23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Amersham (Buckinghamshire, England)

Old Amersham is an ancient market town in Buckinghamshire, England. It is located in the wavy Chiltern Hills.

The new settlement lies on the Hill, seating on a plateau while the old Amersham lies just below it. There are quite some cool things to do in Amersham during a visit.

Visiting this town is the desire of many tourists who wish to see the added beauties in this ancient town. The valley of the River Misbourne, the museums, Market Hall date to the 17th century, Medieval architectures, and many more make this place more tempting.

To guide your trip, here are the best things to do in Amersham.

Things to Do in Amersham

1. St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary's Church
Credits: Kevin Hellon / Shutterstock
St. Mary’s Church

One of the landmarks in Old Amersham, the St. Mary’s Church is a Grade 1 Medieval church, dating back to the 1200s. However, some modifications and additions were made after a century.

In 1890, there was a restoration which gave the outside surface a retouch. This exterior took a transformation with knapped flint and a base of ashlar limestone used effectively.

Towards the north, you’ll find a chapel built for the Drake family. You will see a display of monuments depicting funeral inclination both in this chapel and in the chancel.

They include marvelous sculptural works – a majority of them produce for members of the Drake family – and some brass monuments dating back to the 1400s.

You would also see the unmarked grave of Ruth Ellis (1926-1955) in the churchyard. She was one of the women executed (by hanging) in the UK.

Her death followed after she was convicted of murdering her lover and in 1982 the headstone of her grave was razed by her son.

2. Harewood Downs Golf Club

Harewood Downs Golf Club
Credits: Harewood Downs Golf Club / Facebook
Harewood Downs Golf Club

Here is something for the golf lovers: Harewood Downs Golf Club. Located in Chiltern close to Amersham, Buckinghamshire, this golf course is a place to spend some tee time enjoying your favorite sport.

Harewood Downs Golf Club was founded in 1907, they offer a traditional golf course with the best of hospitality to its visitors.

If golfing is your thing, this is one of the best places to spend some time during your visit to Amersham.

Visiting this golf course, you do not have to book tee time as they have verities of golf schedules to get you started as you roll up.

This is a place to meet great players, if you are a beginner, you could join any of their membership platforms as you walk your way to becoming a pro golfer.

This brings a fun way to spend a the day, do consider this for your checklist during your visit to Amersham.

3. Penn Wood

Penn Wood
Credits: Peter O’Connor / Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
Penn Wood

One site you definitely would not want to miss is Penn Wood. This area is situated to the west of Amersham and is just a distance of about four miles. The environment takes you back to ancient times.

When it comes to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Peen Wood is currently ranked amongst the biggest ancient Woodland.

This place used to be a gigantic expanse of common land with great attributes. It is still the same because the Chiltern hills makes you virtually see yourself hundreds of years back as they as still left undiluted.

Peen Wood relieves the traditional methods of managing our forests with a herd of cows left there for grazing. This goes on to protect and sustain the existence of this natural habitat.

You can visit this area for a walk between April and May. During this season you will find numerous bluebells laid on the forest floor.

You may also catch the sight of a red kite or a buzzard circling over your head.

4. Bekonscot Model Village

Bekonscot Model Village
Credits: Timo Newton-Syms / Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
Bekonscot Model Village

Though not in Amersham, this is proudly the oldest original model village in the whole world. It is situated a few meters from Amersham, so you would not want to miss it if you are in the area.

Pooping up as far as the year 1929, Bekonscot has a majority of its model buildings springing from the 1930s.

This village was not meant to be an attraction site for tourists, however, it was developed out of the love of Roland Callingham (he was an accountant).

The newsreels gave Bekonscot national attention, thereby increasing the curiosity of people and driving them into coming to see this “little world” created by Callingham.

This village covers more than 1.5 acres in space and is the perfect depiction of rural England during the inter-war years. It constitutes 6 settlements all set apart with farms, docks, aerodromes, castles, mines, and cable-cars.

During this spell of almost 90 years, landscape gardeners and some model-makers have added more gloss. The village scenes here are super-amazing.

You will also find a railway (gauge 1 model), cutting through ravines and tunnels, passing through stations, and rattling over bridges. I bet you’ll love the sight.

5. Old Amersham High Street

Old Amersham High Street
Credits: Roger W Haworth / Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
Old Amersham High Street

In Old Amersham, the Chilterns are full of lovely sights but the most lovely of them is The High Street.

You will find some facades of great history gracing each side of the street with their styles also diverse. Of note are the bricks and stucco from the 18th century, timber from the Medieval era, and at the east are gables arranged in a row.

In this place also, the Baroque Market Hall (set up in 1962) is located. This historic Market Hall which still stands out today had the Drake family make all of its payments.

Do you know that until the entry of the rail tracks into Old Amersham, it had the stagecoach system with its network in the city? At the King’s Arms Hotel, you will find evidence of an inn for coaches. This particular one can be traced to the 1400s.

Interestingly, the love scene location of Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell was this building facade.

I’m sure you would want to see these spots yourself, do consider adding to your checklist of things to do in Amersham.

6. Shardeloes Farm Equestrian Centre

The Equestrian Centre & Livery Yard at Shardeloes is a household name. Boasting over 500 acres of land space in the scenic Old Amersham town and complimented with unique views, this farm indeed a place to visit.

For the past 19 years, Shardeloes Farm has been at its best in providing great services to clients of all disciplines and standards.

Here, they have a cool selection of well-trained horses and ponies, prepared and willing to take you on an amazing ride to whatever destination you have in mind.

Aside from the riding school and off-road hacking service, they also provide a wide range of class facilities and packages for their valued liveries. This place is indeed a perfect choice regardless of aims.

If you are a horse lover, do not miss out on the fun this center has to offer.

7. Chiltern Open Air Museum

Chiltern Open Air Museum
Credits: diamond geezer / Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Chiltern Open Air Museum

The Chiltern Open Air Museum was made open in 1976 and is humorously known as a rescue ground.

Over 30 culturally or historically essential buildings were brought into the pastoral Chiltern and strategically set amongst the woods, you will also find here an apple and cherry orchards, an Arts and Crafts garden, and a wartime allotment

Some of the buildings which were moved here include a blacksmith’s forge, a farmhouse, a recreated roundhouse of the Iron Age, an earthen cottage, a Victorian toll house, and some Nissen huts gotten during the World War I and II.

Visit the museum any time between the end of March and the end of October. This period sees lots of activities and events packaged to make these old buildings full of life.

This museum is also used for filmings of some shows like Downtown Abbey and Pagan May Day celebrations. The numerous ancient buildings make here special for that. Do visit, you may see some familiar set locations.

8. Milton’s Cottage

Milton's Cottage
Credits: diamond geezer / Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Milton’s Cottage

Milton’s Cottage has a close literary relationship with the Open Air Museum located in Chalfont St Giles’ village.

It is a 16th-century cottage built on timber frames and known as the place where John Milton fled into in the year 1665. The 17th-century poet, Milton, in a bid to escape the outbreak of a plaque than in London stayed in this place.

Though he was blind at that time, he kept working diligently on more lines. It was during this period that he completed and started his famous poems, Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained respectively.

The base floor of this cottage is currently preserved as a writer’s house museum. In there, you will find an unmatched collection of the prose and poetry done by Milton.

There are first editions of his 17th-century works and a resemblance garden of the 1660s is planted here too.

You can visit the museum in the afternoon of any day of the week aside Sundays.

9. Amersham Fair Organ Museum

Amersham Fair Organ Museum
Credits: Lucas Allen / Facebook
Amersham Fair Organ Museum

In the Industrial Estate of Amersham, there is Fair Organ Museum situated in an anonymous warehouse. This museum does not look attractive from a distance but, it is quite interesting.

You can visit here on open days which is usually the first Sunday of every month. Entry into this museum is free of charge.

Inside you’ll see exceptional organs lined up by the side, producing good music, you will also notice lots of seats arranged in the center of the hall, for the audience to have a great feel.

The majority of these organs have natively painted automatons that move with the pitch of the music produced. They are played by the use of punch cards.

These organs are slightly believed to have sojourned around the country as they were featured in the 19th and early 20th century fairs. They are proudly designed by the Weber Brothers, Wilhelm Bruder Söhne, Gavioli, Marenghi, and the likes.

10. Amersham Memorial Gardens

Amersham Memorial Gardens
Credits: Timo Newton-Syms / Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
Amersham Memorial Gardens

One of the fun things to do in Amersham is a walk through the paths of Amersham Memorial Gardens.

This is a little garden which was planted in remembrance of the servicemen and women in Amersham who died during the First and Second World Wars.

This garden is located just at the back of High Street. Interestingly, all paths in this place meet at a confluence, the Central fountain.

This fountain has beautiful flowerbeds by the sides and their glamorous designs show amazing color mix both in the Summer and Winter.

One special act was in 2018, when a 3D display was put up during the 100th-anniversary celebration.

This display showed the machines used in the First World War and marked the termination of that conflict.

The tower in St Mary’s Church can be seen from the benches in this garden.

If you are a lover of music, this is an added fun. There is a concert of jazz bands and garden brass here. This holds every Sunday from May through September.

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11. Amersham Museum

Amersham Museum
Credits: Amersham Museum / Facebook
Amersham Museum

Old Amersham is full of amazing old structures and properties. You have the privilege of visiting one of its finest, the Amersham Museum.

This local museum is traceable to the 15th century (quite an old one!) and the house is partially built with timber.

In the summer of 2007, the Amersham Museum was modified and reopened for visit. The museum now has space for temporary performances and activities.

Also, you would be able to see the Medieval beams as they are now made visible. In addition, there is a serene herb garden behind the building which has good access for the physically disabled, especially wheelchair users.

You are allowed to take up any of the numerous objects on exhibition and even view them using the multimedia tablets available.

Historic farming and trading tools used in furniture-making, lace-making, brewing, shoe-making, and some fossils of the chalk, Medieval, and Roman discoveries are what you stand the chance of seeing here.

This makes what to do in Amersham for museum lovers, its a cool way to spend some time appreciating exhibits.

12. Artbag Studio

Artbag Studio
Credits: Artbag Studio Gallery / Facebook
Artbag Studio

One of the best things to do in Amersham for lovers of art is a visit to The Artbag Studio, this studio was set up by Debra Franses in 2003.

With her arts and design gaining numerous international and national recognition in Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Palm Beach and France galleries, this gallery promises you great excitement.

In the gallery, you will find various Art bags with each bearing a title of intrigue. Backing it up is a single line statement that can be very thought-provoking.

Visit the studio and check out the beautiful collection of airbags.

13. Village of Jordans

Village of Jordans
Credits: Jordans Village / Facebook
Village of Jordans Community Store

This is a village which the Quakers took over in the 1600s. It is located to the south of Amersham. This comfortable village has a population of about 700 and is a place you would not want to miss.

Here in Jordans Village, you’ll find a Friends Meeting House – it is one of the oldest. This house used to be a worship place for brethren of the Quake faith and it dates back to 1688. Inside, you see some of the glass, benches, brickwork, and wooden paneling from that period.

Also, William Penn (1644-1718), the Founder of Pennsylvania Province was buried in the Meeting House’s cemetery

Visit this site to take walk down through history, this makes what to do in Amersham for a fun exploration.

14. Red House Spa

Red House Spa
Credits: Red House Spa / Facebook
Red House Spa

Had a long day? Are you looking for where to sit back and have good relaxation? The Red House Spa is available to soothe you

In this Spa, they make you forget about your busy schedule through their various services. The beauty treatments include universal contour wrap, massage, facials, manicure, and pedicure.

They also sell and deliver great ointments in line with your choice.

Red House Spa also offers Yoga sessions, with access to the Red House gym placed on a complimentary basis to residents.

This makes what to do in Amersham for some relaxation time.

15. The Chilterns

The Chilterns hill
Credits: Chrislofotos / Shutterstock
The Chilterns Hill

Amersham is preserved as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in a hill range.

The Chilterns are rounded hills with grasses and woodland turfs, farms, sparkling streams and some cozy ancient villages – where you can have a pub lunch.

On one of these streams -the River Misbourne- of Old Amersham. Accessing it requires one taking a walk, originating from the High Street, and going 10 miles through the Misbourne Valley (Paradise Regained Trail).

This trail takes its name from John Milton’s poem, you will see the cottage which served as his shelter during the plague.

You would just love the entire scenery from the crystalline rivers, to the big brown trout stocks, to the varying bird species, and then the supporting marshy banks.

Go check out this natural habitat, historic estates, and walking trails, it will take you few munites to get here from Amersham.

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16. Old Amersham Market Hall

Old Amersham Market Hall
Credits: Peter_Fleming / Shutterstock
Old Amersham Market Hall

This hall came into existence as a gift from Sir William Drake. He funded the construction of the Hall (it was completed in 1682) at the Market Place in Old Amersham.

When on the road, you’ll be able to decrypt the coat of arms of Sir Drake and his famous initials, W.D.

The ground floor, a round-headed arcade is used for markets while the design of the upper floor was to accommodate/host meetings.

Notable of the physical features are the quoins by the corners, a cupola bearing a conical roof, and a gilded ball.

This not only makes one of the best things to do in Amersham but also is one of the free things to do in this town

You will also be excited about the old town lockup by the eastern area. It’s usually here that fun-makers (often drunks) are kept to the next morning.

Checking up this structure should be on your list of things to do in Amersham, it makes one of the best places here.

17. Kew Little Pigs

Kew Little Pigs
Credits: Kew Little Pigs / Facebook
Kew Little Pigs

Let’s move to seeing some lovely little friends in Amersham. Kew Little Pigs is a farm dedicated to pig rearing and management.

They have been in the business of miniature pig breeding for the past decade. And having been nominated for a recognition award goes on to highlight their strength in the business.

I’m sure you would love to see this tender and innocent piglets. If you wish, they can take you around the farm so you learn more about this practice of piggery.

Go, enjoy the experience of such a great time in this beautiful farm. You can hire miniature pigs for parties and events.

18. Westwood Park

Westwood Park
Credits: Better Body Training / Facebook
Westwood Park

What about visiting a park with the kids? You’ll make their day, I tell you.

Westwood Park is located in Chenies Avenue, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, and beautiful associated with a functional playground great your children would have a lot of fun

Beautifully placed in a three-piece exercise equipment which functions in synergy with one kilometer running track around the park.

This is one of the best things to do in Amersham for the whole family.

It is a place to spend some outdoor time while the kids enjoy the play.

19. Amersham Field Studies Centre

The Amersham Field Studies Centre offers researchers and environment enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more.

Due to the presence of the woodlands ecosystem, one can study the management of grassland habitat and ecology, the weather, and electricity (there is a substation available).

They permit school trips from primary and secondary schools as part of their study of the environment, science, and geography. Group tours are also welcome.

You can host birthday parties for your children between the ages of 5 and 11 as well as other holiday activities in the center.

20. Chenies Manor House

Chenies Manor House
Credits: Garynansome / Shutterstock
Chenies Manor House

The Chenies Manor House is a brick mansion of the 16th century. It was built between 1530 and 1550, it has a foundation of an ancient Medieval building.

Over many years, this house was a property of the Bedford family. It was here they received Elizabeth and Henry VIII back in the 16th century.

This house has stacks of tall chimneys (23 in number), a stepped gable, and a vaulted undercroft.

Inside, the building is a supposed priest hole (thought to be a hiding place for the Catholic clergy) which can be seen under that historic undercroft.

Do well to visit, so you can explore the shop, art gallery, café, sunken garden, white garden, Victorian kitchen garden, and the physical garden!

21. Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

How about catching a train headed Great Missenden? This is the place where Roald Dahl lived from the year 1954 till his death in 1990. Dahl was a children’s author who was much loved by people.

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre was officially inaugurated in 2005. This current location used to be a coaching inn and yard, getting here will take you just 10 minutes.

The museum is for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 just like his stories were, though adults can be attracted by parts of his life too.

In this museum, you’ll learn of Dahl’s adventurous life experiences and you can have access to his manuscripts, notebooks, and letters which he sent to business acquaintances and friends.

Children are motivated into creating their own stories with various workshops on painting, arts and crafts organized for them. Your kids would certainly love it here.

22. Amersham Market

Amersham Market
Credits: Amersham & Chalfonts Together / Facebook
Amersham Market

A place you need to check out during your trip here is the Amersham Market at Sycamore Road, it is quite an old market site.

Also, catch trading at Old Amersham Market Hall, This market was built some 330 years ago, It is exciting to see that this location is still used for trading sessions to date.

The market has about 10 stalls open and in them, you will find homemade pastries like cakes and biscuits, beautiful arts and crafts, ancient materials and antiques, special plants, old books, and magazines.

23. The Climb

The Climb
Credits: Suzanne’s Challenge Page / Facebook
The Climb

Finally but not the least on this list is The Climb. Designed and built with the happiness of all age groups in mind, this makes one of the fun things to do in Amersham with kids.

The Climb is a very active and dynamic state-of-the-art climbing center built for individuals above age 5. The environment is friendly and full of fun physical activities.

With different stages designed to accommodate kid and adult climbers (both beginners and advanced), you would not what to miss this.

Enjoy the fun. There is something for everyone!

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Plan a Trip to Amersham

Amersham does not lack in places and activities which would keep you engaged throughout your vacation.

Its Landmarks are worth checking out, get a relaxation time at its Spas & Wellness centers and have a fun time exploring its museums and parks for an exciting time.

Start planning your visit to this town, create a checklist of things to do as you plan your trip, pack your suitcase as you go check off that checklist in Amersham.