32 Best & Fun Things to Do in Akron (Ohio)

Akron, Ohio is a place in the United States known for its fun attractions and activities, it is one of the largest cities of Ohio and one known to be visited by many tourists.

There are lots of cool things to do in Akron Ohio during your visit, fun activities in Akron Ohio range across outdoor explorations, sports, culture, arts as well as historical landmarks, this area holds lots of gems to give the best of a vacation.

Akron has through history been known for farming, though they have come to light with the modern world, Akron still holds the farming culture.

Some of the best places you could explore during your visit to Akron are not limited to the Akron Fossils and Science Center, Brandywine Falls, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, and the Akron Zoo.

You will also be spoilt with its art galleries if you are one to take a liking to arts, its amazing museums hold quite a lot of historical artifacts that you will enjoy having a view of.

Let’s explore some of the best things to do in Akron, Ohio.

Things to Do in Akron, Ohio.

1. Hower House

Hower House
Source: Flickr
Hower House

This house features an Italian Architecture and history dates its construction to 1871 by John Henry Hower, he was known to be one of Akron’s Industrialists this place is known today as one of Akron Ohio points of interest.

Hower House is a 28 room mansion that was designed by Jacob Snyder and one which is known to be a state of the art in Akron.

If you will like to spend some time having a view of artifacts and unique treasures, then you should add Hower House in your list of what to do in Akron, Ohio. Treasures displayed here are a collection of the Shower Family which they gathered as they traveled the world.

They are opened to the public for visitation, they also offer private and group tours, they as well engage special programs and exhibit showcase within the year, you can look out for those as you plan your visit to Akron.

2. Kent State University Museum

Kent State University Museum
Source: kent
Kent State University Museum

Would you like to know what to do in Akron Ohio if you are an art lover, Here is a place to meet art exhibitions and galleries in Akron.

Kent State University Museum is known to have about eight galleries, these galleries have several types of exhibitions which cut across both static exhibitions and rotating exhibition.

If you are an art fanatic, this should be added to your checklist of cool things to do in Akron Ohio.

Here, you will not miss their huge collection of artworks such as furniture, textiles, glassware, decorations, and paint arts.

These works are made by artists within and outside the United States as they worked towards gathering pieces from different parts of the world.

These works are dated back to the early 18th century, you could also find modern artworks here.

If you will love to dive into the world of art in Akron, Kent State University Museum is the place to go.

3. Akron Art Museum

Akron Art Museum
Source: Flickr
Akron Art Museum

This is another place in Akron to visit for Art lovers, the Akron Art Museum is packed with range me of arts which are well displayed in their seven art galleries.

These artworks date back to the 1850s, they also have displayed modern artworks as well as contemporary arts.

Here you will also find traditional artworks and paintings, photography exhibits, sculptures, and drawings.

Its building is quite an architecture to behold, it features the Renaissance style architecture and known to date back to the early 19th century.

Artworks here are quite exceptional, you won’t want to miss a visit here during your visit to Akron.

4. Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom Music Center

Blossom Music Center
Source: Flickr
Blossom Music Center

Blossom Music center is a popular landmark in Akron, one known to be one of the most attractive Performance centers in the United State.

This building was constructed on 800 acres hill in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio.

Plan your visit here in the summer, this period see Blossom Music center to be filled with the best of Orchestra, you will not miss the performance of the Cleveland Orchestra, a group known to give the best of classical beats.

Also during the summer, you might meet this center screening movie before the introduction of orchestra.

If you are in Akron within this period, this will make a perfect fit to your list of cool things to do in Akron Ohio.

If you do not meet the Orchestra, you might as well stay for the pop concert which is also featured in this venue.

5. Cascade Valley Park

overlook Cascade Valley Metro Park
Source: metropark
Overlook Cascade Valley Metro Park

The Cascade Valley Park is amongst the Summit Metro Parks system, it is one attraction in Akron Ohio.

Its name was gotten due to the river cascades which you will notice all through the park, it is a valley which is about 130 above the river level.

You can locate its deck which brings one of the most stunning views of Ohio. This view of Northern Ohio has drawn lots of visitors to this park, this is what makes this park a very interesting one.

Do visit this attraction during your trip to Akron, Ohio, perfect to make your checklist of top things to do in Akron, Ohio.

However, if you are one to be scared of height, I will recommend you cancel this from your bucket list.

Location: Akron, OH 44310, United States. Phone: +1 330-867-5511

 6. Akron Fossils and Science Center

Akron Fossils and Science Center
Source: Wikimedia
Akron Fossils and Science Center

This is another notable museum in Akron Ohio, the Akron Fossils and Science Center is a place to meet the ice Age and some fossil of extinct species of animal.

The creation of this fossil museum dates back to 2005 and is today known to hold quite some science exhibit. There are quite some interactive exhibits here which aim to educate children who visit here about the world of science and animal fossils.

This is one of the best places to go in Akron, they hold fossils of animals ranging from dinosaur teeth, eggs and bones of several animals, they are also known to have the fossil of the bone of a woolly mammoth.

You can as well decide to participate in a game which is aimed to teach you about proteins and amino acids. This is a popular tourist spot, and one you will love.

7. Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens
Source: Flickr
Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Amongst popular sights and landmarks of Akron, Ohio is Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, this is a whopping 70 acres museum in Akron.

This landmark features a carriage house, a garden, a greenhouse, and its main attraction, a mansion that is known to be one of the biggest houses in the entire United States.

This estate is known in history to be owned to F. A. Seiberling who was popular for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company as its co-founder

It was known that Seiberling had a very large family, hence he built this large mansion, it is known to feature a popular trend architecture of the American Country Estate.

Its mansion is made up of 65 rooms and covers about 64,500 sq. ft.

The estate also features recreational spots such as tennis courts, a golf course, horse trails, boating lagoons as well as a swimming pool for a gymnasium.

This place is home to one of the founding fathers of Akron and it’s worth adding to your list of places to visit in Akron, Ohio.

8. Akron Zoo

Akron Zoo
Source: Flickr
Akron Zoo

One of the best things to do in Akron, Ohio with kids is to visit the Akron Zoo.

This zoo is a non-profit landmark of Akron which spans through a land area of 50 acres in downtown Akron.

The Akron zoo is home to a large number of animals, statistics has it that there are more that one thousand animals in this zoo and cut across hundreds of animal species.

Here is one of the most visited places in Akron, they are known to have an annual visitor estimate of about 400,000 people.

Animals in this zoo are arranged according to the region of the world they represent, there are about six regions represented here.

This Zoo also participates as a breeding ground for endangered species as it is a well-known member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

9. Akron Civic Theatre

Akron Civic Theatre
Source: Flickr
Akron Civic Theatre

This is a major community landmark in Akron, and one of Akron Ohio Attractions.

Akron Civic Theatre is one with lots of history, it is a place known since 1929 to be a center of performance and entertainment for the people of this region.

It is known to be designed by John Eberson who was a renowned architect and it was built by Marcus Loew. Its interior features the Mediterranean decor style and it also features some medieval carvings, Italian sculptures as well as European antiques, ascetically placed to give a perfect finishing.

This theater is one of the 5 theaters known to Akron, in 2001, there was a major restoration project here to bring the theater to modern standard by restoring its infrastructure.

During your visit to Akron, a visit to see the art of this auditorium should make your list of fun things to do in Akron, Ohio.

Location: 182 S Main St, Akron, OH 44308, United States. Phone: +1 330-253-2488

10. Dr. Bob’s Home

Dr. Bob's Home
Source: drbobshome
Dr. Bob’s Home

Also popularly known as the Dr. Robert Smith House, this is a place known to be home of one of the founding fathers of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA)

Its building dates back to 1914, it is today known to be one historical museum in Akron, Ohio.

History of this museum reminds the beginning of the meetings of Alcoholics by Smith and Bill W. which later develop to AA meetings.

Here, Smith helped so many individuals achieve sobriety.

This museum is listed amongst the National Historic Landmark of Akron an in 1985 made the list of National Register of Historic Places.

It is a museum which tells the history of AA, you can consider adding this to your list of cool things to do in Akron if you enjoy old pictures and artifacts.

Location: 855 Ardmore Ave, Akron, OH 44302, United States. Phone: +1 330-864-1935

11. John S. Knight Center

John S. Knight Center
Source: Flickr
John S. Knight Center

One of the most visited concert center in Akron is John S. Knight Center, this center has been known over the years to host some of the big names.

If you will love some show time during your visit to Akron, then it’s worth adding to your checklist of fun things to do in Akron, Ohio.

John S. Knight Center is known to host quite a varsity of shows and concert, these are not limited to classical concerts, dance recitals, music shows and lots more

Do check the local listing to know what’s happening at this center during your visit to Akron.

They also take to hosting conventions and rotating exhibitions here to give you the best vacation time in this center.

Location: 77 E Mill St, Akron, OH 44308, United States. Phone: +1 330-374-8900

12. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Source: Flickr
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Are you a lover of rock music, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a museum dedicated to the history of Rock music.

This Hall of Fame tries to celebrate members of the public who have contributed immensely to rock music and honor their contribution by listing them in this Hall of Fame.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum was created in 1983, cofounder of this museum was Jann Wenner and Ahmet Ertegun who was also a co-founder of Atlantic Records.

In the year 1986, the Rock Hall of Fame started inducting notable individuals into this Hall of Fame.

Visiting here, you get to meet their collection of exhibits, this museum also holds quite a lot of amazing artifacts which are related to rock music.

13. Indian Signal Tree

Indian Signal Tree
Source: Flickr
Indian Signal Tree

There are quite a lot of Akron Ohio attractions and many hidden gems associated with Ohio. This list of what to do in Akron Ohio would not be complete without this Akron Ohio tourist attraction.

One of these gems is the Indian Signal Tree, this is a huge tree in the metro park which has quite some historical story to tell.

Discovering this tree in Ohio gives the feeling you have unlocked one of Ohio’s secret, anyway, its not far from the truth.

The Indian Signal Tree has been known over the years to serve as a historical landmark in this area, it was said to be a point of reference used by Indians when traveling the Cuyahoga River.

During their travel, the Indians were said to carry their canoes at this reference point as the move towards the Summit Lake.

Its usage as a reference point was due to its shape which is unique making it an easy spot around the area.

This Oaktree is known to be about 300 years old and is one you can explore when making observations, be sure to not cross the fence provided as this serves as a means of conservation of this historic gem.

If you are an explorer who enjoys history, this is a place to add to your bucket list to visit during your stay in Akron.

14. Lock 3 Park

Lock 3
Source: Flickr
Lock 3

Lock 3 was launched in 2003, and since its lunch, it has been a place dedicated to entertainment and fun during the summer and winter in downtown Akron, Ohio.

This is a Civic Theatre which hosts visitors by hosting concerts and events from May to September every year.

Lock 3 also hosts a farmers market which is hosted every week, community events, as well as some of the biggest festivals in Akron.

On the 4th of July, you will meet fireworks display in this center as it host the officials of Akron on this DA.

Winter is not left out in Lock 3, here you will meet one of the biggest outdoor skating rink in Ohio.

You will also find Polar Cub Rink, Polar Putt-Putt, Reindeer Run sledding hill, and lots more in this center. You can plan to witness winter open with the celebration of the Downtown Holiday Lighting Ceremony which sees this place exploding with some amazing fireworks.

This is one of the fun places to visit in Akron, and one of the cool things to do in Akron, Ohio.

15. Perkins Stone Mansion & John Brown House

Perkins Stone Mansion
Source: Wikimedia
Perkins Stone Mansion

This is mansion known to be the home to the son of one of Arkon’s founding fathers General Simon Perkins, it is today one of Akron Ohio points of interest.

Perkins Stone Mansion was built in 1837 by Simon Perkins and is today one of the historical landmarks of Akron, Ohio.

It features the Greek architecture style which is quite amazing to behold, today this mansion is a museum that tries to tell the life of the Perkins family as well as their three generations who occupied this mansion.

During your tour you can also tour the John Brown House which was built in 1830 by Salmon Hoisington and Benjamin O. Greene, it was known to be inhabited by the Perkins family as their Stone Mansion was being built, and the John Brown family rented this home in 1844.

Visiting these museums you will get to discover some vintage clothing which was associate to their era, as well as toys and lots more associated with these families.

16. Portage Lakes State Park

Portage Lakes State Park
Source: Flickr
Portage Lakes State Park

There are quite a list of what to do in Akron Ohio in this park, Portage Lakes, State Park is a place packed with lots of recreational activities.

In its waters you can go swimming, boating as well as fishing which is one popular activity here. If you are into birds, you can come along with your binoculars as this wetland attracts varieties of shorebirds and waterfowls which you can either hunt or observe.

If you will love to go camping, this is also a recommended area as there a whole number of camping sites here.

In your visit here, head over to the swimming beach which is a good spot for sunbathers.

The waters here is can also be accessible by boat, you can head to a private marina and rent a boat for your exploration, they only allow electric motorboats at the Nimisila Reservoir.

Location: 5031 Manchester Rd, Akron, OH 44319, United States. Phone: +1 330-644-2220

17. Akron Children’s Museum

Akron Children's Museum
Source: Facebook
Akron Children’s Museum/center>

One of the fun things to do in Akron, Ohio with kids is to pay a visit to the Akron Children’s Museum.

Kids will love the lots of interactive exhibit set for their exploration, inside the museum walls, you will be welcomed by paintings of several characters on the wall.

This is a playful environment for individuals of all ages with the lots of creativity and imagination it offers.

Activities Children can engage in here include art creation, a mini farmers market. fill up their shopping carts, engage in a derby car racing and lots more.

Admission here is $5 for individuals above 12 months of age, infants are admitted here free of charge.

Visiting days for this museum is between Tuesday to Friday within 10 am and 4 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays, they are opened between. 10 am and 5 pm.

Location: 216 S Main St, Akron, OH 44308, United States. Phone: +1 330-396-6103

18. The Akron-Summit County Public Library

The Akron-Summit County Public Library
Source: Flickr
The Akron-Summit County Public Library

Dating back to 1874, The Akron-Summit County Public Library is one of the most popular libraries in Akron.

They have been known to make a name for themselves operating about 18 branches of this library in the city of Akron.

Their popular headquarters is located in downtown Akron, and one known to be one of the best public libraries throughout the United States.

They have quite some collection of books ranging from Politics and Business, Culture and AV, Science and Technology, Magazines and Newspapers, Special citations, Teens Room, Children’s Library, and lots more.

This library is known for its amazing customer service, hence if you will want a time don’t with some of the best books in our world today, you can visit the Akron-Summit County Public Library.

Location: 60 S High St, Akron, OH 44326, United States. Phone: +1 330-643-9000

19. Goodyear Theater

Goodyear Theater
Source: Flickr
Goodyear Theater

Would you love to visit a Theater?, this can be one of the things to do in Akron Ohio at night, Goodyear Theater is another Theater at East End, Akron known to give the best of entertainment.

This place answers your question of what to do in Akron Ohio if you want some entertainment.

This entertainment spot has a seating capacity is 1,458 whereas the Goodyear Hall as a seating capacity of 3,500 making this theater one of the biggest in Akron, Ohio.

The Goodyear Theater is dedicated to displaying shows which cut across concerts and events for individuals of all age limit, do check out their website to get a hold of upcoming shows to attend.

Tickets to this theater could either be purchased online or at their box office.

Its Al’s important to note that cameras, as well as photography, are not allowed for this theater, you will have to go through its management to request such in advance.

20. Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls
Source: Flickr
Brandywine Falls

Located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is Brandywine Falls, this is one of Ohio Attractions and one of the things to see in Akron Ohio.

This fall lies about a 25 minutes walk from Akron, its a place to go if you want a spot to feel nature. The view do this Fall is one you will fall in love with, you can take a selfie here to save the memory.

Look out for the step which was built to allow visitors to get close to the attraction.

Brandywine Gorge is a place to explore, its pools are known to be breeding ground for salamanders during the spring.

21. Chapel Hill Mall

Chapel Hill Mall
Source: Flickr
Chapel Hill Mall

One of the best shopping centers in Akron is Chapel Hill Mall.

This is a one-story mall which covers about 860,000 sq ft, it was constructed by Richard Buchholzer and Forest City Enterprises in 1967 and is today one popular Akron Landmark for shopping.

This mall features over 100 store outlet, if you want some of the best deals in any item you will want to shop, head down here to see some of the beat offers you cold get on your items.

This is one place to get the best collection to keep the memory of your trip to Akron.

The shopping experience here is quite the best as they offer an easy shopping in all their outlets.

You will always find this area busy in Akron, its quite a view and you should pay a visit here during your visit to Akron.

22. Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort

Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort
Source: Facebook
Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort

Are you considering visiting Akron on a winter, this season sees many at Boston Mills which is also known as the main spot for snowboarding in Ohio.

Brandywine and Boston Mills are popular ski resorts in this area with the capacity to take so many visitors, an estimate has it that they can handle up to 20,000 visitors in an hour.

This area has terrain for professional skiers, novice as well as intermediate, you could as well decide to take up skiing any time of the day, the night included.

Boston Mills is home to the Tiger Run, a popular ski slope which is known to be the steepest in the United States.

Other activities known to this landmark are snowshoeing as well as snow tubing, you will enjoy a fun time here with your loved ones.

23. Springfield Bog

Springfield Bog
Source: Facebook
Springfield Bog

If you are one to take a liking to plants and grasslands, you can include a visit Springfield Bog of Akron in your list of what to in Akron Ohio.

This area is part of the Metro Park and was launched in 2011, here you will find quite a lot of prairie plants, it was was known to be a farmland.

This place is a thieving place for grassland birds, you will tend to find quite a lot of them here.

It is known that the thriving of prairie plants in this area is mostly dependent on the water which flows through this area, the water in its north is known to flow towards the Lake Erie, whereas that in the south flow into the Ohio River.

You can decide to hike this area, its one perfect for some unique things to do in Akron, Ohio.

Here is the part of Metro Park where you get to enjoy the view of pop colors, wildlife here is great and you will have a fun time here if you are bidding, do not forget your binoculars on your way here.

Location: 1400 Portage Line Rd, Akron, OH 44312, United States. Phone: +1 330-867-5511

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24. Cummings Center for the History of Psychology

Cummings Center for the History of Psychology
Source: Facebook
Cummings Center for the History of Psychology

Visiting the University of Akron, do add a visit to Cummings Center for the History of Psychology which is a place to see lots of artifacts.

This center was founded by Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings in 1965 and Is one affiliated with Smithsonian Institution to keep historical records as it relates to Human sciences and psychology.

Highlights of this museum are the artifacts you will find here, films, documents as well as old photographs which tells the history of human sciences.

They also have a section which an archive of papers and documents from some of the well-known names in psychology through history.

This center also serves as a home to the Institute for Human Science and Culture, these are individuals who study humans through educational activities and collections related to sciences, humanities, and arts.

Location: 73 S College St, Akron, OH 44325, United States. Phone: +1 330-972-7285

25. Firestone Stadium

Firestone Stadium
Source: Wikimedia
Firestone Stadium

Are you a baseball fan or a softball fan?, if you would like to see a stadium dedicated to this sport in Akron, then you should add a visit to Firestone Stadium to your bucket list of cool things to do in Akron, Ohio.

This is a 4,576 seating capacity stadium which dates back to 1925, it was known to be dedicated by Harvey Firestone who was a notable man in Akron’s history as the founder of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company.

This stadium had host quite some number of sport in Akron such as softball Pro leagues, and to date, it is used to host softball tournaments.

Do head over to this stadium to have a look, if you are in Akron during the leagues, you can as well go have a fun time in this stadium.

Location: 1575 Firestone Pkwy, Akron, OH 44301, United States. Phone: +1 330-376-8188

26. Goodyear Airdock

Goodyear Airdock
Source: Flickr
Goodyear Airdock/center>

This makes one of Akron Ohio historic landmark and it did break quite some records during its time and can make your list of what to do in Akron Ohio during your visit.

Goodyear Airdock was built in 1929 and its construction was known to worth about $2.2 million, today’s that’s an equivalent of $25.75 million.

Its design was made by Karl Arnstein who got its inspiration from the first airship hanger built in Germany in 1913.

During its days of prime, it was known to hold the record of the largest building on earth without an interior support, it was known to be used for the construction of airships.

USS Akron (ZRS-4) and USS Macon (ZRS-5) were known to be the first two ship to be constructed here, their construction date back to 1931 and 1933 respectively.

These ships were known to be about 785 feet, this will give you the inclination of how big this dock span.

Many refer to it as a silkworm’s cocoon cut into half, which is the shape it portrays. Do lookout for this historical building during your visit to Akron, Ohio.

27. Springfield Lake

Springfield Lake
Source: Flickr
Springfield Lake

Akron, Ohio has just a few natural lakes, one of these few is the Springfield Lake.

This lake is worth the view during your visit to Akron Ohio, the body of water here is fed by an underground spring, it is also referred to as the kettle hole lake which tells it to be a remnant of an Ice Age glacier.

The Springfield Lake span through about 290-acre and it is known to have a depth of 27 feet, you could decide to go on a boat ride on this lake as the only allow motorized boats within 10 am to 7 pm.

This is also a perfect spot for birding in Akron, mostly during the migration season of birds, that is between Spring and Fall.

You can go through the northside of the lake along Canfield Road, you will find some migrating waterfowl such as the Red-Necked Grebe, Red-throated Loon as well as the Tundra Swan.

28. Akronym Brewing

Akronym Brewing
Source: Flickr
Akronym Brewing

After the stress going through Akron to see the listed historical sights, you will need a place to cool off with your favorite beer, Akronym Brewing has got you covered on that.

This is a popular Brewing company in Akron which deals in varieties of fine lagers at quite an affordable price tag to the people of Akron as well as tourists. They aim at maintaining a high quality environment and standard services to giving the best to its customers.

If you want to have a beer time, head to their bar, you could as well order some fine beers from their store in large quantities here in Akron, Ohio.

Location: 58 E Market St, Akron, OH 44308, United States. Phone: +1 330-620-8274

29. InfoCision Stadium–Summa Field

InfoCision Stadium–Summa Field
Source: Flickr
InfoCision Stadium–Summa Field

One of Akron Ahio points of interest is InfoCision Stadium–Summa Field, this is a stadium home Akron Zips which is a football team at the University of Akron.

Its launching was in 2008 and it was opened to the public on 2009, it is quite a popular landmark in Akron, Ohio and one to add to your bucket list of places to visit in Akron.

InfoCision Stadium is known to have a seating capacity of 27,000, it can take an extra 3,000 at the south end.

Its construction was known to worth about $61.6 million, they also have a team shop where you can purchase some souvenir for your visit here.

Location: 375 E Exchange St, Akron, OH 44304, United States. Phone: +1 330-972-6920

30. Nativity Museum and Replica of Bethlehem’s Cave

Nativity Museum and Replica of Bethlehem's Cave
Source: nativityofthelord
Nativity Museum and Replica of Bethlehem’s Cave

Israel is known to be the birthplace of Jesus, however, if you will like to meet a replica of a cave which is known to be the birthplace of Jesus, you can go on a tour on the Nativity Museum and replica of Bethlehem’s cave.

The Nativity Museum here has quite a lot of Nativity collections from all around the work, they also feature the Altar of the Magi, Altar of the Nativity as well as the Manger.

A tour through Bethlehem Cave will show you a replica of the place Jesus was born, this cave was modeled according to that in Bethlehem.

It is known that only two replicas of this cave exist throughout the United States.

Tour through these museums is opened to the public, you can either go on a self-guided tour or book a reservation for a guided tour here

Location: 2425 Myersville Rd, Akron, OH 44312, United States. Phone: +1 330-699-5086

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31. None Too Fragile Theatre

None Too Fragile Theatre
None Too Fragile Theatre

None Too Fragile Theatre was founded in 2010 and 2012 they moved to their current location from Cuyahoga Falls.

This is one of the best theaters in Akron, hence one you should consider visiting if you will love some theater time in Akron, Ohio.

Founders of this theater are Alanna Romansky and Sean Derry, they aim at giving the best of quality theater art to their audience as well as encourage upcoming artists.

Thorough theater performance, they hope to achieve change in the community as well as give a voice to local artists. They also draw quite a lot of professional artists to Akron.

This is a stop for high-quality theater performance during your visit to Akron, Ohio.

32. Cascade Locks Park and Mustill Store Museum

Cascade Locks Park and Mustill Store Museum
Cascade Locks Park and Mustill Store Museum

One of Akron Ohio points of interest is the Cascade Locks Park, it is a popular landmark in Akron, Ohio which creates an access way to the Ohio & Erie Canalway Byway.

When in the area you should not miss the Mustill Store which is one known to be visited by many. The Mustill Store is one known to hold quite some fascinating exhibits which tell the history of the canal.

This museum dates back to the 1830s, it undergoes a restoration project on 2000 and it is today one on Akron Ohio attractions, this museum holds the history of Akron’s canal as well as the history of the early industrial period of Akron, Ohio.

This museum is open to the public to visitation for free, it’s one suitable for all ages and a place to have a fun time taking a walk through history.

Start Planning Your Trip to Akron

Outside the city trail of Akron, you will find quite a lot of ski resorts, parks as well as hiking trails, there are lots of things to do near Akron Ohio as well as in this city, it is without a doubt to say that Akron makes one of the best places to go on a vacation in the United States.

You can plan your vacation to meet some of the events as well as the activities this city has to offer. Do well to explore some of these gems in Akron to get the best of your vacation.

According to your interest, make a list of things to do in Akron Ohio during your vacation, also do check with your travel agent on booking some of the places you will like to visit.