17 Best Parks in Plant City, FL

Plant City is a city in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States. Plant City’s history goes back to the mid-19th century. It was incorporated in 1885, almost twenty years after Florida was Chartered. 

Plant City is renowned for being the winter strawberry capital of the world. It hosts a yearly Florida Strawberry Festival, which often takes place in February or early March. 

The city is rich in various attractions and Plant City parks are among the fun attractions in Plant City you should explore during a vacation here.

For a fun exploration, here are the best parks in Plant City, FL.

Best Parks in Plant City, FL 

1. Colt Creek State Park 

Colt Creek State Park 
Credits: Norm Lane/ Shutterstock
Colt Creek State Park 

Colt Creek State Park aims to offer outdoor recreation activities. Marshlands, pine flatwoods, arches, and cedars comprise the bulk of the ecosystem here. 

Colt Creek State Park offers 12 miles of various tracks to enjoy horseback riding, trekking, and cycling. 

There are also three lakes in the park where you can go kayaking and fishing. The Park is home to different flora and animals, including endangered species. 

You can spot golden eagles, American gators, jaguars, raccoons, white-tailed deer, Lynch’s fox squirrels, gophers, tortoise hummingbirds, and jaguars. 

Besides animals, the park also houses a wide variety of birdlife. 

Colt Creek State Park has tent-style canopies for rent and 30 full-facility campsites for RVs. 

Guests can access one of the vast pavilions or three other open-air pavilions that operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Address: 16000 State Rte 471, Lakeland, FL 33809, United States

2. Dr. Hal & Lynn Brewer Park 

Dr. Hal & Lynn Brewer Park 
Credits: Diego Cervo / Shutterstock

This Park previously served as a stormwater retention facility. In 2013, modifications were made to improve its stormwater retention ability and turn the area into a public park. 

Dr. Hal & Lynn Brewer Park contains a 12-foot wide paved walking trail surrounding a 7.5-acre retention pond, a pavilion, fountain, benches, bike racks, restrooms, trail lighting, and an outdoor fitness system. 

In October 2020, a 24-station HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness System was put in. The station includes a mobility ramp, parallel bars, hand cycler, balance steps, cardio stepper, stretch, plyometrics, tai chi wheels, and more. 

The station promotes balance, flexibility, relaxation, step aerobics, meditation, and cardiovascular exercises for users 13 years and above. 

The pieces of equipment are free and available daily during daylight hours. 

Address: 1491 Hunter St, Plant City, FL 33563, United States

3. McIntosh Preserve 

McIntosh Preserve 
Credits: lzf / Shutterstock

McIntosh Preserve, encompassing nearly 360 acres, has 2.2 miles of trail. It contains a linear trail that begins in the parking area and lesser loop trails that branch off the main trail. 

Additionally, there is a small play area for kids and a 30-foot observation tower at the end of the main trail. 

The paths are massive, and the surfaces are ideal for strollers and wheelchairs, 

You can reach the tower top by the stairs. A raised seating area is beneath the tower with an accessible ramp. 

A few benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, and interpretive signs are located along the trails. 

Address: 775 E Knights Griffin Rd, Plant City, FL 33565, United States

4. Unity in the Community Park 

Unity in the Community Park, spanning 1,500-square-foot, was formerly known as Collins Street Mural Park. 

The park is named after a local voluntary organization that contributed immensely to Plant City. 

Unity in the Community Park features upgraded landscaping, significant renovations, and extra benches where you can unwind and reflect while roaming the historic downtown. 

The mural known as “Reflection of Plant City” was painted on the walls of Whistle Stop Gourmet Coffee & Eatery by artist Keith Goodson in 2021. 

The mural presents Plant City’s prominent figures and historical landmarks, showcasing its meek beginning in strawberry fields to its current economic achievements. 

This Park also has a donated flag pole, a water fountain, and a sculpture.

Address: Plant City, FL 33564, United States

5. The Walden Lake Dog Park 

Walden Lake Dog Park 
Credits: otsphoto / Shutterstock

Each day offers a new adventure in Walden Lake. You can enjoy exploring its nature trail, improving your skills on the athletic fields, exercising your furry friend in the dog park, or watching kids play and laugh at the playground.

The Walden Lake Dog Park’s sports complex provides fields for sports activities and a shaded pavilion for community gatherings. 

The park is situated on the old Walden Lake Polo Grounds. 

Walden Lake Dog Park features 2 acres of Contained Areas and two large and small pet areas.

There is running water, benches, shelters, and completely fenced-in-gated access. 

The park and playground are central spots for family gatherings and picnics. 

Address: Plant City, FL 33566, United States

6. Ellis-Methvin Park 

Ellis-Methvin Park 
Credits: Alexander Weickart / Shutterstock

Ellis-Methvin Park was named after the couple Dr. Roys Ellis and his wife, Bonnie Methvin Ellis. It provides various facilities for recreational activities. 

These couples sold the 46-acre land to Plant City in 2002 and contributed to its development through donations. 

Ellis-Methvin Park contains the Plant City Tennis Center with clay and hard surface courts, which you can use after booking a reservation. It also has a full-size soccer and football field. 

Spend an exciting time with family and pals with delicious meals at its picnic shelters. Children can run in the playground. 

Additionally, you can enjoy a serene stroll on the 0.4-mile walking trail around the pond at the park. This Park is one of the best parks in Plant City, FL.

Address: 2601 E Cherry St, Plant City, FL 33563, United States

7. McCall Park 

McCall Park was dedicated in 1971, but the Park was rededicated after its expansion in 1998. 

The Park was named after Theodore Jeffers McCall, who started working as a fireman and motorcycle policeman in the early 20th century and subsequently served in various public positions. 

As city manager, his contribution to the growth and development of Plant City was immeasurable. 

Several downtown events take place at McCall Park. You could catch bike fest, classic car shows, and other nonprofit special occasions here. 

Address: 100 N Collins St, Plant City, FL 33563, United States

8. Lower Green Swamp Nature Preserve 

Lower Green Swamp Nature Preserve 
Credits: Keith V / Shutterstock

Lower Green Swamp Nature Preserve boasts approximately 20 miles of open, sunny equestrian and hiking trails. 

The reserve was previously known as Cone Ranch and Audubon Ranch. 

Lower Green Swamp Nature Preserve has many wildlife species, including Southern Fox Squirrels, white-tailed deer, barred owls, and wood storks. 

Bicycles, camping, and hunting are not permitted on the preserve. 

Workers take care of the trails and the parking area. They also get rid of invasive plants, such as Chinese tallow trees and natal grass, and monitor wildlife. 

Address: 3540 E Knights Griffin Rd, Plant City, FL 33565, United States

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9. Sansone Community Park 

Sansone Community Park 
Credits: Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock

Sansone Community Park is among the highly visited outdoor area, with courts and fields for different sports. It is one of the top parks in Plant City, FL.

The 77-acre park was christened after Mike E. Sansone, a local barber and patriot who continued to volunteer until he died in 1963. 

The Sansone Community Park houses the Plant City Little League baseball and softball program. 

The Park contains softball and baseball fields and basketball and sand volleyball courts for visitors to enjoy. 

Those who prefer skating can use the modular 8,500-square-foot skate park. 

Additionally, picnic pavilions and playgrounds are accessible at Sansone Community Park for family gatherings. 

There is a paved trail that curls through the wetland area. It is perfect for quiet walks. 

Address: 1702 N Park Rd, Plant City, FL 33563, United States

10. Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve 

Tom Zeman
Credits: Tom Zeman / Shutterstock

This attraction is a 1,993 acre of conservation land. Hikers can use the 6 miles of sunny, grassy hiking trails curling through the open pines flatwood to the overlook on Blackwater Creek. 

Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve is kept in a wild state for the benefit of wildlife and native plants. 

The parking lot contains a kiosk with trail information and two picnic tables for public use. Camping and hunting are not permitted on the preserve. 

Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve’s natural communities include cypress domes, pine savannah, pine flatwoods, and riverine habitats along Blackwater Creek. 

Wildlife in the area includes turkey, white-tailed deer, gopher tortoise, southern fox squirrels, dusky pigmy rattlesnakes, and Eastern bluebirds.

Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve is open from sunrise to sunset daily. 

Address: 2469 Patrinostro Rd, Plant City, FL 33565, United States

11. Edward Medard Park 

Edward Medard Park 
Credits: Cherries / Shutterstock

Edward Medrad Park, initially called Pleasant Grove Park and Reservoir, went through several transformations before it was donated by a mining company to The Southwest Florida Water Management District in 1969. 

Among its major attraction is a 700-acre reservoir used for fishing, canoeing, and boating. 

Also included in the park is a 3-mile trail that offers hikers, equestrians, and birdwatchers a lovely trip through hardwood hammocks and pine flatwoods. 

The Park does not provide horseback riding rentals, so you must carry your own horse if you want to ride. 

Edward Medard Park also has disc golf for frisbee lovers interested in enhancing their disc-throwing skills. 

The beach volleyball court at the park provides players with a scenic view of the sunset. 

Edward Medard Park offers a boardwalk, picnic shelters, a playground for children, and an observation platform facing the reservoir. 

Campers can spend the night at one of the Park’s 42 first come, first serve campsites with RVs and tent camping. 

All the campsites contain a fire ring, water, picnic tables, and electricity. An RV dump station and public restrooms with showers are equally available. 

Kayaks and canoes can be rented on-site at the park’s entry station. Edward Medard Park is undoubtedly one of the fun parks in Plant City, FL.

Address: 6140 Turkey Creek Rd, Plant City, FL 33567, United States

12. Alderman’s Ford Conservation Park 

Alderman's Ford Conservation Park 
Credits: adriaticfoto / Shutterstock

Alderman’s Ford Conservation Park is part of the South Hillsborough Wildlife Corridor. It provides a link between publicly owned lands along the Alafia River. 

Alderman’s Ford Conservation Park is a popular spot for hikers and nature lovers. The park’s most famous attraction is a 1.9-mile paved loop. 

The loop can be used for dog walking, hiking, and bicycle rides. It connects with a boardwalk and footbridges, leading into shady woods of enormous cypress and oak trees. 

Visit Alderman’s Ford Conversation Park and spend time fishing, birdwatching, or hiking the woods. 

The Park also has four remote campsites for anybody looking for a real wilderness experience. Alderman’s Ford Conversation Park is no doubt one of the fun parks in Plant City, FL.

Address: 100 Alderman’s Ford Park Dr, Plant City, FL 33567, United States

13. Saddle Creek Park 

Saddle Creek Park 
Credits: KontroledKaos / Shutterstock
Saddle Creek Park 

Saddle Creek Park’s nature trail has been well-known for discovering migratory birds for years. 

The Park is a great spot to visit if you love the outdoors. The 734-acre park is the most extensive In America and the first in the state. 

Since fishing is one of the popular activities in Saddle Creek Park, it offers many boat ramps for open-water fishing. 

Additionally, the Park has fishing docks that visitors with disabilities can use. 

Address: 3716 Morgan Combee Rd, Lakeland, FL 33801, United States

14. Circle B Bar Reserve 

Circle B Bar Reserve 
Credits:Terry Kelly / Shutterstock
Circle B Bar Reserve 

Circle B Bar Reserve is a lovely spot in Lakeland, FL, 22 minutes from Plant City. This old 1,267-acre cattle ranch is a preserved area with southern fauna and flora. 

Centuries-old oak trees decorated with Spanish moss ribbons dot the road leading into the reserve. 

Circle B Bar Reserve is nestled on the headwater of the Peace River, which pours out to the Gulf of Mexico. This means the chances of spotting alligators are pretty high. 

Among the fun things to do in the park are picnicking, hiking along the trails, and wildlife spotting. 

Circle B Bar Reserve is also a part of the Great Florida Birding Trail. Hence bird watchers should keep their eyes peeled for osprey, Eagles, wild turkey, red-shouldered hawks, white ibis, and more bird species. 

Other animals here include turtles, frogs, otters, armadillos, and bobcats. 

Address: 4399 Winter Lake Rd, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States

15. Lake Parker Park 

Lake Parker Park 
Credits: Laurel A Egan / Shutterstock
Lake Parker Park 

Lake Parker is the most extensive lake among the 38 named lakes In Lakeland, FL. Surrounding this 3.4 square miles lake is the 88-acre Lake Parker. 

The Lake and the Park both create one of the most terrific destinations in the city for outdoor recreation. 

Most visitors to the park explore its numerous paved walking trails, from the Forest Path that travels parallel to the Water Park. 

The Water Park, at 84 miles, is the lengthiest in the park and one of the most gorgeous. 

The Water Park twists through the forest, which is especially lovely when the irises are in season. 

Aside from walking, Lake Park has a playground, boat ramp, picnic pavilion, spots for fishing, soccer fields, shuffleboards, and tennis courts. 

Visitors casting a line in the lake will have opportunities to catch bluegill, crappie, and largemouth bass. 

Address: 820 E Robson St, Lakeland, FL 33805, United States

16. Lake Mirror Park 

Lake Mirror Park 
Credits: Stony River / Shutterstock
Lake Mirror Park 

The centerpiece of downtown Lakeland is Lake Mirror Park and Lake Mirror. 

Lake Mirror is one of the most breathtaking local lakes in Lakeland. Its name is influenced by its glassy and calm surface. 

Surrounding the Lake is the beautiful Lake Mirror Park, a 32-acre gem of the city. The Lake takes up 18 acres of the park. 

Seven acres of open space encircle the Lake, and extra seven acres are for parks and public recreation. 

The most frequented area of the park is undoubtedly its meandering promenade dating back to the 1920s. 

The promenade’s Corinthian column and decorative lamp posts are remarkable features. 

Lake Mirror Park, in the center of the community, hosts approximately 20 events yearly. The most popular events are the classic car show and the Christmas parade. 

Address: Lake Mirror Park, Lakeland, Fl, United States

17. Munn Park 

Munn Park 
Credits: Josh Hallett / Flickr
Munn Park 

Munn Park contains many historical artifacts and honors the soldiers who fought for the Confederate States of America. 

Visitors could see all the statues and monuments commemorating the troops erected all over the Park. 

Mun Park is a great area to explore on foot because it has over 40 ancient monuments. 

Discover the many historic structures and memorials all over the Park. 

The Old Coca-Cola building and the Old City Hall are among the numerous examples of its gorgeous architecture. 

Address: 201 E Main St, Lakeland, FL, United States

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Plan a Visit to Plant City

There are several things to do in Plant City besides participating in the Florida Strawberry Festival. 

The city’s stunning parks, preserves, and exciting landmarks are not to be missed. You will undoubtedly have a fun time.