15 Best Massage in Tulum, Mexico

Are you looking for the best massage in Tulum, Mexico?

Tulum is a town in Mexico, in the state of Quintana Roo. It is the location of the pre-Columbian Mayan walled city. Tulum served as a major Port for Coba in Mexico.

Its ruins are on a 12-meter-tall cliff along the East Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea.

Tourists flock to Tulum, Mexico, for its beauty and lots of engaging attractions. Tulum also has numerous Spas that offer great massages, including Carlos Cardona Spa, Yäan Wellness, Energy Healing Spa, and more. Being in Tulum is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Having a hard time choosing which massage place to go to? Here are the best massage in Tulum, Mexico.

Best Massage In Tulum, Mexico

1. Energy Healing Spa

Energy Healing Spa
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 Energy Healing Spa concentrates more on relieving emotional, mental, and physical stress.

Energy Healing Spa has a list of professional masseurs who give their all to making sure you feel better and relieved after they are done with you. Energy Healing Spa makes you feel safe and at peace.

The Spa also has a traditional Mexican steam temazcal for the removal of toxins. Energy Healing Spa also offers Neuro Sedative massages for really stressed persons. They also use Aromatherapy vital oils whose scents could help you feel at ease.

Energy Healing Spa also offers a couples massage, so you could come here with your partner to have the time of your life.

Address: Calle Polar Pte. entre Calle luna Nte. y Calle Saturno Nte, Tulum Centro, Centro, 77760 Tulum.

2. Flora Spa

Flora Spa
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Flora Spa offers a different massage in its comfortable and airy environment. They offer deep tissue massage, hot stones, and certain body part treatments.

Flora Spa also offers beauty and wellness treatments. They have a menu, so you can choose whatever you feel you need.

Flora Spa gives you this feeling of wellness and being alive. They literally make your body feel at peace.

Apart from massage, Flora Spa also offers facials, manicures and pedicures, hair treatments, and lots more.

One thing Flora Spa is most popular for is its relaxing and perfumed Amankaya massage, which hits the right spots and makes you feel like a baby.

They have a sauna, a steam room, and a tranquility pool. Guests and locals of Tulum highly recommend them as one of the best spas in Tulum, Mexico.

Address: C. Centauro Sur, Tulum Centro, 77780 Tulum.

3. Animamente

Credits: joysugarplum / Shutterstock

Animamente, ranked as one of the providers of top massage in Tulum, provides its customers with a therapeutic massage. Cries of relief are most times heard through the walls of Animamente.

Animamente hits the right spots, which completely takes you to a different world. Animamente is the place to visit if you want to get the best kind of massage.

The owner and masseur of Animamente combine Ayurveda and Hawaii’s massage philosophy, making it more pleasing.

Animamente is so good at what they do, and they are also recommended by both locals and guests to Tulum because they have been there themselves and have been impressed by the experience they got.

Animamente doesn’t just work on your physical stress but also your emotions. After you are handled by Animamente’s professional, you will be emotionally and physically relieved.

The owner of Animamente is a professional in massage, and he studied Ayurvedic medicine and massage.

As far as Tulum is concerned, Animamente gives the best kind of massage. He is known to create his massaging techniques, so you can’t get their kind of massage elsewhere.

Address: C. 3 Sur Local A4, Villas Tulum, 77764 Tulum.

4. Yäan Wellness

äan Wellness
Credits: Aleks Gudenko / Shutterstock

Yäan Wellness is a healing center in Tulum. It is a place that calms your mind, body, and soul.

Yäan Wellness was created from the magic of Tulum, so it is a good place to feel the magic of Tulum on your body.

To feel this great sensation in Yäan Wellness, visit its Energy Healing Spa, and watch your life being turned around for the moment.

Relax and feel the energy from its healing waters, water pools, refined crystalline water pools, sauna, and steam room. Feel the energy from its burning flame engaged with fire, air, and water.

Yäan Wellness helps you feel the beauty of nature with its cool features ranging from its traditional indigenous treatments, deep muscle relaxation procedures, and herbal and flower baths, which are made in a perfect Mexican way to soothe your skin.

Yäan Wellness has massage professionals that will put you through its processes and give you the best kind of treatment, one that you can’t even imagine.

At Yäan Wellness, your satisfaction is their priority. They aim to provide their customers with good health and perfect well-being.

Address: Carretera Boca Paila KM 10, Quintana Roo 15, 77760 Tulum.

5. Carlos Cardona Spa

Carlos Cardona Spa
Credits: Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

Carlos Cardona Spa offers one of the top massage in Tulum, Mexico. Carlos, the masseur at Tulum, is a professional in massage. He has over 20 years of experience as a masseur.

Carlos has worked for many hotels and spas as a spa manager and massage therapist, which has, over the years, enhanced his performance. This made him come up with the decision to open his spa.

Nothing beats the fact that a person enjoys what they do, which is the case for Carlos. He enjoys giving people massages and helping them gain back their energy, making him put his all into giving you the best.

Some of the hotels Carlos has worked for in the past years include Spa Grand Sirenis Hotel, Hotel Grand Oasis Spa, and Renova Spa.

Address: Buena Vida Calle 6 Apto 12, La Veleta, 77760 Tulum.

6. Cacao Spa

Cacao Spa
Credits: Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock

Cacao Spa, fondly called the home of wellness, is a fantastic spa in Tulum for a relieving massage.

Cacao Spa doesn’t just deal with physical massage; they also massage your inner body by providing natural foods that serve as a massage tool for the body. Some of the foods include Cacao beans, matcha, aloe vera, and lots more.

Cacao Spa is a top spa worth visiting in Tulum to take a break from a stressful day. As we all know, our body needs rest most of the time to function very well, so a massage is recommended for your body, and not just any massage, a massage from Cacao Spa.

Cacao Spa has the best hands that provide you with the best massage. They also offer facials, so you could come here too to have your face given the best quality treatment ever.

Address: Av. Tulum 32, Tulum Centro, 77760 Tulum.

7. Kaze Therapy Space

Kaze Therapy Space
Credits: Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

When you talk about a spa with the love of nature, you talk about Kaze Therapy Space. Kaze Therapy Space is among the providers of the top massage in Tulum, Mexico. It derives its inspiration from the wind.

The owner of Kaze Therapy Space, Mari Nagatani, gave the name Kaze to her spa, which means wind and this alone can tell you how much love she has for nature.

Well, one can say she recognizes the significance of the wind, as it is also said the wind is of great importance to the people of Tulum.

Kaze Therapy offers the best kind of service. Kaze is one of the top Spas to visit for a nice massage in Tulum because Mari gives her all to ensure you are satisfied, and she is good at what she does.

Kaze is also highly rated by locals and guests in Tulum. Many people have given reviews on how she does the most in taking care of her customers. It is a place definitely worth your time, and after a trial, you are bound to come back.

Address: Cuba 204, Chan Chemuyil, 77774.

8. Calma Spa by Casa Malca

Calma Spa by Casa Malca
Credits: hedgehog94 / Shutterstock

Have you ever seen a spa with so much luxury, designed with art, and has a splendid touch of nature? If you haven’t, do not worry because you have just found the right place.

Calma Spa by Casa Malca is a luxurious spa that offers massage, sauna, hot jacuzzi, and lots more. Calma Spa is a fun place to visit in Tulum because the feeling you get from their massage and many other things they offer is second to none.

Calma Spa also has an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea, which is fantastic and mind-blowing. Many people who have visited Calma Spa lose their minds at this view.

Calma Spa also offers VIP treats to customers who feel like they want more attention and care. They have something for everyone, and your satisfaction is their priority. Come to see for yourself the wonders Calma Spa performs.

Address: Km 9.5, Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, Zona Hotelera, 77780

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9. Leaf Luxury Spa

Leaf Luxury Spa
Credits: Yuriy Maksymiv / Shutterstock

Like its name Leaf “Luxury” Spa, you should know that this Spa is a mini heaven. Leaf Luxury Spa offers one of the best massage in Tulum, Mexico.

You are bound to fall in love with Leaf Luxury Spa, starting from their building’s exterior design to its interior design and services.

Leaf Luxury offers the best kind of massage in town from professional masseurs. The massage options they offer vary; it depends on what you want.

It is most times hard for customers to choose the massage they want because everything is so good, and you can see the level of satisfaction on the faces of the customers.

Leaf Luxury Spa is famous for its special blend of nine different procedures, including reflexology to lomi lomi, Swedish, associated with warm towels and pressure. The feeling you get from Leaf Luxury is not of this world.

Leaf Luxury’s massage services include Samadhi Ritual, sacred hot stone, mindfulness massage, deep tissue massage, scalp, and neck massage, back of the neck and shoulders, and more. A visit to this spa is memorable, and you won’t like to forget.

 Address: Palenque Manzana 20, La Veleta, 77760 Tulum.

10. Mi Amor Hotel Tulum

Mi Amor Hotel Tulum
Credits: mythja / Shutterstock

Your list of where to get the best massage in Tulum would not be complete without Mi Amor Hotel. Just like its name Mi Amor which is Spanish for my love, you should know that the Hotel promotes love.

Mi Amor believes in creating self-awareness, healing, connection, and nourishment for their customers, and they intend to achieve these set goals using their spa too.

Mi Amor is a fun place that should be added to your list of top places to visit in Tulum. Mi Amor has professionals whose primary aim is to ensure that you are being taken care of and satisfied.

The massage offered here is always satisfying. Tourists, locals, and guests to Tulum who have been to this Hotel and experienced their services always recommend this place for a great massage.

They make use of the perfect ingredients to make sure you get exactly that which brought you to their Hotel in the first place for a massage.

One of the best things about this place is that you can book a room for yourself and enjoy their services at your beck and call. Amazing right?

Address: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila Km. 4.1, Zona Hotelera Tulum, Zona Costera, 77780 Tulum.

11. Tranquility Spa

Tranquility Spa
Credits: Sofia Zhuravetc / Shutterstock

Managed by Andros and Alex, Tranquility Spa is a highly-rated spa in Tulum. It offers one of the top massage in Tulum, Mexico. They are known for having numerous customers.

Tranquility Spa is a really loved spa in Tulum. Visiting this spa would make you want to come here very often. The environment is pleasant, ranging from its interior and exterior design.

Just like its name, Tranquility Spa provides you with the tranquility your body needs. They provide therapeutic massage and perfectly hit the right spots.

While on a massage session in Tranquility Spa, you would feel you are in a whole different space; the feeling is divine. The price for their services is also affordable.

Tranquility Spa is a perfect Spa to visit if you are having issues with your muscle or joints; they are professionals in that. Many people (both locals and guests) have given great testimony to how Tranquility Spa helps their muscles to come to life again.

They also have natural oils, which they use to ensure the flow of your massages. This is also a perfect place for couples to bond and have the time of their lives.

The masseurs and masseuse of Tranquility also do a great job in making sure that your stay here is amazing and comfortable.

Address: C. 6 Sur 2, La Veleta, 77780 Tulum.

12. Oko Spa

Oko Spa
Credits: Cookie Studio / Shutterstock

Can you imagine the feeling of having a massage outdoors, getting fresh air, and enjoying the beautiful view of nature while under a cabana?

Well, imagine no more because you have found the right place to feel it and let it out of your imagination, and Oko Spa is that place.

One can refer to Oko Spa as a magical arena because what? They are so good!. Oko Spa has a good rating for massage.

If you are probably in Tulum for a honeymoon vacation, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this experience.

Oko Spa hits the right spots in their massages, and that alone makes lots of people love them. They also attend to everyone, including pregnant women.

Address: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila km 8.5, Tulum Beach, 77780 Tulum.

13. Mayan Clay Spa

Mayan Clay Spa
Credits: Ovsiienko Mariia / Shutterstock

Have you ever seen a clay massage before? Well, if you haven’t, Mayan Clay Spa has got you. Just prepare yourself to get wowed by the wonders of Mayan Clay Spa.

While in Tulum, Mayan Clay Spa is a place you shouldn’t miss out on. They offer the best kinds of massage. All you have to do is give them just ninety minutes of your time and let them take care of you.

You will be left relieved and refreshed when you are done with Mayan. Mayan Clay Spa offers one of the best massage in Tulum, Mexico. Even if you don’t have enough time to spare for a massage, don’t worry; they also got you covered.

Mayan Clay Spa also offers short programs too. There is just something for everyone. All you have to do is to come to experience the wonders of Mayan Clay Spa.

Mayan Clay Spa has professionals whose duties are to take care of you. Mayan offers three hours of mineral bathhouse therapy, which includes sea salt exploitation, Mayan clay massage, natural oil rubs, and a relaxing milk pool.

Mayan Clay Spa comes highly recommended by even the popular Fortune Magazine. So waste no more time and visit.

Address: Km 8.5, Av. Boca Paila, Zona Costera, Solidaridad, 77780 Tulum.

14. The Temazcal by Holistika

Credits: New Africa / Shutterstock

The Temazcal by Holistika provides you with exclusive massage, which is done by professional masseurs and masseuses.

These professionals take care of your body like that of a baby. They also know the right spots to massage to make you get yourself.

The massage offered at Temazcal puts your body, mind, and soul at peace and gives you this mind-blowing feeling.

You could visit this place with your family because not just you deserve a massage; everyone does. This is also a perfect spot for also coming with your spouse for a good time together.

The Temazcal is one of the top spas in Tulum for massage and body care treatments. Most treatments offered here at Temazcal include yoga, different health activities to activate your body and soul, and much more.

Address: C. 10 Sur, La Veleta, 77760 Tulum.

15. Shantala Boutique Spa

Shantala Boutique Spa
Credits: New Africa / Shutterstock

Another amazing massage parlor in Tulum is Shantala Boutique Spa. They offer amazing services and always put their customers first in all they do.

After a stressful day at Tulum, a massage might be the exact thing you need to strengthen your body, and that’s where Shantala comes in.

Their services are also top-notch. They are known for their consistency in making sure their customers get the satisfaction they hoped to have when walking through their door.

Shantala always makes sure you wear that smile you entered their spa with when you leave the spa too. Their customer satisfaction is always their priority.

Shantala Boutique Spa is one of the best spas to visit for a massage. It is a place that would bring you back because of how good they are. You may even get addicted and love to always have them take care of that stressed body of yours.

Address: Av. Tulum Mx 5 Lte 18, Tulum Centro, Centro, 77760 Tulum.

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Plan a Trip to Tulum

Tulum, Mexico, is a fantastic place to look forward to visiting. Tourists consider this location an amazing place for a vacation. A visit to Tulum would be one of the best things and best moments of your life, especially since they have great spas which offer the best kinds of massage.

Ensure you explore these massage parlors for a rejuvenating time in Tulum, Mexico.