26 Best & Fun Things to Do in Lewes (DE)

Lewes lies on Delaware Bay in Delaware State, United States. This incorporated city is located on the east side of Sussex County.

 It is the European’s first settlement site in the state.

Lewes is one of the fast-growing cities and tourist destinations in Delaware. It had a population of about 3,266 in the 2020 census.

The city has many gorgeous beaches, nature preserves, fascinating historic districts, trails, parks, restaurants, and other amazing features.

Some of the most amazing places include the Zwaanendael Museum, the Cape Henlopen State Park, the Lightship Overfalls, the Lewes Canalfront Park, Bethany Blues, Junction and Breakwater Trail, and more.

Planning an exploration of Lewes? Check out the top fun things to do in Lewes, DE.

Things to Do in Lewes, DE

1. Lewes Beach

Lewes Beach
Credits: CBH / Shutterstock
Lewes Beach

A more intriguing item on your list of fun things to do in Lewes, DE, is visiting Lewes Beach, next to Cape Henlopen State Park.

Lewes Beach is popular among tourists and locals due to its soft white sand and glistening waters.

There are numerous water-related activities, including boating and swimming. Lewes Beach comprises many parks, including Jungle Jim’s River Safari Park and Midway Speedway Park.

One thing you shouldn’t miss before leaving this Beach is watching the sunrise, and you could also take a walk around the Park.

There are beach umbrellas and chairs available for rentals, perfect for relaxation and bird watching. Visitors can also ride the Cape May-Lewes ferries, which go through New Jersey and Delaware.

Make sure you arrive early, and don’t forget to come along with your food and snacks, a beach hat, sunglasses, and other necessities.

Address: Lewes, DE 19958, United States

2. The Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park
Credits: a chasing after the wind / Shutterstock
Cape Henlopen State Park

The Cape Henlopen State Park is among the most popular attractions in Lewes. A visit to this Park is one of the best things to do in Lewes, DE.

The Park is an awesome outdoor recreation location that offers visitors various fun activities.

This attraction resembles a seasonal park. It is open from March to November yearly, offering incredible natural beauty.

The Cape Henlopen State Park is excellent for camping, swimming, fishing, surfing, and biking, featuring beautiful beaches with soft sand.

The beaches are made of beautiful turquoise blue waters, which are always chilly and relaxing to swim in or explore.

The Park has a Seaside Nature Center, open for visitors to join an interpretive course where they learn about native animals and plants.

Address: 15099 Cape Henlopen Dr, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

3. Bethany Blues

Bethany Blues
Credits: Mike Mahaffie / Flickr
Bethany Blues

Bethany Blues is among the best places to visit in Lewes, DE, for mouthwatering dishes.

The restaurant is owned by dedicated individuals traveling around the country searching for the most delicious barbecue recipes.

They invented their brand of barbecue, rated one of the best in Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Bethany Blues is a restaurant filled with cheerful people, laughter, and the sizzling sounds from the kitchen.

They offer a broad food menu featuring Blues Brisket Nachos, onions frizzle, Hickory Smoked Wings, fried pickles, Alder Grilled Salmon, Smoked Turkey Breast, Smoked Caprese Chicken, and more.

The restaurant also offers various drinks, including Fordham Dominion Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Anejo Margarita, Evan Williams Single Barrel, High West American Prairie, High West Double Rye, and more.

Bethany Blues workers are down to earth and determined to offer outstanding services.

Address: 18385 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

4. The Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve

Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve
Credits: MyraMyra / Shutterstock

Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve, on the West side of the Roosevelt Inlet, is usually not crowded, making it an excellent place to spend time.

The Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve is set apart by sea. This attraction is one of the existing unstructured sandbars excellent for various activities such as beachcombing, fishing, and hiking.

The Beach can only be accessed by the Coastal Highway or Route 1 through Broadkill Road. You may decide to walk around to collect some beautiful shells, which can serve as souvenirs for the time you spent here.

Address: Lewes, DE 19958, United States

5. The Lewes Maritime Museum at the Cannonball House

One of the top things to do in Lewes, DE, if you’re a history enthusiast, is to explore the Lewes Maritime Museum at the Cannonball House.

The attraction offers you a chance to discover more about the history of Lewes. The Cannonball House, constructed in the mid-1700s, was used for many purposes during the Revolution of America.

The building had served as the mayor’s office, laundry store, and restaurant. However, it currently functions as the Maritime Museum.

You will find a comprehensive collection of memorabilia and artifacts talking about the city’s maritime history.

The Lewes Maritime Museum at the Cannonball House accommodates the Breaking Britannia’s Grasp exhibition and more.

Address: 118 Front St, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

6. Beach Time Distilling

Beach Time Distilling
Credits: NewFabrika / Shutterstock

Beach Time Distilling is a family-owned and operated distillery that produces the finest handcrafted spirits.

Greg Christmas is a co-founder and distiller at Beach Time Distilling, who has been a committed home brewer for more than twenty-five years.

He lived in the hills of Eastern Tennessee for five years, when he learned all the mythology of distilling, and worked as staff for seven years at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

Beach Time Distilling adopts unique and pressure-free methods in fermentation using a stress-free yeast technique.

They offer a variety of vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, and other spirits at their tasting room, founded on 15th August 2015.

The tasting room is open on Wednesday & Thursday from 12 pm-6 pm, Friday & Saturday from 12 pm-7 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm-4 pm.

Address: 32191 Nassau Rd #5, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

7. The Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Cape May-Lewes Ferry
Credits: Michele Dorsey Walfred / Flickr
Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Go on a ride with Cape May-Lewes Ferry if you want to explore the city more excitingly.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry regularly goes across Lewes to Cape May, offering visitors some of the most amazing experiences.

The Ferry’s journey is a wonderful 20-mile pilgrimage that leads to Cape May, a beautiful city in New Jersey. During this journey, visitors sight dolphins and other marine species within Delaware Bay.

The Ferry could easily carry about one hundred cars and over six hundred persons from one junction to the other.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry features indoor and outdoor seating where visitors enjoy delicious meals and beverages.

Address: Lewes, DE 19958, United States

8. Mary Vessels Park

Mary Vessels Park
Credits: PilotGirl / Flickr
Mary Vessels Park

Mary Vessels Park is a great destination to take a break and have a snack while enjoying the serene environment and watching other people walk by.

The Park, named after Ms. Mary Vessels, Lewes Parks and Recreation Committee’s first Chairperson, features a large Magnolia tree which serves as a large shade covering a nice gazebo.

After her sudden death at an early age, the notion of rehabilitation was introduced to the Downtown shopping district of Second Street in Lewes.

Mary Vessels Park attracts visitors to its small pavilion, where they enjoy coffee and pastries from a cafe.

The pavilion is enclosed by seasonal plantings, which attract people to come and commune with nature through the surroundings.

Address: 114 E. Third Street, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

9. The Zwaanendael Museum

Zwaanendael Museum
Credits: Bob Mical / Flickr
Zwaanendael Museum

Located along King’s Highway, the Zwaanendael Museum is known for housing an enormous region history related to its military and maritime activities.

The Zwaanendael Museum is also popular for its exceptional architectural design, showcasing the Dutch style of the traditional town hall known as “Hoorn.”

The structural design of the Museum is inspired by the Dutch migrants who moved in during the 1960s.

This Museum is a place you should see whenever you visit the city as you get to browse through the showcased exhibits packed with memorabilia and artifacts about Dutch settlers and early Europeans.

You might spend longer than intended going through the exhibits, offering a deeper insight into Lewes’s history.

Address: 102 Kings Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

10. The Second Street’s Local Shops

Second Street’s Local Shops
Credits: VGstockstudio / Shutterstock

Visiting Second Street is undoubtedly a must-do if you don’t know what to do in Lewes, DE.

Second Street, considered the major commerce site, is a fantastic place to spend your free time in the town.

Several boutiques and local shops at almost every corner of the Street offer great goods and services.

You can visit the Blooming Boutique (which includes the Twila Farrell store) offers cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, and more.

Second Street’s Local Shops also features numerous cafes and restaurants serving different cuisines.

Address; 2nd St, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

11. Nassau Valley Vineyards

Nassau Valley Vineyards
Credits: Andrew Hagen / Shutterstock

Nassau Valley Vineyards, the first and only one of its kind in Delaware, is located within leafy areas on a country road.

This establishment is an award-winning winery that officially opened its doors in 1993 as the first ever commercial winery in the state.

The Vineyards were first cultivated on a family farm by Peg Raley and Bob Raley, her father, to produce delicious wines.

She spent many years working for The Friends of Wine magazine and Les Amis du Vin International before she decided to begin producing wines.

Nassau Valley Vineyards obtains their farm produce, including grapes, from local manufacturers on the east side of the shore.

They offer 2020 Redneck Rouge, 2020 Laurel’s Red, 2020 Apple Blossom, 2019 True Blueberry, 2016 “Indian River Red,” Vintner’s Blend, 2018 Naked Chardonnay, and more.

Address: 32165 Winery Way Lewes, DE 19958, United States

12. The Historic Lewes Farmers Market

Historic Lewes Farmers Market
Credits: stockcreations / Shutterstock

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market, the only-producer farmers market in Lewes, is a non-profit association that provides a highly friendly meeting point for exchanging goods and services.

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market was founded by volunteers in 2000 and has consistently grown larger ever since.

Visit the market if you want to purchase the freshest items and get a chance to fully incorporate into the city by mixing with locals, as it’s one of the best things to do in Lewes, DE.

There are no margins to what you can purchase, starting from fresh fruits, organic products, grass-fed meats, vegetables, and handmade pastries.

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market is an outlet to support local farmers, including businessmen and women in the community.

Address: George H.P.Smith Park, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

13. Junction and Breakwater Trail

Junction and Breakwater Trail
Credits: mbruschi / Shutterstock
Junction and Breakwater Trail

For adventure seekers, don’t forget to include a visit to Junction and Breakwater Trail in your adventure plans.

The Junction and Breakwater Trail extends almost six miles from Cape Henlopen State Park to Lewes Beach.

The Trail goes through the path of a railroad active during the 17th and 18th centuries as Delaware’s primary means of transportation.

Winding through various natural surroundings such as coastal marshlands, fields, and forests, the Trail is open to everyone for free.

The Junction and Breakwater Trail is a great place for biking, running, and walking and is a navigable path for children.

The Trail was built as a replacement for the former rail line, which it was named after. It also offers scenic views of its environment.

Address: 300 Gills Neck Rd, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

14. Historical Society Main Campus

Historical Society Main Campus
Credits: The Lewes Historical Society / Facebook
Historical Society Main Campus

Lewes Historical Society, found in the middle of the city, features numerous historic buildings open for excursions.

Every one of the structures has captivating tales and hidden stories surrounding it, ready to be revealed to its visitors.

The history of these buildings concentrates on Lewes’s deep roots in the maritime industry, with the town’s backstory dating back many centuries.

The historic buildings include Hiram Rodney Burton House, Thompson Country Store, Blacksmith Shop, Doctor’s Office, Rabbit’s Ferry House, Burton-Ingram House, and Ellegood House.

You can embark on a walking tour with your friends and family as you walk through the memorabilia and artifacts of the city’s history.

Address: 110 Shipcarpenter St, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

15. Heritage Antiques Market

Heritage Antiques Market
Credits: Aris-Tect Group / Shutterstock

The Heritage Antiques Market is a 10,000-square-foot antique facility in Lewes, DE.

Heritage Antiques Market features collectibles and an antique showroom packed with an extensive collection of timeless and contemporary pieces.

They offer old tools, fine porcelain, pottery, lighting, wall art, glass, garden items, etc. There are more than sixty-five merchants in the facility, making it one of the biggest antique shopping malls in the state.

Heritage Antiques Market offers you unique treasures without having to search for long and without stress.

Address: 16168 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

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16. The Lightship Overfalls

Lightship Overfalls
Credits: Mike Mahaffie / Flickr
Lightship Overfalls

Are you ready for a unique kind of fun? Add a visit to the Lightship Overfalls to your list of fun things to do in Lewes, DE.

The Lightship Overfalls is among the few surviving lightships erected to serve the Country’s Lighthouse Service.

This outstanding historical attraction operates as a maritime museum and is open for visitation and guided tours.

Over one hundred and fifty lightships were built on the mid-Atlantic coast between the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Lightship Overfalls is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, making it a significant part of Lewes’s history.

Address: 219 Pilottown Rd, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

17. The Fort Miles Historical Area

Fort Miles Historical Area
Credits: Jeffrey/ Flickr
Fort Miles Historical Area

The Fort Miles Historical Area is found on the roof of the Great Dune. The attraction was erected as a coastal defense during World War II in Delaware Bay.

The fortification has been converted into a famed historical site close to Cape Henlopen State Park.

When you visit the area, you can view massive guns, artillery batteries, munitions, and other equipment that have been fully conserved in the Fort Miles Museum.

The Fort Miles Historical Area offers guests an intimate view and understanding of how weapons were utilized during World War II.

The Fort Miles Historical Association has worked for hand in hand with Delaware State Parks since 2003 in a bid to expand the historical area and the Museum.

Address: 15099 Cape Henlopen Dr, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

18. Stango Park

Stango Park
Credits: Mike Mahaffie / Flickr
Stango Park

Stango Park was named after a former Mayor, Al Stango, who retired in 1993 after serving a twelve-term.

Mayor Stango is known for his powerful personality and his role during Lewes’s evolution from an effective blue-collar city into what it is today.

Stango Park is a beautiful Park that serves as a perfect escape from the city. The Park features the Lewes Public Library, a venue for the Lewes summer concert series, which is held from 14th June to 30th August only on Tuesday evenings.

Stango Park, designed as the greenhouse of Lewes, features a large spread of trees like an arbor covering the grass carpets.

Whenever you want to relax under the shade to read a novel or listen to cool music, Stango Park is the perfect place for you.

Address: 114 3rd St, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

19. The Mid Atlantic Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival

Attend this renowned Lewes festival if you’re looking for what to do in Lewes, DE. The Mid Atlantic Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival, held annually in June, features numerous sea glass artists in the state.

The Mid Atlantic Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival showcase artistic skills from over seventy years in manufacturing sea glass and artworks.

The festival offers a cheerful atmosphere that draws thousands of people to the Lewes Historical Society Campus to participate in different activities.

Many food trucks, musicians, and vendors from different parts of the country make it more exciting and fun.

The Mid Atlantic Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival offer fun and informative activities for children to enjoy.

Address: Lewes, DE 19958, United States

20. The Lewes Canalfront Park

Lewes Canalfront Park
Credits: Mike Mahaffie / Flickr
Lewes Canalfront Park

Since 1631, Lewes Canalfront Park, created in 1631, has been the place for many community events and activities.

The Lewes Canalfront Park is known as the city’s soul, providing a place where you can spend time with loved ones.

The Park offers mind-blowing views of the canal and other close attractions, such as the Lightship Overfalls.

Other things to explore here include a kayak launch, well-paved walkways, playgrounds for kids, a treeline, sports facilities, and gardens.

The Lewes Canalfront Park is also a great place to loosen up, as you will find cafes, pubs, and restaurants nearby.

This attraction offers a chance to create new memories with your friends and family as you engage in various fun activities.

Address: 211 Front St, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

21. The Lewes Public Library

Lewes Public Library
Credits: LeicherOliver / Shutterstock

The Lewes Public Library was originally established in 1988 but was recently relocated to a new building in 2016.

The Library’s construction was initiated by the effects of the community with an increase in size to 28,500 square feet.

The new Library also retained some of the previous Library’s features, including a room for children and the Delaware room with lots of new additions.

The Lewes Public Library consists of meeting rooms, a computer training room, a teen room, study rooms, etc.

This Library is on ten acres of property, a significant part of the new cultural campus located in the southern part of Lewes’s entrance.

Address: 111 Adams Ave, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

22. The Hopkins Farm Creamery

Hopkins Farm Creamery
Credits: Atsushi Hirao / Shutterstock

This destination is one of the best places to visit in Lewes, DE. The Hopkins Farm Creamery is renowned for serving the most delicious ice cream in the region.

The Hopkins Farm Creamery, a family-owned and operated dairy farm, serves freshly made ice cream at the store.

They offer over twenty-five varieties of ice cream flavors for customers to pick from, depending on their preferences.

After a hectic day of being soaked in the sun, why not visit the Hopkins Farm Creamery and enjoy a delicious treat which would help you cool off?

The Hopkins Farm Creamery features a shaded seating area and a transparent door through which you can watch your ice cream being prepared.

They offer flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream, Strawberry Ice Cream, Cappuccino Delight, Chocolate Ice Cream, Banana Split, etc.

Address: 18186 Dairy Farm Rd, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

23. The 1812 Memorial Park

1812 Memorial Park
Credits: Photobyt / Shutterstock
1812 Memorial Park

The 1812 Memorial Park is found not too far from downtown Second Street, also known as Cannonball Park.

The Park was established as a tribute to Lewes’ defense on April 6th and 7th of 1813, a bombardment held for two days by the British Fleet.

This site played a vital role during the war in 1812 and is marked by the United States Daughters of 1812, using a granite monument.

The 1812 Memorial Park features a naval gun of three inches on the lower section of the terrace utilized in World War I, postponed in 1930 by the American Legion.

You will find huge guns donated by the government on the upper lumps, including cannon balls preserved by residents.

Address: 114 E. Third Street, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

24. Shell We Bounce Trampoline Park

Shell We Bounce Trampoline Park
Credits: Petr Smagin / Shutterstock

A visit to the Shell We Bounce Trampoline Park is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation in Lewes. This family Entertainment Center and Trampoline Park offer different fun activities.

The fun amenities in the Park include trampolines, a basketball slam dunk, a foam pit, an airbag, a dodgeball, a children’s zone, an arcade and also a covered playground, and a jungle gym.

Shell We Bounce Trampoline Park provides healthy and fun recreation for all ages. It is also an ideal place to host birthday parties, corporate and team-building events, and group events.

You can jump and bounce on their trampolines and even try out those new flip tricks you have been practicing at home. They have a cafe where you can have snacks and beverages.

Address: 32295 Lewes Georgetown Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958, USA

25. Pirates of Lewes

Pirates of Lewes
Credits: Pirates of Lewes Expeditions / Facebook
Pirates of Lewes

Give your kids a summer adventure they will not forget quickly by visiting the Pirates of Lewes, a private ship charter in Lewes, DE.

Pirates of Lewes provides sailing expeditions throughout the summer. A guide or captain will be on board to brief you about the indigenous pirate history of Lewes, Blue Skin, Captain Kid’s hidden treasure, and the legends of Black Beard.

There will also be pirate dances and singing for everyone on board. Every crew member on board will take a pirate oath, join forces to reach the Sunken Treasure via a map, and protect the Sea Gypsy from bad sailors.

The adventure participants will receive a sword, a pirate gun, earrings, and an eye patch. Pirate clothes, face painting, a pirate booty bag, and water cannon battles are all part of this 70-minute expedition.

Address: 400 Anglers Road, Lewes, DE 19958, USA

26. Seaside Nature Center

Seaside Nature Center
Credits: Arunee Rodloy / Shutterstock

The main highlight of the Seaside Nature Center is the 300-gallon dual-level touch tank with large viewing windows.

Seaside Nature Center has exhibits that explain the various habitats in the area, five 1,100-gallon tanks that contain native fish, a gift store, and a live Osprey Cam donated by Friends of Cape Henlopen.

This Nature Center also provides recreational tours and environmental education programs yearly. There are Marine aquariums where guests can have a close-up experience with ocean creatures.

They have a well-experienced staff who are readily available to answer your questions. This attraction is great for kids, so they will also enjoy this informative and fantastic experience.

Address: 15099 Cape Henlopen Dr, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Lewes

Lewes offers visitors various recreational opportunities to have fun and create new unforgettable memories.

The city is a stunning region with many artificial and natural attractions, contributing largely to its beauty.

Come with your camera and capture some of the most beautiful pictures that will remind you of your time there. Do visit!