23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Buena Vista (CO)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Buena Vista, CO?

Buena Vista is a city in Chaffee County, Colorado, United States, and a popular tourist destination for explorers pf the United State.

With a population of approximately two thousand, nine hundred and ninety thirty-five people at the 2020 census, Buena Vista has quite a lot of attractions and activities for a fun time.

During your trip, take to explore Buena Vista Whitewater Park, Cottonwood Hot Springs, South Main Adventure Hub, Deerhammer Distilling Company, Buena Vista Boulder Garden, Buena Vista Heritage, Stedman’s Sodas, Sweets, and Treats, Rock Run Gallery, and many more.

Still not convinced about planning a trip to Buena Vista? Check out our list of things to do in Buena Vista, CO.

Things to Do in Buena Vista

1. Buena Vista Heritage Museum

Buena Vista Heritage Museum
Credits: Kari / Flickr
Buena Vista Heritage Museum

The best way to start exploring a city like Buena Vista is by visiting the Buena Vista Heritage Museum.

Buena Vista Heritage Museum is committed to preserving and sharing the area’s history, and it is run by a non-profit organization.

The museum is housed inside the old Chaffee County Courthouse, and it features family-friendly exhibits such as a display of old wedding gowns and a working model railroad that depicts 130 miles of the Arkansas River Valley.

Buena Vista Heritage Museum also showcases manual typewriters, a golden eagle mounted in 1912, and an interactive classroom with slate boards.

The museum regularly hosts special events, cemetery tours, historical theater productions, and wine tastings during the summer months.

 Address: 511 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

2. Cottonwood Hot Springs

Cottonwood Hot Springs
Credits: Fernanda_Reyes / Shutterstock

Cottonwood Hot Springs is located 5.5 miles west of Buena Vista and is open to visitors every day of the year.

These hot springs features geothermally heated gravity-fed pools of therapeutic mineral water; the pools’ temperatures vary from 94°F to 110°F.

Cottonwood Hot Springs offers free access to the thermal pools and different lodging options like a campsite, creek-side cabins, or hotel rooms.

The hot springs are believed to be therapeutic and medicinal, and the geothermal mineral spas will help you relax and feel refreshed.

Cottonwood Hot Springs need no advance reservations, but towels can be rented for an extra fee, and children of less than sixteen years must come with their guardians.

Address: 18999 Co Rd 306, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

3. Collegiate Peaks Golf Course

Collegiate Peaks Golf Course
Credits: Mikael Damkier / Shutterstock

How does visiting the most beautiful golf course in Buena Vista sound? Collegiate Peaks Golf Course is the perfect location.

Collegiate Peaks Golf Course is a unique 9-hole course that offers three sets of tee boxes to all golfers regardless of their skill level.

The players are guaranteed maximum enjoyment and excitement; the course was designed to be as natural as possible.

Collegiate Peaks Golf Course features towering cottonwood and pinion trees lining the manicured greens and fairways with amazing tranquil mountain views, natural open space, meandering creeks, and abundant wildlife.

It is a privately owned and operated golf course open to both locals and tourists alike; there is a fully packed clubhouse with all you need.

The Clubhouse offers a cool selection of golfing equipment, a variety of draft beers on tap, and large food menu with a welcoming atmosphere.

Address: 28775 Fairway Dr, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

4. House Rock Kitchen

House Rock Kitchen
Credits: House Rock Kitchen / Facebook
House Rock Kitchen

Dining at House Rock Kitchen is one of the best things to do in Buena Vista, CO.

House Rock Kitchen prepares all its meals from scratch using fresh and locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

They offer a positive and friendly atmosphere with great music and a fantastic outdoor patio open only in the summer season.

House Rock Kitchen serves meals like French fries, salads, brisket sandwiches, housed-smoked pulled pork, pork green chill, BBQ Bowl Moroccan Bowl, brown rice, focaccia, sweet potato chips, Roasted Brussel Sprout Salad, and more.

The restaurant offers a variety of wines, beers, and mixed drinks made with Kombucha, including non-alcoholic beverages like fresh iced tea, honey lemonade, half tea / half lemonade, hot tea / coffee, organic milk and more.

House Rock Kitchen provides a vibrant and exciting ambiance where visitors can come in and enjoy a nice meal.

Address: 421 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

5. Noah’s Ark Colorado Rafting & Aerial Adventure Park

Noah's Ark Colorado Rafting & Aerial Adventure Park
Credits: PPstock / Shutterstock

For a more exotic experience, add a visit to Noah’s Ark Colorado Rafting & Aerial Adventure Park to your list of things to do in Buena Vista, CO.

Noah’s Ark Colorado Rafting & Aerial Adventure Park guarantees you a fun and exciting experience when they take you on rafting tours.

The company has gained lots of experience throughout the years in whitewater rafting and is one of the biggest in Colorado.

Noah’s Ark Colorado Rafting & Aerial Adventure Park also offers guided backpacking trips, packages that consist of a trip to the Mount Princeton Hot Springs, and rock climbing tours.

Don’t forget to check out the aerial adventure course overlooking the Browns Canyon National Monument and features sixty-six elements such as role bridges, a giant swing, and zip lines.

Before visiting, ensure you make prior reservations and tours or trips are open between May and Labor Day weekend. 

Noah’s Ark Colorado Rafting & Aerial Adventure Park takes you up 14, 000 ft mountains into flower-filled meadows and alpine lakeside campsites.

Address: 23910 US Hwy 285, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

6. Stedman’s Sodas, Sweets, and Treats

Stedman's Sodas, Sweets, and Treats
Credits: AnnyStudio / Shutterstock

Are you in for some nice treats? Then, add a stop at Stedman’s Sodas, Sweets, and Treats to your Buena to-do list.

Stedman’s Sodas, Sweets, and Treats is a locally owned gas station with a station interior that has been transformed into a nice store that offers different types of treats.

The gas station was owned by the Lewis family dating from 1996; later on, Mark and Tacy decided to convert the gas station’s convenience store into a typical soda and sweet shop.

Stedman’s Sodas, Sweets, and Treats offer more than two hundred kinds of glass bottled sodas, vintage candy, and handmade batch fudge & popcorn.

Their ice cream counter is open only during the summer season and fresh brewed iced teas, malts, shakes, etc.

Stedman’s Sodas, Sweets, and Treats’ amazing staff is always ready to welcome you with a bright smile on their faces.

Address: 227 US-24, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

7. Buena Vista Boulder Garden

The Buena Vista Boulder Garden is a recent addition to Buena Vista River Park, with its boulders built for the public.

These boulders are great for those who want to learn how to climb without going into the Mountains.

Buena Vista Boulder Garden is perfect for picnics with your dear friends and family; all you need to do is bring enough food and snacks.

Visitors can relax and gaze, climbing on boulders while kids run around to their heart-filled without fear for safety and might get to test the Boulder Garden strictly under parental supervision.

Buena Vista Boulder Garden is a loved place by photographers; they get to enjoy the mountain views after they climb the boulders and also take pictures of those climbing.

8. South Main Adventure Hub 

South Main Adventure Hub 
Credits: Strahil Dimitrov / Shutterstock

South Main Adventure Hub is found in a wonderful neighborhood right on the banks of the Arkansas River designed for kayakers by kayakers.

If you want to go for an amazing adventure activity, make sure you are heading towards South Main Adventure Hub.

One of the main highlights is its whitewater park, which offers off-road vehicle tours, trail rides, rentals, and zipline tours.

South Main Adventure Hub features a food truck that offers delicious meals with delicious beverages, including draft beers and hand-crafted cocktails.

Visitors also get to enjoy a clothing boutique, side-by-side ATV tours, paddle sports rentals, and other services.

Address: 801 Front Loop, Buena Vista, CO 81211 United States

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9. Chester’s Chicken Express

Chester’s Chicken Express is a wonderful restaurant that offers delectable dishes that will burst your bubbles.

This restaurant began right back from 1952 by W.I Giles, who started by frying donuts and chicken; since then, it has grown larger and has been passed on to the third generation.

Chester’s Chicken Express ensures the meals are prepared with fresh meats and locally sourced ingredients.

They offer dishes suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options ensuring there is something for everyone.

Chester’s Chicken Express serves barbecue chicken sandwiches, chicken & waffles, quesadilla, burritos, gordita, nachos cheese, Chester’s chicken salad, A la carte items, chicken tenders, chicken biscuits, hot dogs, fried mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, and more.

Address: 115 Harrison Ave, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

10. The Trailhead

Credits: Pavlovska Yevheniia / Shutterstock

Ready to set out to have some fun? Visiting the Trailhead is one of the best things to do in Buena Vista, CO.

The Trailhead was founded in 1972; since then, they have grown to become one of the best outdoor retailers in the state.

This locally owned and operated shop offers different kinds of equipment for every season and outdoor adventure.

The Trailhead offers the best rock climbing gear, snowshoe & ski equipment, bicycles, accessories, clothing, and more.

It is highly important you reserve equipment in advance as supplies are limited, most especially on weekends.

The Trailhead staff is friendly and highly knowledgeable about every equipment and the backcountry around Buena Vista.

Address: 402 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

11. ArkAnglers

Credits: Rocksweeper / Shutterstock

ArkAnglers offers guided fly fishing trips, including a wide selection of half and full-dat trips for visitors to pick from.

They also offer rowing courses and classrooms on fly fishing courses; the trips either bring visitors to the Arkansas River, High-altitude alpine lakes, or the South Platte River.

ArkAnglers also features a shuttle service with lots of experience to fish on their own, and it is available for everyone.

Their “Fly” shop features waders, rods, accessories, clothing, packs, reels, and much more, including dozens of best quality flies in the industry.

ArkAnglers offers flies for bass, saltwater, carp, and pike; make sure you stop by and check out the box; it is worth the time.

Considering what to do in Buena Vista for a fun time? do add to your list of fun things to do in Buena Vista, CO.

Address: 517 US-24, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

12. Eddyline Brewery and Taproom

Eddyline Brewery and Taproom
Credits: Jag_cz / Shutterstock

Eddyline Brewery and Taproom was established in 2009 and has continually served the public with a memorable experience in Buena Vista.

The brewery is known for brewing high-quality ales and lagers, providing a peaceful and exciting ambiance for outdoor enthusiasts.

Eddyline Brewery and Taproom offers an impressive selection of craft beers available on tap, which includes both seasonal and signature options with 16-ounce six packs of beer. In addition, the taproom features drinks like grapefruits yanker IPA, inner glow, raspberry wheat, kick ‘n back, crank yanker, jolly roger, and lots more.

Every product they make is highly inspired by the beauty and wonders of the outdoors and the thrilling adventures surrounding them.

Their taproom serves delicious wood-fired pizzas that come with different toppings, including traditional pub appetizers.

Eddyline Brewery and Taproom also serves tacos, soups, burritos, salads, sandwiches, and more. In addition, the brewery is open for tours on request throughout the company.

 Address: 102 Linderman Ave, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

13. Buena Vista Whitewater Park

Buena Vista Whitewater Park
Credits: George Rudy / Shutterstock

For an exceptional experience, add a visit to Buena Vista Whitewater Park to your list of things to do in Buena Vista.

Buena Vista Whitewater Park is the best way to explore and enjoy the water, irrespective of your skill level.

One of the most popular whitewater rafting destinations in the United States is the Arkansas River.

Buena Vista Whitewater Park stretches along the river in downtown Buena Vista; it features five whitewater structures great for experts who want to master their skills. It includes easy play waves to an advanced freestyle hole.

Buena Vista Whitewater Park is open to stand up paddleboards and kayaks with the different structures and length of the park offers adequate opportunities to everyone.

Address: 922 South Main Street, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

14. Buena Vista Heritage

If you are interested in learning more about the city’s history, add a visit to Buena Vista Heritage to your list of things to do in Buena Vista.

Buena Vista Heritage played an extremely important role in preserving the history and treasures of Buena Vista from past to present.

This non-profit organisation manages three historic properties, including the Historic Courthouse, the Depot & Caboose, and the Turner farm.

Buena Vista Heritage’s primary aim is to restore, protect and preserve historic buildings, sites, and artifacts relating to the Town of Buena Vista Chaffe County and the entire Colorado.

The visitors now experience a better way of learning about the history of Buena Vista while also having fun.

Buena Vista Heritage is housed in the Old Chaffee County Courthouse built in 1882, and is always open during summer from Monday to Saturday from 10am-5pm, and Sunday from 12pm-5pm.

Address: 506 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

15. Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway

Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway
Credits: David Herrera / Flickr
Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway

The echoing beauty of Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway will mesmerize you, do add a visit to your bucket list of things to do in Buena Vista, CO.

Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway spread for 57 miles through the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness area.

The peaks and historic byway were erected to connect Salida to Granite, and mount Princeton & mount yale sprang up to more than 14, 000 get above sea level.

This Historical buway offers boater & fishing access points, a variety of natural hot springs, intermittent stretches of lush riverside, and active ranches.

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16. Buena Vista Roastery Cafe

Buena Vista Roastery Cafe
Credits: amenic181 / Shutterstock

Start your day with a hot cup of Cafe? Stopping by Buena Vista Roastery Cafe is the best thing to do in Buena Vista, CO.

Buena Vista Roastery Cafe is known for its locally roasted coffee made with beans at its own roastery.

The cafe makes lots of efforts to support organic coffee growers and fair trade while also offering the best coffee for an affordable price.

Buena Vista Roastery Cafe offers Americano, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, mocha, hot chocolate, hot tea, double espresso, and more.

They also offer delicious baked goods prepared every morning by hand, such as cookies, quiches, scones, cupcakes, and biscuits, including other breakfast meals like veggie breakfast, chorizo, muffins,

Address: 409 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

17. BV Jeeps Mountain Adventure Rentals

V Jeeps Mountain Adventure Rentals
Credits: BoJack / Shutterstock

BV Jeeps Mountain Adventure Rentals offers you a wonderful experience when you explore the Rocky Mountains in Buena Vista.

They have existed for more than thirty-five years and have great staff that is always excited to guide you through your trip planning.

BV Jeeps Mountain Adventure Rentals explore popular destinations such as Hancock Pass and Mosquito Pass, located within easy driving distance of the store.

Vehicles are available for rentals by the hour, day, or week open for people of twenty-five years and above, while the minimum age required for ATV rentals is twenty-one years.

BV Jeeps Mountain Adventure Rentals features hard and soft top jeeps with two and four-door jeeps.

They offer different packages with policies, and the two door jeeps can accommodate four person while the four doors can seat five persons.

Address: 222 US-24, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

18. Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy

Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy
Credits: Africa Studio/ Shutterstock

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy ought to be on your list of things to do in Buena Vista, especially if you a fan of artisan goat cheese.

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy is a family-owned and operated goat dairy and creamery that officially opened in 2002.

They are located in the center of the Rocky Mountains and pride themselves on producing pure, all-natural small-batch artisan goat cheese.

The main aim of Dawn Jump, the owner of Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy, was to provide sustainable food to her own community and worldwide by combining her love for goat and cheese-making.

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy ensures their goats are healthy to stimulate the production of tasty cheese.

Visitors are invited to sample their seasonal cheese offerings and other delicious goods produced in Chaffe County.

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy also offers guided farm and milking tours available every year on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 11:30am.

This is a seasonal farm that only milk from early spring to late summer; visitors can visit and book tours during this period.

They also tries to educate the public, that is, the local and regional community, on the roles and health of local food systems.

Address: 31700 US Highway 24 N, Buena Vista, CO 81211-9605 United States

19. Deerhammer Distilling Company

Deerhammer Distilling Company
Credits: nelea33 / Shutterstock

A perfect addition to your list of things to do in Buena Vista, CO, is a visit to Deerhammer Distilling Company.

Deerhammer Distilling Company is a family-owned micro-distillery located at the Rocky Mountains Collegiate Peaks base.

This distillery specializes in producing American-style whiskey and takes pride in using pristine glacial water running down from the Continental Divide and locally sourced & malted grains.

Deerhammer Distilling Company produces all spirits hand-crafted in small batches from scratch with bottling and labeling.

The single-malt whiskey is one of the popular production of Deerhammer Distilling Company, including Dutch-style gin and seasonal beverages like twice-distilled brandy and port cask finish whiskey.

Deerhammer Distilling Company’s production process begins from mashing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation.

Address: 321 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States.

20. Colorado Kayak

Colorado Kayak
Credits: Colorado Kayak / Shutterstock

Colorado Kayak is one of Colorado’s biggest paddle sports stores, offering you all you need to get outside and have fun.

The store is packed with safety equipment, special canine accessories for dogs owners, and every other thing you might need.

Colorado Kayak features a large selection of stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes for customers to choose from.

They offer a wide range of clothing, including both technical and casual water, with gloves, shoes, and hats to go with them.

Colorado Kayak also offers gift cards with a wonderful 30-day return policy.

They also offer a range of clothing that includes both casual and technical wear as well as shoes, hats, and gloves.

Address: 327 E Main St, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

 21. Comanche Drive-In Theatre

Comanche Drive-In Theatre
Credits: BAZA Production / Shutterstock

Comanche Drive-In Theatre was established by John and Pearl Groy in 1966 but had its full season in 1967.

It is a family-owned drive-in theater that is excellent for children and adults, giving the latest of classic hits throughout the summer.

Comanche Drive-In Theatre is known for its beautiful view at an elevation of 8000 ft, surrounded by magnificent peaks.

This theater is the highest in elevation of any Drive-In in the United States, the new digital project which offers 3D digital clarity and was installed in August 2018.

Comanche Drive-In Theatre is open all summer; check out their calendar for upcoming movies & events, including special events.

Concession stands offer nice snacks and hot popcorn here. Also, come with your lawn chairs and blanket.

This answers what to do in Buena Vista for fun, a perfect addition to your list of places to visit in Buena Vista, CO.

Address: 27784 Co Rd 339, Buena Vista, CO 81211, United States

22. Rock Run Gallery

Rock Run Gallery
Credits: Rock Run Gallery / Facebook
Rock Run Gallery

Rock Run Gallery is a cherished place by art fans in Buena Vista, located in the South Main Neighborhood in the city.

The theater features an outstanding selection of artworks by Nora Larimer, a watercolorist, and over forty other talented artists.

Rock Run Gallery showcases beautiful wood turnings, glass, furniture, pottery, sculpture, jewelry, photography, and more.

You will also find art tiles, silkscreen prints, oil paintings, and custom picture frames; Rock Run Gallery promotes the works of local and regional artists in the city.

Rock Run Gallery is usually open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-5pm and Sunday 11 am-4 pm.

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Plan your Trip to Buena Vista

There are many exhilarating activities here which are perfect for adventure seekers. Buena Vista will blow your mind and exceed your expectations.

Buena Vista has an abundance of everything, from history, culture, craftworks, traditional cuisines, theaters, nightlife centers, bars, and more.

Start planning your trip to Buena Vista, CO.