26 Best & Fun Things to Do in Lakewood (CO)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Lakewood, CO?

Lakewood is a beautiful tourist-friendly city located in Jefferson County, Colorado, United States, and the largest municipality in its County.

Known as the fifth-largest city in Colorado, it has a population of one hundred and fifty-five thousand, nine hundred and eighty-four, and is the United States’ 167th most populated city.

Lakewood is a city that offers great opportunities for people to enjoy different types of activities, including the cultures, history, and outdoor recreational activities.

There are many places to visit in Lakewood, CO, such as William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park, Colorado Mills, Bear Creek Greenbelt, Great Frontier Brewing Company, Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake, Carmody Recreation Center, and more.

Lakewood offers you several chances to create new memories with your friends and family, so if you are planning a visit to this city, here is a list of the top things to do in Lakewood, CO.

Things to Do in Lakewood, CO

1. William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park

William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park
Credits: Thomson200 / Public Domain
William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park

For those seeking for an incredible adventure, add a visit to William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park to your list of fun things to do in Lakewood, CO.

William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park has ample open land spanning more than two thousand, four hundred acres.

Being the second most vastest park in the city, this is a popular destination for many families in Lakewood both visitors and residents.

William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park features a multi-purpose trail for hikers to explore, which heads towards the Green Mountain summit.

The breathtaking views hikers enjoy when they get to the Green Mountain summit cannot not be over emphasized, which also includes the views of the Metropolitan Area of Denver, Mountain Peak, and more. 

William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park serves as a refuge for a wide range of plant life and wildlife, including hawks, mule deer, and bluebirds.

Address: 1000 S. Rooney Rd, Lakewood, CO 80228, United States

2. Bear Creek Lake Park

Bear Creek Lake Park
Credits: DINKreaders / Shutterstock
Bear Creek Lake Park

Bear Creek Lake Park is a paradise for nature lovers in Lakewood, offering lots of opportunities for outdoor activities.

The park extends to over two thousand, six hundred acres and contains the Bear Creek Lake of nearly a hundred acres.

Bear Creek Lake Park features several trails excellent for horseback riding, biking, and hiking. This is one park that brings its visitors closer to nature and shows them how extraordinary nature truly is.

This park is a great place for fishing, windsurfing, boating, and swimming which are perfect ways for visitors to spend their day

Bear Creek Lake Park features a picnic area for those who would just like to spend some time and relax, while there are campsites if they decide to stay overnight.

This park is extremely beautiful, and there are many matured flora, trees, and wildlife, making it ideal for sightseeing or wildlife watching.

Address: 15600 W Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO 80228, United States

3. Rodz and Bodz Movie Car Museum/Rentals

Rodz and Bodz Movie Car Museum/Rentals
Credits: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek / Shutterstock

Rodz and Bodz Movie Car Museum/Rentals takes you back in time with an impressive selection of more than one hundred featured in movies.

There are limited editions showcased here such as the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine, the A-Team van, and so on.

Rodz and Bodz Movie Car Museum/Rentals displays several collections of vehicles popularized through movies

You will find distinct vintage cars and hot rods as well as the ghost buster, the original Harley Davidson motorbike of the 1940s, the Batmobile monster truck, and more.

Rodz and Bodz Movie Car Museum/Rentals offers a large number of the cars for rentals for special occasions, adverts, and more.

 Address: 14500 W. Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80401, United States

4. Carmody Recreation Center

Carmody Recreation Center
Credits: Dasha Petrenko / Shutterstock

How about shading some extra calories? Add a visit to Carmody Recreation Center to your list of fun things to do in Lakewood, CO.

Carmody Recreation Center offers numerous aerobic classes open for everyone to join, both locals and visitors.

The center features an outdoor and indoor swimming pools where you can swim and cool off during a hot summer day.

Carmody Recreation Center features a basketball court, pickleball area, and a gym where you can work out to keep fit or lose weight.

Address: 2200 S. Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80227, United States

5. The Bear Creek Greenbelt Park

Bear Creek Greenbelt Park
Credits: Gennady Zakharin / Shutterstock
Bear Creek Greenbelt Park

When you want to go out and have fun, a day at Bear Creek Greenbelt Park is one of the best things to do in Lakewood, CO.

The Bear Creek Greenbelt Park is an incredible three hundred and seventy-nine acres consisting of several natural resources.

This nature preserve contains an assortment of wildlife, wetlands, and lush woodlands with trails perfect for hiking and biking.

The Bear Creek Greenbelt Park is an excellent location for fishing and wildlife watching as you get to see a variety of wildlife.

For an intimate and memorable picnic experience with your beloved friends, this is the best choice for you, and there is a large picnic shelter.

Address: 2800 S Estes St, Lakewood, CO 80227, United States

6. 40 West Arts District

40 West Arts District
Credits: 40 West Arts District / Facebook
40 West Arts District

40 West Arts District is a region that shows the creativity of the city of Lakewood, with more than one hundred and twenty businesses spread throughout the region.

The businesses here include art performing venues, galleries, restaurants, and more; you’ll find several sculptures and murals publicly showcased on the streets.

40 West Arts District has advanced to increase the tourism level of the city and attracts more visitors through the unique and gorgeous local art displayed.

Several events and exhibitions are held here, usually drawing people from different parts of the country. You also get the chance to browse through the beautiful artworks and take memorable pictures.

Address: 1560 Teller St, Lakewood, CO 80214, United States

7. Lakewood Heritage Center

Lakewood Heritage Center
Credits: Arina P Habich / Shutterstock
Lakewood Heritage Center

If you are interested in learning more about the city, visiting Lakewood Heritage Center is one of the top things to do in Lakewood, CO.

Lakewood Heritage Center places great focus on the history of the city as well as the changes that have occurred in its development, inventions, lifestyles, and so on right from the 20th century.

The center features a museum with over ten different historic buildings with more than thirty thousand artifacts on display, promoting the rich history of Lakewood.

Lakewood Heritage Center also features an attractive park with an amphitheater, trails, and playground specially for children.

Lakewood Heritage Center comprises a packed gift store and a lovely gallery open to everyone for no cost; they are usually open from Tuesday to Saturday.

You can join guided tours of the various historic buildings, sit and enjoy the scenic views of the lake, or attend festivals and live concerts.

Address: 801 S. Yarrow St, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States

8. Crown Hill Park

Crown Hill Park
Credits: Amy Aletheia Cahill / Flickr
Crown Hill Park

For some amazing outdoor excitement, add spending a day at Crown Hill Park to your list of places to visit in Lakewood, CO.

Crown Hill Park offers a wide variety of outdoor activities; the park is beautiful and filled with several natural resources that will leave you amazed.

The park is home to the National Urban Wildlife Refuge, and visitors may choose to go hiking, jogging, horseback riding, or biking.

Crown Hill Park is an excellent place for wildlife watching, rollerblading, and fishing; you will find numerous species of birds that habitats here.

The park features several picnic areas where you and your loved ones can gather for a picnic and spend some quality together.

You can also take a quiet walk around the park, sit and read a novel or simply just relax as a perfect way to stay away from the world’s noise.

Address: 9357 West 26th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, United States

9. 240 Union

240 Union
Credits: 240 Union / Facebook
240 Union

240 Union is a fantastic restaurant in Lakewood that offers a wide range of trendy American Cuisine with a twist to them.

The restaurant is well known for serving deliciously prepared seafood and wood-fired pizzas made with fresh ingredients.

240 Union was established in 1989 and has continually served the public with fresh, healthy, and delectable meals.

The restaurant has a well-designed and decorated interior with a friendly ambiance for customers to relax and enjoy.

240 Union serves Charcuterie & Artisan Cheese Platter, pork, Rotisserie Half Chicken, Maine Lobster Knuckle Sandwich, Quarter Kilo Cheeseburger, Ribeye Steak, scallion risotto, and more.

They also offer an extensive list of wines, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ramey Chardonnay, Ferrari-Carano, Chateau d’Arricaud Graves, Sanford Pinot Noir, Buehler Cabernet Sauvignon, Cambria Syrah, Santa Maria Valley and more.

Address: 240 Union Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80228, United States

10. Denver Federal Center Farmers Market

Denver Federal Center Farmers Market
Credits: Arina P Habich / Shutterstock

You want to restock your food stall or purchase little packs of food ingredients for your next meal, either way, Denver Federal Center Farmers Market is here for you.

Denver Federal Center Farmers Market is open to everyone and a popular market for many families in Lakewood who want to buy the best for affordable prices.

The market offers extremely fresh produce like jams & jellies, various fruits and vegetables and so on.

Denver Federal Center Farmers Market features several local vendors who offer delicious traditional meals made with special recipes.

While shopping, you might take a break and relax under the comfortable open-air gazebos or in any of the picnic areas available.

Address: Bicentennial Park (4th St. & Main Avenue), Lakewood, CO 80225 United States

11. Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys
Credits: JessicaSmithCO [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys
The Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys is a museum that thrives on honoring the past childhood memories.

Here you will find a collection of teddy bears, dolls, miniatures, and several other toys which are permanently placed on display.

The Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys showcases toys made by hand using different kinds of materials such as silver, wood, fabric, and more.

Something that will catch your attention is the Miss Yokohama doll, known as a Friendship doll which has been in existence since 1927.

The Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys also showcases vintage children’s books & games, antique doll houses, and more.

Address: 830 Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80223, 303 322 1053 United States

12. Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake

Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake
Credits: BoJack / Shutterstock

To your list of fun things to do in Lakewood, CO, add a visit to Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake, which is situated on Little Soda Lake.

Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake is one of the most cherished locations for motorized water sports enthusiasts from all over the state.

You can engage in various water activities like wakeboarding, wake surfing and water skiing, and there is no better place to do it than a place surrounded by Mountains.

Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake provides professional instructors available to guide amateurs and children on waterskiing.

There is a one hour package for the family, while for the novices, there are fifteen-minute packages suitable for everyone. Rocky Mountain Ski and Wake provides the essential supplies like tubes, jackets, skis, and boards.

Address: 15600 W. Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO 80465, United States

13. Green Mountain Beer Company

Green Mountain Beer Company
Credits: id-art / Shutterstock

Green Mountain Beer Company is that beer joint you would like to while away time just to relax and chill in Lakewood.

The brewery was founded by Brian Milhaupt, who has over twenty years of experience in the business of large-scale beer production.

Green Mountain Beer Company features an indoor tasting room where guests can try out various available beer samples.

There is a comfortable outdoor porch seating ideal whenever the weather is hotter than usual for better comfortability and enjoyment of fresh breeze.

Green Mountain Beer Company features a Barrel room used for different kinds of parties and other special events.

They offer a good selection of beers on tap, including Pilsner, IPA’s, Stout, American Pale Ale, Sour, Summer Honey Lager, Dunkler Helm Schwarzbier, Whisky Barrel Aged Rauch Bock, Favorite Blonde and Fat Randy IPA Cans Only and many more. There is a food truck available onsite offering nice meals to match with the drinks.

Address: 2585 S. Lewis Way, Lakewood, CO 80227, United States

14. Cafe Jordano

Cafe Jordano
Credits: Cafe Jordano / Facebook
Cafe Jordano

Are you craving a delicious Italian dish? Add eating at Cafe Jordano to your bucket list of things to do in Lakewood, CO.

Cafe Jordano specializes in serving delectable Italian cuisine in the city, and it is a family-owned and operated business founded by the Heitman Family.

This restaurant serves meals prepared using authentic Italian recipes and fresh ingredients by an Italian family, who are the best in Italian dishes.

Cafe Jordano offers a food menu including Chicken Parmigiana, Tortellini Alla Panna, Bruschetta, Polenta Stack, Fettuccine Al Gorgonzola, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Pollo Alla Romana, and others.

The Italian restaurant is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-8pm, Friday from 11am-9pm, and Saturday from 4pm-9pm.

Address: 11068 W. Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO 80227, United States

15. Everitt Farms

Everitt Farms
Credits: AN NGUYEN / Shutterstock

Everitt Farms is a twenty-five-acre farm that offers picturesque views of Lakewood’s amazing landscape.

The farms use approved farming practices to grow a wide variety of farm produce to offer the public the best items.

Everitt Farms supplies fresh vegetables and fruits of good quality to markets, so aside from the farms, you can buy farm produce grown here in a market.

They also feature family fun attractions such as a Christmas tree, a corn maze, or pumpkin patch, depending on the season.

Address: 9400 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States

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16. Blue Sky Cafe

Blue Sky Cafe
Credits: Bradley Gordon / Flickr
Blue Sky Cafe

A place serving hearty breakfast in Lakewood, Blue Sky Cafe offers you all you need to start your day on the bright side.

The Blue Sky Cafe offers mouthwatering meals suitable for breakfast and lunch and offers patrons a large list of meals to pick from.

This locally owned and operated restaurant uses locally sourced fresh ingredients of the highest quality in making the meals. The Blue Sky Cafe is concerned with ensuring citizens eat healthy daily by consistently serving them with the best.

Some meals served include Strawberries and Cream Waffle, Huevos Montulenos, Vegan Tofu Salad, Swiss Cheese Omelette with Bacon, GF Veggie and Quinoa Bowl, Pancakes with Seeds, Santa Fe Chicken Croissant Melt, and more.

The Blue Sky Cafe offers different kinds of beverages to go with the meals, such as Tomato Juice, Organic Coffee & Decaf, Gourmet Hot Tea

Apple Juice, Fresh Lemonade, Chocolate Milk, Iced Tea, Hot Chocolate, and more.

The staff is polite and professional, always ready to attend to customers and offer assistance when requests come.

Address: 14403 W. Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80401, United States

17. Conundrum Escape Rooms

Conundrum Escape Rooms
Credits: Jerome.Romme / Shutterstock

For a more unique experience in Lakewood, stop at Conundrum Escape Rooms.

Conundrum Escape Rooms officially opened its doors in 2015 and has become part of hundreds of families’ memories since then.

The Escape isn’t open to only experts but beginners who just want to have a good time.

Conundrum Escape Rooms features four escape rooms: the Dead Man’s Secret, the Cabin in the woods, Submersion, and the Mystic Chamber.

New themes are periodically added to keep visitors excited and intrigued to try them out, so do not worry about having a whole new experience when you visit.

Conundrum Escape Rooms is a perfect place to spend the day with your friends and family as an effective way to strengthen your bonds.

Address: 2480 Kipling Street, Lakewood, CO 80215, United States

18. Valkarie Gallery and Studio

Valkarie Gallery and Studio
Credits: Iryna Inshyna / Shutterstock

Valkarie Gallery and Studio was established in 2013 through the dreams of Karrie York and Valerie Savarie.

This gallery is committed to providing a friendly environment for artists to create and showcase their artworks open to the public.

Valkarie Gallery and Studio showcase beautiful artworks of regional artists like Aria Fawn, Kim Anderson, Josh Davy, Dorothy DePaulo, and more.

Aside from local artists, you will find works made by guest artists, Valkarie Gallery and Studio features photography, painting, jewelry, book sculpting, drawing, and more.

Valkarie Gallery and Studio host events that offer local artists a platform to showcase their works; make sure you don’t miss out.

Address: 445 S Saulsbury St, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States

19. Great Frontier Brewing Company

Great Frontier Brewing Company
Credits: Kishivan / Shutterstock

Great Frontier Brewing Company takes pride in offering the public tasty, quality, and well-brewed beers they can’t get elsewhere.

The brewery offers gluten-free beer and moderately low gluten beers to ensure that everyone is satisfied.

Great Frontier Brewing Company offers several beers such as Willy’s Irish Red Mustache (GR), Colorado Pale Ale, Amigo Mexican Lager, Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale, Lakewood Lager (GR), and more.

The brewery is open on Monday, Wednesday & Sunday from 3-8pm, Thursday & Friday from 3-9pm, and Sunday from 12-8pm (closed on Monday).

Great Frontier Brewing Company is the best place to hang out with your friends or alone just to while away time while enjoying a chilled drink.

When you’re in the mood to just relax and have a drink, visiting Great Frontier Brewing Company is one of the best things to do in Lakewood, CO.

Address: 2010 S. Oak St, Lakewood, CO 80227, United States

20. Bear Creek Greenbelt

Bear Creek Greenbelt
Credits: Gennady Zakharin / Shutterstock
Bear Creek Greenbelt

If you want to truly explore the city, do well to add Bear Creek Greenbelt to your list of top places to visit in Lakewood, CO.

Bear Creek Greenbelt is a 3.5-mile trail open for everyone, young and old, irrespective of their skill level.

This is a favorite spot for many hikers and bikers from different parts of the state as they also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There is a trailhead that goes through the shore of a massive pond, and before entering into an open Meadow, it cuts across a bridge.

Bear Creek Greenbelt goes across a second bridge and a second pond, then to Wadsworth Boulevard before heading back to the west.

Address: 2800 S Estes St, Lakewood, CO 80227, United States

21. Fox Hollow Golf Course

Fox Hollow Golf Course
Credits: Yellowj / Shutterstock

How does golf on one of the finest golf courses in the city sound? Add a visit to Fox Hollow Golf Course to your checklist of fun things to do in Lakewood, CO.

Fox Hollow Golf Course features three nine-hole courses, and players are allowed to pick out two from the three to play on.

Every one of the courses offers five sets of tees, making it excellent for beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

Fox Hollow Golf Course offers the required level of challenges and excitement to every golfer player who uses the golf courses.

While golfing, you also get to enjoy the magnificent views of the environment and the sights of various wildlife in the area.

Fox Hollow Golf Course consists of a fully-packed gift shop with all a golf player requires, and there is a fantastic clubhouse that offers meals and drinks.

Address: 13410 W. Morrison Road, Lakewood, CO 80228, United States

22. Colorado Mills

Colorado Mills
Credits: Bradley Gordon / Flickr
Colorado Mills

Ready for an amazing shopping experience in Lakewood, Colorado Mills is the perfect place for you and your friends.

Colorado Mills is a gigantic shopping plaza consisting of over one hundred and thirty-five stores, ten of which are permanent.

This mall has more than one million square feet, offering a wide array of goods and services for reasonable prices.

Colorado Mills features stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, United Artists Theatre & Imax, Eddie Bauer Oulet, Jumpstreet, Super Target, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th, and more.

The mall also offers you a wide variety of entertainment and dining options, such as the Yard House, Cinnabon, and other eateries.

Address: 14500 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80401, United States

23. The Cove Sports Bar

Cove Sports Bar
Credits: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

On your list of things to do in Lakewood, CO, add a visit to the Cove Sports Bar for an amazing experience with your friends and family.

The Cove Sports Bar is a beautiful interior with a casual setting, comfortable seats, and tables for customers to relax and feel comfortable.

This laid back bar offers a wide variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, for customers to pick from.

The Cove Sports Bar also offers a small food menu including cobia Oscar, the Cove salad, shrimp & scallop scampi, organic house salad, Key West Fried Calamari, Hawaiian Style Marinated Pork Chops.

They offer many packages like free cheeseburger nights, thirty Thursday, happy hour, and more which will make you return for more.

Address: 10676 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States

24. Slick City Denver West

Slick City Denver West
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

One of the best places to visit in Lakewood is Slick City Denver West. Slick City Denver West is a fun-filled family action park at Colorado Mill Mall with air courts, indoor slides, birthday parties, and more. 

Designated for all ages, the Park has slides for ages five and above and a soft play area. Their patented dry-slide technology creates an unforgettable thrill. 

The slides are unique and have several variations, including being in a harness, being airborne, bowl slides, racing, and lots more. 

Besides thrilling facilities, Slick City Denver West offers a fantastic selection of food such as pizzas and pretzels and great beverages 

The staff is friendly, professional, and polite. 

Address: 14500 W Colfax Dr., Suite 610, Lakewood, CO 80401, United States

25. Belmer Park

Belmer Park
Credits: Lon&Queta/ Flickr
Belmer Park

Another best place to visit when you come to Lakewood is Belmer Park. One of the gems of Lakewood, Belmar Park is a peaceful spot in the city’s heart. 

The Park features 132 rolling acres of natural grassland, trees, approximately two miles of paved trails, more than 17 acres of water, and many waterfowls and native plant communities. 

The Park is also famous for running, birding, and hiking. It is a great spot to enjoy solitude during the quiet times of the day. 

The preferable time to visit the trails is April to October. Dogs are welcome at the Park but must be on a leash. 

Address: 801 S Yarrow St, Lakewood, CO 80226-4372, USA

26. Addenbrooke Park

Addenbrooke Park
Credits: DRCOGorg/ Flickr
Addenbrooke Park

Addenbrooke is a stunning park; whether you want to spend a few hours or your whole day, it has much to offer. 

The Park features walking and biking paths, baseball and soccer fields, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, restrooms, and picnic shelters. 

It also has a breathtaking lake with a mountain view, a horse arena, and trails. 

From 2019 to 2022, modern amenities and restorations were completed in the Park. 

Addenbrooke also has a free outdoor fitness court and an additional nee playground. 

The Park also has space for rollerblading and photography. You will find benches for relaxing around the Park and frequent security patrols. 

Address: 600 South Kipling Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States

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Plan a Trip to Lakewood

Lakewood is a city rich in history and culture. Aside from its unique attractions, what makes this city stand out is its amazing culture.

Everything about this city is unique and intriguing, starting from its history, artworks, festivals, downtown districts, traditional dishes, and more

There are lots of activities to engage in, such as fishing, waterskiing, windsurfing, boating, hiking, biking, horseback riding, swimming, sightseeing, picnicking, and more.

Start planning your trip to Lakewood now!