15 Best Antique Stores in Mobile, AL

In search of the best antque stores in Mobile, AL

Mobile is a city and the county seat of Mobile County in Alabama, United States. It is the first city in Alabama. The port city’s population after the 2021 census was 184,952.

It is also the fourth-most populated city in the state after Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery. 

Mobile is home to numerous art museums, antique shops, an extensive concentration of historic architecture, a symphony of the orchestra, a professional ballet company, and professional operas. 

The city is also famous for hosting the oldest organized Mardi Gras in the Country.

Shopping for antiques is always a key component of a vacation. Fortunately, Mobile is rich in antique stores that offer unique items. You will undoubtedly have a fun time touring the city.

Are you in going for antique hunting in Mobile? Here are the best places to get antique in Mobile, AL.

Antique Stores in Mobile, AL

1. Mary Parker Antique

Mary Parker Antique
Credits: Aris-Tect Group / Shutterstock

Mary Parker Antique store is housed in an ancient-looking wooden house that resembles an antique item. Mary Parker has gathered, refined, and sold antiques since the 1960s. 

Walk inside and prepare to be marveled at the incredible selection on display. One could say that this antique store is like being inside a cave of treasures. 

Keep your eyes peeled; you will surely find some unique items and great deals. 

When you visit this store, you will not only be shocked at the selection of vintage furniture, collectibles, and houseware but also be dazzled by the excellent conditions in which these items are sold. 

So if you are searching for a memorable gift for a loved one or an accessory for your house, drop by Mary Parker Antique and find what you are looking for. It is one of the top antique stores in Mobile, AL.

Address: 418 Dauphin Island Pkwy, Mobile, AL 36606, United States

2. Yellow House Antiques & Interior

Yellow House Antiques & Interior
Credits: Yellow House Antiques & Interiors/ Facebook
Yellow House Antiques & Interior

Yellow House Antiques & Interior focuses on 18th and 19th-century Antiques. 

They search the world to find rare pieces that they can take home to share with their visitors. 

The antique shop has been a resource and supplier to the trade, retail, and design market for over 30 years. 

Greg Riley and Jim Louden, the owners, hand-select all the items from European antique markets and fairs. 

Yellow House Antiques & Interior offers the finest 1700s and 1800s English and continental furniture, silver, mirrors, porcelain, decorative pieces, and fine arts from antique to modern. 

Whether you are searching for a timeless piece or need assistance with your whole house, they have the most extensive showroom to help you out. 

Yellow House Antiques & Interior also offer custom-designed furniture, depending on your needs, from one piece to an entire paneled room. 

Interior Decoration services include drapery, custom upholstered furniture, wallpaper and rugs, and custom window treatments. 

Yellow House Antiques & Interior also offers lamp repair, custom lampwork, and deals on top-notch lampshades and finials. 

Address: 1902 Government St, Mobile, AL 36606, United States

3. Olde Mobile Antique Gallery

Olde Mobile Antique Gallery
Credits: Olde Mobile Antiques Gallery/ Flickr
Olde Mobile Antique Gallery

You will find Olde Mobile Antique Gallery in the heart of downtown Mobile, AL. Old Mobile Antique Gallery’s main display space extends over 15,000 square feet. 

This expansive antique store offers the largest and most captivating selection of top-quality furniture, beautiful fine arts, opulent accent pieces, and collectibles on the Gulf Coast. 

The large, white building may not look too pleasing to the eyes, but when you walk through the front doors, you will begin to feel the magic take place. 

The room is organized nicely, with many items spread graciously on a display cabinet, a sprawling table, and specific areas to showcase specific items. 

There is no reason to comb through anything here or wipe off any dust because everything is presented well and given proper care. 

With such an expansive showroom, there is barely anything you cannot find at Olde Mobile Antique Gallery. 

Guests will discover American Rosewood Furniture from the 1850s, Sterling silver, porcelain from imperial Russia, rugs and carpets, vintage wicker furniture, estate jewelry and watches, porcelain, vintage lighting, historical papers, rare books, and more. 

Plenty of the items mirror the taste and expertise of the owners, who both have a remarkable eye for quality and uniqueness.

The inventory of this antique store is frequently re-stocked, so visitors always have something new to admire. It is one of the best antique stores in Mobile, AL.

Address: 653 St Louis St, Mobile, AL 36602, United Stat

4. Plantation Antiques

Plantation Antiques
Credits: Plantation Antique Galleries/ Facebook
Plantation Antiques

Plantation Antiques is a premium seller of fine antiques offering the most extensive and most captivating selection of top-tier antique furniture, fine art, opulent accent pieces, and select collectibles in the area. 

Their galley, once-monthly Estate Sale warehouse, and Consignment Shoppe offer the ideal item for every taste and every budget. 

Plantation Antiques expertly curated collection offers the finest selection for homes. Their ever-changing inventory is constantly stocked with American and Continental furnishings and those essential pieces that add color to a room. 

The owners, Charles Parmenter and Greg Reynolds, hand-select each item from fine estates nationwide and trade sources to provide the ideal acquisition for your offices, homes, and vacation spot. 

Plantation Antiques’ selection of fine oriental rugs, antiques of the 18th and 19th centuries, and fine decorative accessories are curated to complement the looks of today’s perfect blend of the old and new, contemporary and old world. 

Address: 604 Bel Air Blvd, Mobile, AL 36606, United States

5. Antique Emporium Midtown

Antique Emporium Midtown
Credits: Aris-Tect Group / Shutterstock

Antique Emporium Midtown is a full-service antique mall with outstanding customer service and fantastic selections. The antique mall encompasses more than 18,000 square feet.

It carries many antique and vintage items to pick from. Whether you want something little to gift a loved one or are decorating, you will undoubtedly find remarkable merchandise at affordable prices. 

Antique Emporium Midtown opens seven days a week and is suitable for every budget. Drop by Antique Emporium Midtown and see for yourself 

Address: 2601 Emogene St, Mobile, AL 36606, United States

6. Downtown Antiques

Downtown Antiques
Credits: Creative Lab / Shutterstock

You will find Downtown Antiques within the shopping district of Fairhope. This antique store is filled with many vintage and antique items. 

Having a massive blend of rare heirlooms items and relics, this lovely antique store might have the item you have been looking for. 

When you enter the shop, you will be greeted by shining chandeliers hanging from above and an array of antiques decorated on old wooden shelves and tables. 

Antique glass cabinets, French-style chairs and upholstered sofas, marble-topped side tables, and other items are displayed throughout the store. 

Downtown Antiques also has an exquisite selection of dresses, vintage hats, furs, and coats for ladies looking to include an ageless staple to their wardrobe. 

Vintage children’s and baby items, such as toys, furniture, and clothing, can also be purchased here. 

Like most antique stores, Downtown Antique has an always-changing selection of items. So check back often if you are searching for something specific; the shopkeeper is available and willing to aid you. 

Downtown Antiques is in Fairhope, 30 minutes from Mobile. 

Address:31 S Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States 

7. RF Architectural and Garden Antiques

RF Architectural and Garden Antiques
Credits: Aris-Tect Group / Shutterstock

RF Architectural and Garden Antiques is a delightful antique shop in downtown Fairhope. 

At RF Architectural and Garden Antiques, guests will find the highest quality items from France, Italy, England, Germany, and Belgium. 

At this antique store, get motivated to create an outdoor setting celebrating the charm of the French countryside with a surplus array of antique garden items, including bistro tables, fountains, sculptures, olive jars, and chair sets in different colors and sizes. 

Go inside the store and explore several rooms filled with French Country and French provincial antiques, period pieces, and furniture. 

Gorgeous French armories, bookcases, sideboards, buffers, and cabinets dating back to the 19th century decorate the walls. At the same time, Louis-style chairs, benches, settees, and side tables are showcased throughout this antique store. 

Take a piece of history into your home with items such as a tea caddy, English box, tabletop statue or sculpture, or French alter candlestick. 

If you are looking for outstanding pieces for your French-styled home, the Louis Philippe, Trumeau, and ornate Italian mirrors would be the way to go. 

Furthermore, illuminate your house with an antique chandelier, table lamps, and sconces dating back to the early 20th century. 

With constant travels to Europe for new items to display in the shop, RF Architectural and Garden Antiques inventory is constantly updated. 

If you are searching for a specific item, talk with one of the associates who will happily help you find that perfect piece. 

Address:61 S Church St, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States

8. Louis Doggett Fine Estate and Silver Jewelry

Louis Doggett Fine Estate and Silver Jewelry
Credits: Zaharia Bogdan Rares / Shutterstock

Louis Doggett Fine Estate and Silver Jewelry have operated for over 30 years. They offer the finest jewelry, estate sterling silver, crystal, chunks, and linen. 

Suppose you are getting married or desire to add to your patterns. In that case, they have a large selection of active and discontinued patterns. 

Also, if you are expecting a child or a grandchild, you can also begin a pattern for them. 

Louis Doggett Fine Estate and Silver Jewelry also have an increasing selection of China wear, crystals, and antique linen to make your occasion more stylish. 

Louis Doggett Fine Estate and Silver Jewelry have a simple customer service goal: to provide customers with total satisfaction. 

Address:93 N Sage Ave, Mobile, AL 36607, United States 

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9. Home Again Vintage and Antique

Home Again Vintage and Antique
Credits: Creative Lab / Shutterstock

Home Again is a family-owned and operated store that offers furniture painting services. 

This sizeable antique mall has all your favorite tchotchkes, knickknacks, and lagniappe varieties. 

At this store, you can renovate and paint your antique furniture before carrying it home. 

Home Again boasts of offering different fun, quirky vintage, rustic, antiques, primitive, and industrial items 

The ideal way to get a feel of the kind of item they sell is to drop by the store and browse through it. 

They generally sell children’s clothing, jewelry, adult clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, furniture antiques, linens, home décor, household items, and much more. 

Address: 6368 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL 36609, United States

10. Cooper Roof Antiques

Cooper Roof Antiques
Credits: Andrey Armyagov / Shutterstock

Cooper Roof Antiques is an antique mall in downtown Fairhope.This antique stall carries an extensive selection of antiques, heirlooms, and home décor accessories. 

The store has a wide selection of farmhouse tabletop items, including metal and tin canisters, white ceramic serving ware, and picture and table lamps. 

Cooper Roof Antique is filled with beautiful objects pleasing to the eye. On the right side of the shop, you will discover vintage toys, aged children’s books, and heirloom-quality dresses. 

On the left side of the shop, you will see the main gallery, which has plenty of items such as clocks, typewriters, oil, lamps, candlestick, and a dining area. 

There are also walls and tabletop framed pictures and wooden picture frames available for purchase. 

Address: 416 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States

11. Southern Antiques and Accent

Southern Antiques and Accent
Credits: Stephanie Lena Lee / Shutterstock


Southern Antiques and Accent invites you to enjoy its southern hospitality and browse through its selection of collectibles, antiques, vintage items, jewelry, crystal, china, memorabilia, shabby chic, art, paintings, handcrafted furniture, antique toys, civil war items, and yard arts, and other intriguing pieces. 

Southern Antiques and Accent is in a renovated bowling alley with open ceilings, wood floors, and great lighting to make your shopping a pleasure. 

The store’s kind and caring staff is available to help you with whatever help you may need. 

There is something for everyone at Southern Antiques and Accent.

Address:251 S Greeno Rd, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States

12. Crown and Colony Antiques

Crown and Colony Antiques
Credits: Crown and Colony Antiques / Facebook
Crown and Colony Antiques

Crown and Colony Antiques in downtown Fairhope is among the sought-after shops for European antiques. 

This antique shop is also famous for its many extraordinary antique goods and competitive prices. 

As a direct importer of European antiques, the shop is filled with breathtaking and unique merchandise that will complement different home styles. 

With constant travel to England, Germany, France, Belgium, and Italy and a monthly shipment container, visitors can anticipate new and fresh selections anytime they visit Crown and Colony Antiques. 

Crown and Colony Antique has an extensive collection of magnificent furniture, curated goods, and home accents. 

French upholstered sofas, benches, and armchairs would give your rooms a touch of class. At the same time, the chest of drawers, bistro tables, buffets, desk, and sideboard would be perfect for showcasing your finest pieces. 

Vintage coffee table books, floral arrangements, and a selection of blue and white ceramic vases are showcased throughout the open room. 

The shop’s walls are decorated with brass mirrors, golden plate décor, and framed oil paintings of the European countryside. 

You will discover a more extensive selection of antique mirrors at the back of the room. 

Other items for purchase include a stylish antique crystal chandelier, brass table lamps, and a grandfather clock. 

Address:24S Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States 

13. Villa Decor

Villa Decor
Credits: SNS Studio / Shutterstock

Villa Decor is a design and furniture showroom in the center of downtown Fairhope. 

The owner, Kelly Clark, has over 20 years of design experience and a sharp eye for unique transitional pieces. 

This privately owned upscale home design store features furniture, lighting, arts, fine antiques, silk rugs, and gifts. 

Expect to see pieces with classic styles, clean lines, and contemporary sensibility at this antique shop. 

Since Villa Decor has two locations in downtown Fairhope, you will enjoy surplus varieties of merchandise at each store. 

Besides its fame for having a large rug selection and lighting options, this showroom has a stunning furniture line, including sofas, beds, tables, chairs, and sideboards. 

Some handcrafted items include lamps, tabletop items, vases, jewelry, and barware. 

Address:12 N Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States

14. Aubergine Antiques

Aubergine Antiques
Credits: Crown and Colony, Aubergine and RF Antiques / Facebook
Aubergine Antiques

Aubergine, situated in downtown Fairhope, is a French antique shop that sells culinary goods and oriental rugs. 

Aubergine Antiques is famous for its varieties of vintage European items and competitive pricing. 

With a new monthly shipment, visitors will enjoy various antiques from Europe, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and England. 

Some antique culinary goods include wooden cutting boards and dough bowls, stunning copper pots and pans, crystal glasses, and decanters. 

The store also features woven baskets, rustic ceramic vases, and serving trays as decorative pieces and functioning vessels. 

If you have a loved one who is passionate about cooking, you could buy some items as a gift for such a person. Some include a coffee table book on French cuisine and a selection of gourmet salts. 

Other culinary items include striped linen tea towels, a wine stopper, champagne bucket. 

For wooden kitchen accessories, you can buy stirring spoons, a salt and pepper shaker, and honey dippers. 

Besides serving items, Aubergine Antique has a lovely selection of French Country furniture, such as dining tables and chair sets, buffets, armoires, and bar carts. 

The back of the antique shop comprises a room filled with numerous sizes of oriental rugs. 

Enormous rugs are hung from the walls and piled on the ground, while the small rugs are put on holders for guests to see easily. 

Since these rugs come in different color palettes and styles, they would complement any room in your house. 

Address:315 De La Mare Ave # A, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States

15. Betty G. Haynie Antiques and Fine Art

Betty G. Haynie Antiques and Fine Art
Credits: Betty G. Haynie Antiques & Fine Art/ Facebook
Betty G. Haynie Antiques and Fine Art

Betty G. Haynie Antiques and Fine Art is an elegant antique store in the center of downtown Fairhope. 

The shop has four large rooms filled with gorgeous treasures from the 1800s and 1900s in America, Asia, and Europe. 

Betty G. Haynie Antiques and Fine Art also offer an extensive selection of inventory, including oriental rugs, fine china, ornate mirror, framed oil paintings, sofas, desks, table and chair sets, silver, desks, and antique armoires. 

Vibrant Asian and English porcelain dishes from the early 19th century are displayed throughout the store. 

Books, bronze sculptures, figurines, accessories, and brass candle holders are also available for sale. 

Address:15 N Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532, United States 

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Plan a Trip to Mobile

Whether planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway in Mobile, you will discover that the city has much to offer. 

Explore the treasures in the top antique stores in Mobile, AL! For 300 years, this energetic and colorful town has been the treasure of the golf coast. It patiently awaits your presence.