25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Grand Prairie (TX)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Grand Prairie, TX?

Near Dallas and Fort Worth sits the strong city of Grand Prairie, which has frequently been cast as probably the best city in the territory of Texas.

Without much of a stretch, the city can be visited as a feature of an intriguing excursion around the United States.

If you are searching for some incredible Texas neighborliness, you’re sure to find it here.

Families specifically will discover a great deal to appreciate in Grand Prairie, as there is an abundance of attractions for guests, like game settings and outside play regions.

Besides family fun, you can likewise partake in nature activities here and take in a portion of the magnificence of Texas, as you will find parks all over Grand Prairie.

If you desire to look for a few food and trinkets, then there is likewise a farmer’s market with probably the best produce in all of Texas.

Are you planning an exploration of Grand Prairie? Here are the top things to do in Grand Prairie, TX.

Things to Do in Grand Prairie

1. NOKIA Theatre

NOKIA Theatre Grand Prairie
Credits: Mannypr [CC BY-SA 2.5], Wikimedia Commons
NOKIA Theatre Grand Prairie
This place is an excellent destination for visitors to enjoy entertaining shows and get to learn about beautiful stories from various facets of life.

The outlook of the theater appears to be negligible from an external perspective and even from the hall; however, it opens up very enormous within.

Be that as it may, the acoustics are astounding, and the lacking elbow room gives everybody in the performance center a decent view.

The seats in the theater are comfortable, and the temperature is perfect. Lighting and sound are right on target as well.

Verizon presently supports the theater yet is similarly as pleasant. It’s one restriction is size, as it is a little scene.

The lower stand is incredible and worth the cost increment for a unique occasion. The theater sells cocktails and fair food contributions. In any case, it’s worth visiting many times!

Address: 1001 NextStage Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

2. Lone Star Park

 Lone Star Park
Credits: pinelife / Flickr
 Lone Star Park

No vacation is complete without a beautiful place to visit and unwind with family and friends, and an example of such a site is the Lone Star Park.

Consistently, the Lone Star Park has two exciting horse racing seasons, which everybody in the family can appreciate.

If you’re ever searching for a beautiful view and fun things to do in Grand Prairie, TX, you have to pay a visit to Lone Star Park.

The recreation area has become so famous in the locale that more than 700,000 individuals rush there each year, evaluating each brilliant convenience.

For instance, you can visit the colossal seven-level Grandstand encased in gleaming glass or get supper at the open Silks Dining Room with a 1,200 seating capacity.

If what you’re searching for is fun and a great view, then the Lone Star Park is the best option for a visit!

Address: 1000 Lone Star Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

3. AirHogs Ballpark

AirHogs Ballpark
Credits: USA Cricket and MLC / Wiki (public domain)
AirHogs Ballpark

Sports enthusiasts aren’t left behind or left out when it comes to great places to enjoy a vacation and their favorite sport.

If you feel like you’ve gotten used to all the other activities on your list of fun things to do in Grand Prairie, TX, you should try visiting AirHog Ballpark.

AirHogs Ballpark is the spot to come assuming that you love baseball, and it’s home to the Texas Airhogs, the South Independent Baseball Team.

During the baseball season, you can get a game here. However, you will likewise see substantially more here than simply a baseball field.

Notwithstanding the grounds, there are about 17,000 square feet of Kids Zone for children to play in, as well as a pool and a café and bar region.

AirHog Ballpark comprises all forms of fun accompanied by a safe environment for both adults and kids alike. It’s an excellent choice for a visit!

Address: 1600 Lone Star Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, United Stat

4. Cinemark Movies 16

Cinemark Movies 16
Credits: Serhii Bobyk / Shutterstock

A movie trip is always an interesting event, especially when you’re going to the movies with loved ones.

At Cinemark Movies 16, visitors can book their respective movies and get their movie tickets online. Your phone can literally serve as your pass.

Cinemark Movies 16 makes it convenient for visitors within and outside Grand Prairie to save themselves a spot for their desired movies.

The seats are huge leather recliners that offer a level of simply marvellous comfort.

The eats are a tad bit expensive, but that’s the movies for you.

They also offer senior rates for those that are 55 years of age plus. You’re sure to have a great experience, and it can be your favorite movie spot after the first visit.

Address: 220 Westchester Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

5. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium
Credits: mcdlttx / Flickr
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has exhibited the world’s oddness through its book series and TV shows for some years now.

Yet again, if you’re a fan, you ought to go to Grand Prairie and visit Ripley’s Odditorium to get a kick out of the unusual. Entering the odditorium is like venturing into Ripley’s book. 

You’re sure to find a wide range of magnificent, fascinating, and remarkable peculiarities from everywhere at the Odditorium.

From that point onward, you can bring your companions and have a go at tackling Ripley’s Enchanted Mirror Maze.

Set your abilities in opposition to your companions at Ripley’s Impossible LaseRace, pause for a minute or two, and wonder about the 7D moving theater. It’s a visitor’s delight.

Address: 601 E Palace Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

6. Shoot smart

Shoot smart
Credits: JazzyGeoff / Shutterstock

What visit to Texas is finished without some trigger time at the reach? No firearm experience? It’s no issue at Shoot Smart!

Shoot Smart is prepared to help you constantly, and if you’re currently experienced with Firearms, you’re surely going to like this place.

Shoot Smart is the kind of reach any carefully prepared gun proprietor appreciates.

For those searching for adventure and exhilarating experiences, a little target practice might be just the thing for you.

Although this place is not family-friendly, you can visit on the off chance that you’re a lone vacationer.

Shoot Smart regards both your experience and protection, offering you an agreeable and obliging office to practice and hone your abilities.

Address: 2440 W Main St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050-4928

7. Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark
Credits: Pavel L Photo and Video / Shutterstock

You always get a different feeling when visiting a waterpark is part of your list of fun things to do in Grand Prairie, TX. It’s always a blast!

You can consider taking the plunge at this 80,000-square-foot indoor waterpark in Grand Prairie and chill out with your family and friends.

It’s open all year for showy experiences that each individual from your family will most likely appreciate.

This spot offers different attractions, similar to the Lasso Loop, the shocking Yellowjacket Drop, the exhilarating Texas Twist, and the family-accommodating Wave Pool.

No matter what, you’ll, in any case, have a great time at Epic Waters.

Its retractable rooftop implies you won’t ever need to stress over the downpour or intensity.

Similarly, three of the 11 waterslides in this park are unique in the whole waterpark industry. The spot also has birthday gatherings, and you can likewise lease it for yourself.

Address: 2970 Epic Place, Grand Prairie, Texas 75052.

8. Grand Prairie Premium Outlets

Credits: michaeljung / Shutterstock

You’re sure to find over 100 different shops that all offer discounts on their goods at Grand Prairie Premium Outlet.

At the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets, you can expect a 65% discount on big name brands like Michael.

Many people know the brand Johnston and Murphy as inseparable from men’s shoes and clothing, but you can also get it and many other brands at the outlets.

The notion “shop till you drop” comes to life at the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets. There are so many things to choose from!

The Manager and staff are agreeable, proficient, and recollect your inclinations, so you can easily continue your shopping whenever you revisit the store.

You can also find lady’s shoes at 70% off the average cost on a tremendous collection of ladies’ shoes at the outlets.

Address: 2950 I-20, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States

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9. Nottingham Bees

Nottingham Bees
Credits: Nottingham Bees, LLC / Facebook
Nottingham Bees

A trip to Nottingham Bees is an excellent idea if you feel like there’s nothing you haven’t done in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Visit an Apiary, otherwise called a Bee Yard, and take a look inside a bumble beehive! It is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience!

Your visit starts with an instructive discussion about bumblebees and beekeeping hardware, after which visitors suit up and visit a beehive.

You also get to take pictures at the beehive. The visit length is roughly an hour to an hour and thirty minutes extended.

In 2013, Nottingham Bees began a bee awareness program that educates people about bees and their relation to honey making.

The rural hives are situated in the core of the DFW metro region. Visits and item get times are accessible by arrangement.

Address: 2566 Sunnyvale Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75050-1626

10. Loyd Park on Joe Pool Lake

Loyd Park on Joe Pool Lake
Credits: Dave Hensley / Flickr
Loyd Park on Joe Pool Lake

Here’s another Park where visitors can enjoy their stay and have fun while at it. Loyd Park on Joe Pool Lake a delightful place with some of the top things to do in Grand Prairie, TX.

Loyd Park lies not a long way from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex on Joe Pool Lake, an outstanding nature escape for the entire family.

You can find it on the lake’s western shore, covering around 791 sections of land of untainted Texas scene. It’s a perfect place for a picture.

You can camp out there without agonizing over the distance to Dallas/Fort Worth attractions. It’s also an excellent place for a picnic.

Then again, the encompassing nature ought to give sufficient pleasure to visitors who need to unwind. Everyone loves a good relaxation and fresh air.

The camping areas are sizable, as well, with about 1,000 square feet. Every camping area has a barbecue, structure, and outdoor table, so you don’t have to stress over dinners.

Address: 3401 Ragland Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.

11. QuikTrip Park

QuikTrip Park
Credits: noraismail / Shutterstock

Your trip to Grand Prairie, Texas, wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Quicktrip Park, as it certainly among the top things to do in Grand Prairie, TX.

Quicktrip Park is a sporting facility where visitors can get to watch epic games and enjoy their day with their families.

They have remarkable customer service -the hog mascot interacts with the crowd as much as possible. You can’t get bored in this place.

Players are enthusiastic, the staff is very welcoming, and everyone you’ll meet seems genuinely happy.

This place is excellent for a family-friendly visit with friends and family, and you can just sit back and relax while watching the game.

Many families and kiddos have a blast at the Quicktrip Park – from interacting with players to enjoying the side play area, this place would be worth a family night out.

Address: Lone Star Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

12. Action Park

Action Park Grand Prairie
Credits: lzf / Shutterstock

Remember your genius skater’s dreams at the Action Park in Grand Prairie, a top-notch skate park for serious skating, trekking, and ice skating.

Visitors are free to bring their children, as well, if they share a similar enthusiasm for exciting games.

This open-air skate park’s principal fascination is The Hangar, a covered skate park crossing 17,000 square feet with a roll-in froth pit.

You could go through a whole day skating around there. In addition, you have The Trails, highlighting two-section of dirt tracks.

Regardless of whether you’re a novice, you can, in any case, partake in this element since it offers tracks for all expertise levels.

Simply sit back and relax; if you don’t have a skateboard or bicycle, Action Park gives bicycle and skateboard rentals.

Address: 1002 Lone Star Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

13. Uptown Theater

Uptown Theater
Credits: Jim / Flickr
Uptown Theater

It’s always a delightful experience to see a movie or watch live performances with your loved ones and enjoy various shows.

Uptown Theater is a memorable structure in Grand Prairie. Located downtown is the Uptown Theater, reestablished to its 1950s charm.

After purchasing the spot, the city of Grand Prairie changed it into a multi-use expressions focus, opening in 2008.

When you’re visiting the area, you can see exhibitions from the neighboring Grand Prairie Arts Council or go to shows from groups on a visit.

If not, you can likewise purchase passes to shows or theatrical exhibitions. Again, it’s a solid option for things to do in Grand Prairie, TX.

There’s always something to do at the Uptown Theater with friends and loved ones, and it’s undoubtedly an excellent idea to visit.

Address: 210 E Main St., Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

14. Lynn Creek Park

Lynn Creek Park
Credits: Jaymzyates / Wiki (public domain)
Lynn Creek Park

For a sample of the outside in Grand Prairie, make a beeline for Lynn Creek Park, situated on the shocking Joe Pool Lake.

Here you will find boat inclines so you can go sailing on the lake, as well as excursion grounds, oceanside regions, and volleyball courts.

There are likewise nature trails that cut up the recreation area to stroll around and take in the magnificence of the neighborhood.

On the off chance that you head to the Joe Pool Lake region, try and find a driving reach where you can rehearse your swing.

Lynn Creek Park is the perfect location for a calming swim and a befitting outdoor experience surrounded by nature.

It’s undoubtedly an excellent spot in Grand Prairie, Texas, and it proves to be a family-friendly environment.

Address: 5610 Lake Ridge Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States

15. Prairie Lights Drive-Through Holiday Light Park

Prairie Lights Drive-Through Holiday Light Park
Credits: Prairie Lights / Facebook
Prairie Lights Drive-Through Holiday Light Park

It’s a fact that most memorable life events are closely associated with beautiful lighting and remarkable sights to behold.

In some cases, a ride through a street loaded with lights is the ideal way to end an evening. Thus, before you return to your lodgings, you should go to the Grassland Lights Drive-Through Holiday Light Park.

It’s a stunning feature of four million lights organized along two miles of driving way. Turn upward, and you’ll see new light shows organized along a curve over the street in all shapes.

You can make a refueling break at the Holiday Village if you stop midway.

Take your children to see Santa or bring your better half to the Lighted Walk-Through Forest, don’t pass up a significant opportunity or some cool sights.

Address: 5610 Lake Ridge Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.

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16. Forever Young Records

Forever Young Records
Credits: Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie, Texas / Facebook
Forever Young Records

They say music is life and most people agree with it. It’s also true that a trip is better when there’s music playing.

At Forever Young Records, you’ll get to satisfy your cravings for good music as you’re sure to find a variety of them at the store.

The store also features a lot of merchandise that is up for grabs by anyone who wants to buy them.

Forever Young Records is considered one of the biggest music stores in Grand Prairie, Texas, and it’s easy to see why when you visit.

At the store, you’re sure to find as many albums and records as possible to choose from, and all that stops you from getting them is the amount of money on you.

It’s not just contemporary music that you’ll find either. There are many genres of music to choose from at the store, and it’s only a visit away.

Address: 2955 S State Highway 360, Grand Prairie, TX 75052-7683

17. Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax

Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax
Credits: Thomas Hawk / Flickr
Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax

You probably won’t have the opportunity to shake your hero’s hand in the near future, but you can visit them at Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax.

You can find this royal residence inside a similar structure as Ripley’s Odditorium, so you won’t have to go the distance.

The wax figures in the Palace of Wax are unquestionably similar and appear to be moving when you turn away.

You can see popular performers like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Johnny Cash himself. It’s one of the best things to do in Grand Prairie, TX.

Different VIPs and famous figures additionally come to life at the Palace of wax.

Explore the Hall of Presidents and the Wild West in their extraordinary lobbies. Plan to be frightened at the Wax Museum of Fear, as well.

Address: 601 E Palace Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

18. Alliance Skate Park

Alliance Skate Park
Credits: YanLev / Shutterstock

The Alliance Skate Park cost 1.2 million dollars to assemble. The skate park is a great place to encounter the most recent skating innovation and scenes in the Texas region.

The skate park is the ideal spot to come on the off chance that you like in-line skating, trekking, and in any event, skating.

There is an open-air skating region and an indoor arena where you can skate regardless of whether the weather conditions are against you.

There is a master shop nearby on the off chance that you want to get any gear and hit the ice on your skating adventure.

 Notwithstanding your degree of capacity, you can skate in various assigned regions for anything from fledglings to cutting-edge skaters.

Address:1002 Lone Star Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, USA

19. Riverside Golf Course

Riverside Golf Course
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

It’s safe to say that an experience in Grand Prairie, Texas isn’t complete without a trip to the Riverside Golf Course.

The Riverside Golf Course runs at the edge of the Trinity River in Grand Prairie and is known for being one of the most beautiful fairways in the area.

The course is intended for a scope of players as a primary concern, so visitors with various playing capacities can play and have fun too.

Visitors can take in the lofty perspectives across the water while simultaneously enjoying a peaceful game of golf on the lush green grass.

You can also sit back and just watch others have a good game if you’ve become exhausted from the day’s activities.

Riverside Golf Course is an excellent place for pictures as well as it constitutes a beautiful view and peaceful environment. Visit sometime!

Address: 3000 Riverside Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, United States

20. Tangle Ridge Golf Course

Tangle Ridge Golf Course
Credits: Mr.Somchai Sukkasem / Shutterstock

If you desire to fit in a series of golf in one of the most pleasant pieces of Grand Prairie, then there could be no greater spot than the Tangle Ridge Golf Course.

The course is one of the highest levels nearby and is known for stunning moving slopes that flaunt the best of the wonderful and popular Texas Hill Country.

As well as the solid green, you can respect the encompassing mountain scenes as you practice your swing. It’s a perfect place with some of the best things to do in Grand Prairie, TX.

There are food trucks close to the structure, which is cool if you desire to call it a day. There are also close by hotels for visitors to lodge in.

The Tangle Ridge Golf Course is also an excellent location for exceptional pictures as it is situated at a very high altitude.

 So if you’re in search of something interesting to do in Grand Prairie, Texas, you should head over to the Tangle Ridge Golf Course!

Address: 818 Tangle Ridge Dr, Cedar Hill, TX 75104, United States

21. Asia Times Square & Hong Kong Market

Asia Times Square & Hong Kong Market
Credits: Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

If you need a little Eastern flavor on your Texas trip, pop in the Asia Times Square and Hong Kong Market.

This spot allows you to investigate a scaled-down Hong Kong, complete with authentic Asian merchandise, administrations, and celebrations.

The best chance to visit this spot is during the Lunar New Year when you can join the Flower Festival. You’ll never run out of  fun things to do in Grand Prairie, TX there.

Partake in the celebration’s warm and comfortable environment as everybody commends the new year’s coming.

If you visit some other time, you can likewise shop at the most significant Asian supermarkets in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

You can also get things imported from China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore at the market! It’s all shades of fun!

Address: 2625 W Pioneer Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75051.

22. Texas Trust CU Theatre

Texas Trust CU Theatre
Credits: Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock

Movies and shows are a generally accepted in our society, so it’s no surprise that a trip to the theater is part of this list of things to do in Grand Prairie, TX.

Assuming you’re searching for a pleasant show at Grand Prairie, you can look at the Texas Trust CU theatre, a 6,350-seat execution lobby that sells out shows quickly.

For instance, well-known groups play shows there. In any case, the theater has parody, enchantment shows, and corporate occasions.

Additionally, the Texas Trust CU Theater can flaunt the most mechanically progressed indoor performance center in America.

There’s so much to see and experience if you visit the Texas Trust CU Theatre, making it a worthwhile experience.

This place is family-friendly and wholesome to visit with family and friends. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Address: 1001 Texas Trust Way, Grand Prairie, TX, 75050.

23. Traders Village

Traders Village
Credits: Wellnhofer Designs / Shutterstock

There’s always got to be someone with the “shop till you drop” attitude on every vacation plan, and the Traders Village is perfect for a shopping experience.

Starting around 1973, the Traders Village has drawn in clients from Grand Prairie and the country to a gold mine of essentially every item you could require.

Visitors can purchase auto extras, garments, toys, furniture, and even adornments. 

Assuming you feel your children getting exhausted, you can carry them to the town’s entertainment mecca.

There are more than adequate seating areas if your people get worn out from perusing.

The town offers the absolute best food in the city. You can attempt state fair top choices, authentic road tacos, and Thai food. It’s always interesting in Traders Village.

Address: 2602 Mayfield Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.

24. Grand Prairie Farmers Market

Grand Prairie Farmers Market
Credits: Elena Elisseeva / Shutterstock

Grand Prairie Farmers Market in downtown Grand Prairie is open Saturdays from early April to Mid-December. 

The market features locally grown fruits and vegetables, baked goods, tamales, plants, eggs, honey, chips, soap, candles, dips, salsas, etc.

Local farmers and producers from the locality and neighboring towns sell these products.

Grand Prairie Farmers Market also often holds monthly special events. 

Address: 120 W Main Street, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, United States

25. Viking Axe Throwing

Viking Axe Throwing
Credits: AP Group of Photographers / Shutterstock

Viking Axe Throwing is a 100 percent locally -owned and operated business offering Private Axe Throwing Lane Rentals and numerous arcade games. 

Axe Throwing at this place is a fantastic evening of entertainment for you, your friends, family, and co-workers. Viking Axe Throwing is suitable for kids above 11 years. 

They have a 12-foot lane with two world axe throwing league-sizes targets and a wide array of competition-grade axes. 

Furthermore, if you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette event, you can book a party with them. 

Viking Axe Throwing is also an ideal location for a romantic date night with your partner. 

Address: 2125 S Great SW Pkwy #102, Grand Prairie, TX 75051, United States

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Plan a Trip to Grand Prairie

Just in case you at any point take a Texas-sized excursion, the city of Grand Prairie ought to be one of your stops.

Because of Asia Times Square and Hong Kong Market, you can likewise go on a worldwide culinary outing in the city.

The city offers great action decisions, from gigantic skate parks and water parks to top-notch courses. Why stand by? Book your Grand Prairie trip today.