23 Best & Fun Things to Do in White Plains (NY)

Looking for the best and fun things to do in White Plains, NY?

White Plains is beautiful in Westchester County, New York, United States. The city is located in south-central Westchester, and it is bordered by North Castle, Harrison, Scarsdale, and Greenburgh.

This city is the eleventh-largest city in New York and the county seat and commercial hub of Westchester. According to the 2020 United States, White Plains has a population of about 59,000. This population consists of a diverse community with friendly people.

White Plains is a lively city with a bit of suburban nature. The town is filled with many amenities and attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. 

Planning to explore White Plains? Here are the top things to do in White Plains, NY.

Things to Do in White Plains

1. Visit Westchester County Centre

Westchester County Centre
Credits: Erick C Freitas / Shutterstock
Westchester County Centre

The Westchester County Centre is one of the top event centers in White Plains, New York. It is a community center where events such as music concerts, seminars, workshops, meetings, and many other activities are hosted in White Plain.

The Centre is named after Westchester County and has served White Plains and the entire Westchester County. The event center is surrounded by many top hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and malls, making it easily accessible.

Attend events hosted at the Centre with your friends or family while in White Plains; theatrical presentations are also performed at the Centre. The Westchester County Centre is also a hub for major sports events in Westchester.

Address: 198 Central Ave, White Plains, NY 10606-1102

2. The Westchester

Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr

The Westchester is an amazing upscale mall operated by the Simon Property Group, and it has many popular brand stores offering clothes, shoes, accessories, and other wear. There is also a restaurant and sit-out places in the mall alongside these things.

While shopping, you can take time to refresh and enjoy a proper meal or quick bite in the restaurant at the mall. You will find luxury brand stores like Louis Vuitton, Crate and barrel, David Yurman, Tiffany and Co., Burberry, and many more in the mall.

Take your friends or family to The Westchester for an exciting shopping day and Explore White Plains. Shopping at The Westchester is one of the fun things to do in White Plains. Westchester is located in the Downtown district of White Plains.

3. CBD Wellness

CBD Wellness
Credits: Cbdwellness / Facebook
CBD Wellness

CBD Wellness is an amazing wellness center in White Plains; visit the CBD wellness and consult the experts for natural ways to deal with insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, inflammation, etc.

CBD Wellness offers natural treatments that help relieve people from physical, emotional, and mental illnesses and issues.

At CBD wellness, you will not only be offered treatments, but you will also be educated on how to treat those ailments. 

4. White Plains Performing Arts Centre

White Plains Performing Arts Centre
Credits: antpkr / Shutterstock

The White Plains Performing Arts Centre is a community center where creatives and talented persons produce theatrical performances to aid their growth, encourage talents and entertain the community.

At the White Plains Performing Arts Centre, self-produced and professional theatrical performances such as drama, dance, opera, and many more are being performed by local, national, and international talents.

Asides from watching theatrical performances at the theatre, White Plains Performing Arts Centre also offers pieces of training and classes on education art programs. For example, summer Theatre Academy for students is an amazing program to enroll your kids and groom them in arts.

Enjoy live entertainment in White Plains with your friends and family when watching theatrical performances at the White Plains Performing Arts Centre. Watching exciting performances at the Centre is one of the fun things to do in White Plains.

Address: 11 City Pl 3rd Floor of City Centre, White Plains, NY 10601-3331

5. The Garden of Remembrance

Garden of Remembrance is an attractive memorial garden in White Plains dedicated to the fallen Heroes of World War. The Garden remembers and honors those who lost their lives during the war and fought for the country.

At the Garden of Remembrance, you will explore structures, sculptures, and other artworks discussing the most violent conflict in human history-World, War II. The Garden also honors millions of innocent people killed in Nazi-controlled Europe.

When you visit the Garden of Remembrance, you will find the Gates of remembrance sculpted by Rita Rapaport; other artworks in the Garden also portray symbols, signs, and designs reflecting the Holocaust.

The Garden is a great place to take your kids to learn about World War II. Exploring the Garden of Remembrance is one of the best things to do in White Plains, New York. The Garden is situated outside the Michaelian Office Building.

Address: 148 Martine Ave Front of the Michaelian Office Building, White Plains, NY 10601-3311

6. Turnure Park

Turnure Park
Credits: SeventyFour/ Shutterstock

Turnure Park is a beautiful picturesque 4.05-acre park in White Plains, New York. This beautiful park is situated in a lightly populated area in White Plains. The park is bordered by Main Street, Canfield Avenue, and Lake Street and is directly opposite Eastview School.

The park features two playground structures, a large asphalt play area, a green field with trees, walking paths, restrooms, etc. It is an incredible park and an excellent place for your kids to have a lovely time in White Plains.

There is also a Bandstand/performing arts area for live bands to perform and entertain the crowd while the kids play. The park is also a nice place to take a walk with your partner and relax after a long day, and benches are also available at the park if you would like to sit.

A visit to Turnure Park with your friends or family is one of the fun things to do in White Plains, New York.

Address: 26 Lake St Canfield Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601

7. Grapes The Wine Company

Grapes The Wine Company
Credits: Foxys Forest Manufacture/ Shutterstock

Grapes The Wine Company is a retail wine shop in White Plains; it is said to be one of the most influential wine retailers in America. The wine shop has a selection of about 3000 wines and spirits, and the selections are great with different unique tastes.

When you visit the store, you will find 1500 wines displayed on chubby holed walls in the room, and these wines are gotten from different parts of the world. So have fun going through these wines with your friends while looking out for your best wine.

Grapes The Wine Company has been serving the White Plains community and America with the best selections of wines since 1997. The wine store is open every day, be sure to stop by and explore this treasure in White Plains.

Exploring and shopping for wines at Grapes The Wine Company is one of the fun things to do with your friends or partner in White Plains.

Address: 731 N Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603-2412

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8. Miller House

Miller House
Credits: The Miller House – Washington’s Headquarters / Facebook
Miller House

The Miller House is one of the top historic sites in White Plains, New York; the house is a Rhode Island-style farmhouse built during the eighteenth century. General George Washington used the Miller House during the Revolutionary War.

The house served as the headquarters and command post during the Battle of White Plains while George Washington was President. Explore the Miller house with your friends or family as you take a snoop peak into the times of the Revolutionary War in America.

The Miller House was named after its owner, Elijah Miller. When you visit the historic Miller House, you will find artifacts on exhibit that details the Revolutionary war in America. A visit to the Miller house is one of the top things to do in White Plains, New York.

Address: 140 Virginia Rd, White Plains, NY 10603-221

9. Battle of White Plains Park

The Battle of White Plains Park is a historical park in White Plains with lots of historical interpretative signage everywhere around the park. The park is very significant to America as it is the site of the historic Battle of White Plains.

Battle of White Plains Park is a 1.31-acre park featuring a playground and seating areas; it is lovely to sit and relax while your kids play. The historic park was built in 1976 as part of the National Bicentennial Projects.

The park sits on a high point overlooking the city and offers a stunning view of the city. Although the park has no restroom or packing area, it is still an excellent place to enjoy family time.

A visit to the park is one of the best things to do with friends or family in White Plains, New York.

Address: Battle Avenue and Whitney Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601

10. Percy Grainger Home

Percy Grainger Home
Credits: Jesús Jiménez Flores [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia CommonsPercy Grainger Home
The Percy Grainger Home is a historic site in White Plains, and it is the home of a notable musician, George Percy Grainger (1882-1961). The house serves as his memorial site that promotes his legacy and gives people a deeper understanding of how he lived his life.

The house is a two-story, three-bay-wide house designed in an American Foursquare style. The interior of his home is still intact and is a hot spot for visitors to explore and get to know Percy Grainger from a closer perspective.

Percy Grainger’s home was built in 1893 and made a historical site in 1993. The house is the home of Percy Grainger, and it is also where he made his music, as there is a studio in the house. Percy Grainger was also a writer and cloth designer.

A visit to the Percy Grainger Home is one of the top things to do in White Plains with your friends or family.

Address: 7 Cromwell Pl, White Plains, NY 10601-5005

11. The Puzzle Parlour

Puzzle Parlour
Credits: Jerome.Romme / Shutterstock

The Puzzle Parlour is a thrilling escape room in White Plains, New York. The escape room features live-action adventure games to keep you and your friends or family entertained and thrilled. 

There are four interactive and challenging adventures to choose from; each escape room has its unique theme, story, puzzles, and setting that makes the game fun; for each adventure game, you will be given 60-minutes to escape from the room with your team.

The adventure games at the Puzzle Parlour help enhance teamwork and unity among team members. So take your friends, family, colleagues, or team members to the Puzzle Parlour for an hour of uncovering mysteries and adventuring.

Address: 131 Court St, White Plains, NY 10601-4801

12. Wings Air Helicopters

Wings Air Helicopters
Credits: SpeedKingz/ Shutterstock

Wings Air provides a wide variety of helicopter services like Helicopter Charters, Luxury Travel Experiences, Scenic Helicopter Tours, Flight lessons, Aerial Photography and film production, surveying, and many more.

Book a luxury travel experience or a scenic Helicopter tour over New York and Hudson Valley with your family or friends. Check out New York City from the sky, enjoy the lovely aerial view of the city and take memorable pictures.

Do not miss the discount rates day offered by Winds Air once a month, and it is a great time to take that special ride for a discounted rate. Although various aerial needs will be available at the Winds Air Helicopters, you can enroll for flight classes.

13. Muse Paintbar

Muse Paintbar
Credits: Darwin & Desiree Servo / Facebook
Muse Paintbar

Muse Paint Bar offers an exciting sip and paint experience for you and your family or friends in White Plains, New York.

Visit Muse Paintbar and enjoy an excellent time sipping wine or your favorite drinks while getting creative with a brush and Paint. Sip and Paint is a unique relaxing recreational activity while on vacation.

Muse Paintbar also offers virtual sip and paint programs where a painting kit will be shipped to your location; this is an exciting activity to enjoy with your family or friends while in White Plains.

A visit to the Muse Paintbar is one of the best things to do in White Plains, New York. 

Address: 84 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601-4223

14. City Centre 15 Cinema de Lux

City Centre 15 Cinema de Lux
Credits: Serhii Bobyk / Shutterstock

In the heart of White Plains is an exciting movie theatre with a great movies selection and good entertainment to keep you and your family happy. The seats are comfortable for adults and kids, and the cinema also has friendly sound equipment and a screen.

At the City Centre Complex, there are so many restaurants, be free to explore them, grab a bite or two, and have drinks with friends and family. The attendants at the cinema are friendly and professional.

The cinema does not have a private parking lot, so you might have to pay for parking slots when you visit the cinema. Do not miss the Wednesday Senior Discount day while in White Plains; the Wednesday discount gives you half the price of tickets and low prices on popcorn and soda. 

Watching movies at City Centre 15 Cinema de Lux is one of the fun White Plains activities.

Address: 19 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601-3309

15. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa
Credits: Aleks Gudenko / Shutterstock

Give your body a special treatment at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in White Plains, New York.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is a luxury spa offering massages, facial treatments, body treatments, etc. The Spa has a variety of body massages, some of which are Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

Try out their special body treatment and facials for a great spa experience; relax your body, mind, and soul when you have a spa treatment at Red Door Spa. The Spa has a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful setup that helps you relax more and ease tensioned muscles.

Take your friends and family to the Red Door Spa for a proper relaxing body treatment.

Address: 125 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601-4522

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16. White Plains Farmers Market

White Plains Farmers Market
Credits: Adisa / Shutterstock

Shop for fresh farm produce and other amazing food items at White Plains Farmers Market in New York.

There are many food items to shop for from different farmers at the White Plains Farmers Market. In addition, the Market serves as the meeting point for farmers and other food item vendors to meet their customers and sell their goods.

The White Plains Farmers Market has a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, organic produce, and lots more. There are also some kiosks in the Market where you can grab a quick bite or a snack while shopping.

The fresh farm produce at the Market is brought directly from the farms, so be assured of getting the best food items when you shop at the White Plains Farmers Market. Shopping at the White Plains Farmers Market is one of the top places to visit in White Plains, New York.

17. Bowlmor Lanes

Bowlmor Lanes
Credits: Atmosphere1 / Shutterstock

Bowlmor Lanes is a game center with various games and fun activities in White Plains, New York. At Bowlmor Lanes, you will find the coolest and most thrilling games in the lane.

There are also arcade video games, HD video walls playing music videos, and other cool stuff at the game center. The Bowlmor Lanes is a great place to take your kids or friends to enjoy fun digital games.

Some arcade games to play at the Bowlmor lanes are Jurassic Park Arcade, Mario Kart, and World’s Largest Pac-Man. The Bowlmor Lanes also have a concession stand where you grab some drinks and quick meals and hang out.

Hanging out with friends or family at the Bowlmor Lanes is one of the fun things to do in White Plains; it is also a great place to meet new people and make friends.

Address: 47 Tarrytown Rd, White Plains, NY 10607-1620

18. O’Connor’s Public House White Plains

O'Connor's Public House White Plains
Credits: Ramon L. Farinos / Shutterstock

O’Connor’s Public House is a traditional Irish bar in White Plains, New York. The bar is an excellent hangout spot for friends to meet, chill and have a great time together. 

The O’Connor’s Public House offers craft beers, great music, games, and a sunny beer garden; hang out with friends while you gist over drinks and have an excellent time coming to O’Connor’s Public House.

O’Connor’s Public House is a favorite hangout spot for locals and visitors, and it is also a family-owned business operated by the O’Connor brothers. Spending your evening at the O’Connor’s Public House is one of the fun things to do in White Plains.

Address: 93 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601-5204

19. County Trip Service

County Trip Service
Credits: Papzi555 / Shutterstock

County Trip Service is a ground transportation management service that provides good ground transportation in Westchester; it was established in 2015, and since then, County Trip Service has helped offer convenient and comfortable trips to people in White Plains.

When you arrive at the airport in Westchester, you can use the County Trip Service to transport yourself and your loved ones to your desired destination in a comfortable and luxurious ride.

County Trip Service uses a fleet of Toyota Camry Hybrids with professional drivers, so you are guaranteed that your safety is in good hands. County Trip Service is located at Westchester Airport.

20. Santhigram Wellness

Santhigram Wellness offers rejuvenating wellness services, including massage, acupuncture, and other body treatment to help heal your body, mind, and soul. So while you catch up on all the fun in White Plains, your body would also need to be taken care of in White Plains.

Santhigram Wellness uses the traditional natural healing technique, Indian Ayurveda, to give her customers the best body treatment in New York. This treatment will re-energize your body for the rest of your stay in New York.

At Santhigram Wellness, there is an expert team of Ayurvedic therapists and Ayurvedic consultants trained in India, and this team will cater to your body treatment using the Indian Ayurveda.

Enjoying the Indian Ayurveda treatment in Santhigram Wellness is one of the best White Plains activities for your bucket list

Address: 244 Westchester Ave Ste 104, White Plains, NY 10604-2907

21. Game On Golf Centre

Game On Golf Centre
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

Are you a fan of golf? Do you love playing golf? Then, you should visit the Game On Golf Centre in White Plains, New York.

Game On Golf Centre is the epic Centre for golf in White Plains, and the golf course was formerly operated as the Westchester Golf Range, established in 1948 before it became Game On Golf Centre in 2017 with new ownership.

Game On Golf Centre offers PGA Golf Pros lead clinics, lessons for all ages, and youth-oriented programs within brand new practice areas. The golf center is a great place to begin your golf journey as there are good professionals to guide you through.

The golf course has an amazing landscape and good greens for golfers. There is also a pro shop at Game On Golf Centre to cater to your golfing equipment needs. 

Address: 701 Dobbs Ferry Rd, White Plains, NY 10607-1744

22. Saxon Woods Park

Saxon Woods Park
Credits: Suzanne Tucker / Shutterstock

Saxon Woods Park is a 700-acre fun park in White Plains, New York; the park has a variety of recreational activities, which makes it perfect for a family hangout. In addition, the park is neat and well equipped with facilities for disabled persons.

The park features a golf course, swimming pool, trails, playground, and picnic areas. The golf course is an 18-hole golf course suitable for beginners and professionals. Also, enjoy hiking on the trails which connect the Southern and Northern parts of the beautiful park.

A significant attraction in Saxon Woods Park is the swimming pool, and the pool is one of the largest swimming pool in America. So make sure you see the pool and take your kids to the children’s aquatic playground for an exciting adventure.

A visit to Saxon Woods Park with your friends and family is one of the top things to do in White Plains. Hiking, picnicking, swimming, golfing, and playing around are some of the best things to do in Saxton Woods Park.

Address: 1128 North St, White Plains, NY 10605-5101

23. Maple Moor Golf

Maple Moor Golf
Credits: Mikael Damkier / Shutterstock

Maple Moor Golf is an 18 hole golf course designed by Tom Winton; the golf course area is filled with so many maple trees, hence, that it was named Maple Moor.

Have fun playing on the greens and trying out your skills on the different holes in Maple Moor Golf Course. The golf course is a great place for professionals and golfers to golf, and there are practice greens for beginners who are still learning to golf and professional playgrounds for other golfers.

At Maple Moor, there are bunkers, sand traps, cart paths, and an irrigation system. Playing Golf at Maple Moor is one of the fun things to do in White Plains with your loved ones.

Address: 1128 North St, White Plains, NY 10605-5101

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Plan your trip to White Plains

White Plains is an exciting city with lots of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy with your friends or family.

Explore the city while visiting the parks, game centers, historical sites, spas, museums, malls, restaurants, event centers, etc.

Visit the Turnure Park, Westchester mall, Puzzle Parlour, Wings Air Helicopters, Muse Paint bar, Santhigram Wellness, Battle of White Plain Park, Garden of Remembrance, Miller House, and many other fun places to explore this beautiful city.

Start planning your trip to White Plains, have a fun one.