32 Best & Fun Things to Do in Missouri

A state in the United State of America, Missouri is a Midwestern state which lies between Kentucky and Kansas, both states also in the United States.

It is a vast land that is covered in a grassy plain. This grassy plain continues for miles and can be seen from the Ozark Mountains.

There are so many things to do in Missouri due to its vast number of cities and each of these cities are filled with places and things which attract the world to Missouri like a magnet.

Some of these spots of attraction include the National World War 1 Museum which can be found in Kansas City. There is also the Gateway Arch which is located right inside St. Louis. And more. You can (by judgment) rightly call Missouri a “state of tourism”

Among other things that make the state all the more intriguing, is the ways the cities rowdiness is balanced by the peace from nature. Thus, you can readily escape the bustle in business places to the state parks and nature retreats which offers you all the peace, quietness, and fun you need.

You can see there is so much to explore and enjoy. Would you like to know what to do in Missouri?, let me start, as your tour guide by suggesting to you places to visit and the best things to do in Missouri.

Things to Do in Missouri

1. The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch
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The Gateway Arch

Amongst a big list of what to do in Missouri is paying a visit to the Gateway Arch.

Located downtown of the city of St. Louis, it is without doubt that the Gateway Arch is the tallest monument in the whole of the United States of America.

The curved structure is 630 feet tall. It was erected as a tribute to the vision Thomas Jefferson had for St. Louis. For saw St. Louis as the gateway to Western Expansion.

The monument is breathtaking. Its display of artistry and workmanship tells you that it was designed by none other than the renowned architect Eero Saarinen.

It too Eero over 20 months, from February 1964 to October 1965. A look at it will make you believe it was worth all the pain. There are about sixteen tram cars that can take you on a 4 minute trip to the top. Once you get to the observation deck, you are at liberty to stay as long as you like.

A visit to see this architecture should be one of the top things to do in Missouri on your list, here, you will see how beauty St. Louis (and Missouri as a whole) is,

Location: 11 North 4th Street, St.Louis, MO 63102. Phone No: 877-982-1410

2. National Blues Museum

National Blues Museum
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National Blues Museum

One of the best things to do in Missouri is to visit the National Blues Musume.

A museum for music lovers! The National Blues occupies about 15,000 square feet of a 23000 square foot space just downtown of St. Louis.

It is dedicated to exploring both the musical history and the influence of the genre of music known as blues.

It is also a known fact that blues music originated from the Deep South. It is also said that nearly all popular music over the last century derived its foundation from it.

The museum is also dedicated to the display of artifact-driven exhibits, interact technology e.t.c. The museum also has a theatre and a special event space. Other fun activities the Museum offers to the visitor is a chance to explore the various styles of blues. The visitor will also have the opportunity to know about who created it.

Sometimes, the museum holds other public programs or activities like films, musical performances, and lectures.

Location: 615 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63101. Phone No: 314-925-0016.

3. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
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Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Founded in 1990, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is completely dedicated to the preserving and securing the history of African-American Baseball. It is a 10,000 square foot museum that is located in Kansas City. It is a popular spot as it also shares space with the American Jazz Museum.

African-Americans have been playing baseball here since the 1800s.

Though it wasn’t professional at first, it was played by college, company teams, military before it became the professional baseball is it today.

Two notable persons who changed influences this game at that time were Moses Fleetwood and Bud Fowler.

Through the “lens” the Museum offers, you can experience with your imagination what the history of the baseball league was like, and what it is today as you scan through the museum.

Some of the exhibits in the museum include, baseball artifacts, hundreds of photographs of the league, film exhibits and multi-media computer stations.

This makes the best of Missouri things to do and should be on your list of fun things to do in Missouri.

Location: 1616 East 18th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108. Phone No: 816-221-1920.

4. Visit the Fantastic Caverns

Fantastic Caverns
Source: Flickr
Fantastic Caverns

One of the cities in Missouri is Springfield. In this city, you will find the Fantastic Caverns. The fantastic caverns will allow you to explore a cave.

It has a Jeep-drawn tram. You will get to ride through the cave completely through the cave in this tram! Oh, what a thrill!

Don’t think you will get a better offer elsewhere, for this cave is the only cave in the whole of North America that offers this ride.

The cave was discovered in 1862 by John Knox, who was on a hunting trip with his dog. It was five years later that twelve brave women from Springfield Women’s Athletic Club explored the cave.

Due to their bravely, their names are immortalized in this cave. You will see these twelve names etched on the cave wall when you visit the cave. It will always be a motivation for you.

Location: 4882 North Farm Road 125, Springfield MO 65803. Phone No: 417-833-2010.

5. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Nelson-Atkins Museum
Source: Flickr
Nelson-Atkins Museum

No museum can boast of beautiful pieces of artwork that can be found in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

The museum which is of a neoclassical design is located in Kansas City. It contains about 35,000 works of art, and each year, about 500,000 people visit the art museum just to watch them.

You will find artworks that are ancient here. For instance, the Egyptians and Near Eastern, Romans, Greek, and early Christian Exhibits. You will also a collection of Native American artwork some of which are sculptures, textiles, quill and beadwork, paintings, basketry, and a lot more.

In addition to all these above, the museum also has collections that are of Japanese, European, Chinese, American, and South and Southeastern Asia origin.

You may also visit the museum’s restaurant which is styled like a 15th-century courtyard.

This restaurant is called the Rozzelle Court Restaurant. You can visit it when you need to relax or eat something.

Location: 4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64111. Phone No: 816-751-1278

6. Heard of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis?

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis,
Source: stltoday.com
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Missouri

The Contemporary Art Museum (know as CAM) is a 27,000 square door building that is situated in St Louis, Missouri.

The building was designed by Brad Cloepfil, who was a renowned American architect.

The main purpose of this museum is to celebrate the art of our time. It also offers exhibitions that are unique in a thought-provoking way.

Contemporary Art Museum holds more than 20 exhibitions every year. In these exhibitions, the guest will be allowed to view collections of art. Sculptures, paintings, drawings, and conceptual, performative, and interactive arts will all be in display.

CAM also aids to grow the community through the workshops they hold for families. They also hold monthly neighborhood art crawls and film screening.

You will surely enjoy your visit to this museum. It is at the heart of the city.

Location: 3750 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108. Phone No: 314-535-4660

7. Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum.

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum
Source: Flickr
Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

Have you been to the Harry S. Library and Museum? Then you have been missing out on all the fun it offers!

The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum is the home to so many collections that tells about Truman’s presidency.

It is located in Independence, Missouri, and it houses two major permanent exhibitions.

The first of these exhibitions is “Truman: The Presidential Years”. The second is “Harry S. Truman: His Life and Times”. Sometimes, the museum host other exhibitions, but they are only temporary. One of those exhibitions is the 2017 “Saving the White House: Truman’s Extreme Makeover”.

This 2017 exhibition told the guest the story of the controversial 1,222-day $5.7 million renovation of the white house. If you visit this museum, amongst other things, you will see the letters that Harry and Bess Truman exchanged over the years. You will also see two decision theatres.

Let this museum be on your “thing to do in Missouri” bucket list.

Location: 500 West US Highway, 24, Independence, MO 64050. Phone: 816-268-8200

8. The Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum
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The Titanic Museum

What to do in Missouri can be answered with the Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum was founded in 2006 in Branson Missouri. The main aim of its establishment is to give it’s visitors a clear picture of how the Titanic was before it capsized.

They go further to share the experience that both the crew and the passengers aboard this great ship endured as woe betide it during that faithful voyage.

It’s not surprising that the museum is shaped like the Titanic, but it’s worth noting that it is a bit smaller than the real ship. When you arrive, you will be shown real artifacts and personal belongings of the passengers of the ship. All these were obtained from the wreck site.

Also, all videos and papers that bear the news reported during the period the shipwreck happened as still kept in the Museum.

The whole tour will last for 2 hours. You will be allowed to dip your hand in water at a temperature of 28F, if you like. You can also touch an iceberg. All these goes far in making the whole experience so real to you.

Location: 3235 West 76 Country Boulevard Brandon. MO 65616. Phone No: 800-381-7670

9. George Washington Carver National Monument.

George Washington Carver National Monument
Source: Flickr
George Washington Carver National Monument

Now, about 2 miles west of Diamond, Missouri, you will find a 210-acre park. This park is the George Washington Carver National Monument.

This National monument has a lot to tell, and it is of much significance to both the history of Missouri and the United States as a whole.

It is dedicated to George Washington Carver who was an American agricultural scientist and an inventor. The monument in itself is the first national monument ever which is dedicated to someone who was both a black American and non-president.

Some of the fun activities offered include a guided tour which takes the visitor through a three quarter mile nature.

In this tour, you will be shown the Moses Carver house built in 1881, a Civil War Cemetery where the Carvers buried their family members, then a museum which contains wonderful exhibits.

As you tour through these places, you will pass through streams, woodlands, a tallgrass prairie restoration area, and lots of other places.

Visiting this monument should be on top of the list of things you will do in Missouri.

Location: 5646 Carved Road, Diamond, MO 64840. Phone No: 417-325-4151

10. See Branson Scenic Railway

Branson Scenic Railway
Source: Flickr
Branson Scenic Railway

Just as the name implies, this historic railway originates in Branson, Missouri. Its tracks run through the Ozarks Mountains on a 40 miles round trip.

Are you looking for the best things to do in southern Missouri, do pay a visit to this railway.

In this railway, you will get to ride in a vintage passenger train. This train will take you through tunnels, over trestles and you will get to see nature in display through its wildlife as you travel through the middle part of Arkansas wilderness and Missouri in this train.

All you see will thrill you. It’s gonna be an unforgettable moment for you.

In case you want to tour the three-domed cars which occupy every passenger’s attention, you are free too. The experience you will receive from the dome cars is going to be the same as what should be expected 50 years ago.

This is because the dome cars though refurbished, has the same settings as it has 50 years ago. It going to be a 1 hour 30 minutes tour, this is one of the best you will get on a vacation in this beautiful state and it should make your list of Missouri things to do

Location: 206 East Main Street, Brandon, Missouri. Phone No: 417-334-6110

11. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

Old Courthouse, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Source: Flickr
Old Courthouse, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Located at the very heart of St. Louis Missouri, the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is home to cultural history collections.

The Memorial is very easy to locate as it is near the beginning point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The cultural history collections that you will find in the Memorial are distinguished by artifacts that represent it in five major categories.

Those categories are Gateway Arch, St. Louis History, the Old Courthouse, Westward Expansion, and Museum archives.

You will also learn about the lives of people like Virginia Minor, Thomas Jefferson, the Lewis and Clark Journey of Discovery and African-American Life in St Louis, 1804-1865.

The Memorial is regarded also as a part of the National Park Service.

Location: 11 North 4th Street, St Louis, MO 63102. Phone No: 314-655-1600

12. Visit Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo
Source: Flickr
Kansas City Zoo

Another place to include in your “fun things to do in Missouri” list is a Visit to the Kansas City Zoo that is in Swope Park.

The Kansas City Zoo, which is the home for wildlife exhibits is built on 202 acres of land.

The Zookeeper guides the Visitors throughout the tour. On the tour, you will learn the different species of wildlife, and their behavior as you pass them. Some of these animals include, polar bears, deers, lions, antelopes, rhinos, tigers, cheetahs, and elephants.

You will also get to watch the zoo’s animal shows like the Sealion Splash and a bird show titled Wings of Wonder.

You can also enjoy the zoo rides some of which are Zebra Tram, Boat Ride, Train Ride, African Sky Safari, and Endangered Species Carousel.

No other spot in Missouri offers much fun for the whole family than Kansas City Zoo.

Location: 6800 Zoo Drive, Kansas City, MO 64132. Phone No: 816-595-1234

13. Check out the City Museum

City Museum
Source: Flickr
City Museum

Right in the middle of St. Louis Missouri, you will find the City Museum. The building was one time an international Shoe company building.

Today, this building is a house to a playhouse museum which occupies about 600,000 square foot. The building on its own is a work of art. It was designed by Bob Cassilly who was both a world-renowned artist and a classically trained sculptor.

He built this building together with a team of artisans. Thus, the house can be described as a funky funhouse or a playhouse museum.

Inside the Museum you will find unique items that have been transformed into interactive architectural marvels. Some of the things that are on display there include an old chimney, construction cranes, salvaged bridges, two abandoned aircraft, and a lot more.

Location: 750 North 16th Street, St Louis, MO 63103. Phone No: 314-231-2489

14. Visit Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum

Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
Source: Flickr
Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum

The Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum is located inside the Washington University Campus in St, Louis.

The museum is under the university’s Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. Thus, it is a teaching museum, and at that, the oldest in the whole country. The building itself is an art as it was designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Fumihiko Maki.

Some of the permanent connections you will see in the museum are contemporary arts that represent a period that begins at the turn of the 20th century and spans up to today.

Some of the exhibitions, though temporary you will see in the museum include The Modern Meal: Sustenance through Ritual.

You will also see pieces from renowned artists. Some of them include Henri Matisse, Theo Van Doesburg, William Hogarth, Thomas Eakins, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Charles Ferdinand Wimar

Location: 1 Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130. Phone No: 314-935-4523

15. National Museum of Transportation

National Museum of Transportation
Source: Flickr
NKP 4-6-4 Hudson locomotive, National Museum of Transportation

The National Museum of Transportation site on 42 acres of land right inside the city of Kirkwood, Missouri. It tells a lot of how transportation started, it’s footprint through time and where we are today.

In your visit, you will see rail and transit collections of 190 exhibits obtained from the 1800s and the 1900s.

You will see also, freight cars, interurban and city transit, passenger cars, rail motive power, rail maintenance and test cars e.t.c. There is also a rare collection of very classic trucks and autos, these are kept separately due to their worth.

You will find in this collection Bobby Darin’s “Dream Car”, the 1901 St. Louis Motor Carriage Co. Automobile, a 1959 Ford gas turbine tractor, and a Chrysler turbine car.

You can also see airplanes like the Douglas aircraft C-47A and the HT Potts rowboat.

Location: 3015 Barrett Station Road, St. Louis MO 63122. Phone No: 314-965-6212.

16. Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Gardens
Source: Flickr
Missouri Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Garden is a 79 acre of land with an exceptional horticultural design that is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Its formal name was Shaw’s Garden, as it was formally after Henry Shaw who was both its founder and sponsor.

You can come with your family and friends, there is something fun to do for everybody.

The garden is divided into sections/garden/displays. Some of these beautiful displays you will see include the English Woodland Garden, Chinese Garden, Victorian District, and Ottoman Garden.

Each of them is peculiar from the other. For instance, the Japanese Garden covers about 14 acres and it is the largest strolling Japanese in the whole of North America

Sometimes, events like the Orchid show, Gardenland Express, Japanese Festival, and Whitaker Music Festival are hosted in the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Location: 4344 Shaw Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63110. Phone No: 314-577-5100

17. Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum.

Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum
Source: Flickr
Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum

Remember Mark Twain? Surely you must know the man who by his imaginations gave us Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn.

The Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum is dedicated to the wonderful man who lived. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, while Mark Twain (gotten from sailors call to one another) was his pen name.

The home is located at his birthplace which is in Hannibal, Missouri. This is a famous place and for all fans of Tom Sawyer, this Home will take the first spot on the list of fun things to do in Missouri.

Also, it is a place of pilgrim for writers, for Mark Twain is one of the best novelists of literary realism of all time. He is best known for his novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which is a sequel of the first.

Also, you will get the chance to see the home Mark Twain grew up in, Tom & Huck Statue, the Huckleberry Finn House, the Becky Thatcher House, the museum gallery, and the interpretive center.

Location: 120 North Main Street, Hannibal, MO 63401. Phone No: 573-221-9010

18. Missouri History Museum

Missouri History Museum
Source: Flickr
Missouri History Museum

Missouri History Museum was founded in 1866 by the Missouri Historical Society. It is situated in the Forest Park neighborhood of St. Louis.

As a visitor to this museum, you will see so many peculiar exhibitions here. For instance, you will see the “Civil Rights: The African American Freedom Struggle in St. Louis”.

Others are, “Looking back at the looking forward” “World War 1: Missouri and the Great War”, and the “Seeking St. Louis”. You.will also get to see the historic clubhouse.

The museum does offer other range of services like workshops, lectures, music, films, theatre, lectures, community events, yours e.t.c. There is also a restaurant called Bixby on the second floor of the building in case you get hungry on the tour.

Location: 5700 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63112. Phone No: 314-746-4599

19. Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Pulitzer Arts Foundation
Source: Flickr
Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Located in the city of St. Louis, the Pulitzer Art Foundation was designed by Tadao Ando. Tadao Ando, a Japanese, was an internationally renowned architect.

The Foundation was launched in the year 2001, and since that time, it has become one of the most remarkable art foundation on earth. Having only three permanent art installations, which were commissioned by the Pulitzers, the rest of the arts are temporal and ever-changing.

The reason for this is because the Pulitzer Arts Foundation is a non-collecting institution. Therefore, you can visit the museum more than once without seeing the same thing twice.

The three arts with are permanently installed in the foundation are Scott Burton’s Rock Settee, Ellsworth Kelly’s Blue Black, and Richard Serra’s Joe.

Other side variety of exhibitions you may likely see if you visit the foundation includes the Old Masters and Modern Contemporary artists Ann Hamilton and Dan Flavin, Buddhist art e.t.c.

The foundation also offers an impressive roster which shows leaders in the fields of arts, architecture, science and technology, urban planning e.t.c.

Location: 3716 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63108. Phone No: 314-754-1850

20. Lake of the Ozarks

Source: Flickr
Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of Ozarks is a very large reservoir that was created in Missouri by the impoundment of the Osage River and its tributaries. It is located in the Northern part of the Ozark Mountains right in Central Missouri.

One peculiar attribute of the lake is it’s slow and lazy curves. Their curves have earned it the name “The Magic Dragon”. It was the largest man-made lake when it was created in 1931.

It is a very beautiful sight to behold and the best place to experience a lakefront vacation. This should make your checklist of the best things to do in southern Missouri.

21. Hermann Wine Trail

Hermann Wine Trail
Source: Hermann Wine Trail| Facebook
Hermann Wine Trail

Amongst the fun things to do in Missouri is going on the Hermann Wine Trail.

In 1837, a group of German immigrants arrived in Missouri. When they arrived, they set up a community called Hermann.

The Hermanns are famous as winemakers. Since they arrived in Missouri, they have been holding Weinfest every year. To this day, every Sunday, after service, they gather at their wine halls to drink wine and make merry. It’s now a lifestyle.

A visit here will answer your question of what to do in Missouri today. Will you like to have a taste of good wine? Visit Missouri today!

22. Saint Louis Art Museum.

Saint Louis Art Museum
Source: Flickr
Saint Louis Art Museum

Right inside St. Louis’s Forest Park, you will find the Saint Louis Art Museum. This art Museum is so spectacular, let it be among your top 10 things to do in Missouri.

Quite on a class of its own, the museum was designed by the great architect, Cass Gilbert. Cass Gilbert got the inspiration for the design of the building from the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, Italy.

The Museum houses more than 33,000 works of art. All these works are arranged in collections. These collections include: American, African, Ancient American, Ancient, African-American, and Pacific Islands.

Other collections you will see are Asian, contemporary, decorative and design, Native American, modern, Islamic, European, textile arts, sculpture, photograph, prints e.t.c.

You will also be shown famous exhibits like Lost in space by Shimon Attie, The Hats of Stephen Jones, and the Realm of Trees.

Location: 1 Fine Arts Drive, St. Louis, MO 63110. Phone No: 314-721-0072.

 23. Forest Park

Forest Park
Source: Flickr
Forest Park

One of the best places to visit in St. Louis, Missouri is Forest Park. Forest Park, also known as the “Heart of Saint Louis” is the perfect place to visit if you seek a place that is calm, peaceful, and close to nature.

The whole of the park sits on 1371 acres of land. It was opened in 1876 and served as a hosting ground for the 1904 summer Olympics.

There is beautiful scenery in the park, with fine trees, ponds, wetlands e.t.c. Don’t forget to come with a camera!

24. St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis Zoological Park
Source: humamerica
St. Louis Zoological Park

Would you like to know what to do in Missouri with kids?, pay a visit to the zoo, Would you love that, the Saint Louis Zoo got you covered.

When it comes to education, conservation, and animal management, the Saint Louis Zoo which is situated in the Forest Park is comes first before any other Zoo.

Due to their excellence, it is not surprising that it is considered one of the top free attraction spots in America. It should come top on your “best things to do in Missouri” list.

The zoo covers about 90 acres of property. It is home to more than 14,840 wild animals with more than 603 different species amongst them.

Therefore, when you get to the Zoo, be sure that you will see grizzly bears, apes, elephants, cheetahs, snow leopards, bald eagles, owls, slender-tailed meerkats, Caribbean flamingos, jaguars, lions, penguins and monkeys.

You can also check out the zoo’s keeper chats, sea lion feedings, safari tours, and penguin feedings.

Location: 1 Government Drive, St. Louis, MO 63110. Phone No: 314-781-0900

25. Science City at Union Station

Science City at Union Station
Source: Flickr
Science City at Union Station

The Science City at Union Station is another tourist flock site that is located in Kansa City.

It features more than 120 hands-on displays, the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium and it also houses the City Extreme Screen Theatre.

Have you seen a real fossil before? You can find one here. Just visit the Dinolab and the Digsite to observe the tools and methods used in paleontology.

One of the fossils you will find is “Lyle” the Camarasaurus.

Other great attractions you can find here is the Force and Motion, Demo Area, Giant Lever, KC Rail Experience, Genetics: Unlock the Code, Maze Park, and Nature Park.

You can also find fun activities and attractions like Sky Bike, Science on a Sphere, Science of Energy e.t.c. Science City makes science so magical. Comes with your kids, friend, and families, they are all going to love it, a nice addition to your list of fun things to do in Missouri.

Location: 30 West Perishing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108. Phone: 816-460-2020.

26. St. Louis Science Center

St. Louis Science Center
Source: Flickr
St. Louis Science Center

The St. Louis Science Centre was founded in the year 1963. It is a three-story building that is connected by a sky bridge to a three-story planetarium. This Science Centre can be easily located for it is in the southeastern corner of Forest Park.

Some of the variety of scheduled activities that are offered by the center include, Family Med School, Space Missions that are simulated, Camp-Ins, Science at Sunset, Data Might under the stars.

See to it that you partake in any of the fun activities listed above.

Also, you can feed your eyes on the attractions and exhibits that you will find the center such as, The Discovery of King Tut, Mission: Mars, Human Adventure, and the Life Science Lab.

There is also the Omnimax Theatre which shows movies like Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaoh’s, Dream Big: Engineering our World, Born to be Wild and Extreme Weather. The centre is open for everyone and will be a great add to your checklist of top things to do in Missouri.

Location: 5050 Oakland Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110. Phone No: 314-289-4400

27. Anheuser-Busch “Budweiser” Brewery

Anheuser-Busch "Budweiser" Brewery
Source: Flickr
Anheuser-Busch “Budweiser” Brewery

Located at the Soulard neighborhood right inside St. Louis, The Anheuser-Busch “Budweiser” Brewery produces one of the finest beer in the whole country.

Since it’s inception in 1852 till date, it has maintained its “one batch at a time” tradition, all to ensure the production of a beer that is so unique. It is the oldest brewery and the largest one at that, in the whole area. It is also very close to the Mississippi River.

When the Brewery began in 1852, then there was no refrigerator, the Brewery had to depend on the natural cave formation which can be found in the area to store their beer.

Luckily, the tours offered by the brewery is open to everyone. Some of the tours it offers include, Beer Museum Tour, the Day Fresh Tour. Complimentary Tour and also the Beermasters Tour.

After the Tour, you can head to The Biergarten, there, you will be given a bite to eat and a very chilled bottle of Budweiser, this should get to your checklist of fun things to do in Missouri if you will love to learn about the Brewery industry.

Location: 1200 Lynch Street, St. Louis, MO 63118. Phone No: 314-577-2626

28. Meramec State Park

Meramec State Park
Source: Flickr
Meramec State Park

The Meramec State Park is located along the Meramec River which is close to Sullivan Missouri, thus, the name. It is home to diverse ecosystems ranging from blades to hardwood forest. There are several caves throughout the park.

This vast area of land is owned by the state and it was developed by Civilian Conservation Corps in the year 1927.

Some of the buildings in this park include the Observation Tower, Park Shelter House, and the Beach Area Historic District. The parks have rooms to rent and you can stay in the campground overnight if you like.

While you are there, do not forget to take a cave tour, after that, go fishing or swimming on the Meramec River and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

29. Innsbrook Resort

Innsbrook Resort
Source: Innsbrook Resort | Facebook
Innsbrook Resort

Are you looking for a home where you can spend a beautiful vacation? Innsbrook Resort is the place you need. Innsbrook Resort is the last beautiful vacation home community, which is cover up to 7,500 acres of land. It is just 45 minutes to the West of St. Louis.

In the resort, you will find an event center, restaurant, an 18-hole championship golf course and other recreational properties like a lawn tennis court that will keep you entertained. It also has 100 plus lakes.

Some fun things you can engage in the resort include, canoeing, sailing, hiking, horseback riding, and lots more.

Thus, if you seek for a place where you can spend your vacation and also escape all the bustle and the hustle of the city life, come down to Innsbrook Resort.

Location: 1 Aspen Lake Drive, Innsbrook, MO 63390. Phone No: 636-928-3366

30. Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Ha Ha Tonka State Park
Source: Flickr
Ha Ha Tonka State Park

The Ha Ha Tonka State Park is located along the Niangua Sen of the lake of the Ozarks in southern Missouri. The whole park covers about three thousand acres of land and it contains “Ha Ha Tonka” which is a mansion that was built in the 16th century.

“Ha Ha Tonka” is named after the natural springs on the property. The phrase means “smiling water”. The castle ruins and park was purchased by the state of Missouri, who then converted it to a state park.

It is open for all. And it’s 15miles trail track makes it one of the best places to hike in Missouri, this should be an addition to your list of things to do in southern Missouri if you love hiking.

31. Hike Katy Trail.

Katy Trail
Source: Flickr
Katy Trail

There are a long list of what to do in Missouri, and tourist do not miss going through The Katy Trail.

The Katy Trail can be found in the Katy Trail State Park. The whole trail is about 240miles and it passes through the former Missouri-Kansas Texas (MKT) Railroad.

It is used by joggers, hikers, cyclists, and tourists all year long. Part of this trail is also part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the American Discovery Trail. As you enjoy your stay in Missouri, you can make out time to jog through this trail. It’s all fun!

32. Historical St. Joseph

Vineyard Mansion
Source: Flickr
Vineyard Mansion, St. Joseph

Widely known as St. Joe, it is located I’m Buchanan County along the Missouri River. It was founded by Joseph Robidoux in 1843 who was a fur trader during the Wild West days.

Are you in northern Missouri and would like to know some of the best things to do in northern Missouri, a visit to St. Joseph will give you a good time in your visit to this state.

Some of the things St. Joseph has to offer is a Pony Express Museum for those interested in learning about history. You can also visit the Heaton-Bowman Smith Funeral Home which houses a small museum managed for Jesse James.

You can also check out the shops and restaurants downtown in the city, this area is packed with so many historical homes which you will enjoy having a view of.

Start Planning Your Visit to Missouri.

Missouri has all it takes to keep you entertained. From the Parks, to the Brewery, museums, and science centers, how can there be a dull moment on a vacation?

So, come with your friends and family, for no other state can you an unforgettable fun experience as you will get in Missouri.

With regards to your interest make your list of best things to do in Missouri as you go on your vacation, do check with your travel agent to get the best plan of your tour through Missouri.