24 Best & Fun Things to Do in Suffolk (VA)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Suffolk, VA?

Suffolk is a beautiful historic city in Virginia. It doesn’t have a county. In 2021, its population was 96,194. Suffolk is Virginia’s largest city by land area and the United States’ 14th largest city.

The city is renowned for being a major player in peanut processing. It is also a major transportation hub. The city was founded in the year 1742 and houses varieties of historic attractions and structures, recreational locations, a countryside downtown area, and many parks.

Tourists can explore the history of this city by going on a self-guided tour of its downtown area, checking out its historical museums and landmarks, or being part of any of the city’s yearly festivals.

Suffolk’s city features various outdoor activities like bird watching, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and others. No matter what the occasion is, this city has got you covered.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Suffolk, VA.

Things to Do in Suffolk, VA

1. Lake Meade

Lake Meade
Credits: Matt757 / Shutterstock
Lake Meade

Lake Meade is situated in the gorgeous city of Suffolk, VA. It is a famous destination in this part of the country for both residents and travelers alike.

The Lake allows many outdoor activities that every traveler will love to be part of, such as boating, fishing, swimming, and others.

Plenty of picnic sites and parks surround the lakes, making it an ideal destination to enjoy the warmth of the day.

Lake Meade also houses several species of animals, making it the perfect site for birdwatching.

Address: Suffolk, Virginia, United States

2. Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum

Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum
Credits: Jasperdo/ Flickr
Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum

Suppose you are a history buff. One of the top things to do in Suffolk, VA, is to visit the Seaboard Station Railroad Museum on North Main Street. Go down memory lane when the primary means of transportation was the railway system.

The Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum was established in 1185. The Seaboard Air Line and Virginian Roads were maintained by the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad during the 1900s before it became a freight office in the year 1994.

Take a tour around the Seaboard Station Railroad Museum, where you can see various exhibits and well-detailed displays showcasing the railway system’s early history and archives.

You can also see the uniquely cast iron and concrete signs, lanterns, bells from locomotives, railroad tools, and lots more. The interior areas in the museum have been maintained over time, such as the doors, coffered ceiling, fireplace, porch, and windows.

Address: 326 N Main Street, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

3. Downtown Suffolk

Downtown Suffolk
Credits: Kubigula [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Downtown Suffolk
Among what to do in Suffolk, VA, is to explore Downtown Suffolk. There are many amazing things to do here that you sure do not want to miss out on.

Downtown Suffolk features almost all the attractions in the city, from art districts to historical venues, shopping centers, and restaurants.

A stroll along the streets of Suffolk allows you to enjoy the many opportunities here, just like any other local.

You can begin your day by checking out the famous Pinner House and, next, a quick tour of The Second Floor, which houses the most attractive buildings in downtown Suffolk. You can do some shopping binge before checking out the famous restaurants in the area.

Address: Suffolk, VA, United States

4. Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts

Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts
Credits: O.C Ritz / Shutterstock
Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts

Art lovers can have a good time browsing through the halls of Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts situated on Finney Avenue.

This Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is a top-class performing and visual art location in Suffolk, VA. It is a 62,880-square-foot facility with three stories, and every floor displays several themes that make up for the magnificence of this place.

The museum is open all through the year. It has a yearly schedule for all of its shows, which means you can visit the centers whenever you want.

The center has all you need, from theatrical production to art exhibitions, ballet, and musical performances. A gift shop is available for you to grab souvenirs to commemorate your trip. You can stop by the restaurant on site known as the Plaid Turnip to get what to eat.

Address: 110 Finney Ave, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

5. Lone Star Lake

Lone Star Lake
Credits: Michael Tefft / Flickr
Lone Star Lake

The next interesting item on our list of best things to do in Suffolk, VA, is to visit Lone Star Lake. It is a perfect destination if you are looking for a place to engage in numerous outdoor activities.

Lone Star Lake is also an ideal place to check out if you want to explore the natural wonders. This destination is a place of abode to 11 lakes, which makes it an ideal location for walking, fishing, and enjoying a peaceful picnic with family and friends.

It also has a horse trail of about four miles, a model aircraft flying field, and an archery range. You can also check out the Suffolk waterways by participating in water activities like kayaking, boating, and canoeing. 

Address: Suffolk, VA 23432, USA

6. Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
Credits: Scenic Corner / Shutterstock
Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

There are many properly maintained habitats surrounding Suffolk, and it would be nice to visit any during your visit. Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is one of the best places to visit in Suffolk, VA.

You can tour the 113,000 acres of natural landscapes and unmatched swamps. Explore nature in its beauty in the form of conserved waters and lands, which accommodate various animals.

Be part of the many outdoor activities here, such as canoeing, birdwatching, kayaking, and wildlife photography. Its trails are available daily from dawn to dusk for biking and hiking activities.

Great Dismal Swamp NWR engages in different national and regional programs, including data collection on hydrological conditions, wildlife fire, intruding species, the population of wildlife, and forest habitats.

address: 3100 Desert Rd, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

7. Decoys Seafood

Decoys Seafood
Credits: Decoys Seafood / Facebook
Decoys Seafood

There are plenty of dairy dishes to try out in Suffolk; nevertheless, if you are searching to try out your favorite foods, then make sure to stop by Decoys Seafood.

The Decoys Seafood is situated beside Ferry Road. It overlooks Bennetts Creek, offering a picturesque view and savory foods to satisfy your cravings.

You can begin your journey with a plate of crab or raw oysters and cream wontons before trying out their signature dishes kike ribeye steak and pan-seared scallops.

Apart from the main dishes on their menu, you can also try out their everyday specialty and promos comprising brunches on weekends, seasonal blind duck tiki bar, and taco and tequila on Tuesdays.

The restaurant also hosts numerous live performances to complement your food experience.

Address: 3305 Ferry Rd, Suffolk, VA 23435, United States

8. Sleepy Hole Golf Course

Sleepy Hole Golf Course
Credits: lunamarina / Shutterstock

You can enjoy Suffolk’s peaceful winds and clear skies by checking out Sleepy Hole Golf, which is on Sleepy Hole Road.

The Sleepy Hole Golf Course is located beside the shores of Nansemind River. It has picturesque terrains, bunkers, and beautifully tree-lined fairways.

You can make reservations for a tee time and train your swings as you tour the 18-hole golf system with family and friends. Check out their practice facilities, such as their complete driving range, putting greens, and short game area.

The golf course even holds various competitions throughout the year. If you intend to extend your tour stay much longer, you can join in any tournaments.

Address: 4700 Sleepy Hole Rd, Suffolk, VA 23435, United States

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9. Suffolk Art Gallery

Suffolk Art Gallery
Credits: guruXOX / Shutterstock

If you are an art lover, explore the artworks in the Suffolk Art Gallery. It is one way to relax and appreciate the wonderful art pieces housed in the gallery.

The Suffolk Art Gallery displays several outstanding art pieces that you will see yourself first-hand. The Suffolk Art Gallery even houses one of the most extensive photography presentations in Hampton Roads.

Marvel at the great views of detailed artwork on the walls, clear spaces, and general lighting. There are rotating exhibits in the museum, which implies that you will be able to find a vast number of artworks anytime you visit.

Address: 118 Bosley Ave, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

10. Davis Lakes & Campground

Davis Lakes & Campground
Credits: Day Of Victory Studio / Shutterstock

Camping at Davis Lakes & Campground is one of the fun things to do in Suffolk, VA. Davis Lakes & Campground iris is a haven for RV tourists who want to immerse themselves in the rich local history, swim in our three lakes, or relax and have a great time in the natural environment. 

This gorgeous location is also ideal for fishing and has numerous biking and hiking trails close by for you to spend the day soaking up the natural setting.

Davis Lakes & Campground also provides RV hookups and tent areas for people who will live to spend the night.

Address: 200 Byrd St, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

11. Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut
Credits: James Kirkikis / Shutterstock
Mr. Peanut

Wondering what to do in Suffolk, VA? A trip to Suffolk is never complete without taking photos with Mr. Peanut. The statue was officially revealed to the entire public in 1991.

The Mr. Peanut statue is a complete metal-colored structure sitting on top of a granite pedestal. The Mr. Peanut statue is located in downtown Suffolk.

Ensure to take beautiful photos with these wonderful statues to make your tour in Suffolk the most exciting. You can later check out their on-site store to purchase several edibles.

Address: Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

12. The Obici House

The Obici House
Credits: Mojo Hand [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
The Obici House
The Obici House was constructed in the 1890s. This iconic house was previously the residence of the founder of Planters Peanut, Amedeo Obici.

The magnificent Obici House overlooks the Nansemond River and the Sleepy Hole Golf Course. It is a famous location for holding special occasions such as wedding receptions and others.

The Obici House was again opened in 2012 as a location for parties, private events, church activities, corporate retreats, and others.

The house is magnificent and features shining chandeliers that grace the ceilings, classic hardwood floors, and stained glass windows that beautify the museum’s walls.

Since the Obici House overlooks the Nansemond Rivers, it makes up for a perfect place to see the sunset views in Suffolk.

Address: 4700 Sleepy Hole Rd, Suffolk, VA 23435, United States

13. Planters Peanut Center

Planters Peanut Center
Credits: Planters Peanut Center / Facebook
Planters Peanut Center

The Planters Peanut Centre is a famous destination in Suffolk, VA, for residents and travelers. This establishment is housed in a red brick building constructed in 1897 and is situated in Downtown Historic District. 

This establishment has different things to do. You can tour the peanut factory, check out the gift shop to buy souvenirs, and see the museum devoted to chronicling the history of the peanut industry.

You can find different types of nuts when you visit this place, including the ones covered in chocolate. The owners of the Planters Peanut Centre are super friendly and welcoming.

Tourists can learn the processes involved in raising and harvesting peanuts and the techniques employed in producing these delicious snacks.

Address: 308 W Washington St, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

14. Southern Gun Works & Museum

Southern Gun Works & Museum
Credits: Southern Gun Works / Facebook
Southern Gun Works & Museum

The Southern Gun Works & Museum displays a vast range of firearms, including present-day shotguns to old pistols. It offers you a walk down memory lane about gun manufacturing in the country.

Furthermore, to the outstanding gun collection to see in the museum, this place has various types of hands-on experience exhibits, making it an ideal destination to learn the science of firearms in detail.

This museum has plenty of military memorabilia for you to check out. The owner and staff of this museum are well grounded in matters related to firearms, art prints, and militaria.

Address: 167 S Main St, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

15. Kay’s Acres

Kay's Acres
Credits: Flamingo Images / Shutterstock

Have the very best horseback riding experience by visiting Kay’s Acres. It is one of the fun things to do in Suffolk, VA.

Their horse rides involve an arena introduction that tells how you can have a safe and comfortable horseback riding experience.

Kay’s Acres have all the necessary gear and safety measures in check to give you pleasure and a one-of-a-kind horseback experience throughout your stay with them.

Kay’s Acres is an excellent place to host your birthday parties, not minding the age. There are hay rides, a petting zoo, a bounce house, and lots more.

Address: 800 Lummis Rd, Suffolk, VA 23437, United States

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16. Obici-Oderzo Fountain

One of the best places to visit in Suffolk, VA, is the Obici-Oderzo Fountain. Many areas of Suffolk have beautiful backgrounds for you to take photos that will be great to post on your social media accounts.

If you are in search of locations to enable you to step up your game on Instagram, then make sure to stop by the Obici-Oderzo Fountain on Main Street.

Obici-Oderzo Fountain was erected to honor the people of Suffolk. I5 has uniquely crafted designs that remind you of Italy’s Roman origins.

Take your time and explore the mosaic tile surrounding the Obici-Oderzo Fountain emanating from Oderzo. You will find inscriptions on the columns like “Oderzo” and “Opitergium.”

Address: Suffolk, VA, United States

17. Phillips-Dawson House Museum

Are you a history enthusiast? One of the ideal places to look out for a while exploring the city of Suffolk is the Phillips-Dawson House Museum.

The Phillips-Dawson House Museum is presently the main office of the Suffolk-Nansemond Historical Society.

As you explore the museum, you will learn the beautiful history of Suffolk and the very important people that contributed greatly to its history and culture.

The Phillips-Dawson House Museum was erected on land owned by DC Harrell and, in 1881, was bought by Horace Phillips.

As you explore the museum, you will be able to find documents concerning Suffolk, such as collections from old banks, old photos, original Planters peanuts bags, and lots more.

Address: 137 Bank St, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

18. Suffolk Golf Course

Suffolk Golf Course
Credits: Artikom jumpamoon / Shutterstock

The Suffolk Golf Course features an 18-hole championship golf system available to the general public throughout the week.

They have an excellent staff who are super friendly and knowledgeable, and the greens and fairways in the golf course are adequately maintained. There is a pro shop for you to buy golf clothing and equipment.

After plenty of rounds of golfing, ensure to drop by their snack bar and enjoy the variety of snack options for you to try.

Address: 1227 Holland Rd, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

19. Cedar Point Country Club

Cedar Point Country Club
Credits: Thaninee Chuensomchit / Shutterstock

Cedar Point Country Club is perched in the central area of the city of Suffolk, VA. It is very much of an extremely exceptional destination but not too known to many people.

The club has an 18-hole championship course that is well-maintained for golfers of all skill levels. It also has a fully functional pro shop, and tutorials are organized for people wanting to improve their golfing skills.

The park also has six illuminated tennis courts, a tennis pro shop, and programs for avid tennis players. Furthermore, the golf club features an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a diner restaurant, and an ultra-modern fitness center. 

Address: 8056 Clubhouse Dr, Suffolk, VA 23433, United States

20. Riddick’s Folly House Museum

Riddick's Folly House Museum
Credits: Ray7judy [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Riddick’s Folly House Museum
Another important item that should be on your list of top things to do in Suffolk, VA, is to visit Riddick’s Folly House Museum, especially if you are a history buff.

Riddick’s Folly House Museum is a Greek-style revival building constructed in 1836. It is a property of Mills Riddock. He is from the Riddick family in Suffolk and also Nansemond County.

The Museum is perched beside Suffolk’s Main Street, comprising 21 rooms, 16 fireplaces, and four floors.

Do not be in a hurry to visit; make sure to take your time and explore the whole area. You can check out the beautiful double doors, dressing rooms, the outstanding gentlemen’s library, bed chambers, and others. There is a gift shop on-site to purchase souvenirs to take back home.

Address: 510 N Main St, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

21. Riverfront Golf Club at Harbour View

Riverfront Golf Club at Harbour View
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

You will find the Riverfront Golf Club at Harbour View perched on the Nansemond River banks, providing extraordinary water views.

Architect Tom Doak designed the Riverfront Golf Club, ensuring the stunning layout blends with all the natural beauty surrounding it. It has many chirping areas, the fairways are large, and the tees are usually at ground level and rotating greens which cause shot-making to be critical.

The clubhouse also has two putting green areas, a chipping area, and a driving range. This makes it an ideal destination to practice your swing skills and also improve your golfing skills.

Furthermore, the clubhouse features a well-equipped pro shop and even a restaurant where you can relax after many rounds of golf to treat your stomach to the great selection of foods on their menu. No matter your skill level in golfing, this place is perfect for you to try out.

 Address: 5200 River Club Dr, Suffolk, VA 23435, United States

22. Bennett’s Creek Park

Bennett's Creek Park
Credits: Stephen Little / Flickr
Bennett’s Creek Park

Are you looking for a peaceful and fun place to relax outdoors? Then look no further, as Bennett’s Creek Park has covered you.

The Park is nestled in Bennett’s Creek Park Road, and this outdoor recreational facility allows guests to have fun while they appreciate the scenic views of nature.

You can stroll around the park and check out the luxuriant green forests as you keep your ear down to listen to birds chip on the branches of the trees.

The Park features a 1.5-mile trail that leads you to the woodlands beside the tidal wetlands. Other facilities in the Park are skate parks, fishing venues, tennis courts, and others.

Address: 3000 Bennetts Creek Park Rd, Suffolk, VA 23435, United States

23. Lake Drummond

Lake Drummond
Credits: Kate Scott / Shutterstock
Lake Drummond

Visitors can have a fun-filled and relaxing day in the gorgeous city of Suffolk by picnicking in Lake Drummond. It is a freshwater lake in the middle of the Great Dismal Swamp.

It is an ideal place to visit if you want to escape the bustling and hustling city and enjoy nature fully in this peaceful Lake.

You can finish the book you’ve been reading, appreciate the peaceful environment around you, and have a lovely stroll in the now-shaped Lake.

There are not too many fishes in the Lake, and this is because the Lake is said to be acid-stained water. Nevertheless, you can throw your lines to catch fish like pickerel, bullheaded catfish, yellow perch, crappies, and lots more.

Address: Virginia, USA

24. Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery
Credits: Jon Fisher / Flickr
Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery is a historic cemetery that has a history that stretches back to 1892. Over 35,000 people have picked the cemetery as where to be laid to rest.

The cemetery is on a hilltop that overlooks Suffolk, with an abundance of gorgeous trees, landmarks, and flowers.

The Cedar Hill Cemetery is also a place of abode for prominent people such as the previous Governors of Virginia, Elbert Lee Trinkle and James Gilmore.

You can have a guided tour of the cemetery to learn the history of the cemetery and its popular residents.

Address: N Main St & Mahan St, Suffolk, VA 23434, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Suffolk

Suffolk, VA, has a lot of things installed for you to do. If you are a history lover, the townhouses have different music and historical attractions, such as the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum, Planters Peanut Center, etc.

Nature enthusiasts can tour the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge or walk through any of the cities. Suffolk also houses fine restaurants if you want a hearty meal. A memorable time awaits you in this amazing city.