23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Hatteras (NC)

In search of the best fun things to do in Hatteras, NC? There are quite some fun places to visit in Hatteras.

Hatteras is an unincorporated census-designated village in Dare County, North Carolina, United States.

It is located on the outer bank’s Island of Hatteras, at the extreme of the southwestern tip. Hatteras is still a growing village with a small population. In the 2020 census, it had a population of 373.

Hatteras is a fantastic place to visit, and its people are welcoming. Hatteras is known for its peace and tranquility; this is a place where you can have a quiet time while enjoying yourself.

Hatteras is famous for the numerous water sports competitions held here. There are also lots of attractions that can be found here.

Are you planning a visit to Hatteras? Here are the best things to do in Hatteras, NC.

Things to Do in Hatteras, NC

1. The Beach

The Beach
Credits: Cvandyke / Shutterstock
The Beach

A beach is a place loved by many in most tourist locations. The beauty of Hatteras beach is mind-blowing.

There are different beaches in Hatteras; you just have to choose one which suits your taste, and it will leave you with no choice but to visit all.

The beaches here are a perfect place for relaxation as they have a lovely environment with very nice air, capable of relieving stress.

You could also visit this place with kids and family to spend quality family time.

Kids will have fun combing the shores for lost and forgotten treasures. The most interesting fact about the beach is that it’s free; You don’t have to pay a dime to enjoy yourself. Do check them out!

Address: Hatteras, NC, 27943, United States

2. Hatteras Parasail and Watersports

Hatteras Parasail and Watersports
Credits: wewi-creative / Shutterstock

Hatteras Parasail is one adventure you wouldn’t like to miss out on. While onboard, about hundreds of feet above the ground, you get to behold an incredible view.

Parasailing gives you this feeling like you are on top of the world; it is breathtaking. You can enjoy this moment alone or in the company of your friends or family.

This parasailing company is owned by a certain family in Hatteras and has existed for more than 20 years. This parasail has space for one to three people.

They offer parasail services and rent out wave runners and boats like pontoons, Carolina skiffs, and more. They are often rented for half a day, full day, and even three days.

Although they don’t open on Sundays, they give lots of satisfaction on those days they are open. This activity is one of the top things to do in Hatteras, NC.

Address: 57878 Highway 12, Oden’s Dock, Hatteras Village, NC 27943, United States

3. Hatteras Island Ocean Center

Hatteras Island Ocean Center
Credits: ESB Professional / Shutterstock

This place is an amazing place to visit as it educates you on the sea and wetlands and allows you to have fun and play. This place is easily accessible, as it is a short walk from the central Hatteras Village.

This lovely place is suitable for both the old and the young. So if you visit with kids, endeavor to come along with them.

This Center is a non-profit single multi-story building organization. It has hopes of expanding to a more extensive area. Depending on the funds they generate, they also plan to add a world-class fishing pier to their attractions, a pier house, a beach volleyball court, and lots more.

The Ocean Center is worth visiting, as it guarantees you will have lots of fun.

Address: 57204 12 Mile Marker, 71, Hatteras, NC, 27943, United States

4. Hatteras Ferry

Hatteras Ferry
Credits: Rui Serra Maia / Shutterstock
Hatteras Ferry

This ferry ride is one of the most enjoyable activities tourists look forward to. Visitors can take a ferry ride to explore the neighboring Ocracoke Island.

Ocracoke Island is a beautiful island aside from Hatteras, and it is only attainable by boat. That’s why the ferry is recommended. The ride from Hatteras to Ocracoke island varies from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the weather. The ride is free to make it more incredible.

You get to see many unusual old but charming shops and galleries here and many beautiful sights while on board.

Ocracoke island has lots of beauty to offer, and lots of things to explore, one of its beauties includes the small all-white Ocracoke lighthouse.

Exploring this island is a must-do and should be added to your list of fun things to do in Hatteras, NC. It will leave you with the desire to visit again.

A fair reminder; Do not forget to explore fast to meet the ferry before it leaves to go back to Hatteras, to prevent you from spending the night on the cold island.

Address: Hatteras, NC, 27943, United States

5. Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
Credits: Wild Growth Digital / Flickr
Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

This Museum is a historical place in Hatteras. You don’t have to worry about money because you do not need to pay to go in; it’s a free-entry place. It is located near the Ferry docks. This Museum gives a clear insight into the maritime history of Hatteras.

The Graveyard Of The Atlantic Museum is one of the best places to visit in Hatteras, NC, and a major attraction in the village. This place offers an interesting adventure for history lovers.

You can also find the Old Coast Guard Memorabilia and the remains of the wrecked ships from years back. Another wonderful thing you can find here is the 12-foot-tall lens that was created in 1854.

Address: 59200 Museum Dr, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

6. Outer Beaches Realty

Outer Beaches Realty is one of the best vacation homes in Hatteras. It has more than 400 conducive and comfortable rooms; however, their prices vary, so you just have to choose one according to your budget. There is something for everyone.

The environment of this vacation home is charming and beautiful. You are bound to fall in love with its beauty.

Outer Beaches Realty staff are nice and welcoming; they are always willing and ready to attend to you anytime you need them.

Most people who have been to Outer Beaches Realty loved this place and gave good remarks about them.

Address: 57205 Eagle Pass Road, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

7. Slash Creek Outfitters

Slash Creek Outfitters
Credits: phototravelua / Shutterstock

Slash Creek Outfitters is one of the best places to visit in Hatteras, NC, to step up your vacation activities. Slash Creek Outfitters is situated in the heart of Hatteras, at the historical A.S Austin building.

This destination is perfect for adventure lovers. They offer rentals of golf carts for four persons and six persons.

Slash Creek Outfitters also rent bikes, so local and guest bikers will love this place. The best part is they have bikes for both the old and the young. So, you can come here for a family bonding time.

Among the fascinating things they rent are beach essentials like beach chairs and umbrellas. Water sports equipment like kayaks, canoes, and more are also available.

Address: 57698 HWY 12, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

8. Breakwater Restaurant

Breakwater Restaurant
Credits: Breakwater Restaurant / Facebook
Breakwater Restaurant

Are you wondering what to do in Hatteras, NC? Dine at Breakwater Restaurant. This Restaurant offers one of the best meals in Hatteras; their foods are classy and top-notch and will leave you yearning for more.

The Restaurant offers various foods, and the environment is so welcoming for the young and the old; there is just something for everyone.

They often play live music to help you further enjoy the moment. The staff here are amiable and always willing to attend to patrons’ needs.

Your family will fall in love with this place, so on your visit, make sure to check out Breakwater Restaurant.

Address: 57878 HWY 12, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

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9. Sonny’s Waterfront Restaurant

Sonny's Waterfront Restaurant
Credits: Yuriy Golub / Shutterstock

Sonny’s Waterfront Restaurant is where to go to spice up your tastebuds. Sonny’s Restaurant got you covered any day and anytime, be it breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.

Sonny’s Waterfront Restaurant was established in 1975 by Snowden Quidley and his Son. Since then, the Restaurant has been making a name for itself.

They offer varieties of meals at different times of the day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There have been many amazing comments from people who have visited this restaurant.

Come to Sonny’s Waterfront Restaurant in the morning and grab a taste of their lovely pancakes and biscuits enriched with sausage and eggs cooked perfectly.

They also offer varieties of mouth-watering seafood here. Therefore, visit and give your tastebuds a treat.

Address: 57947 NC HWY 12, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

10. Waterboy Essentials

Waterboy Essentials
Credits: AHPix / Shutterstock

Waterboy Essentials has all you need to enjoy your island adventure.

Waterboy Essentials features many watersports essentials; they are one of the best for rentals of watersports equipment.

They offer rentals of kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, surfboards, and lots more. They also rent out golf carts, so this is a perfect place for golf lovers in Hatteras.

Waterboy Essentials also features many exciting gadgets, like corn holes, life jackets, umbrellas, and chairs. It is a place worth visiting in Hatteras because it has something for everyone.

Address: 57500 HWY 12, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

11. Midgett Realty

Midgett Realty
Credits: Midgett Realty / Facebook
Midgett Realty

When you talk about a classy vacation home to spend your vacation in Hatteras, Midgett Realty should be on your mind.

Midgett Realty manages lots of vacation rentals on Hatteras. You should visit Midgett Realty if you want to enjoy your time with your family or even alone while enjoying a fantastic view.

The services of this place are top-notch. Their staff are amicable and welcoming; if you have an issue or a problem locating a place, they are always willing to help.

Every classy person will fall in love with this place.

Address: 57783 NC-12, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

12. Hatteras Island Beach Horseback Riding

Hatteras Island Beach Horseback Riding
Credits: Igor Normann / Shutterstock

You should look forward to this amazing adventure while planning a visit to Hatteras.

Hatteras Island Beach Horseback Riding is one of the fun things to do in Hatteras, NC. It is fun, exciting, and loved by many who have tried it.

You could explore the Buxton Woods Coastal Reserve and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore through the horseback ride.

The Buxton coastal and the Cape National Seashore view is mindblowing, and it is more fun to enjoy the view while riding on horseback.

Address: Ramp 55 Park Service Parking Lot, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

13. Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant

Dinky's Waterfront Restaurant
Credits: Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant / Facebook
Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant

Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant offers healthy and delicious foods. Their foods are enticing that they would leave you yearning for more.

Dinky offers classic American meals and desserts. They also have a lovely menu of foods loved by kids.

Come with your family to this place and enjoy a family bonding time while having your meals. This place is also perfect for couples, you could come here for your lunch or dinner dates, as the atmosphere is nice and romantic.

If you don’t have time to sit and eat, don’t worry because they also offer takeouts. Some of the meals you can enjoy in the restaurant include Snow Crab Legs, Blue Crab Ravioli, Duck, Fried Shrimp with Mashed Potatoes and vegetables, chicken parmesan, Oysters Rockefeller, crab cakes, fried Goat Cheese, and more.

They also offer alcohol, wine, cocktails, and coffee. Visitors can also make reservations.

Address: 57980 NC, HWY 12, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

14. Kitty Hawk Kites

Kitty Hawk Kites
Credits: Kitty Hawk Kites / Facebook
Kitty Hawk Kites

If you visit Hatteras with your kids, you should check out Kitty Hawk. Kitty Hawk Kites is every child’s dream place because this place spells fun.

Kitty Hawk provides you with the biggest choices of flags, kites, wind art, games, toys, and more. There are professionals to teach those that don’t know how to go about these things.

A fascinating fact about Kitty Hawk is that they also feature Fun Mermaid tails for lovers of mermaids.

Aside from the fun stuff, they also sell various T-shirts, fleece, jewelry, footwear, and more.

Most items from Kitty Hawk are from quality brands like Life is good, Natural Kife, Yeti, etc.

Address: 58848 Hatteras Landing, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

15. Hatteras Landing

Hatteras Landing
Credits: matt2181 / Flickr
Hatteras Landing

This place is loved by many, both locals and visitors. Hatteras Landing is situated at the Southern end of Hatteras Island, following the Hatteras-Ocracoke Ferry Terminal.

This place features shops, restaurants, live music to lift your spirit, and a marina.

The view in this place is top-notch; it will make you want to come back again and again; its beauty can’t be left unnoticed.

Address: 58848 Marina Way, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

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16. Hatteras Island Christmas Parade

Are you planning to spend your Christmas vacation in Hatteras? Hatteras Island Christmas Parade is something you should not miss.

The Hatteras Island Christmas Parade is a well-known historical event in Hatteras. This Christmas Parade is done annually in December.

Many people of different statuses, like local business owners, Us Coast Guards, fire department personnel, and many more, come to enjoy this amazing parade and have fun.

Kids will love to attend this parade because candies, toys, and other amazing gift items are thrown into the crowd.

Santa Claus also graces this occasion with his presence, and you know kids are happy at the sight of Santa.

Address: Hatteras, NC, 27943, United States

17. Capitol City Four Wheelers Surf Fishing Tournament

Capitol City Four Wheelers Surf Fishing Tournament
Credits: MyraMyra / Shutterstock

Capitol City Four Wheelers Surf Fishing Tournament is hosted by a Virginia-based group. Capitol City Four Wheelers is an event involving driving along Hatteras Island’s amazing beaches. The group hosting this event is also ready to accept new members for the competition.

This Tournament is held during one of the important seasons of surf fishing on the outer banks. Fishers who join in this Tournament are given special treatment throughout Hatteras and beyond.

Prizes are also awarded to fishers for catches. This event is so much fun, and you also get to meet lots of people of different calibers.

This event is also fun for the anglers competing because there are lots of activities they partake in on and off the sand.

Capitol City Four Wheelers Surf Fishing Tournament is one event you have to attend in Hatteras to get your mind blown.

Address: Hatteras, NC, 27943, United States

18. Hatteras Village Civic Center

Hatteras Civic Center was built by the Hatteras Village Civic Association (HVCA). The Hatteras Village Civic Association has been of great help to the village. This Association shows the willingness of the Hatteras village people to work together and look after each other.

This Association, incorporated in 1965, is a non-profit agency fighting for its community and its needs.

They are also known to represent their community whenever and wherever. The initial goal of this Association was to facilitate the building of a new post office.

They also had plans to establish a medical center with professional and experienced staff and an equipped doctor.

This Association has accomplished these set goals over the years, much to the amazement of the Hatteras locals. They also built the Hatteras Village Civic Center, located in the center of the village.

Address: 56658 North Carolina Hwy 12, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

19. Surfing Turkey 5k and Puppy Drum Run

This event has become a Thanksgiving holiday custom; it is now done every year, so it is something to look forward to.

As a visitor to Hatteras, attending this event should be added to your list of the best things to do in Hatteras, NC. The Hatteras Island Youth Education Fund hosts it.

The starting point of this program is the Hatteras Village Civic Center. The Puppy Drum Fun Run starts from the Civic Center around 9:00 am.

The Puppy Drum Fun Run covers a short distance, mostly half a mile of terrain, while the Surfing Turkey 5k covers 3 miles.

The Surfing Turkey 5k usually starts around 8:00 am. Visitors to Hatteras can decide to join any activities; just choose the one that suits you.

You will enjoy this event, especially if you’re a runner, jogger, walker, or exercise lover. When you sign up for this event, you also stand a chance of getting a goody bag, T-Shirt, and lots more.

Address: Hatteras, NC, 27943, United States

20. Farmer’s Daughter

Farmer's Daughter
Credits: Creative Lab / Shutterstock

Farmer’s Daughter is a perfect place for you to shop for your unique wear.

Farmer’s Daughter was established in 1984, and since then, it has been at the top of its game. The store is known for keeping up with the latest trends and designs. They don’t just offer clothes here as there are also accessories and gifts.

Visit Farmer’s Daughter and make yourself look good. This destination is a must-visit for guests and locals, especially if you don’t know what to do in Hatteras, NC.

Address: 58848 Marina Way, Hatteras, NC 28943, United States

21. Salt Coast Outfitters

Salt Coast Outfitters
Credits: Ivan Kurmyshov / Shutterstock

Are you looking for a place to get varieties of quality coastal clothing? It is evident from its name that Salt Coast Outfitters has got you covered.

Most of the outfits offered in Salt Coast are gotten from the best brands of coastal clothing in the country and beyond.

Some of the brands featured in Salt Coast Outfitters include Fish hippie, salt life, Columbia, wicked tuna, Puravida rings, and more.

Address: 58848 Marina Way, Hatteras, NC 27943, United States

22. Fishing

Credits: Raissa Martins Nogueira / Shutterstock

Hatteras is known as a top fishing ground. Fishing in Hatteras started in the 1700s because the first settlers depended on the fish gotten from one of the biggest estuarine in the world for their survival.

Hatteras village is now a well-known major sports fishing village in the world. It is even recognized as the Blue Marlin Capital of the World.

It is well known for its competitions, like the one held every September. The village hosts an invitational Surf Fishing Tournament, with more than 80 teams competing.

Visitors can engage in different fishing adventures such as surf fishing, deep sea fishing, fishing charters, and lots more.

Address: Hatteras, NC, 27943, United States

23. Day at the Docks

Day at the Docks
Credits: Day at the Docks-Hatteras Village, NC / Facebook
Day at the Docks

Day at Docks is a competition held annually in the second or third week of September. This event takes place along the waterfront in Southern Hatteras Village.

Day at the Docks is done to celebrate the importance of fishing to Hatteras and its neighboring communities since it has been of great use to them.

Day at the Docks is considered a festival that unites the seven Hatteras Island communities. As a visitor to Hatteras, attending this event is one of the top things to do in Hatteras, NC.

Day at the Dock is done every year when boats parade into the harbor for a ceremonial. Another name for this event is Blessing of the Fleets.

Attending this historical event is a great opportunity to learn more about the village and meet new people. It is undoubtedly going to be a memorable experience.

Address: Hatteras, NC, 27943, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Hatteras

Hatteras village in North Carolina, United States, is an amazing community to visit. The community is a beautiful place with beautiful people.

The people here are welcoming and peace-loving. Hatteras is one community you are bound to fall in love with. Visit with your loved ones and have a memorable experience.