22 Best & Fun Things to Do in Denton (TX)

Denton is a beautiful city in Texas, United States. This city is an embodiment of scenic beauty and tourist attractions.

This makes it a great place to visit if you wish to relax and chill on your vacation while having fun too. It is the dream destination for a lot of tourists.

Denton city is full of gardens, parks, lakes, trails, and over 300 acres of open space. You would see the Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Denton Firefighters Museum, Old Alton Bridge, Bayless Selby House Museum, amongst many others.

Let us explore the top things to do in Denton, Texas.

Things to Do in Denton

1. See Old Alton Bridge

Old Alton Bridge
Credits: flight1ap / Shutterstock
Old Alton Bridge

This beautiful site sits in nature’s lap and is very calm and soothing. It adds to our list of top attractions in Denton.

The Old Alton Bridge is a historic site, and it was built in the 1800s. Also known as Goatman’s Bridge, this historic iron truss bridge connects the cities of Denton and Copper Canyon.

Originally, its ancient purpose was to carry horses and afterward various vehicles. Now, people can just walk on it while enjoying the outlook around the bridge.

The Old Alton Bridge is a refined and very wide bridge to walk on and its worth a visit.

Address: Denton, TX 76226, United States

2. Learn about Denton at Bayless Selby House museum

Bayless Selby House Museum
Credits: Michael Barera [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Bayless Selby House Museum
The Bayless-Selby House Museum is situated in the Denton County Historical Park, just south of downtown Denton. It is one place to visit to learn about the history of the city.

This house museum has Victorian-style walls which tell the story of how life was in Denton at the turn of the century.

Visitors learn about how Denton County was before 1908 through the stylishly set dining room table, the music room with the E. Gabler & Bro. grand piano, and the magnificence of the Eastlake-style adult bedroom suite.

The Bayless-Selby House museum tells its own story from the moment guests step on the wraps around the porch or the garden grounds.

The wrap also contains a free little library – one fun way of engaging both the locals and visitors.

Take a tour of this house and experience all the displayed artifacts yourself. They also have knowledgeable staff members to guide you.

Address: 317 W. Mulberry St., Denton, TX 76201

3. Go Hiking at Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Ray Roberts Lake State Park
Credits: Robert Nunnally / Flickr
Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Ray Roberts Lake State Park is a beautiful, neat, and well-kept park, and it is one of the top tourist destinations to visit if you are in the area.

The park has well-maintained and marked trails, so you can choose to go hiking, dog-walking, or just relaxing in the park.

You will also see a clean and beautiful lake where you can go boating or fishing. In addition, there is a peninsula in this park, where you can go picnicking by the day and camp all through the night.

One can basically spend an entire day playing outdoor games, fishing, hiking, picnicking, boating, or doing other activities in this area, all at a very good rate.

Enjoy yourself on the beach and keep these memories by capturing as many photographs as you want. Ray Roberts Lake State Park is just perfect for nature photography!

Address: 100 P W 4137, Pilot Point, TX 76258, United States

4. Enjoy the Waters set Big Sandy Boat Ramp

big sandy boat ramp
Credits: Dudarev Mikhail / Shutterstock

The Big sandy boat ramp is a lovely and historic lake you can visit if you are in Denton. It fits for boating, fishing, or kayaking.

If you want to beat the heat of Texas, you can go for a dip into the water near the shore! You can choose to sit by the lake and have a simple picnic or a special barbeque grill.

You would enjoy this beautiful lakeside scenery which offers a perfect spot for your picnic date. This area is indeed a nice one to explore. Make sure you pay a visit to the Big sandy boat ramp.

Address: 267 Lakeshore Rd, Shady Shores, TX 76208, United States.

5. Have fun at Lone Star Indoor Sports & Event Center

Lone Star Indoor Sports & Event Center
Credits: STORM INSIDE PHOTOGRAPHY / Shutterstock

Located in South Mayhill Road, Lone Star Indoor Sports & Event Center ISNA roller skating rink makes this list of fun things to do in Denton.

This indoor sports center is a great place to roller skate, watch or play indoor hockey or roller derby, and an awesome person owns it.

Occupying about 27,000 square feet, Lone Star Indoor Sports & Event Center place offers year-round fun and can be booked for private events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, sports practices, and more!

The center is open all days of the week for events, practices, roller hockey, and roller derby. So, come and enjoy a place with constantly perfect weather.

Address: 222 S Mayhill Rd, Denton, TX 76208-6374.

6. Try to escape at Quandary Escape Adventures

Quandary Escape Adventures
Credits: Victor Moussa / Shutterstock
Escape Room

Quandary Escape Adventures is a family-owned and operated exciting escape room located in Denton.

Escape rooms like you know are physical adventure games mapped out in various locations in which players must find clues, solve puzzles, and interpret hints to achieve an objective.

All of the rooms are specially and originally designed, with players given an hour to unlock the mystery and exit the room.

Often, escape rooms are described as real-life video games, and it enhances team building. So, why not get on this adventure while in Denton.

Address: 5800 I35N Suite 506, Denton, TX 76207

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7. Check out Texas Fashion Collection

Texas is well known for its fashion and clothing, so it would be not entirely good if you leave Texas without experiencing the fashion style of Texas.

The Texas Fashion Collection is an awesome store in Denton where one can see all kinds of fashionable clothing items.

A very knowledgeable and helpful guide would definitely help you find the articles that match your taste.

Students from art and design carry out the operations of this store at North Texas University. So, you can trust their style completely, because they have really good taste in fashion.

If you love trending clothing and shopping fashionable, then you should visit this place. A visit to the Texas fashion collection is one of the top things to do in Denton.

Address: 405 S Welch St, Denton, TX 76201, United States

8. See Animals at Sharkarosa wildlife

Sharkarosa wildlife
Credits: Serrattaritaville / Flickr
Sharkarosa wildlife

Sharkarosa Wildlife is a wildlife sanctuary in Denton that preserves the local wildlife of the city. It joins the list of top things to do in Denton.

This amazing park is home to various plants and animals, and you can have the privilege of petting some of them at this park.

Ranging from smaller animals like sheep, lemur, dogs, monkeys to bigger animals like giraffe, tigers, lions, this wildlife preserve justice.

This place is such a calming and soothing vibe. They have very kind and gentle staff who are very knowledgeable about the animals, having learnt about them.

You would get to learn about different animal species and have an opportunity to relate to the ones you like.

This is a great place to visit as it provides animal education to your kids, knowledge on the relevance of wildlife, and a real experience of these animals.

Address: 11670 Massey Rd, Pilot Point, TX 76258, United States

9. Go bowling at Andy B’s Bowl Social

Andy B's Bowl Social
Credits: Mindscape studio / Shutterstock

Andy B’s is the place to be if you seek dining and entertainment in Denton. Here, you’ll find hand-crafted beverages, undeniable eats, and quite some games and attractions.

All these are packaged into a modern, industrial hangout braced with unmatched customer service, some mid-century attitude, and unlimited entertainment for guests of all age brackets.

This social center captures the whole family and creates a space that is indeed something worth experiencing.

The center is open from Sunday through Thursday (11am – 11pm) and Friday through Saturday (11am – 1am).

A visit to Andy B’s Bowl Social is one of the best things to do in Denton, so do add that to your bucket list.

Address: 2600 Panhandle St, Denton, TX 76201-2434

10. Visit Pilot Knoll Park

Pilot Knoll Park
Credits: Campendium / Facebook
Pilot Knoll Park

One of the most visited tourist attractions near Denton is Pilot Knoll Park. This beautiful and well-maintained park attracts visitors from various parts of the world all through the year.

The usual bright, warm, and sunny conditions make this park a great place for lakeside camping. One can go for a picnic in the day and fascinating stargazing and camping at night

You can also go boating in the inbuilt Lewisville Lake. This beautiful lake is limpid and filled with crystal blue water.

And if you like kayaking, it is also a suitable place for that. Visit the park if you want a feel of nature’s touch.

The park is well-lit at night, which is perfect for overnight camping. And its beautiful natural scenery makes it a great spot for taking pictures.

Address: 218A Orchid Hill Ln, Argyle, TX 76226, United States

11. Get wowed at Little Chapel in the Woods

Little Chapel in the Woods
Credits: Amanda [CC BY-SA 2.0], Wikimedia Commons
Little Chapel in the Woods
Located in Denton is a historic wedding venue called The Little Chapel in the Woods.

This intimate venue was built in 1939 and was dedicated by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt a few months after holding their first wedding ceremony.

Little Chapel lay on the border of Texas Woman’s University and was designed by the late O’Neil Ford. It is among the top twenty most outstanding architectural achievements in Texas.

This historic building features lovely interior stain glass windows, gorgeous stone walls, and pews with hand-carved woodwork.

More features include tea light candles placed along the edges, an organ, piano, and completely lighted candelabras.

The exterior is encompassed by lush, green topography that makes a perfect backdrop for memorable pictures.

The chapel is open to all beliefs and hosts both ceremonies and elopements. So make your wedding or other occasions a success here.

This makes what to do in Denton for a fun time, they are open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm

Address: 415 Chapel Drive Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX 76204

12. Have Fun at Water Works Park

Water Works Park
Credits: Sunny studio / Shutterstock

If you are searching for a place to visit with your family and kids, this adventure water park is perfect. It adds to our list of top attractions in Denton.

The water park takes care of all age groups with no age limit to the fun. You can enjoy the waves, take some slides into the water, swim around in the pool or just sip some soda with your legs in the water.

You can bring your food and drinks to enjoy in the park, it’s really fun. There are some gigantic, high, and adventurous slides for daring and sporty people, and the kids have easy, simple rides available.

Water Works Park is one of the top fun things to do in Denton.

Address: 2400 Long Rd, Denton, TX 76208, United States

13. Denton must-see: Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum

Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum
Credits: Matthew Beeman / Shutterstock
Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum

The Denton County Courthouse, as its name suggests, is a courthouse built in the 1800s which still stands strong today. Checking out this courthouse is one of the top things to do in Denton.

Formerly, the Courthouse was used to conduct proceedings, but now it is only a museum containing history and artifacts.

The museum is a great tourist attraction with many popular artists and singers holding their concerts and events all around the year.

The museum also offers visitors an overview of the communities and the contributions of locals to see to the county’s rich heritage.

A large part of this courthouse has metamorphosed into a different area for public display and use.

This courthouse can serve as the perfect spot for a wedding, thanks to the big space used to hold beautiful events.

It does not matter if you are a visitor or a resident, you will be educated as well as entertained as you plunge yourself into the past days of Denton County.

Generally, this museum-courthouse is worth a visit if you are in Denton. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday.

Address: 110 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201-4116

14. Drink good wine at Fortunata Winery

Fortunata Winery
Credits: Ievgenii Meyer / Shutterstock

Fortunata Winery is perfect for all wine enthusiasts. The winery is unique, properly out, and well maintained, with live music and outdoor seating.

They offer the taste of different kinds of wine, and you can pick the one that suits your taste more. Fortunata Winery is also great for a romantic dinner with your partner or an evening dinner date with your loved ones.

The winery has a special 5-course meal which various visitors have often described as “top-notch.” So be sure not to miss out on this place if you wish to have the best wine and diner experience in Denton, Texas.

An experience in Fortunata Winery is one of the best things to do in Denton.

Address: 2297 FM2931, Aubrey, TX 76227, United States

15. Visit Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center
Credits: Denton Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center / Facebook
Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center is a massive conservation area that features hiking trails, ongoing restoration projects, and education.

It is situated within Lake Lewisville’s upper floodplain and is under the management of the City of Denton.

This center is a gateway to over 2,900 bottomland hardwood forests, diverse aquatic habitats, and upland prairie.

Both residents and visitors alike are exposed to incomparable educational, ecological, and recreational opportunities.

The park is open from Monday to Sunday, and time is 6am–10pm.

Address: 3310 Collins Rd., Denton, TX 76208

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16. Doubletree Ranch Park

Doubletree Ranch Park
Credits: Doubletree Ranch Park / Facebook
Doubletree Ranch Park

Another amazing park to visit if you are in the Denton area is the Doubletree Ranch Park. The park is full of properly maintained trails for your hike.

There is also a beautiful lakeside that provides a perfect spot for your dream outdoor classy wedding complemented by a couple of pavilions that you can rent.

For the kids, they can play and jump around on the available splash pads here.

The park is beautified by lush green bushes and trees that blend seamlessly with the colorful flowers all around the trails. The entire scenery is just stunning!

Visit here if you want to beat the scorching heat of Texas, as it makes one of the best things to do in Denton.

Address: 310 Highland Village Rd, Highland Village, TX 75077, United States

17. A-train (Denton County Transit Authority)

Credits: Adam Moss / Flickr

The A-train is a 21-mile (34 km) commuter rail line under the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) management in Denton County, Texas.

It was opened on June 20, 2011, and had its first operation by First Transit under the authority of DCTA.

This rail line is the third-busiest commuter rail line in Texas and thirty-one in the entire United States.

It has six stations and runs parallel to Interstate 35E between Denton and Carrollton. The line also extends with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Green Line at Trinity Mills Station in Carrollton.

The bus and rail service offered by the Denton County Transportation Authority links residents to schools, medical facilities, shopping complexes, and more. Plying this route is one of the best things to do in Denton.

Address: 604 E Hickory St, Denton, TX 76205-4355

18. Visit South Lakes Park

South Lakes Park
Credits: lcseiler / Flickr
South Lakes Park

Filled with nature’s beauty, South Lakes Park is another clean, beautiful, and well-kept park in Denton.

This park is great for chilling and relaxation. So, you can come here to spend quality time with your loved ones or go on picnic dates.

There is also a sports field in the park, so you can play various games with your kids, such as basketball, football, volleyball, and lots more. In addition, the park comes with a playground area where the kids can play.

In the middle of the park is a clean pond filled with sapphire blue waters. It is a perfect spot for fishing.

South Lakes Park is the best park to visit in terms of space as it offers you a breath of fresh air filled with freshness and greenery.

This makes what to do in Denton, TX, for a fun outdoor time, consider an addition to your bucketlist of places to visit in Denton.

Address: 556 Hobson Ln, Denton, TX 76205, United States.

19. Check the Parker House Haunted Attraction

The Parker House Haunted Attraction
Credits: The Parker House / Facebook
The Parker House Haunted Attraction

One fun tourist attraction that is worth a visit is this haunted house in Denton. It joins the list of best things to do in Denton.

The haunted house contains many attractions, however, the most exciting part of this house is the zombie paintball ride; everyone loves it!

You would encounter various props and actors outside the house, all ready to scare you! The interior of the house is the zombie ride, while the exterior is the scary haunted one.

So, if you like haunted houses and want to go on some adventure, do well to visit the Parker house.

Address: 8550 W University Dr, Denton, TX 76207, United States

20. Blagg-Huey Library

Blagg-Huey Library
Credits: Michael Barera [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Blagg-Huey Library
The Blagg-Huey Library is home to the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) national archives at Texas Woman’s University.

This library is a historic building and is well known for strengthening the Texas Woman’s University education by linking the community to information and library services.

They have a booming collection accessible for research and viewing as part of the Woman’s Collection.

These archives are documents, military records, train ee handbooks, reports, and artifacts that assemble the experimental program between 1942 and 1944.

During that period, women enlisted in the Armed Forces of America were properly trained, and they flew aircraft themselves.

Visit this library while in Denton to learn more about these events.

Address: 304 Administration Dr. Texas Womans University, Denton, TX 76204

21. Denton Firefighters Museum

Located in the lobby of Central Fire Station, Denton Firefighters Museum was opened in 2005 by local firefighters in honor of brave firefighters, both past and present.

This museum houses diverse firefighting memorabilia traceable from the 1800s to today, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience how firefighting evolved over the past 150 years.

Some of the intriguing collections include a hand-pulled hose cart from the 1800s, 1935 equipment from a ladder truck, fire extinguishers, helmets, fire grenades, uniforms, and breathtaking apparatuses from decades back.

The Denton Firefighter’s Museum is open Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Entrance and admission is free.

You can also go on guided tours, and group tours are as well welcomed and encouraged.

Address: 332 E Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201-4272

22. College of Visual Arts

College of Visual Arts and Design
Credits: UNT College of Visual Arts and Design / Facebook
College of Visual Arts and Design

Located in the University of Texas, the College of Visual Arts and Design is regarded as one of the country’s best and most extensive visual arts schools.

Some of its programs include a graduate fine arts program ranked nationally, a graphic design program ranked as first in the Southwest, and only Ph.D. in art education in the state.

Its gallery is located within the college’s campus and displays various artworks done by different college students.

You would find very creative and attractive artwork on exhibition with the gallery also providing lots of delectable food for just a few bucks.

So, do well to check out yourself as the College of visual arts is open from Monday through Friday, time is 8am – 9pm, except on Fridays where it closes by 5pm.

Address: 1201 W Mulberry St, Denton, TX 76201, United States.

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But the real art of travel is exploring the unexplored, so start making plans on visiting Denton for your next vacation.

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