23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Lynnwood (WA)

About 16 miles from northern Seattle lies Lynnwood. It is a city in Snohomish County, Washington, USA. 

Lynnwood provides a ton of inside and outdoor entertainment options. With many public parks, hiking paths, lakes, sports facilities, and a leisure center with multiple swimming pools, you can’t run out of fun things to do in Lynnwood, WA.

The city’s attractions include a kid-friendly indoor playground, the sizable Alderwood shopping mall, an abundance of great dining establishments, and more.

It would be best to call the restaurants and attractions to confirm the most recent opening hours to help you plan your holiday checklist more effectively before heading out.

Are you planning an exploration of Lynnwood? Here are the best things to do in Lynnwood, WA.

Things to Do in Lynnwood, WA

1. Lynnwood Convention Center

Lynnwood Convention Center
Credits: Cindy Shebley / Flickr
Lynnwood Convention Center

The Lynnwood Convention Center is a sizable venue for events and gatherings. Its 54,000 square feet size can accommodate 1,200 people.

The Center’s initial opening was in 2005. Although plans for a Lynnwood convention center date back to the late 20th century, it took a while for them to be approved and funded.

Auctions, weddings, business conferences, trade exhibits, consumer shows, banquets, events, and other large gatherings are now held here.

There are also various permanent and changing regional artworks on display at the Lynnwood Convention Center.

You can often catch an awareness program, music concerts, or insightful workshops at the Lynnwood Convention Center.

Address: 3711 196th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

2. Alderwood Mall

Alderwood Mall
Credits: Andy Nystrom / Flickr
Alderwood Mall

Alderwood Mall first opened for business in 1979. It had JCPenney, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and anchor stores after it opened.

The facility’s two open spaces, known as The Village and The Terraces, include an enclosed component. Zumiez, a clothing and footwear retailer that caters to adolescent consumers, opened its doors at Alderwood Mall, becoming the world’s first mall to do so.

The mall has the first Daiso location in the US, a Japanese dollar store. Besides shopping, mall patrons can view a recently released film at the mall’s 16-screen theater.

Alderwood Mall also features restaurants where you can go for comfort foods and other utility retail outlets to purchase household items and appliances. A day spa is available when stress and exhaustion set in.

Address: 3000 184th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037, USA

3. Scriber Lake Park

Scriber Lake Park
Credits: Andy Nystrom / Flickr
Scriber Lake Park

Lynnwood purchased Scriber Lake Park in 1982 as a natural sanctuary to safeguard the region. The woodland and Scriber Lake, which spans 22 acres, currently function as a neighborhood park.

Aside from serving as a stormwater holding facility, the lake is also home to fish species as well as a hunting/feeding zone for small mammals and birds.

Scribe Lake Park’s observation points, floating boardwalks, wildlife habitat, and walking paths are some of its most well-known features.

Visitors can access the Lake via the floating walkway, unwinding on beautiful benches and taking in the tranquil scenery.

A nice way to kick back and relax while in the beautiful town of Lynnwood is to spend a lovely afternoon with your loved ones at Scriber Lake Park.

Address: 5322 198th Street Southwest, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

4. Funtastic Playtorium

Funtastic Playtorium
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Visiting Funtastic Playtorium is one of the fun things to do in Lynnwood, WA, for uninterrupted playtime. Thanks to its shaded play area, kids can play to their satisfaction even on rainy days.

Children from ten years and below can enjoy playtime indoors at Funtastic Playtorium. There’s provision for climbing, running, jumping, and sliding. Your kids will leave with a smile on their faces.

They can have active play sessions with their friends or kids their age. In addition to being entertaining, Funtastic Playtorium is also secure.

While parents must still constantly watch over their kids, they may rest easy knowing that they are doing so in an enjoyable and secure atmosphere. The funny thing is, the only drawback to this attraction is that it could be hard to get your kids to leave, but there’s always next time.

Kids can participate in free play or plan a private birthday party. In 2016, the Playtorium was awarded the “Ideal Indoor Play Space” by Totally Outstanding Awards.

Address: 3000 184th Street SW Suite 676, Lynnwood, WA 98037, USA

5. Meadowdale Playfields

Meadowdale Playfields
Credits: BetterPhoto / Shutterstock

Meadowdale Playfields, a park and athletic complex, is on a 27-acre land. Despite its massive nature, it only took a few years to construct. It was ultimately finished in 1990.

Approximately five and a half acres of this facility are still undeveloped; the rest are used for sports and leisure. The complex’s athletic area includes a basketball court, two multi-purpose illuminated sand fields, and three lit softball fields.

In 2018, the five fields underwent renovations. There are also playgrounds for kids, a walking path, a park with trees, and picnic places.

This attraction also features a concession structure where visitors can get snacks and soft drinks. There is also a pond and restrooms at strategic locations.

Among the fun things to do in Lynnwood, WA, is to visit Meadowdale Playfields with family and friends. You shouldn’t skip this attraction when exploring the city if you seek fun on your getaway.

Address: 16700 66th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

6. Heritage Park

Heritage Park
Credits: Cindy Shebley / Flickr
Heritage Park

Heritage Park aims to provide insight into Lynnwood’s past and the neighborhoods that originally made up Alderwood Manor.

Lynnwood’s social, transport, and agricultural legacy are all honored in Heritage Park. The Park dates back to the rural town of Alderwood Manor, founded in 1919.

The Park’s historical displays depict early Alderwood Manor life. Renovation and repurposing projects have transformed old buildings into community resource centers.

The Park features the Wickers Building, Humble House, Water Tower, Interurban Car No. 55, and Superintendent’s Cottage.

Heritage Park is also home to a well-known public art piece called the “Gentle Encounter” by the famous artist Louise McDowell. It is a bronze statue of kids and chickens.

Weddings, family reunions, and other small organized events can be held on the Memorial Plaza.

The 32 parking places, including two spaces for people with disabilities and three slots for buses, set a limit on the scale of the event. Using carpools is advised. There are public restrooms available. No reservations are required for small, informal events.

Address: 19921 Poplar Way, Lynnwood 98036, USA

7. Lynnwood Ice Center

Lynnwood Ice Center
Credits: Oleg Troino / Shutterstock

For over 30 years, the residents of Lynnwood have used the Lynnwood Ice Center to sharpen and enhance their ice skating abilities and as a venue for other social gatherings.

The rink provides skating opportunities for skaters of all skill levels, including first-timers, who will soon experience the excitement and thrill of mastering the sport.

Families are welcome to attend casual open skating sessions for a few hours. Those who want to improve their skating abilities can enroll in lessons with their skating coaches, who were former Olympic coaches.

Having gained years of experience, the instructors are patient with their students and employ the best methods to turn novice ice skaters into pros in no time.

You may also participate in an ice-hockey session if you are a hockey fan. Feel free to bring all your friends to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, as the facility allows group visits.

Address: Lynwood, 19803 60th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

8. Yeh Yeh’s Vietnamese Sandwiches

Yeh Yeh's Vietnamese Sandwiches
Credits: KvaS / Shutterstock

The Vietnamese translation for “Grandpa” is Yeh Yeh. This well-known restaurant in Lynwood, WA, was named in honor of the owner’s grandfather.

When the owner came to see him as a kid, his grandfather used to prepare delectable meals. So the eatery’s owner called it Yeh Yeh’s honoring and remembering him.

Yeh Yeh’s Vietnamese Sandwiches only use recipes that families have passed down through the years. Yeh Yeh’s serves classic Vietnamese sandwiches on French Demi-baguettes.

The sandwiches contain seasoned & marinated meat, onions, cucumbers, pickled vegetables, cilantro, and jalapenos. Their emphasis is on good food that is reasonably priced.

Eating at Yeh Yeh’s Vietnamese Sandwiches is worth adding to your list of what to do in Lynwood, WA, especially if you are a culinary traveler.

Address: 19915 64th Ave W Suite 101, Lynnwood, WA, USA

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9. P.F Chang’s

P.F Chang's
Credits: MaryLucky / Shutterstock

Are you a fan of Chinese food? If yes, you are in luck because there is a Chinese restaurant in Lynwood, WA, where you can get all the Chinese food you want.

According to a 2,000-year-custom in many Asian homes and restaurants, the wok is usually used to make the food on their menu.

The most well-liked foods at Chang’s include Chinese dim sum, hand-rolled sushi, Chang’s lettuce wraps, wok-fried chicken and beef dinners, crispy honey shrimp, Mongolian beef, Cecilia’s dumplings, and several kinds of noodles and rice.

They make the meal from scratch daily using only the best and freshest ingredients. By doing this, they adhere to their “Farm to Wok” culinary concept.

Address: 3000 184th St. Ste 912 Lynnwood, WA 98037, USA

10. Blazing Onion Burger Company

Blazing Onion Burger Company
Credits: BongkarnGraphic / Shutterstock

Among other lovely locations in Lynwood where you can enjoy delectable lunch with your loved ones is the Blazing Onion Burger Company. It is the go-to place for comfort foods.

The owners drew up an extensive menu offering over 25 distinct gourmet burgers served quickly in a casual setting.

This company tops the burgers with homemade sauces, premium ingredients, fresh-out-the-oven buns, and more.

Also, they provide a range of meat choices, such as buffalo, meatloaf, chicken breast, wild boar, and turkey patties. A vegetarian patty is also available for those who don’t consume meat.

Address: 3000 184th St SW #840, Lynnwood, WA 98037, USA

11. Gold Park

Gold Park
Credits: Andy Nystrom / Flickr
Gold Park

Wooded areas, lush fields, and unpaved walking paths surround Gold Park. In 1997, Barbara and Morris Gold were the landlords of the property where this attraction presently sits before they sold it with a documented agreement that they could only make it into a park.

Many Northwest native plant species, such as ferns, huckleberry, trillium, fairy bells, and more, are at the park’s botanical garden named Stolja Ali Place of Medicine Ethnobotanical Garden.

Tourists can go on a long trail walk, picnic with the family, or see some animals here. Gold Park offers a serene yet interesting environment. It is the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and exercising with friends and loved ones.

Spending an afternoon at Gold Park is worth a spot on your list of the top things to do in Lynnwood, WA.

Address: 6421 200th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

12. Spruce Neighborhood Park

Spruce Neighborhood Park
Credits: etorres / Shutterstock

Northeast of Lynnwood lies Spruce Park. The Park’s land is divided into a forested area, a future development, and a finished park area for active leisure usage.

The Congdon family previously owned the park before Louise Barnett Marshall and William R. Marshall bought it in 1952. The Marshalls sold the land to the City in 1991 so that a park could be built there. 1993 and 1994 saw the development of the park.

As you explore the Park, you will come across public art, such as bronze Plaques and sculptures by a well-known artist, Wendy Reed. One of the most significant art pieces is “Strategies.”

The Park offers a few sports amenities, such as basketball courts and a jungle gym. You can go for a walk on the nature trail that gives you a closer look at its forested area.

Spruce Neighborhood Park, like almost every other park in Lynnwood, is open to the public 24/7, so you can always go there whenever possible. It is always well-kept and appealing.

There are restrooms available at strategic points. There is also parking for people who visit in private vehicles.

Address: 16834 36th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98037, USA

13. The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory
Credits: Jacek Chabraszewski / Shutterstock

Although The Old Spaghetti Factory has served the people of Lynnwood since its establishment in 1969, the family-owned and run business has maintained all of its traditions as a restaurant.

This franchise has gained 40 spots in 30 states. The Old Spaghetti Factory in Lynnwood has become the go-to location for people seeking classic and Italian meals.

The restaurant offers freshly cooked meals made from the freshest ingredients. The family has passed down their special recipes for generations.

The restaurant’s broad menu options feature several delectable entrees that go with a 3-course meal. The meal features bread with a salad or soup, an entrĂ©e, and vanilla or spumoni for dessert.

This kids-friendly eatery has a different menu for kids 12 and below. The Old Spaghetti Factory doesn’t just stop at in-house dining. It also offers culinary services for unique events, including weddings.

Address: 2509 196th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

14. Lynnwood Recreation Center

Lynnwood Recreation Center
Credits: karelnoppe / Shutterstock

Lynnwood Recreation Center is a well-known public leisure facility where users can purchase day passes, 10-visit passes, or even annual passes, depending on how long they plan on staying in the city.

Swimming is the activity that draws people to the recreation facility. The Center has five swimming pools, each with a different temperature range.

An adult jacuzzi, a wellness pool, a family hot tub, and a lap pool are all present. There is a dry sauna for only adults.

The facility’s management made the pools accessible to all guests by providing an aquatic wheelchair, safety gear, and a lift at the poolside.

Visiting Lynnwood Recreation Center is among the best things to do in Lynnwood, WA, to beat the heat that comes with summer.

Address: 19100 44th Avenue W, Lynnwood, WA 98046, USA

15. Olympus Spa

Olympus Spa
Credits: Ground Picture / Shutterstock

Olympus Spa is a wellness center that offers a suitable environment for rejuvenation, relaxation, and meditation. They engineered the ambiance to support maximum tranquility.

The Olympus Spa’s primary aim is to restore health and rejuvenate the body and soul to eliminate the negative responses to stressful daily routines.

The staff at the facility are more than happy to show you all the amenities and give you a rundown of how they work and their different health benefits.

Several options are available at the spa, such as steam saunas, whirlpools, dry herbal saunas, and energy rooms. You are free to use the one that best suits your health condition.

If you require spiritual rejuvenation, you can always use the spa’s meditation space and library, which offers everything you need to achieve successful meditation.

Address: Olympus Spa, 3815 196th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

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16. Northwest Veteran Museum

Among what to do in Lynnwood, WA, is to learn about the city’s military veterans at the Northwest Veteran Museum. This attraction has been the go-to place for history buffs.

The Northwest Veteran Museum is a registered non-profit organization in Lynnwood, Washington.

The Museum’s aim and goal are to celebrate and uphold the heritage of military veterans and to inform the public, particularly the youth, about the people who served in the distinctive armed forces and their sacrifices.

The Museum is available to the public every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11 am through 3 am.

This Museum is accessible to all who wish to visit. It is family-friendly and also welcomes group visits. It also has a sizable meeting space, with exhibition areas featuring significant artifacts.

Address: 19921 Poplar Way, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

17. Lynnwood Bowl and Skate

Lynnwood Bowl and Skate
Credits: LightField Studios / Shutterstock

For a memorable family outing, a girls’ night out, a business team-building activity, or any other function, visiting Lynnwood Bowl and Skate should be on your itinerary of the top things to do in Lynnwood, WA.

You can reserve bowling lanes at the location beforehand to avoid any disappointments. The bowling alley provides enjoyable bowling for all visitors and weekend nighttime cosmic bowling.

The facility’s skating rink is available daily and offers open skating sessions, adult skating on Mondays and Thursdays, and beginner skating instruction on the weekends.

All of your favorite games are available in the on-site gaming arcade. You may rent skates and bowling shoes on-site. The facility’s restaurant serves various meals and snacks to keep you energized.

Address: 6210 200th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA,

18. Bowlero

Credits: Natnan Srisuwan / Shutterstock

Bowlero is a top-notch bowling alley guaranteed to elevate your skills to a new level while providing everything needed for an enjoyable family experience.

Bowlero is lit with lots of color, bright lights, a cozy lounge area, and massive HD television walls where you can view sporting events and music videos while playing.

The facility’s on-site pro store has everything you require. Kids and adults will have a great time at the facility’s spectacular video gaming arcade.

You can rely on finding something delectable to suit every taste on their menu. Excellent cocktails and regional craft beers are available as drinks.

Bowlero has become a hotspot for family and group outings. It is one of the best places to visit in Lynnwood, WA.

Address: Bowlero, 1222 164th Street, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

19. Lynndale Park

Lynndale Park
Credits: Michael Matti / Flickr
Lynndale Park

The biggest park in Lynnwood is called Lynndale Park. The authorities designated 22 acres of the park’s 40 acres as a natural forest preserve to sustain the area’s wildlife species.

They used the remaining acres for recreation. The recreational area features a skate park, four tennis courts, three lighted baseball diamonds, a soccer field, and many basketball courts.

Your kids will have a great time playing on the slides, swings, and sandbox with toys at Lynndale Park, while adults can explore its natural paths for leisurely pursuits. A sizable amphitheater and a designated picnic shelter are also present.

This Park is also pet friendly, featuring a dog park with toys where your furry friends can run, play and socialize with others of its kind. Remember, you are responsible for your pet’s actions, so endeavor to watch them closely.

Address: 18927 72nd Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

20. Fittheorem

Credits: Burnt Red Hen / Shutterstock

Fittheorem is a fitness establishment aimed at transforming the lives of the public via the use of tested and proven methods, motivation through success stories of happy clients, and years of fitness experience.

The coaches at Fittheorem employ a simple but effective formula to guarantee their clients get the best results. They incorporate Mindset training, Coaching, Diet, Nutrition, and Fitness training to achieve success.

As a result, the fitness facility is the culmination of several tested strategies for realizing one’s full potential in spirit, mind, and body.

They mix HITT training transforming potential with the science of kickboxing. High-intensity interval training (HIIT), metabolic conditioning, and the advantages of cardio are all combined into one intense class in this high-octane fighter’s exercise.

Besides kickboxing, some studios now offer Elemental Workouts, including HIIT, kickboxing, flow, and strength training. The instructors will prepare you physically and mentally for what comes next by warming you up for the charge and charging you for the cooldown.

The capacity of Fittheorem to comprehend its clients’ particular demands and develop solutions specifically suited to meet those needs is its biggest pride.

Address: 19230 Alderwood Mall Pkwy Suite 160, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

21. Lynwood Public Library (sno-isle library)

Lynwood Public Library
Credits: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

Lynwood Public Library has a policy that advocates for freedom to read with the belief that it matters in the people’s democracy.

Its goal is to connect everyone in the neighborhood to the library, which aims to inspire and engage communities by providing fair access to essential resources and knowledge.

The Sno-isle Library upholds several values: Equity, Inclusion, Community, Welcoming, Learning, and Respect. These values contribute to improving library services so everyone can partake in activities they value.

The Library offers an inspiring and conducive atmosphere for reading and also provides books for people of all ages. There is also a bookstore for people wishing to own copies of certain books.

The Library is open from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 6 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 1 pm to 5 pm on Sundays.

Address: 19200 44th AveW Lynnwood, WA,98036, USA

22. Finding Treasures for a Cure Thrift & Antique Store

Finding Treasures for a Cure Thrift & Antique Store
Credits: Creative Lab / Shutterstock

Finding Treasures for a Cure Thrift & Antique store is a well-known establishment and one of the best places to visit in Lynnwood, WA. Their goal is to help children with cancer through the profit it makes from sales.

Since the profit made from this store goes to charity, it is a non-profit business. This Thrift and Antique Store is popular among locals for its favorable prices.

The store offers a variety of antique and thrift items which are well organized to enable customers to find what they want with ease. Their friendly staff will be happy to help you look for items and render advice to help you go for top-quality products.

The items at this store include unique collectibles, antiques, jewelry, Mid-century furniture, home decor, apparel for people of all ages and both sexes, coins, art, and lots more.

Household appliances, kitchen equipment, utensils, books, movies, and accessories are also available at the store.

The help your purchase renders to kids who have cancer and the friendly price of quality items are two reasons you should shop at Finding Treasures for a Cure Thrift & Antique store.

Address: 19820 40th Ave W Suite #118, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

23. The Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre
Credits: The Black Box Theatre at Edmonds College / Facebook
The Black Box Theatre

Nestled within Edmund Colledge Campus is The Black Box Theatre, a well-liked event center that fosters civic engagement and culture within the College and the entire Snohomish County.

This stylishly designed, multi-purpose facility is the go-to place to catch entertainment, such as dance, film, concerts, seminars, and community functions. It also boasts a 200 seating capacity auditorium.

This venue takes pride in supporting the growth and success of its independent, local artists, regardless of what genre they belong to. Its atmosphere supports creativity and welcomes new ideas.

This theater provides various creative and insightful programs and workshops that stimulate imaginations, enhance dialog, foster community growth, and motivate action.

The Black Box program changes with each academic quarter. It includes dance, drama, music recitals, thought-stimulating lectures, comedy, discussions, and films.

Address: 20310 68th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

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Plan Your Trip to Lynnwood

Aside from being a wonderful tourist destination, Lynnwood is also a pleasant location to settle. The people here are dedicated to providing happy memories, as seen in their many natural and amusement parks.

Lynwood, WA, offers a mix of relaxation, recreation, romance, and fine dining experiences, in the right proportion.

Waste no time and start planning a trip to Lynnwood, WA.