23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Pinetop (AZ)

Do you love a countryside city where you can move around on foot and explore its many attractions? or are you accustomed to visiting a small town congested with rich culture, history, friendly locals, and art? If your answer is a yes, then the perfect place to visit is Pinetop.

Pinetop is located in Navajo County in Arizona, United States. It is a town having a less dense population, many gorgeous lakes, beautiful terrain, and an incredible and charming lifestyle.

It is an ideal place to see, especially because of its serene and peaceful environment, which is vital for people seeking a break from the busy city life and noise.

This town offers visitors numerous attractions for them to see, and every site you visit has its uniqueness, whether you visit the mountain areas, restaurants, have a walk on the picturesque hiking trails or visit the gorgeous Lakes, which are breathtaking.

Here is a great place to be, and from this well-curated list of top things to do in Pinetop, AZ, be sure to have a lovely trip here.

Things to Do in Pinetop

1. Woodland Lake Park

Woodland Lake Park
Credits: D Farris / Shutterstock
Woodland Lake Park

One of the best things to do in Pinetop, AZ, is to see the gorgeous park beside the Woodland lake, which is occupied by beautiful flowers and is filled with greenery. It also consists of small gorgeous trails that spread through the park.

The trails to find in the park are ideal for a lovely stroll, pet walking, hanging out with loved ones and family, and others. The vista at this destination is outstanding.

The Woodland lake is perched right in the park’s central area; it is clean, properly maintained, and gorgeous. Visitors can go boating, fishing, or sit close to the lake dipping their legs in the water and enjoying the scenery of this place.

Here is an ideal place to meditate and reconnect yourself with nature, be sure to visit this destination. It contains numerous fishes and birds for everyone to see.

During winter, the entire area is covered with snow, and you can have a fun time all over the place, creating snowmen and engaging in all types of snow-related activities. The woodland park is an excellent place to visit and enjoy nature to its fullest

Address: E Woodland Lake Rd, Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ 85929, United States

2. Hike the Big Springs Trail

Big Springs Trail
Credits: lzf / Shutterstock

Big Springs Trail is perched in the Lakeside of Pinetop and provides locals and visitors with easy trails that spread through the beautiful Walnut Creek water features.

The trails you will come across here are extraordinary places to unwind and enjoy nature. More often than not, they are rocky but well-maintained and have a lovely view of the water.

Many of the trails to find here are flat and okay for visitors who would like to have a walk and enjoy the magnificent beauty of nature. The shoreline is a perfect spot for visitors who would like to watch and observe different kinds of birds that visit this place.

Be sure to visit and enjoy nature as you explore the beautiful woods and wildflowers in this place.

Address: Lakeside, AZ 85929, United States

3. Show Low Lake

Show Low Lake
Credits: Djordje Novakov / Shutterstock

The gorgeous beautiful Show Low is located in the White Mountains at 6,500 feet from land.

Show Low Lake is one of the many beautiful lakes to visit in the city. Because of its location, it is an ideal spot for fascinating water outdoor activities such as fishing and camping.

It is also a place of abode for numerous small fishes, making it an ideal spot for fishing. Visitors can also camp here during snow time; enjoying the cozy wind will be a perfect experience.

The Show Low Lake has a garden nearby and offers a sunny and incredible experience. Here is a top-notch destination for tourists and should make up your checklist of fun things to do in Pinetop, AZ.

You do not want to miss out on the beautiful sunsets in this region. The best part is that swimming here is safe; you can also go boating and get a feel of the serenity of this city.

Address: Pinetop, Az, United States

4. Show Low Museum

Show Low Museum
Credits: Show Low Museum/ Facebook
Show Low Museum

The Show Low museum is located 10 minutes away from Pinetop. It is a beautiful attraction to see as it unfolds the history of the settlement of the original Mormons in this area.

The museum was founded in 1995 and is an excellent site if you are a history buff. The initial settlers’ descendants gathered an incredible collection of memorabilia.

The museum is housed in a building previously a Police Station, and it has 16 rooms, occupying about 6,000 feet generally.

Guests in line with the Mormon faith are keenly interested in viewing what transpired during the early days, and they get to share their experiences. Admission into the museum is free, and donations are gladly accepted.

Address: 561 E Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, AZ

5. White Mountain Family Fun Park

White Mountain Family Fun Park
Credits: 963 Creation / Shutterstock

If you are looking for an attraction that is even more family-friendly, the one place to be in the White Mountain Family Fun Park should make up your checklist of places to visit in Pinetop, Az.

This extensive mountain range is graced with a serene ambiance and adventure. Here is a perfect location to have great fun, have an adventurous time in Pinetop and have the best gaming experience.

White Mountain Family Fun Park features games such as laser tag, go-kart, mini-golf, and other arcade games. It is an ideal place to bring along the family and your friends.

You can bring your kids along and have a unique gaming experience which is the best they will get around. This destination provides visitors with numerous types of indigenous foods to satisfy their food cravings as you have fun playing these games. 

Address: 4725 W White Mountain Blvd, Lakeside, AZ 85929, United States

6. Ice Cave Trail


Another important site not to miss out on when you visit Pinetop is the Ice Cave Trail. It is a beautiful place to be because when you reach the central area, you will be able to find an ice cave that is protected via fencing.

It has a lava tube that blows out cool air at a steady temperature of 52F. The Ponderosa Forest is the starting point for this trail; there is also a stream to cross as you go further.

You will surely see a mule deer or elk as you walk on the trail and various woodland birds. You can walk beside the Porter Creeks after crossing the Scott Reservoir, and then you can climb up and connect with the Blue Ridge Trail.

Address: 3103 Porter Mountain Rd, Lakeside, AZ 85929, United States

7. Pinetop Lakes Activity Center & Stables

Pinetop Lakes Activity Center & Stables
Credits: Flamingo Images / Shutterstock

One of the fun things to do in Pinetop, AZ if you love horse riding is visiting the Pinetop Lakes Activity Center and Center. It provides visitors with a unique horse riding experience.

There are many gorgeous trails to use, which promise the best horse riding experience. You can even try out their carriage ride, which gives you a reminisce of horse riding back in time.

The White Horse Mountain is the location for the stables and can be seen at 7,200 feet, providing visitors and locals with a unique horse riding experience.

You can bring your kids along, especially those interested in horses. There are camp lessons for them where they can get tutored more about horses.

Address: 5475 Buck Springs Rd, Pinetop, AZ 85935, United States

8. Fool Hollow Lake

Fool Hollow Lake
Credits: Arizona Game and Fish Department [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Fool Hollow Lake
The Fool Hollow Lake is a magnificent attraction to visit in the winter season, as it has various kinds of bird life. At the beginning of spring, migratory birds can be seen in the lake, and they make a lovely delight for birdwatchers.

The lake is famous for campers but primarily in warmer months. During springtime, numerous migratory small birds pass through this lake. You can also see raptors here, such as vultures, harriers, bald eagles, and ospreys.

Visitors can engage in fishing when they visit as the lake is an excellent spot for fishing activities. Birds like Cormorants, herons, and grebes can also be seen here.

Address: 1500 Fools Hollow Rd, Show Low, AZ

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9. Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods
Credits: sergua / Shutterstock

The city of Pinetop is an excellent destination to visit, and if you want to enjoy the best vacation experience, an ideal place to visit is the Lake of the Woods.

As with other lakes, you can get involved with the many water activities this place offers, such as sightseeing, swimming, and boating.

This place is entirely different from others because it is located in the center of the woods, a typical forest site where visitors can prepare meals, set up tents, and have a forest life experience.

Visitors can decide to stay in any cabins just over the lake. These cabins are adequately maintained and have complete amenities.

It has a fireplace close to the lake, and the gorgeous views it brings make it an excellent place for a weekend getaway. Be sure to visit and have the best of lakeside experiences.

Address: Pinetop, Az, United States

10. Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area

Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area
Credits: Werner Baumgarten / Shutterstock

Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area occupies a land area of 100 acres, and it consists of small islands used by waterfowls as their nesting homes.

This destination has no trails, but visitors can have a stroll within the area on a long narrow range of hills that are within the marsh.

This place attracts many visitors and residents alike as they make it a must-see destination whenever they visit.

Sandpipers and waders are what to find here. Swallows are seen seasonally, but raptors are always around, together with bald eagles that can be spotted during the winter season.

The primary attraction for birds in this area is the wooded area and grasslands. Moreover, you can always find elk in winter, usually drinking water in the morning or sunset.

Address: Pinetop, Az, United States

11. Woodland Reservoir

Woodland Reservoir
Credits: nadia_if / Shutterstock

The Woodland reservoir is perched in the central area of Pinetop. It is a well-preserved, beautiful, clean pool making it a perfect spot for boating, swimming, fishing, and hanging out.

The reservoir is popularly called the “Crown Jewel” in the town due to its beautiful nature. It is a lovely site to go camping, take incredible photos, and relax.

This place is a must-see for anyone visiting this city as it is less crowded with a peaceful and beautiful ambiance and should be on your checklist of fun things to do in Pinetop, AZ.

Address: Woodland Lake Road, Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ 85929

12. Country Club Trail

Country Club Trail
Credits: MilanMarkovic78 / Shutterstock

The Country Club Trail is another beautiful attraction to look out for when visiting Pinetop. The trail is quite famous and is about 3.5 miles long, with a good parking space at the start of the track.

Have a stroll in the forest, the Juniper and Ponderosa Pine. Visitors can start their journey on the spur trail just half a mile long as it brings you to the peak of Pat Mullen Mountain.

The animals to see here as you walk on this trail are the mule deer and elk. There are smaller mammals you might get to see as well. Moreover, there are different species of birds to see here.

Address: Sr 185, Pinetop, AZ 85935, United States

13. Panorama Trail

Panorama Trail
Credits: Pavel1964 / Shutterstock

Another unique place to see is the Panorama Trail perched in Pinetop. It is a gorgeous, lengthy, and well-properly designed trail that is perfect for hiking.

The Panorama Trail offers excellent breathtaking views. You sure want to catch a glimpse of the sunset here as the blue sky gets filled with orange and yellow colors.

The trail has beautiful views all along, and you can also get to see the town’s local plant and animal wildlife. It’s an excellent place to hike, ride your bikes, walk your pet, or simply enjoy the scenery.

The Panorama Trail is a must-visit if you are around and want to take a break from mundane activities. It is truly a beautiful and calm place to take some time off daily life.

After hiking the Country Club Trail, visitors climb Pat Mullen Mountain. The mountain is visited by tons of people who visit Pinetop. It is usually snowy when you go higher, and the view is magnificent.

Be sure to have fun when you Climb up there, create snowmen, engage in snowball fights, and have a good time with family and friends.

Address: 9046-9106 Porter Mountain Rd, Lakeside, AZ 85929, United States

14. Hon-Dah Resort Casino

One of the best things to do in Pinetop, AZ is to enjoy the nightlife by visiting the Hon-Dah Resort Casino. It would be a perfect place to drink, gamble, and dance away your worries all night.

You can spend the night at the casino hotel, which offers visitors a deluxe stay with a buffet meal at no cost and still serves tasty seafood dishes.

The unique resort casino organizes live events and shows, and you might be opportune to be a part of it during your visit to Pinetop.

Everything to see about this place is fun and scintillating, ranging from the gaming machines, music, food, and others. Here offers you the very best, and it should be a primary item on your checklist of fun things to do in Pinetop, AZ if you love nightlife.

Address: 777 AZ-260, Pinetop, AZ 85935, United States

15. Timber Mesa Trail

Timber Mesa Trail
Credits: Anetlanda / Shutterstock

The Timber Mesa Trail accommodates different habitats such as scrubland and ponderosa. As you walk along the trail, you will be opportune to catch views of the Pinetop Lakeside, Show Low, and Jacques Marsh.

Other faunas include various species of small mammals, elk and mule deer, and forest birds.

The Timber Mesa has a good network linkage with other trails, such as panorama, which can be readily accessed through the Sawmill and Flume Connector.

Address: Timber Mesa Fire Rd, Lakeside, AZ 85929, United States

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16. Lakeside Ranger District

Lakeside Ranger District
Credits: Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich / Shutterstock

Another essential item on this list of top things to do in Pinetop, AZ is visiting the Lakeside Ranger District. It is an ample space with many rooms that are perfect for camping.

You can get more information about the local forest located here from the Rangers and choose which to check out next.

The Lakeside Ranger District offers information and free maps to visitors about this destination; the Lakeside Ranger District provides provisions for permits for camping, boating, and fishing.

You can get all of the information about Pinetop-Lakeside from the Lakeside Ranger District, and it should be a must-see destination for you when you visit.

Address: 2022 W White Mountain Blvd, Lakeside, AZ 85929, United States

17. Tranquil Country Club Trail

Tranquil Country Club Trail
Credits: ff-photo / Shutterstock

If you love hiking, one of the best fun things to do in Pinetop, AZ is visit the Tranquil Country Club Trail. It is a well-maintained, clean and gorgeous trail to find in Pinetop. The greenery here is fantastic and beautiful, so be sure to visit.

Visitors will have the opportunity to go up Pat Mullen Mountain after getting to the trail’s end. The track is perfect for hikers of all ages and skill levels and is not too steep.

It has an elevation of 100 feet; the views from the top are something you sure want to see as it is beautiful.

Here are furry friends as well; you can bring your dogs along for a stroll on the Country Club trail. Hiking here is fun and easy; the experience is something you sure want to be part of.

Here is an excellent spot if you intend to take some time off from mundane things and the busy city life.

Address: Sr 185, Pinetop, AZ 85935, United States

18. Spa Estique

Credits: Rido / Shutterstock

After long hours of touring through the city, one should be exhausted and tired. One of the best things to do in Pinetop, AZ is check out the spa treatment offered at Spa Estique.

Spa Estique was established in 2002 and has since then been a significant attraction in this part of the country. They provide guests with various spa treatments ranging from skincare to facials and massages.

There are individual lockers, a steam room, Jacuzzi, and also a sauna. It also has a lounge where visitors can have herbal tea and good snacks.

Address: 1746 E White Mountain Blvd # 2, Pinetop, AZ 85935, United States

19. Rainbow Lake

Rainbow Lake
Credits: Teri Ellis / Flickr
Rainbow Lake

It is ideal to know that a considerable part of Pinetop comprises 20% art and 80% lakes. There are lots of water activities to be part of, including swimming and boating when you visit.

A visit to Rainbow Lakes should be a significant item on your list of things to do in Pinetop, AZ. The Rainbow Lake is an artificial reservoir ideal for fishing, as there are various fish species here.

This gorgeous serene lake contains a lake resort where visitors can enjoy themselves at night, the scintillating view, and the lovely quiet wave sounds.

Other exciting things to see here are ducks and varieties of birds that stay on the lake, making the lake much busier and more beautiful to see. You can bring a camera to snap gorgeous photos of nature and wildlife close to the Rainbow lake.

Address: Pinetop, Az, United States

20. Mogollon Rim Trail

Mogollon Rim Trail
Credits: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests / Flickr
Mogollon Rim Trail

The next item on our list of things to do is visiting the Mogollon Rim Trail. It is a well-preserved, clean, well-defined, and gorgeous trail for all and sundry to hike. The entire route is blessed with beautiful vistas.

The trail is straightforward and can be used by hikers of all skill levels and age groups. Just like every other trail, visitors can bike, walk, hike, or get involved with every activity here.

Here is an excellent spot for wildlife photography and is a popular destination for people who want to take photos of nature or themselves in a beautiful backdrop.

Mogollon Rim Trail consists of interpretive signs that tell this region’s rich history and terrain along the trail, thus giving visitors a perfectly adventurous experience. Be sure not to miss out on this place if you love hiking.

Address: Lakeside, AZ 85929, United States

21. Pinetop Lakes Golf & Country Club

Pinetop Lakes Golf & Country Club
Credits: antpkr / Shutterstock

If you are a golf enthusiast, one of the best things to do in Pinetop, AZ is to visit the famed Pinetop Lakes Golf and Country Club. It is a local golf and country club available for all at certain times during the day.

Pinetop Lakes Golf & Country Club is a beautiful 18-hole golf course that consists of waters and line trees and occupies a land area of 4500 years.

The local golf and the country club may be somewhat short, having 11 par, 3s, 2par 5s, and 5 Par 4s, and it requires much accuracy as it is much more challenging when golfing out of bounds.

The golf club has a restaurant available in the mornings, and it features an exciting wine list for you to enjoy after playing many rounds of golf.

Address: 4643 Buck Springs Rd, Pinetop, AZ 85935, United States

22. Scott Reservoir

Scott Reservoir
Credits: siamionau pavel / Shutterstock

Another place to look out for when you visit Pinetop is the Scott reservoir. It is an ideal spot for enjoying everyday activities such as boating, camping, swimming, hiking, and others.

This place is famed for its incredible gorgeous vistas, especially sunsets filled with purple and pink hues, making it a magnificent view. You can visit here to have a good time with nature.

Fishing here is fun, as you can catch numerous Trail fish and catfish. The reservoir is also a peaceful place.

Address: Pinetop, Az, United States

23. The Lion’s Den Bar & Grill

The Lion's Den Bar & Grill
Credits: The Lion’s Den Bar & Grill / Facebook
The Lion’s Den Bar & Grill

Another important place is the Lion’s Den Bar & Grill, a unique sports bar always open to satisfy your food cravings, so be sure to visit and enjoy their delicious food and wine menu.

The Lion’s Den Bar & Grill was founded in 1939 as a tiny cafe but grew over time to become a significant attraction for locals and tourists alike in this part of the country. 

It has a great food menu comprising tasty burgers, chicken gumbo, Barbecue ribs, and Chili. This classic sports bar is a famous place to visit in Arizona.

You can also play off-track betting at the bar, and it is lots of fun for people who intend to spend time relaxing and having a chilled drink while striking conversations with colleagues and friends over the morning newspaper or lunch. Here is a great place to have a laid-back experience, so be sure to add it to your checklist of places to visit in Pinetop, Az.

Address: 2408 E White Mountain Blvd, Pinetop, AZ 85935, United States

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Plan a Trip to Pinetop

The city of Pinetop, over the years, has been a top-tier recreational spot.

It features so many things to do that will pique your interest, such as its numerous trail network that spreads through the Ponderosa Pine Forest, 200 river streams, and 65 lakes, which offer innumerable opportunities for visitors.

Plan a visit to Pinetop!