houseboats. The yacht slips are about 128 feet long.

The yacht house, which is 64 feet, has a shop used to construct raging launches and houses the staff and crew quarters. Collections of antique wooden boats can be seen in the Yacht House, of which some are on loan from the antique Boat Museum situated in Clayton, NY.

Address: 1 Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

7. Discover Singer Castle

Singer Castle
Credits: Miles Bintz / Flickr
Singer Castle

Fairy tale stories like in the movies can be experienced in reality at Discover Singer Castle. Visit the Singer Castle situated on Dark Island and get a feel of how a typical castle looks. It is believed that the castle is haunted.

The Singer Castle was built by the owner of the Singer Sewing Company, which was formerly known as “The Towers,” a special haven for himself and his family and an ideal place for hosting millionaires and influential persons.

In the 1960s, a priest purchased the Castle from the singer’s family and transformed it into a religious house. Visitors can see a beautiful entry protected by armored knights and walk up the marble staircase to the breakfast room.

The castle has old furnishings such as bronze and brass, paintings, lithographs, furniture carved and handcrafted precisely. You can also explore the Drawing room panels and Library with legendary confidential passages.

Address: 1136 County Route 6, Chippewa Bay, NY 13623, United States

8. Wellesley Island

Wellesley Island
Credits: Doug Kerr / Flickr
Wellesley Island

Wellesley Island is situated in the heart of St. Lawrence River in Jefferson County, New York. Two state parks can be seen on the Island and are renowned attractions for outdoor activities like boating, wildlife touring, golfing, and fishing.

The park is the biggest out of the two state parks to find here, and it occupies three-quarters of the island. The number of camping sites available is 435, with hiking trails of 8 8miles.

Some cottages and cabins are open yearly. The sandy beach on the island is very lovely and has a recreational space that provides kids with fun-filled activities like arts—video games, and crafts.

The Island has two playgrounds for kids together with a Nature Center. The Island is accessible by using a boat or going through the bridge, and they also offer boat rentals and 148 slip marina.

Address: Alexandria Bay, NY

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9. Clayton Island Tours

Clayton Island Tours
Credits: CLAYTON ISLAND TOURS / Facebook
Clayton Island Tours

Visiting Clayton Island is a sure way to experience a scintillating tour in the area. A boat cruise in the beautiful waters around the area isn’t incomplete without riding with them.

Enjoy the gratifying winds from the ocean as you tour with other boat passengers while getting to have beautiful sights of the Island from a picturesque distance.

Visitors get to set their eyes on lighthouses, freighters in the Great Lake, the Thousand Island Bridge, and beautiful homes. You can also tour with Clayton on their Heart of the Thousand Islands tour.

In this Heart of the Thousand Islands tour, visitors get to see homes of renowned and wealthy people, you will also get to view the Rock Island Lighthouse, where you’re greeted with outstanding sights of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The Nature and Rock Island Lighthouse constitute riding on a glass-bottom boat where you can see a shipwreck, the ground old dock cribs, the ground level of the river, underwater shoals, and then tour through Rock Island State Park.

Visitors are also permitted to come along with their boats. The tour company has a working complete service marina that offers gas supply, dock for the evening, watercraft rentals for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, houseboats, and supplies.

Address: 39611 Chateau Ln, Clayton, NY 13624, United States

10. Wreck of the Islander

The St. Lawrence River is a unique world of its own. The clear waters flowing throughout Alexandria Bay are excellent for scuba diving, endless diving areas, numerous shipwrecks, shore accessible, and underwater diversity.

One of the ships that got wrecked was the Islander, this boat got wrecked in 1909 and sits 35-50 feet below the sea opposite the riverbank, and it is now facing the direction of the upriver.

It is interesting to know that underwater, the metal and wood of the shipwreck is firm, just some part of the ship got wrecked, leaving other areas to be in good condition.

The Islander Wreck is an ideal place to visit when you’re in Alexandria Bay. Get yourself positioned to learn the art of shore diving. The place welcomes amateur and professional divers alike.

Address: River Dr, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

11. Antique Boat Museum

Antique Boat Museum
Credits: AntiqueBoatMuseum [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Antique Boat Museum
Every historian wishes to have dig into past events, and it comes more like a soothing relief to the soul, and if you want to be knowledgeable about the past happening beside the St. Lawrence River, here’s a must-see.

The Antique Boat Museum is chiefly focused on documenting how the boating lifestyle positively affected North America, especially on rivers and water alongside it.

The museum recently has permanent exhibits of more than 320 boats. It preserves boat artifacts, interprets them, and celebrates boats.

It also does material collection to be stocked at their library and archive, accessories, boat fixtures, historical tools for boat construction

tools and equipment needed in boat construction workshops, and sailing and marine equipment.

Visitors can get to see how old boats are revamped into good working conditions and see the magic behind the craftsmanship. You can tour the workshop and see the various processes involved in restoring these antique boats.

Address: 750 Mary St, Clayton, NY 13624, United States

12. Ride at Alex Bay 500 Go-Karts

In New York State, the Alex Bay 500 Go-Karts owns the most lengthy Go Kart track. It is quite an ideal destination to enjoy summer afternoons, and the kids can come along for various fun races and rides.

Catch a whole lot when you are here on the Go-Karts. The tracks are in good condition with different changing directions to give you a fun-filled racing experience.

Racing here is affordable for anyone and open to all and sundry. There is also a mini-golf area and other games like an arcade. If you’re ready to spice up your stay in Alexandria Bay, the Alexandria Bay 500 Go-Karts should be a must-see for you.

Address: 43772 NY-12, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

13. Journey With Uncle Sam’s Boat Tours

Uncle Sam's Boat Tours
Credits: MattCC716 / Flickr
Uncle Sam’s Boat Tours

There’s no better way to have a scintillating experience in St. Lawrence River than out there on the River. The Uncle Sam Boat Tours ranks amongst the perfect boat tours to use when visiting Alexandria Bay.

The Boat tour has offered visitors quality touring around the island for almost 85 years. Part of their tour package, the “Millionaire Row Tour,” takes you back to the history of the Island constructed ambidextrously by a handful of wealthy families from the early 1900s to the late 1800s.

Also, their Nation Tours brings you to enjoy 22miles into the American and Canadian rivers to have a view of the picturesque area, the gilded age, narrow passageways, and other forms of history shared between these two nations.

Their other tour, known as Sip N’ Sail, guides you into a spirited evening boat cruise when the course of the waters is calm and serene and is ideal for a romantic vacation.

They also have a 1000 Dinner Island Cruise for dining and celebrating beside the Island passageways while enjoying some good music and watching the stars in the sky. Here should be a must-see visit for you.

Address: 45 James St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

14. Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery

Dark Island Spirits Distillery & Winery
Credits: Jag_cz / Shutterstock

The Dark Island Spirits is a family-owned and operated craft distillery situated in the metropolitan city of Alexandria Bay, New York, and in the center of the Thousand Islands Area.

The well-renowned winery makes exceptional whiskeys, Brandies, Gins, Liqueurs, and Bourbons. Their products are handcrafted from grain to liquor and done through distillation.

Natural Amethyst crystals are used to filtrate their Vodka, and the whole process starts from picking these ingredients from the local farms. Visitors can also tour through the facility and their tasting room and have a taste of their True Craft Cocktail.

42 Church St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, Phone: 315-482-2059

15. Bay Drive-In Theater

Bay Drive-In Theater
Credits: Visitor7 [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Bay Drive-In Theater
One of the best things to do in Alexandria Bay is to visit the Bay Drive-in Theater and watch your favorite movies under the open heavens, and you should add it to your checklist of fun things to do.

Here is a perfect place to have a family getaway, a couple of fun nights, or have a weekend-filled night with colleagues at work.

You can pick out the perfect spot for you and your family, grab a double package film to be shown for a singular price, you can come with blankets and chairs and place them where you’re to park your car, tune your radio to the exact station and you’re in for a beautiful movie night.

Other great stuff to enjoy while you’re here is delicious meals prepared in traditional 50’s diner-style, moviegoers, and their nice staff.

Address: NY-26, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

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16. The Kitchen (at Captain Visger House)

Captain Visger House
Credits: Captain Visger House/  Facebook
Captain Visger House

The Captain Visger House is a picturesque historic Victorian inn situated in Alexandria Bay, New York, and the center of the 1000 islands region.

The restaurant in this Inn offers cuisines with locally sourced ingridients, homey dining, a large patio having a beautiful garden around it.

The restaurant has a wide selection of food to choose from, and their menu changes readily based on what is sourced locally during the week.

Their meals are tasty, superb, freshly prepared, and feature delicious French, American, Californian, and Italian meals. You can also check out their wine menu and have a taste of their cocktails.

Address: 2 Church St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, Phone: 315-681-3422

17. Try flyboarding at All in Adventures

All in Adventures
Credits: Goran Jakus / Shutterstock

Do you want to try something different as you plan for what to engage in for that perfect beach vacation with family, friends, or colleagues from work? All in Adventures should be considered on your list of fun things to do in Alexandria Bay.

Flyboarding at All in Adventures will leave you with so many unforgettable memories. Flyboarding is indeed a great deal of fun, it gives you the thoughts of flying, but instead, you’re just flyboarding.

You should connect with your inner mind and instincts while flying. It gives you this Iron Man nature while you perform some tricks that will amuse your friends or family

All in Adventures has been committed to providing visitors with the best vacation experience. You can check out their website for flight times, bookings, and locations. They’re available all through the week from 10am to 7pm

Address: Alexandria Bay, NY, USA

18. Aqua Zoo

Aqua zoo is quite an interesting place to be if you’re planning a perfect getaway with friends and family and should be on your bucket list of things to do in Alexandria Bay.

The Aqua zoo is open to the general public and houses many displays and exhibits. It is quite a famous destination for people of all ages and sizes. There are sharks, alligators, exotic fish, and many more.

The aquarium showcases hundreds of different types of sea life in 81 exhibits fresh and seawater of almost 20000 gallons. The Aqua zoo is a privately operated and owned aquarium and is one of the biggest to find in the country.

The aquarium is entertaining and attracts many people from different parts of the country to come and have fun with family and friends.

Address: 43681 Route 12 Alexandria Bay, NY 13607 United States

19. Scenic View park

Scenic View park
Credits: Belinda Bloomfield / Facebook
Scenic View park

One of the best attractions to visit in Alexandria Bay is the Scenic view Park, situated around the St Lawrence River. Here should top your list of fun places to visit in Alexandria Bay.

The Park is an ideal spot for picnicking that will interest the whole family. The park has a playground for children, a season beach for swimming, picnic facilities, pavilions, and barbecue grills

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset view before going out of the park. You will enjoy the view as it gives a beautiful backdrop for taking photos with your camera.

There’s a whole lot to enjoy here with family and friends. There are restaurants available nearby to treat yourself to delectable dishes and wines.

Address: 8 Fuller St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

20. Machscherry Library 

Machscherry Library 
Credits: Unuchko Veronika / Shutterstock

If you love reading books, a must-see destination is the Machscherry Library situated in Alexandria Bay, a completely stocked library for children and adults alike.

They have book clubs, storytelling books, Internet access, and many more. The library makes book sales that happen annually due to new book donations done from a vast collection of genres from children’s books to civil war, cookbooks, and lots more.

The Machscherry Library has, over time, been focused on encouraging an ambiance that is comfortable and safe for residents and tourists alike.

The library is open to the general public and has a library collection of a17528 books and provides library service for about 1,078 locals.

Address: 112 Walton St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, USA

21. Jreck Subs

 Jreck Subs
Credits: Jreck Subs – Alexandria Bay/ Facebook
Jreck Subs

One of the best things to do in Alexandria Bay is to visit the Jreck Subs, and if you intend to have the best of great sandwiches, this is the right place to be when you should visit. You should make it a must-see destination.

The Jreck Subs started off selling sandwiches in a school bus revamped to suit their business, and it has then grown over time to having over 40 shops in Central and Northern New York.

The New York store is a quaint, family-operated, and owned business established in 1984 that got popularity because of its superb sandwiches. The environment to experience here is calm and serene and has relaxing private booths and wide TV screens.

Address: 29 Market St, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, Phone: 315-482-3403

22. Mary Island State Park

The Mary Island State Park holds a lot of exciting activities that will suit your cravings for that perfect vacation you wish to have with family friends and should be considered in your checklist of things to do in Alexandria Bay.

The Park consists of 12 forested acres with cliff outcroppings, and it has about twelve campsites with waterfront spread across the park, providing the area with exclusive and beautiful views.

The area is ideal for picnicking, camping and has a few picturesque trails. The park is surrounded by water, and its southern edge faces the US while the northern edge faces Canada. It has an excellent dock and complete bathroom amenities.

Address: Mary Island, Alexandria Bay, NY 13640

23. Grass Point State Park

Grass Point State Park
Credits: Corina Jones / Facebook
Grass Point State Park

One of the best attractions not to miss out on if you’re planning a perfect getaway with family and friends in Alexandria Bay is the Grass Point State Park and should be on your bucket list of fun things to do in Alexandria Bay.

The state park is famous for fishing and an ideal place for day users and campers to picnic, have some relaxing time and swim in the waters.

Visitors can also go hiking in the park, which has a snowmobile trail of one mile long that cuts through the park and is best used during summertime.

The kids are not left out of the fun as there is shallow water, a sandy beach, and other kiddies games for them to have fun. There is also a boat lunch and marina available.

The park has a two-story complete service Grass point cottage situated at the river bank for visitors who wish to spend the night. From mid-May to mid-October the park is open to the public.

Address: 42247 Grassy Point Rd, Clayton, NY 13624, United States

24. North Country Welcome Center

North Country Welcome Center
Credits: North Country Welcome Center/ Facebook
North Country Welcome Center

Visitors planning a weekend getaway on the Thousand Islands should drop by the North Country Welcome Center located in Alexandria Bay to enjoy a beautiful trip to the beautiful paradise.

When you visit, take some time to appreciate this boathouse-style architectural masterpiece, you can also bring your camera with you to take photos of the Bodt Castle mural, have a walk and browse through the gallery, or collect snacks at the Taste NY vending machines.

The children are not left out of the fun, as the center has a castle-themed playground. Other features in the center are an animal comfort area, outdoor seating, and two electric car charging stations.

You can also stop by Taste NY market, which sells freshly cooked breakfast dishes, soups, sandwiches, and pizza prepared with native ingredients. There are also coffee, juice, tea, and other specialty foods and locally crafted products that you can bring home or as souvenirs to your loved ones.

Address: 43350 Collins Landing Rd, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

25. Alexandria Bay’s Rollin’ Street Thunder Event

One of the finest ways to enjoy your trip to Alexandria Bay is to be a part of the Rolling Street Thunder Event. Enjoy a firsthand experience of classic motorcycles and automobiles at the event, held each first weekend of September.

The Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce hosts the event held yearly at Market Street. You can have conversations with other classic motorbike or car lovers from different parts of New York at this event. 

The 1950s and 60s-themed cars can be seen at the event, as well as giant bikes lined up for recognition and awards such as Best Custom Paint, Best Mopar, People’s Choice Award, Best Vintage Class, and Best Stock Class.

You can take photos with these classic automobiles and enjoy other side attractions.

Address: Alexandria Bay, NY 13607, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Alexandria Bay

There’s never a dull moment in Alexandria Bay, so bring all the adrenaline with you while coming. There are lots of activities to engage in during your stay. These activities include jet-skiing, exploring castles, paragliding, and lots more. The whole experience to get from here will be worth the visit.

Start planning your trip to Alexandria Bay to take to exploring its fun attractions and activities.