35 Best & Fun Things to Do in Windsor (Ontario, Canada)

Windsor is a mid-city in Ontario Canada, it is one of the most interesting cities to be in, you will find historic architectures, multicultural residents and modern towers, It is truly a city of culture and history.

Since Windsor is home to so many amazing attractive spots, it’s not surprising that a big part of its economy comes from Tourism.

Things to do in Windsor, Ontario not includes visiting its amazing points of interest like the historic architecture, multicultural residents and modern towers which are fun places to visit but you will also find some green spaces and lovely parks to visit too.

The land has a very lovely downtown area and sometimes, it serves as host to some great festivals. There are lots of things to do in this wonderful city, let’s explore the wonderful things to do in Windsor.

Things to Do in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

1. Dieppe Gardens

Dieppe Gardens
Source: GANDALF_GREY/Flickr
Dieppe Gardens

As beautiful as the Coventry Gardens is which will be talked about, you will be missing a huge fun and beauty if you fail to visit the Dieppe Gardens in Windsor.

The Gardens has beautiful flowers and grassy areas, some of the beautiful scenery you will find here includes the incredible view of Detroit Skyline.

You can hang out among the blossoms and blooms of the summertime, don’t forget to check out the fish pond and the beautifully trimmed flowers in the garden.

You will also see the monuments erected for soldiers that lost their lives during the second world war, a visit to this garden is truly a fun things to do in Windsor, Ontario.

Don’t forget to check out the Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens which features a curved waterfall, a reflecting pool and a terraced garden.

2. Windsor Sculpture Park

Windsor Sculpture Park
Source: Sharon VanderKaay/Flickr
Windsor Sculpture Park

The most amazing thing about Windsor is that you can have fun both inside building and on the outside, while you are in Windsor, take a stroll around the Windsor Sculpture Park.

It is home to about 35 very large sculptures, it is called a museum without walls, up to 31 of these large sculptures are internationally recognized works of art.

You can take a stroll and examine the beautiful arts here or you download the Sculptures and Monuments app in case you need a guided tour.

Regardless of not being interested in art, you will enjoy visiting this place for it is a very great art of work and its names are worth knowing. It is one of the most visited place in Windsor.

3. Art Gallery of Windsor

If you are an admirer of arts, head over the Art Gallery of Windsor, this is an interesting places for artists and art lovers.

The Gallery was established in the year 1943, It has grown considerably both in size and the number of works of art.

You will find some of the country’s best collection of Canadian art displayed in the gallery, you will also find some art pieces made by international artists.

Take out time to go around the gallery and view all these arts, check out both the temporary and the permanent art work, you will find something in there that will amaze you.

4. Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor
Source: OZinOH/Flickr
Caesars Windsor

One of the four casinos in the Windsor to Detroit area and the only one in Windsor is the Caesars Windsor, it is a very big casino which you should not miss if you are in love with casino games or you may go there to enjoy the views of the casino.

This place is one of the major Windsor attractions, the casino attracts more than six million visitors and counting to Windsor every year.

Caesars Windsor features a Roman Empire theme, to reflect its name, during your visit, try your luck at the blackjack tables, craps tables, poker tables or baccarat tables.

Check if fortune is on your side by slipping a coin into any of the available slot machines around cause the price is a major hit.

It also has a sports bar which lets you get on sports games, it can be on any professional sports game, american college football or basketball game, these you could try out if you don’t want to play on the tables.

5. Visit Historic Houses

Sandwich First Baptist Church
Source: jodelli/Flickr
Sandwich First Baptist Church

Since Windsor has a long history, it is expected that Windsor will be a home to so many National Historic Houses.

Going around to visit these historic houses is a tour on its own, for they are much. You could make it a tour of your own by going to these iconic buildings, as you walk into them you will feel like you went back in time.

Some of these historic houses includes Willistead Manor, a Tudor Jacobean-style manor house. The Willistead Manor was designed by Albert Kahn, an architect.

The total number of rooms in this mansion is 36, you will find Willistead Manor in the middle of a beautiful park.

Also check out François Bâby House, this house was built by a politician in Windsor and today, this building is also known as Windsor’s Community Museum.

Also, there is the Sandwich First Baptist Church, this house was built by Underground Railroad refugees.

Come with a camera to capture some of this wonderful scenery.

6. Adventure Bay Family Water Park

Would you like to have much fun with your kids in Windsor?, then plan an amazing visit to the Adventure Bay Family Water Park.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a cool or a hot day, you are going to have fun as you splash around the water in Adventure Bay Family Water Park.

The Water Park Bay is a park that covers over 10,000 square meter space and is open every day throughout the month, although some part of it is open only in the summer months for security reasons.

The park is meant for all, both the old and the young can enjoy the five waterslides in the waterpark, you will also find in the water park, a surfing simulator, a lazy river and a wave pool.

There is also a dry area in the park where kids can play on a three level giant playground. Truly, this place is not lacking any fun.

The most thrilling attraction which you will find in the park is The Python, but your kids are going to prefer Tot Loch.

There is a canteen available here in case you need something to eat or drink which is situated in the park, so come and have an amazing time of your life.

7. Ojibway Praire Complex

Ojibway Praire Complex
Source: Mark Nenadov/Flickr
Ojibway Praire Complex

Ojibway Praire Complex is a 350-hectare space that has in it a nature reserves, trails and parks, this is an interesting point in Windsor.

If you are looking for a place where you could surround yourself with nature, it is truly one of the best places to go to.

In Ojibway Praire Complex, you will find three separate areas, these three areas are Ojibway Priare Provincial Nature Reserve, Black Oak Heritage Park and the Ojibway Park, the distance between them is not too far, you can hike from one of them to the other.

Apart from all these fun places, the Complex also offers an educational program that you can enjoy. But if you don’t want to do that, you can go around enjoying its exhibits.

As you explore the complex, you are very likely to see bats, snakes, frogs, lizards, and even turtles.

Birds can also be found in the Complex, you will find them in plethora here, as they are group according to their habitats which are the forest, ponds and prairies, you can visit the complex just to do some bird watching.

8. Ford City

Ford City
Source: Timothy Fenn/Flickr
Ford City

Ford City is not really a city , it is a community formed around the Canadian Ford Motor Company.

This community known as Ford City started just as a French Parish and today, this community is now a community that has seen so many faces in history.

In this community, you will find a lot of examples of different types of architecture, many of these architectures were built within the community by immigrants who came to work for the massive car manufacturer.

You could go on a tour to explore this very unique area of the city, some of the iconic buildings which you will find within this community include the four Byzantine-styles orthodox churches.

You will also find a house known as Edgemere, which was the very house of Wallace Campbell.

In Ford City, you could see a lot of murals on many buildings, these murals tell the story of Ford and that of the Ford City.

9. Coventry Gardens

Coventry Gardens
Source: jodelli/Flickr
Coventry Gardens

In Windsor, you will find a plethora of very lovely gardens. Walking through them in the evening with the one you love can be wonderfully romantic.

Among all these gardens scattered all over the city, one worth reckoning is the Coventry Garden, which is the best of the best.

The Gardens sits right along the riverfront and it is a 28,000 square meter park, since The Gardens have been around since 1931, it is not surprising that you will find several historic monuments here.

10. Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail

Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail
Source: Mikerussell [CC BY-SA 3.0],via Wikimedia Commons
Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail
Do you love cycling and everything outdoor? If you do then add cycling on the Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail on your list of fun things to do in Windsor, this trail is about 8 kilometers through the city, it starts at the Ambassador Bridge.

While cycling along this bike trail, you will go through Downtown Windsor and so many of its parks such as the Windsor Sculpture Park and the Dieppe Gardens.

Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail connects other trails like the La Salle Trail Network and the Russel Street Neighbourhood Trail.

If you are wondering what to do when you get tired of cycling along this trail, there are five service spots along the trail where you could stop for a rest, or pump air into your tires, you may as well stop along those service areas just to enjoy the river and the skyline.

You will find beautiful sites in Windsor on this trail, for part of it also runs along the main streets in the city.

This trail is different from the main street designated bicycle lanes. Try it out during your visit, it is a wonderful way to view the city.

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11. Sandpoint Beach

Sandpoint Beach
Source: Andrea_44/Flickr
Sandpoint Beach

Just at the mouth of the Detroit River which is on the very northeast corner of the city, is a special beach known as Sandpoint Beach.

It is also known as Stop 26, Sandpoint Beach is the most popular beach in the whole area, It is one of the major reason why people visit Windsor, Canada.

The beach is opened from May 24 to September ending of every year, you are welcomed to visit around that time.

The beach is close to a lovely park, and it is a very nice spot for relaxing, picnicking and sunbathing.

Ways you could spend a hot summer day on this beach include swimming, boarding, surfing, enjoying the fresh air, and a walk right along the Ganatchino Trail.

Very close to the beach you will find a volleyball court, a barbeque area, and shady treed areas, there are also booths and ice creams stand in the area.

12. Windsor To Detroit International Freedom Festival

International Tug Boat Race
Source: Wigwam Jones/Flickr
International Tug Boat Race, Freedom Festival

Windsor is a culturally rich city, its not shocking that it host lots of annual events and festivals.

These festivals are hosted individually, they also host these events sometimes in collaboration with Detroit.

One of the great events hosted together with Detroit in US is the Windsor to Detroit International Freedom Festival.

This International Freedom Festival is the largest festivals held in both cities. It is normally held within Canada Day which is July first to the fourth of July of every year.

In this International Freedom Festival, you will witness a fireworks display which could be termed “the world’s biggest fireworks displays”.

Other events held in Windsor which are as big as the International Freedom Festival includes the Bluesfest International Windsor which holds every July, If you love music, don’t miss that event.

Also, there is the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival, which is hosted in collaboration with Detroit, this is an event which will be appreciated by Cinema lovers.

Another festival held in August is known as the Windsor Emancipation Celebration Festival, don’t miss any of these events if you are visiting within the period as they present fun time in this part of the world.

13. Thomas McBroom’s Ambassador Golf Club

Ambassador Golf Club
Source: Ambassador Golf Club/Facebook
Ambassador Golf Club

Windsor is the complete definition of fun, It has all needed to keep you entertained all the time, are you a lover of Golf?, there are a couple of fantastic golf course right in Windsor.

Some of these golf courses date back as 1926, while somewhere installed recently, you could decide to visit any of them for a round or two.

One of these golf courses is the Ambassador Golf Club which was designed by Thomas McBroom, this golf club is ranked as one of the top courses in Canada.

Ambassador Golf Club is an 18-hole, 71 par course golf club, It is open to the public hence you are welcomed for a fun time here.

You could as well visit the Roseland Golf course which is one of the oldest courses in the area, it is designated as an Ontario Heritage Site.

You could watch one of the numerous tournaments which it been hosted if you are visiting within the period.

14. Peche Island

Peche Island
Source: Nastynnate [CC BY-SA 4.0],via Wikimedia Commons
Peche Island
Peche Island is an island that covers 36 hectares of space on the Canadian side of the Detroit River.

You will find the Island completely uninhabited, nevertheless, the Island is open to the public for a day trip.

In the Island, you will find fun areas like trails, picnic areas and beaches, the Island is also a place which has a spectacular view of Detroit.

You can only get to the island by riding a kayak, canoe, or boat, this means that before you head to this Island, you have to be well prepared and planned.

It’s best if you visit the island alongside a group of friends, It is a very nice place to escape the noise of the city and enjoy some peace and quietness.

15. Walk the Detroit River

Detroit River
Source: Mike Boening Photography/Flickr
Detroit River

The US city Detroit shares her river with Windsor with an amazing Detroit skyline, a visit to this river is truly a spectacular one.

Along the Detroit River, you will find so many green spaces and parks, some with monuments that you could check out.

Visit the river with your camera as you capture some of its beauty which seems to portray nature’s beautiful surroundings.

16. University of Windsor

University of Windsor
Source: Mikerussell [CC BY-SA 3.0],via Wikimedia Commons
University of Windsor
One of the best things to do in Windsor is to visit the University of Windsor.

Apart from the fact that it is a place of learning, her grounds and architectures are quite interesting to visitors.

This university was established as a theological institution in the year 1857. Today, it is a 51 hectares campus with green environment, some beautiful buildings and a riverside promenade.

Visit the Dillon Hall which is the oldest building in the campus, It was erected before the university was launched.

Other iconic buildings that you could visit include the Odette Building, the Memorial Hall, and the Lambton Tower.

17. Shopping at Windsor

Windsor Royal Shopping Centre
Source: milo bostock/Flickr
Windsor Royal Shopping Centre

Windsor is a shopping haven, this is not surprising considering the fact that it is a border city.

In Windsor, you will find shopping malls, specialty shops, and duty-free shops all of which are filled with items that will satisfy any buyer.

If you are a in love with Cigars, you can get some of the finest Cuban cigars at a very good price here.

If you are a fashionista, you may check out the Crossing Premium Outlets and the Devonshire Mall, both of which sell some of the best attires from big brands like Gucci, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana etc.

Check out also the two duty-free shops in Windsor if you want to buy some duty-free goods at moderate prices.

18. Olde Sandwich Towne Farmer’s Market

Olde Sandwich Towne Farmer's Market
Source: West Windsor Farmers Market/Facebook
Olde Sandwich Towne Farmer’s Market

Olde Sandwich Towne Farmer’s Market is a market in Windsor which is held from May to October of every year, in this market, you could purchase all that grows in the region.

Apart from the fact that the market tends to celebrate the farm produced from this area, it also celebrates the artisanal community that flourishes here too.

You could purchase things for your loved ones or an authentic souvenir from this market which you could take home to save the memory.

19. Windsor Summer Fest

Windsor Summer Fest
Source: Windsor Summer Fest/Facebook
Windsor Summer Fest

Windsor’s Summer Fest is Windsor’s way of celebrating the summertime in the region, it is one of Windsor activities you should plan to meet during your vacation trip to Windsor, Ontario.

This great festival holds from June 14th to July 1st of every year and it involves a lot of fun activities, some of these fun activities include Main stage performances, pony rides, riverfront midway, pony rides and so on.

This is the period that the Annual Ford International Fireworks show is displayed, the Canada Day Parade is held towards the end of the festival.

You will love this impressive 17-day run festival which is packed with fun activities, attendance is enough to convince you to come back for more.

20. Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express
Source: Holiday Inn Express/Facebook
Holiday Inn Express

Situated right in Windsor is the Holiday Inn Express  which gives you an incredible view of the Detroit Skyline, it is a very comfortable building, many say its a place to easily fall asleep.

You will find the hotel just across the street of the Detroit River, the Riverfront Trail, and the Europe Gardens.

It’s a perfect place to stay in Windsor since it is closest to most of the favorite spots in the city.

You need not worry about food and drink as the hotel has a nice restaurant downstairs as well as excellent room service.

21. The Iron Kettle Bed and Breakfast

The Iron Kettle Bed & Breakfast
Source: The Iron Kettle Bed & Breakfast/Facebook
The Iron Kettle Bed & Breakfast

The Iron Kettle Bed and Breakfast is a nice place to lodge during your visit to Windsor, they provide a very good breakfast, and as well help you make your bed in the morning.

What better way for you to begin your day during a vacation?.

The inn began from an Old 1876 farmhouse it contains only five self-con bedrooms, each with their private bathrooms.

You will find a ground pool in the compound and a hot tub, you will love their food cause they have several professional chefs who know how to turn local ingredients to exotic dishes.

You will be given a key to the front door so that you can come in and leave anytime.

22. Spago Italian Restaurant

Spago Italian Restaurant
Source: Spago Canada/Facebook
Spago Italian Restaurant

If you would want to know where to go to Windsor for some nice Italian dishes, check out Spago.

Spago is an Italian restaurant which is specialized in the making of homemade noodles and so many other traditional Italian dishes.

You will love the vibe of the restaurant as it is both noisy, warm and cheerful, just like a typical Italian family dining table. Eating in Spago is truly a wonderful experience.

Some of the Italian dishes you will find in the menu includes delicious marinated eggplant, bruschetta and olives for an appetizer.

Don’t forget to try out Spago’s traditional wood fired Italian pizzas that taste delicious. A visit to this cafe is a very delightful experience and is one of the fun things to do in Windsor.

23. Taloola Cafe

Taloola Cafe
Source: Taloola Cafe/Facebook
Taloola Cafe

Located down the street from Willistead Manor is the Taloola Cafe which is one of the best places to visit in Windsor.

The Cafe specializes in organic coffees, teas, and a lot of other delicious dishes that are listed in her large menu.

You will find a wonderful Italian meals among the so many meals listed in the menu.

It’s worth noting that all dishes are served fresh and hot alongside a bottle of beer or wine of your choosing

24. Mettawa’s Station

Mettawas Station Mediterranean Restaurant
Source: Mettawas Station Mediterranean Restaurant/Facebook
Mettawas Station Mediterranean Restaurant

Mettawa’s Station is a restaurant which is situated on a building that was formally a train station.

The train station which was formally here was built by Hiram Walker to Albert Kahn who was an architect, but today, it is a favorite stop spot for all foodies in Windsor and beyond.

The restaurant was opened in 2008 by Chef Anthony Delbrocco and Janet his wife, it is named in the honor of the 1889 Hiram Walker Mettawa Hotel.

You will love the interior of the restaurant, it is designed with wood panel in such a way as to create a warm and peaceful place.

25. Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards and The Vines Restaurant

Cooper's Hawk Vineyards & The Vines Restaurant
Source: Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards & The Vines Restaurant/Facebook
Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards & The Vines Restaurant

Both The Coopers Hawk Vineyards and the Vine Restaurant is a wonderful place where visitors could hang out with friends and family to enjoy a delicious meal.

The reason the Vine restaurant was set up was to create the idea of a winery been a place where one could relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

You could order any food of your choice from their extensive menu while you enjoy a freshly produced wine from the Vineyard.

Try out the chive and Parmesan fries, also check out the perch, all of which are in the menu.

The restaurant has enough windows to bring in fresh air for good ventilation in the room regardless of the number of people in it.

26. Willistead Manor

Willistead Manor
Source: jodelli/Flickr
Willistead Manor

Willistead Manor was the home of Edward Chandler Walker, Edward Chandler Walker was the son of Hiram Walker who was a whiskey legend and the creator of the famous Canadian Club Whisky.

Since he is coming from a rich background, and also the town was named “Walker Ville” (that was its name before it was changed to Windsor) after his family, Edward Chandler Walker commissioned Albert Kahn who was a famous architect to build a grand and luxurious home for his family.

The house took 2 years to complete and was finally finished in 1906, the architectural style of the building is Tudor-Jacobean style English mansion.

The manor was built with a variety of unique features, today it is one of Windsor points of interest.

It only had one bedroom, whenever guests came visiting, they were housed on the coach house which is just nearby.

In 1915, when Edward Chandler passed away, his wife didn’t want to live in such a big house all by herself, so she decided to will the house to the town of Walkerville as she moved out.

Since then, the house has served as Walkerville Town Hall, the Art Gallery of Windsor, and also as a public library.

Subsequently, this house was taken over by preservationists, today, it is now a banquet hall as well as a public park.

Every holiday season, the house Is decorated by the Friends of Willistead Manor, this is one of the best places to explore during your visit to Windsor and will make a great addition to your list of things to do in Windsor.

27. John R. Park Homestead

John R. Park Homestead
Source: Andrea_44 [CC BY-SA 2.0],via Wikimedia Commons
John R. Park Homestead
One of the fun things to do in Windsor is to tour John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area. A visit to John R. Park Homestead is like stepping back in time into the 1850s.

In the conservation area, you will find farm buildings and homes, all of which were built by John Park and his wife Amelia.

Today in this area is a home that was completely restored to its 1842 glory, even its furniture and decor were also restored making it one of Windsor Canada points of interest.

At John R. Park Homestead, you will experience baking on the hearth in the kitchen and if you visit during the holidays, you could partake in the constructive craft classes like Wreath making.

You will also find in the Homestead an 1885 steam engine which is powered by a sawmill. Moving to the blacksmith’s shop which is where the Homestead offers forging classes.

John R. Park Homestead is located on the shore of Lake Erie, and it is packed with a lot of things to do in Windsor, you will be missing a lot if you fail to add it on your list.

28. Harrow Fair

Harrow Fair
Source: Harrow Fair/Facebook
Harrow Fair

Harrow Fair is a festival which holds at the end of the summer, the festival is aimed at celebrating the farming culture of Windsor, this is one of the many Windsor activities you should not miss.

The fair begins on the 29th of August and ends on the 1st of September, in this fair, you will get to see and eat from the farm products which was reaped from the field over the summer.

Apart from the pies and fresh foods which you will get from the festival, you could do other fun things like watching the horse show or the parade.

29. Eat Your City Restaurant Week

Eat Your City Restaurant Week
Source: Eat Your City Restaurant Week/Facebook
Eat Your City Restaurant Week

One of the best ways to enjoy your stay in Windsor is to partake in the Eat your City celebration, during this celebration, you will get to taste a lot of dishes which are local to Windsor.

Restaurants and diners in Windsor who chose to participate in the event will have a week to present to its customers a special Eat your City menu.

This menu highlights their best three course meals, you could know which Restaurants are participating by checking the list online. The festival holds in August, but the date varies, this happens to be one of the best Windsor activities you should plan to meet during your vacation.

30. Fred’s Farm Fresh

Fred's Farm Fresh
Source: Fred’s Farm Fresh/Facebook
Fred’s Farm Fresh

Also here in Windsor, you will find Fred’s Farm Fresh which brings to you a complete range of farm foods, both local and imported.

You will find in its list fresh baked breads, cheeses, and even meats. All these makes it a perfect spot to stop and buy something delicious you could take home.

If you are not familiar with some of the things on the list, the employees of Fred’s Farm Fresh are ever ready to help you make a good choice for your perfect meal.

31. Capitol Theatre Windsor

Would you like some theater time in Windsor, Ontario?, then is the perfect place for it is The Capitol Theater which is located at the University Avenue.

This is a historical theater which was launched in 1920 by Marcus Loew, it was originally known as the Vaudeville Theatre and its construction cost was estimated to be about CA$600,000.

The design of this theater was done by Thomas White Lamb, the theater feature a 1,995 seating capacity, at its time of construction, it was known to hold the record of the biggest single floor theater throughout Canada.

During your visit to Windsor you could check out their upcoming shows and events from their website, you could as well book a ticket for any.

The theater has spaces available for rent if you will like to host an event in the area, its architecture is worth your time, a visit here will be one of the best things to do in Windsor for theater lovers.

32. The Windsor Riverfront

The Windsor Riverfront
Credits: manjagui / Shutterstock
The Windsor Riverfront

One thing to do in Windsor is to view the beautiful Windsor Riverfront. The Windsor Riverfront is located along the Detroit River; across it, you can see Detroit. 

The Windsor Riverfront is a stunning place to spend a few hours exploring restaurants, parks, riverfront trails, cafes, and trails.

It is a beautiful place to hold a picnic with your family or buddies. The riverfront offers scenic views of the Detroit skyline and Canada- USA border. 

It is advisable to go there at night when you can see the Detroit nightlights to enjoy the most stunning effects of this place.

The Windsor Riverfront has several attractions, including monuments, bridges, and festivals such as the Rib Festival and the Poutine Festivals. 

Regardless of the month or season you choose to visit this place, you will undoubtedly have a great time. 

Make sure you dress well when coming here during chilly periods. 

Address: Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 1K1, Canada

33. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Credits: shankar s./ Flickr
Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Learn about Canada’s aviation and aerospace heritage, from the International Space Station to the 1909 Silver Dart, at one of the world’s best museums.

The Museum specializes in aviation in Canada and within the foreign context from its beginning in 1909 to the present day. 

When you visit this Museum, you will marvel at the largest aviation collection in Canada, including over 30 aircraft and artifacts from the military and civil services. Some of these military and civil aircraft and artifacts include engines and propellers. 

You should also explore the history of flight through demonstrations and guided tours when you visit the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Address: 11 Aviation Pkwy, Ottawa, ON K1K 2X5, Canada

34. Jackson Park

Jackson Park
Credits: Ravi Kanani / Shutterstock
Jackson Park


This Park has been said to be the most beautiful park and attraction in Windsor. Jackson Park was obtained in 1929 through the persistence of one of the former mayors, Cecil E. Jackson. 

Jackson Park is among the most elaborate parks in Windsor. It features fountains, monuments, formal gardens, walking areas, and amenities such as washrooms, concessions, and tennis courts.

The Park is famous for its yearly showcase, annual garden beds, and a wide array of perennial plants. It has over 10,000 plants, and you can find many of them at Sunken Gardens. 

Jackson Park is well-furnished with popular sports parks. During winter, the park holds Bright Light Windsor, a Christmas light display. 

Jackson Park is filled with several war memorials, including a Korean War, World War II, and a South African war memorial. 

In addition, it houses the Windsor Tennis Club, Windsor Lawn Bowling Club, an assortment of creative play units, cricket fields, and ball diamonds. 

Address: 125 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8X 2P7, Canada

35. Walkerville Brewery

Walkerville Brewery
Credits: Odairson Antonello / Shutterstock

Walkerville Brewery is a place of community, history, and fantastic handcrafted beer. 

The history of this brewery starts with Hiram Walker, a man famous for being the founder of Hiram Walker and Sons LTD. 

By handcrafting unique styles in tiny batches using top-tier malted barley, hops, and pure water, they offer fresh, delectable beers to customers. 

There is always special and intriguing beer running from the taps and tanks of Walker Brewery. It offers different flagship beers, special edition one-off beer styles, and seasonal offerings.

Walkerville Brewery uses only the best ingredients in their unpasteurized single batches and no artificial preservatives, color, or flavor to provide beer lovers with top-notch, fresh, handcrafted brew. 

Address: 525 Argyle Rd, Windsor, ON N8Y 4Z8, Canada

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Plan a Trip to Windsor

No other city wears tourism like a badge as Windsor does, with the number of festivals she holds within the year, it not so surprising why it’s one of the most visited cities in Canada.

It has everything about tourism and adventure that interest tourist. Are a lover of history or do you love partying? the question of what to do in Windsor is always answered with fun activities for everyone.

Start planning your trip today, make a checklist of things to do in Windsor, Ontario that suits your interest, also check in with your travel agent to book places which will require such.