32 Best & Fun Things to Do in Ventura (CA)

Officially known as San Buenaventura, Ventura is a city in California which is at the mind of most tourists due to the stunning nature views here, this city seats between two rivers, the Santa Clara River and the Ventura River.

There are lots of Ventura attractions and activities as well as lots of fun things to do in Ventura County for the whole family, which makes this city a perfect spot for a vacation.

Ventura is also close to the Channels Islands presenting an opportunity to tour this Island during your visit by taking a boat tour to its shores.

Ventura presents lots of parks and beaches which would give a fun outdoor time engaging in activities such as picnic, swimming, hiking, and lots more.

Would you like to know what to do in Ventura during your visit, this guide is aimed at bringing the best spots of this city to give you a fun time through your vacation here.

During your visit, do not miss its historical museums such as the Museum of Ventura County, You can also decide to tour Ventura on a bike through the Ojai Paved Bike Paths, Foodies are not left out with its numerous restaurants, to meet notable food spots you can join the Ventura Food Tours.

Let us dive right into it, exploring the best things to do in Ventura.

Things to Do in Ventura, CA.

1. Ventura Harbor Village

Ventura Harbor Village
Source: Flickr
Ventura Harbor Village

Want a place to get the best of seafood and have a good view of the ocean as you eat?

A visit to Ventura Harbor Village is just the option.

This provides the best of the ocean, ranging from the delicious meals and fun Ventura activities.

Here you can decide to shop on ocean side retail shops, launch your trip on a tour of the ocean, play beach volleyball, and lots more.

If you would like a tour through channels Island, you can take a ferry here to the Channels Island, you can also decide to explore Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center.

Major activities in Harbor Village see majority either enjoying the atmosphere or walking around, you won’t miss the amazing view made by the collection of boats in the harbor.

This is a great place to bring your family as there are quite some children activities around here too, mostly during the pet costume contest which comes up every year in October.

Location: 1583 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura, California

2. Mission San Buenaventura

Mission San Buenaventura
Source: Flickr
Mission San Buenaventura

Mission San Buenaventura was founded by priest Junipero Serra in the year 1749.

It has quite some historic and turbulent past, for start, its main aim of construction was to bring the catholic and Spanish culture to the Native people of Chumash.

That plan didn’t go too well as it was known to be burnt down to the ground.

Later in 1809, it was rebuilt and has since faced so many turmoils such as threats from pirates as well as earthquakes.

Today, this is a well known Catholic church opened to the public.

Visiting here you will meet quite a lot of art pieces which you will love, also you get to see it’s 1809 alter.

Locate the mission’s museum where you will get to see quite a lit of religious objects and artifacts which tell of those who visit this church.

Its garden is a spectacular one which is a place for a peaceful stay, you can as well take a tour with one of the deacons to have a good knowledge of the mission.

Location: 211 E Main St, Ventura, California, Phone: 805-643-4318

3. Museum of Ventura County

Museum of Ventura County
Source: Facebook
Museum of Ventura County

This museum began with the collections of Dr. Cephas Bard who was a doctor in Pennsylvania.

History has it that he relocated to Ventura to practice his profession when the Civil war was over, however rather than collecting money for the service rendered he collected objects.

Objects he collected spanned across Chumash as well as historical objects from Mexico and Spanish history, these became the building blocks for the Museum of Ventura County.

In the year 1913, he decided to show these objects to the public by opening this museum, in 1997 after more collections were made, the need for a larger space saw this museum moving to the Mission San Buenaventura Building.

In 2011, the Agricultural section of this Musume was incorporated, and today this museum has the goal of preserving the history and culture of the Ventura County by hosting events and exhibitions, they also preserve historic collectible.

This makes what to do in Ventura for art lovers.

One of its collections which is recommended by many to see is the Fine art collection.

This collection counts about 30,000 works and objects from various artists which includes the likes of Jessie Arms Botke, John Nava, Beatrice Wood, Omar DeLeon, and lots more.

They also have works of art of historical figures made by George Stuart who is a celebrated historian.

Location: 100 E Main St, Ventura, California, Phone: 805-653-0323

4. Ventura Pier and Promenade

Ventura Pier and Promenade
Source: Flickr
Ventura Pier and Promenade

One popular Ventura tourist place to visit is the Ventura Pier.

This is a symbol which tries to give recall to memory the thriving age of American Agriculture, the oil industry as well as the constriction industry.

It is known to be built in 1872, and to this day, known amongst locals and tourists as a perfect place to admire the sunset, coastlines and oceans, go fishing as well as see the coastlines and channel Island.

This area has been renovated with time, it is currently designed to be about 1700 feet.

Its construction sees a design of wood and steel pilings, today it is known amongst the longest pier in California.

It features benches to sit and have a good view of the ocean and a sand playground for kids, its panels says a lot about its history with photos and written information.

Both side of the pier lies in the San Buenaventura State Beach, this is a place to visit with loved ones to have a fun time at Ventura.

5. Ventura Botanical Gardens

Ventura Botanical Gardens
Source: Ventura Botanical Gardens / Facebook
Ventura Botanical Gardens

Are you a lover of ornamental plants, a visit to the Ventura Botanical Gardens is just perfect to give you the best of a day in Ventura.

Located behind the Ventura City Hall, this garden is one that shows the stunning beauty of nature.

In 2017, this area was amongst others devastated by the popular Thomas Fire which caught a huge area of the city.

However, these few years have seen this institution making its way towards its former glory with cultivating the original species of plants known to this garden.

A visit to the botanical garden could see you walking through its hiking trails to reach the summit if its landscape which gives a good view of the ocean.

Do not forget to bring your camera along as you have quite a lot of beautiful memories of floras which you will be tempted to save.

The landmark of this botanical garden made its way to the Serra Cross which also give a good look at the ocean as well as the Grant Park.

Taking a walk to the Serra Cross will also give you a good look of the city, hence perfect for the best things to do in Ventura CA.

Location: 567 South Poli Street, Ventura, California. Phone: (805) 232-3113

6. Visit Surfers Point Beach

Surfers Point Beach
Source: Flickr
Surfers Point Beach

Located next to Seaside Park is Surfers Point Beach which is a beach following the Ventura River.

This river also formed a lagoon behind the beach which is the habitat of so many bird species.

Here is a good spot for surfers as they follow the curly waves from the beach riding towards the City’s Pier.

You will also find kiteboarders as well as windsurfers who are known to pick up their show with the emergence of the wind.

West of this is the Emma Wood State Beach and east of here sees the Promenade and the Seaside Park.

Visiting here is amongst the best things to do in Ventura with kids as they will love a picnic in this area.

Having a picnic here, you may decide to make use of one of the many picnic tables of this beach, you can as well decide to get your legs wet by walking in the water, or have a swim here.

7. Serra Cross Park

Serra Cross Park
Source: Flickr
Serra Cross Park

One of the many Ventura attractions you must-see during your visit is the Serra Cross Park.

It was known that after building the Mission San Buenaventura, Junipero Serra walked the hills above this mission, blessing the land as he walked through.

He also made a wooden cross that he planted, this cross has always and to date serve as a sign for those trying to know the location of the church.

Time saw to the destruction of this cross but after each destruction, it was always replaced by members of the community.

In 1918, 106 acres of land were donated by Kenneth and Tonie to the city which was converted to a park in this area in remembrance of this cross.

Over the years, the landscape has seen much improvement and is seen to be visited by many including locals and tourists.

Here you also have a good spot to watch the sunset in the oceans while you enjoy the stunning view of the city.

8. Emma Wood State Beach

Emma Wood State Beach
Source: Flickr
Emma Wood State Beach

Would you like to go surfing or swimming, another place to visit for this is the Emma Wood State Beach.

This place also is popular amongst local fishermen as a place to get cabezon, perch, corbina as well as bass.

Due to the activity around here, it sees quite a lot of people coming here during the day hence a place to meet locals.

The availability of fishes in this area is due to the Estuary formed by the Ventura River which makes here a feeding spot for fishes, it is also a habitat for some wildlife such as great blue herons, raccoons, and songbirds.

Another animal you may meet during your exploration are dolphins as they swim offshore.

Bring your camera as you explore this park, you may also what to take pictures of ruins from WWII.

This exploration is one of the fun things to do in Ventura CA, this also gets you a view of Channel Island which is just lovely from this site.

9. Rubicon Theatre Company

Rubicon Theatre Company
Rubicon Theatre Company

When you talk about entertainment in Ventura, the Rubicon Theatre Company is not left out.

They are well known for providing educative entertainment to locals and tourist through theater performance, special events, educative programs as well as their annual festival.

Rubicon Theatre has to their name more than 120 production which includes comedies, dramas, and musicals.

They also hold after school programs which are aimed at educating students through events and programs.

This has got them lots of awards for their theater productions and service to the area of Ventura. You can catch their performance at their main stage which is at Main Street, downtown Ventura.

Location: 1006 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001, 805-667-2900

10. Island Packers

Island Packers
Island Packers

Want to have the best vacation in Ventura, you have to add a trip with Island Packers to your list of what to do in Ventura.

Island Packers can give you a good tour throughout the Channel Island as they take you on one of their luxurious cruisers.

You can get to visit five islands around Ventura to see the best plants and animals which will make your tour worthwhile.

Their cruises range from day trips to camping on islands, camping can be perfect to allow you to get a good exploration of wildlife if you take fun at that.

Island packers are popularly known to give the best of tours through the Channel Island since 1968, hence you won’t have to miss any detail about this Island going on this tour.

Location: 1691 Spinnaker Dr #105B, Ventura, California, Phone: 805-642-1393

11. Ventura to Ojai Paved Bike Path

Ojai Paved Bike Path
Ojai Paved Bike Path

How would you like a bike exploration of Ventura?.

This is perfect for an evening exploration of this city, and with the paved Bike Paths, this is a very easy thing to do even without a masters grip on your bike.

You can bike to the city, Ojai, this is a city with natural beauty and one dedicated to spirituality and healthy well being, giving it the nickname, Shangri-La.

Bike trail to this city from Ventura was designed on a railway line, as you ride on, you get to pass some industrial areas to meet Foster park towards the west.

This creates a steep path which you can get a good view of the city from the top.

Moving forward, you can decide to enter the Sulphur Road as the path branches here, this road seems steeper but you get to meet quite some nice views here.

If you would not want to go down that road, you can continue to Ojai on this path.

Reaching your destination, take time to rest with a cold drink, also you could decide to do some sightseeing before taking a ride back.

12. Ventura Food Tours

Ventura Food Tours
Source: Ventura Food Tours / Facebook
Ventura Food Tours

Do you love good meals?

Everyone loves a good meal, of course, going on a food tour in Ventura can introduce you to some delicious meal you will fall in love with.

These food offerings range from Polynesian foods to delicious fish tacos, pastrami, Nepalese delights, biscuits and chocolates.

The Ventura Food tour activity could last more than three hours stopping at some of the best meal spots of Ventura.

Going on this tour would expose you to a lot about the city such as its beautiful architecture, bringing the best view of the city as you get your mouth busy.

Are you a foodie or just feeling hungry, making a tour to get some good food in Ventura is one interesting Ventura activity.

All you just have to do is purchase a ticket and the Ventura Food Tour group will guide you through the best of Ventura delicacies. This is perfect to add to your checklist of “what to do in Ventura”.

13. Surf Brewery

Surf Brewery
Source: Flickr
Surf Brewery

If you are a beer lover, then you have to visit the tasting room of Surf Brewery.

Serving the best of beers, Surf Brewery brings nice California beers even as they pride themselves as being the best in the world.

The decoration here sees the combination of surf and beers just like its name implies, you will find some famous surfboards hanging on the wall here.

You also meet the views of TVs showing videos of people surfing.

Saturday is a perfect time to pay a visit to their tasting room as you will get to enjoy your drink with some cool live music.

If you will need food around here, you could get some in the food truck outside their building, you could also bring your food as you visit.

Location: 4561 Market St. Suite A, Ventura, California, Phone: 805-644-2739

14. Lake Casitas Recreation Area

Lake Casitas Recreation Area
Source: Flickr
Lake Casitas Recreation Area

During your visit to Ventura, a good recreational spot to visit is Lake Casitas.

This lake was created when the Casitas Dam was constructed and is today one of Ventura attractions.

Are you in a mood for camping?, you can come here with family members as there are so many spots for camping around here such as camping amongst trees, on a hillside and lots more.

This is an excellent spot for hiking and biking as well, it is also a good place for kids to play and see some local wildlife.

The wilderness surrounding this recreational Area is home to mountain lions, deer, coyotes, raccoons, skunks and so many other wildlife.

If you enjoy golfing, you can also take on this in the challenging golf course which navigate this area.

Spending time in this recreational center is amongst the fun things to do in Ventura CA. on a weekend

Location: 11311 Santa Ana Rd, Ventura, California, Phone: 805-649-1122

15. Lure Fish House

Lure Fish House
Lure Fish House

Here is another place for some delicious meal in Ventura, The Lure Fish House.

Here you get the freshly caught of the day, this brings the suspense of not knowing what the menu will look like.

They also have a conducive atmosphere that features good lighting, a high ceiling, a lively arena, and a stocked bar.

Getting a meal here can start your day, this will just get you fit to take up the day. You get the best of local and organic meals here, the wines included.

In the bar, you will be served some California wines and cocktails. You can always try out their recommended charbroiled fish.

Location: 60 S California St, Ventura, California, Phone: 805-567-4400

16. Visit Four Brix Winery

Four Brix Winery
Four Brix Winery

Located in the heart of Ventura and known for their wine blends is Four Brix Winery.

This company meets the demand of Wine in this area producing more than 2000 cases of wine in a year.

With wine blends that cut across several flavors, they have wines like Zeductive and Smitten, Scosso as well as Temptress and Rhondezvous.

A place to not miss during a visit is their tasting room where you get to identify the best wine blends for your taste.

You could look at attending one of their events which cuts across Concerts, Foodie Friday, Blend Parties, Pizza Nights, and lots more.

Location: 2290 Eastman Ave # 109, Ventura, California. Phone: 805-256-6006

17. Cafe Fiore

Cafe Fiore
Source: Facebook
Cafe Fiore

Would you like to get the best of Italian culture in Ventura, Cafe Fiore is the place for that.

With a perfect cozy environment that features a large space, high ceilings, and beautifully placed chandeliers this place is a place to get cozy, look around, and have a delicious meal.

Their Italian meals just like many others will get you to want to taste.

You can also order hand-rolled pizzas, house-made tortellaci and porchetta as you enjoy the live music in their Treehouse Lounge.

This is one place worth the visit in Ventura, and a good addition to your list of fun things to do in Ventura CA.

Location: 66 S California St, Ventura, California. Phone: 805-653-1266

18. Pete’s Breakfast House Restaurant

Pete's Breakfast House
Source: Pete’s Breakfast House / Facebook
Pete’s Breakfast House

Are you feeling in the mood for some fresh oranges or a nice breakfast, you go to Pete’s Breakfast House Restaurant.

Known for serving the area with delicious meals, this diner is one known to many in Ventura.

Here you can get some local eggs, baked biscuits, veggies as well as fruits. They also make corned beef from scratch which is way perfect than the canned one you know, a taste which will keep you coming for more.

Pete’s Breakfast House Restaurant also features a welcoming diner which is designed for a cheerful feeling.

Visiting Ventura, this makes the perfect spot for your breakfast, you might just decide to skip lunch after having a meal here.

However, if you like to visit during the lunch period, they serve some specialties during this period.

Location: 2055 E Main St, Ventura, California, Phone: 805-648-1130

19. Himalaya Restaurant

Himalaya Restaurant
Himalaya Restaurant

Himalaya Restaurant is a well-known place perfect to get the meals from India, Tibet, and Nepal.

At this restaurant, you get to meet their menu of flavored dishes which are strongly influenced by Chinese and Indian delicacy.

Located on W. Main street, Himalaya is a charming restaurant and a nice place to see during your visit to Ventura.

Its walls a decorated with Nepalese and Tibetan artworks which leaves you enjoying your meal in the Nepalese culture.

They also have varieties of Indian dishes such as pakoras and naan spices with the best mix of spice and featuring the best yak meat.

This is a perfect spot to visit with a loved one, if you are not used to the Himalaya way of life, its time to explore a new culture.

Location: 35 W Main St., Ventura, California, Phone: 805-643-0795

20. Marina Park

Marina Park
Source: Flickr
Marina Park

Opposite the Ventura Harbor Village is the friendly park which is always sprawled with visitors.

A visit to this park is one of the unique things to do with kids in Ventura as they will have quite a lot of space to run around.

You can decide to go fishing or watch the amazing Harbor view of this park.

Within this park, you can access Sotter’s Point through a trail which leads to the jetty, it is a perfect spot to watch boats coming out from the ocean and into the Ventura Harbor.

21. Be Seen at Channels Islands National Park

Channels Islands National Park
Source: Flickr
Channels Islands National Park

The Channels Islands National Park is the best escape for the hassle of the mainland and a nice place to take your loved ones.

Surrounded by the stunning view of the ocean Channels island is one which brings all an island can offer.

Getting access to this Island from the mainland have quite some logistics attached, for start, you will need to board a ferry off the Island Packers their departure point is the Ventura Harbor Village.

Channels islands comprise of five Islands which are the Anacapa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara, and San Miguel Islands.

Anacapa Island is known for camping and hiking, you should take photographs here as it presents some beautiful views, whereas San Miguel, Santa Rosa, and Santa Barbara is known to be the lesser activity Island.

Do make a good backpack before heading on this tour as you get no services being offered in any of these islands.

To get detailed information about these islands, do pay a visit to the Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center, this will provide a perfect guide to explore these areas.

22. Historic Dudley House Museum

Historic Dudley House Museum
Source: Flickr
Historic Dudley House Museum

Dating back to 1892, one historic place of Ventura and a perfect add to the top things to do in Ventura County is the Dudley House Museum.

Preserved by the San Buenaventura Heritage, Inc, this historic farmhouse is amongst the list of the 35 historic places to visit in Ventura.

A visit to this house will open you to a glimpse into the world of the Dudley family.

Towards the north section, you meet a place dedicated to outdoor events, you also get to see its gardens which features more than 100 different plants.

Taking a walk to the basement sees a visitor center which has been designed to host small events, larger events can be done outside.

Planning your tour to the Dudley House, you do well to plan towards the first Sunday of every month as this is when they are opened for tours, these are free tours starting from 1 pm to 4 pm, your donations will also be appreciated here.

23. Ventura Raceway

Ventura Raceway
Source: Ventura Raceway / Facebook
Ventura Raceway

The Ventura Raceway is operated by Jim Naylor who designed these tracks and also takes the Job of a track announcer.

This is a track of about 1/5 mile located in the Ventura Fairgrounds, it is a place to watch high sprint cars speed the raceway as well as serve as a Driving school for sprint cars.

Ventura Raceway was also known to be a ground for motocross racing in the 1990s down to the 2000s, this race was known to be attended by many featuring both local and professional racers such as Randy Moody and Bobby Moore.

Today they host motorcycle events every month which brings in some pro racers to this speedway.

You can take a trip to the Ventura Raceway and take a tour around, you can as well plan your trip to catch one of their events.

24. Eat Tacos at Spencer Makenzie’s Fish

Spencer Makenzie's Fish
Source: Facebook
Spencer Makenzie’s Fish

Being identified as one of the best Fish Tacos in American is Spencer Makenzie’s Fish, a place to get the best of fish and burrito in Ventura.

You will always meet locals eating packed tacos from this spot this brings the need to visit its home.

This is a nicely decorated restaurant that offers the best of homemade salsas and sauces, they also offer fish dishes as well as daily chowder.

Visiting this restaurant, do not miss to try out their shrimps and battered fish, these will get you to become a fan of this spot.

Location: 806 E Thompson Blvd, Ventura, California, Phone:805-643-8226

25. Olivas Adobe

Olivas Adobe
Source: Wikimedia
Olivas Adobe

Another addition to the historical places in Ventura to visit is Olivas Adobe which dates back to 1837.

This area was owned by Felipe Lorenzana and Don Raimundo Olivas after being granted about 4,000 acres of land for their military service to the Mexican republic.

Lorenzana however sold off his part whereas Olivas kept his, and as Olivas family grew, this adobe was constructed.

Olivia’s Adobe sees a two-story adobe joined with other smaller adobe which were known to be housed by Olivas servants.

This adobe sees a Spanish architectural design with a touch of Mexican culture, it was purchased by Ventura in the year 1963 and added as part of Ventura’s Park.

This Park features the exhibit, large gardens as well as renovated adobe buildings.

Olivas Adobe is opened to the public from 10 am to 4 pm daily

Location: 4200 Olivas Park, Phone: 805-644-4346.

26. Old Creek Ranch & Winery

Old Creek Ranch & Winery
Old Creek Ranch & Winery

This is a 22,000 acre of land and its history dates back to its purchase by Antonio Riva in 1906 which saw to the building of a winery in the property

However, life was brought to this winery when it was managed by the Whitman Family in 1981, giving it the name Old Creek Ranch & Winery.

In 2015 this area also saw an overdo when being managed by The Holguin Family which saw to the working on its orchards, vineyard as well as the structural view of the ranch.

A visit to Old Creek Ranch & Winery can give you a relaxing time in its guest area, you can decide to have a picnic here with loved ones.

Other activities include playing the corn hole game, strolling its pathways, and taking pictures of the beautiful Ojai Valley.

It’s a place to spend some time and one of the stuff to do in Ventura.

27. The Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center

Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center
Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center

Are you a tourist in Ventura and would like to get the best of your tour, a visit to The Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center is a good place to start.

A visit here will provide you with the necessary guide through this city as well as souvenirs, if you have any question as related to your tour, here is where you get them answered.

This center has quite a lot to give, featuring exhibits of each island, a bookstore, and a section which displays aquatic lives.

Head to the auditorium to watch the movie titled “A Treasure in the Sea,” which is quite fun.

You can visit this place any time of the week from 8:30 am to 5 pm, they are however closed on during the Thanksgiving holiday and December 25th.

Location: 101 S California St, Ventura, CA 93001-2803

28. Leashless Brewing

Leashless Brewing
Source: Facebook
Leashless Brewing

This is a certified brewery company located in downtown Ventura.

As you visit downtown Ventura to enjoy the fun activities it has to offer with regards to beaches, motels, hotels and lots more, do make time to enjoy some drinks at Leashless Brewing.

Here you get to enjoy the best of live music as well as meals from food trucks.

Leashless is not a place known for dullness as you have something happening here daily, ranging from fundraisers to live music, events, and artist showcase.

Location: 585 East Thompson Boulevard Ventura, CA 93001, Phone:(805) 628-9474

29. Antique Adventures LLC

Antique Adventures
Source: Antique Adventures / Facebook
Antique Adventures

Antique Adventures gives the best antique shopping experience you can get in Ventura.

Offering different kinds of antiques ranging from handcrafted items to modern and rustic furniture, they also offer consignments.

Take a trip through memory lane in this mall.

Owned by Chuck Ackerman who is a California native this store is a 10000 sq feet mall featuring collections from various vendors.

Head to this mall and pick items of interest to remember your visit to Ventura.

30. The Ventura County Wine Trail

Ventura County Wine Trail
Ventura County Wine Trail

How would you like to go on a wine tour in Ventura, this is possible with the Ventura County Wine Trail.

This tour features the best of Ventura wineries, hotels, restaurants, sailing, shopping, and lots more which could be done on a trail.

Going on this tour is perfect to do with a loved one on a vacation, this will introduce a beautiful place in Ventura.

Before a tour, Ventura County Wine Trail gives out a map of places this tour would cover, giving in highlights some of the best places in the county.

With this map, planning a visit becomes easy as you will see completely new areas, get the best of entertainment and shopping as well as diners around.

This project is aimed at giving the best to tourists and it has been joined by Ventura, Ojai and Oxnard Convention and Visitors’ Bureaus.

Creating a wine getaway is one of the top things to do in Ventura and the Ventura County Wine Trail got you covered with the perfect guide.

Location: 3201 Camino Del Sol, Oxnard, CA 93030. Phone: (805) 765-5324.

31. The Ventura Theatre

The Ventura Theatre
The Ventura Theatre

Just a few minutes walk from the Santa Barbara valley is the Ventura Theatre, this is one building you should not miss in Ventura.

Featuring the mission-style architecture of the 1920s this place is for a fact one of the best things to see in Ventura.

Inside the theater will give you a feeling close to the band as its great acoustic all to give you the best music experience desired.

This place is home to some legendary musicians of different genres of music.

If you love the sound of good music, this is a nice addition to your checklist of cool things to do in Ventura County.

Location: 26 South Chestnut St. Ventura, CA 93001 805 – 653 – 0721

32. Ventura City Hall

Ventura City Hall
Source: Flickr
Ventura City Hall

The Ventura City Hall is a historic landmark in Ventura you should not miss, this place was known to be built in 1912 and it was known to be the used as the County Courthouse.

Listed in the Register of historic places, the City Hall is known for its astonishing design which features a copper dome, Italian marble, and a cotta exterior.

Today, this place hosts some of the notable events in the county, you can as well decide to tour the area to have a view of its remarkable architecture during your visit to Ventura.

Furthermore, if you will like to host an event in this area, you can consider the city hall this building is opened for rentals.

Start Planning Your Trip to Ventura

Ventura brings a wide range of activities for everyone, these activities cuts across several interests, most visitors take to visiting the San Buenaventura state beach and Ventura Pier, these presents the stunning view of the ocean.

You can meet nature at the Ventura Botanical Gardens as well as visit its historical buildings to take a walk through the history of this area.

Explore this list of things to do in Ventura County during your visit here, these will present a fun time during your stay here, also check with your travel agent to see some events in the area which will be worth your time during your visit.