23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Hutchinson (KS)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Hutchinson, KS?

Hutchinson is one of the largest cities in Reno County, Kansas, and it has about 40,000 residents who enjoy the town’s warmth, according to the last census.

It was nicknamed the salt city because of the functioning salt mine industry located in the area, this is one of the top attractions in the city.

Hutchinson is perfect for some family, friends, corporate, and individual fun adventures. Local citizens call it Hutch.

History has it that the city was formed in 1887 when the world’s largest salt deposits were found along the Arkansas River.

The city also offers unique experiences for interested individuals, here are the top things to do in Hutchinson, KS.

Things to Do in Hutchinson, KS

1. Explore Downtown Hutchinson

Downtown Hutchinson
Credits: Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock
Downtown Hutchinson

Downtown Hutchinson is a commercial district close to the Carey Park that is worth exploring.

The Downtown Hutchinson region, after many structural alterations, has been transformed into one of the most beautiful streets in the entire city of Hutchinson, Kansas.

Currently, Downtown Hutchinson is an ever-bustling place where pulsating entertainment, fine turn-of-the-century architecture, and several restaurants are located.

Everyone around the area is allowed to walk down the corridors of the streets, with the ground augmented with beautiful ornaments, and there is lightening on most of the premises, which makes it a fun area.

Additionally, Downtown Hutchinson, features one of the largest antique districts in the whole city, offering collectibles, vintage furniture, decorative arts, and many more.

Address: 125 E Ave B, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

2. Cosmosphere

Credits: Feline Groovy / Flickr

The Cosmosphere contains the most practical combination of both the U.S. and Russian spaceflight gadgets located on the Hutchinson Community College campus surroundings.

All the Cosmosphere artifacts originate in the planetarium established in the early 1960s at the Kansas State Fairgrounds.

Aside from Moscow, the center is the only place to find Russian space artifacts, and only the museum houses more U.S. space artifacts apart from the one stored in Washington, D.C.’s National Air and Space Museum.

It stores a wide range of artifacts ranging from the Command Module Odyssey, Titan II launch vehicles, pieces of moon rock from Apollo 11, Redstone, and many more.

Aside from the beautiful artifacts present, there is also a laboratory for demonstrations, a digitally done theatre, a food court, and a planetarium.

Address: 1100 N Plum St, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

3. B&B Hutchinson Mall 8

B&B Hutchinson Mall 8
Credits: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

For movie lovers, a visit to the B&B Hutchinson Mall 8 is one of the best things to do in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Visitors can reserve seats for their favorite movie at the theatre and grab some popcorn for friends and family members.

The family-owned theatre shows the latest movies and offers exciting screenplays, making it a spectacular tourist destination.

The B&B Hutchinson Mall 8 also features a scenic environment, reclining, and adjustable seats, promoting a comfortable movie viewing adventure.

Additionally, B&B Hutchinson Mall 8 complex offers some exciting cinema experiences with a wide range of movies.

Address: 1500 E 11th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

4. Kansas State Fair

Kansas State Fair
Credits: Ichabod [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Kansas State Fair
The Kansas State Fair was officially opened in 1913 and has since been a trustworthy venue for fun adventures in Hutchinson.

The center host shows which attracts about 350,000 people, such as the 10-day celebration of Kansas agriculture.

The regular event starts every Friday immediately after labor day, with lots of fierce competitions hosted, and interested individuals can participate at will.

Many activities are featured at the Kansas State Fair, ranging from the livestock, vegetables, and other baking activities.

It also features multiple food vendors, several educational exhibits, a world-class midway, and other special events such as concerts.

Address: Meadowlark Building, 2000 N Poplar St, Hutchinson, KS 67502, United States

5. George W. Pyle Park Hutchinson,

George W. Pyle Park Hutchinson
Credits: Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

A trip to George W. Pyle Park is one of the best things to do in Hutchinson, Kansas, during a sunny summer afternoon.

Visitors can sit at the benches to enjoy the sunshine or walk down the parking lane and feel the community facility’s warmth.

If you are coming with children, there is no need to worry cause there is provision for them at the George W. Pyle Park playground.

It features all fun activities for everyone, including the younger ones who wish to tag along with their parents making it one of the favorite places for a family time out.

History has it that the park has been one of the fun places visited by President Harding and other well-known public figures since 1923.

Address: 118 S Poplar St, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

6. Carey Park

Carey Park
Credits: Teresa Trimm / Flickr
Carey Park

Along the Arkansas River in the south of Hutchinson, you can spot the Carey Park, which stands as a place of adventure for everyone.

Visiting Carey Park is one of the best fun things to do in Hutchinson, Kansas, due to its history since it was developed when hundreds of residents were employed during the Great Depression dispensation.

The park was arranged to check the Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects, an innovative program the city started to reduce the unemployment rate in the city.

There were many lagoons at Carey Park before it was renovated; since then, the park has been loaded with lots of modern facilities, which makes it one of the fun places for the elites.

The facility boasts unique features such as the 18-hole Carey Park Golf Course, disc golf course, Hutchinson’s Jim P. Martinez Sunflower Trail, a baseball stadium, etc.

Address: Carey Park Blvd, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

7. Sand Hills State Park

At the Sand Hills State Park, there is always something unique for interested persons with the dune system located on the shoulder of northeastern Hutchinson’s.

The park has about 1,120-acre of land space, not as significant as other parks, but the dunes are present to distinguish the park from other random parks.

The dunes are formed from the wind-deposited sands blown from the Arkansas River at the extreme section of the ice age.

The park’s arrangement is gorgeous, and it makes it a perfect addition to your list of best fun things to do in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The Sand Hills State Park also features a campground with about 64 sites, 20 with just water and sewer, and about 44 with water, sewer, and electricity.

Address: 4207 E 56th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67502, United States

8. Historic Hutchinson Fox Theatre

Historic Hutchinson Fox Theatre
Credits: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

For theatre lovers, add a visit to Historic Hutchinson Fox Theatre to your list of best fun things to do in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The Historic Hutchinson Fox Theatre houses fun exhibits like the Art Deco movie palace from 1931, organized by Kansas City’s Boller Brothers.

There are a lot of fun features to note at the theatre, like the metallic glazed terra cotta tiles sporting vegetal and the beautiful facade with projecting pilasters and other geometric relief materials.

Because of a small seating capacity of 1,221, the theatre was closed down around 1985 before being purchased and renovated by a non-profit organization in 1999.

The theater is well decorated with light fittings around the corners to the stair railings’ alignment. It is a fantastic place to watch comedy, musicals, concerts, and dance shows.

Address: 18 E 1st Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

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9. Reno County Farmers’ Market

Reno County Farmers' Market
Credits: Chubykin Arkady / Shutterstock

The Reno County Farmers’ Market is ideal for purchasing fresh farm produce, especially during the year’s summer months.

It has a permanent plaza at the 115 W 2nd, which hosts markets every Saturday from mid-May through October and every Wednesday morning from June through October.

There is a lot of seasonal fresh farm produce available during the peak season from June through August, making it an entertaining center during those months.

At the markets, there are also baked goods, honey, confectionery, eggs, jams, kettle corn, and other accessories such as jewelry, and home decorations stuff.

Address: 103 W 2nd Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

10. Yoder Amish Community

Yoder Amish Community
Credits: Anry skyhead [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Yoder Amish Community
Yoder Amish Community is where the Amish settled in the early 1880s, and it is one of the largest communities in Kansas, located just 15 minutes south of Hutchinson.

The name comes from Eli M. Yoder, the son of one Amish bishop who was the first to set up a homestead at the quarters in the late 1870s.

Tourists worldwide visit these premises cause of the beautiful scenic environment it inhabits and the picturesque settings it possesses.

At the Yoder Amish Community, you can pick up time-honored Amish specialties like the tasty handmade quilts and other homemade crafts and desserts, smoked meats, and preserves.

One of the best times to visit the area is during the Yoder Heritage Day in August. There are other fun attractions in the area, such as a quilt auction, a parade, a fireworks show, a petting zoo, and many more.

Address: P.O. Box 77 • Yoder, KS 67585. United States

11. Hutchinson Art Center

 Hutchinson Art Center
Credits: Hutchinson Art Center / Facebook
Hutchinson Art Center

The non-profit Hutchinson Art Center has been one of the best fun places to visit after being renovated and decorated with modern facilities.

The center is one of the historic landmarks in Hutchinson, Kansas, which date back to 1949, and it accommodates visitors from all over the world.

The beautiful space serves as host to unique exhibitions, which are produced by national and local artists, as well as collections sourced from shows and events.

With collections archived over 70+ years, the Hutchinson Art Center is a sure place to get and learn all you need about the history, culture, and events in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The place is also a venue where various fun activities can be carried out, ranging from live music shows, concerts, and even educational classes.

Address: 405 N Washington St, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

12. Reno County Museum

 Reno County Museum
Credits: Reno County Museum / Facebook
Reno County Museum

On the block east of Main Street, Hutchinson is where you can spot the Reno County Museum, which was formed in the early 1900s.

The museum is one of the most remarkable American buildings because it archives historical materials and beautiful paintings of both local and international artists and has been closed for over 150+ years.

The museum has quite some store exhibits of different categories, including paintings that give visitors a picture of incidents that happened in the past.

You can view the 19th-century Schuttler wagon, check out the 1903 Ford Model A, and the 1929 Indian Ace motorcycle at the Transportation Gallery.

There are also beautiful profiles of public figures in Reno County’s past and a documentary about the police department and other information regarding the railroads.

Address: 100 S Walnut St, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

13. Dillon Nature Center

Dillon Nature Center
Credits: Jeff Slater / Flickr
Dillon Nature Center

Feel the warmth of the beautiful Dillon Nature Center, located along the Sand Hills State Park, and its features offer visitors a fun adventure.

The 100-acre nature center grows more than 300 species of the popular Woody plant, many native types of grass, and over 100 species of wildflowers.

The center is a structured site for the National Urban Wildlife Sanctuary, making it the perfect addition to your list of best fun things to do in Hutchinson, Kansas.

At the trail in the area, which is about three miles from the central court, visitors and interested individuals will spot over 200 birds.

The Dillon Nature Center also has a fishing pond, a 10,000-square-foot visitor center with a gift shop, superb interpretive exhibits, terrariums, and more.

Address: 3002 E 30th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67502, United States

14. Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm

Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm
Credits: Kansas Tourism / Flickr
Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm

Visit the Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm, which Joe and Sondra Hedrick established, a combination of both a bed & breakfast center and an exotic animal farm.

Located Northwest of Hutchinson off K-96, the farm promises to make visitors understand the essence of eating fresh, natural produce.

The place allows for tours, whether on a group or individual basis, which features a lot of beautiful sights to behold, like waking up to the sights and sounds of ostriches and kangaroos.

You can also do something every day at the park, such as getting to know about animals’ daily routine and lifestyle, which ranges from their mode of feeding, their diet, and even their distinctive characters.

The Hedrick Exotic Animal Farmhouses animals such as camels, giraffes, peacocks, zebras, monkeys, and other wide animals to train.

Address: 7910 N Roy L Smith Rd, Nickerson, KS 67561, United States

 15. Stage 9

Credits: BigPixel Photo / Shutterstock

Stage 9 is one of the largest Hutchinson’s local art complexes, it should make your list of fun things to do in Hutchinson, KS.

The facility was developed to showcase local talents through entertaining performances, live shows, concerts, and musical competitions.

It also has a gallery for showcasing artistic expressions from Hutchinson’s talented artists and other beautiful works from international artists.

Inside the main complex in Stage 9, they produce musicals and plays from contemporary hits to the classic beats, and they also offer educative lectures on arts to interested persons.

Additionally, at stage 9, there is the presentation of interactive shows that brings impact to visitors, no worries, it is a sure entertainment center.

Address: 9 S Main St, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

16. Hutchinson Zoo

Hutchinson Zoo
Credits: theksu / Shutterstock

Hang out at the Hutchinson Zoo with friends, colleagues, or family members. The zoo is home to over 160 native animals and other foreign breeds.

The zoo is about 9-acre in size, making it one of the smallest in town, but it is home to several rare and exotic animals.

Visitors can watch the beautiful otters do their regular jumping in the water, meet the raccoons, or feed fish while in the zoo.

There is also a gift shop in the area where visitors can get a take-home package, souvenirs, and other nice free accessories.

The center also features a Prairie Thunder Railroad ride, which moves people around the complex, and a picnic table for family outings.

Address: 6 Emerson Loop, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

17. Hutch Putt

Hutch Putt
Credits: Martin Kucera / Shutterstock

At the Hutch, Putt visitors are promised something exceptional. It is located along the Hutchinson Mall, and it draws almost half of the city’s population because of the kind of fun activities it offers.

An 18-hole mini-golf course was opened at Hutch Putt in 2017 close to the airport way, which gives maximum entertainment to golfers and interested individuals.

There are many things to say about the park, especially the presence of the cheap fiberglass models of animals and windmills, Which were set up to give the guest the best of fun.

The park also features neat landscaping, two ponds, a laid hole, and a creek with exciting changes in the area’s elevation.

Address: 1500 N Lorraine St, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

18. Salt City Splash Aquatic Center

Salt City Splash Aquatic Center
Credits: VaLiza / Shutterstock

Chill out at the Salt City Splash Aquatic Center, which contains everything you need to have an adventurous experience during your visit to Hutchinson, KS.

The beautiful water park boasts certain features for both children and adults; it offers one of the best fun slides and lands with a relieving splash of water.

There are also diving boards, floating toys, a 50-meter Olympic-sized pool, children’s splash pools, and other adult fun quarters at the center.

There is an organized introductory swimming lesson for visitors who wish to learn how to swim and water fitness classes for both professionals and armatures.

Additionally, the center is a perfect place to experience fun dives in the pool; visitors are always advised to bring their swimming materials while coming.

Address: in Carey Park, 1601 S Plum St, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

19. Smith’s Market

Smith's Market
Credits: KREUS / Shutterstock

Buy some of the best local farm produce at the Smith’s Market, which offers memorable shopping for the people of Hutchinson, Kansas.

The Smith’s Market has been one of the outstanding landmarks of the city since it was established in 1933, and since then, it has offered great fun to its guest.

Experience an exciting time at the market, which gives visitors a memory of incidents that happened in the past, and every aisle offers a rare product that can not be seen in a contemporary grocery store.

It offers a wide variety of old-fashioned candies, fresh local produce, nostalgic toys, and many specialty foods stores that sell unique delicacies.

Additionally, visiting the Smith’s Market is one of the best fun things to do in Hutchinson, KS, due to the presence of quality products for all the shoppers.

Address: 211 S Main Street, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

20. Carey Park Golf Course

Credits: Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock

Have a memorable golfing experience at Carey Park Golf Course, a beautiful golf course suitable for all golfers (both professionals and beginners).

The beautiful 18-hole golf course was opened to the general public with no particular entry requirements, and it is possible to rent anything you need to make your day fun from the shop.

Apart from golfing activities, there are other fun outdoor recreational activities visitors can indulge in at the large-scale park, making it one of the best fun things in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Visitors can play disc golf, skate in the skate park around the complex, visit the small zoo, play baseball, and go fishing while in the area.

Feel free to come along with the kids cause there are many areas to play with various equipment suitable for children.

Address: 9 Emerson Loop East, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

21. The Alley of Hutchinson

The Alley of Hutchinson
Credits: Boris Medvedev / Shutterstock

The Alley of Hutchinson offers a lot of delicious food and a great indoor fun experience for both friends and families who want to enjoy their vacation in Hutchinson.

Experience an exciting day at the Alley of Hutchinson; the area is well known for bowling activities and possesses the best bowling facility in the city.

The Alley of Hutchinson offers visitors the opportunity to rent bowling shoes and engage in a superb strike in their modern and sleek alley.

The center boasts unique attractions such as bumper cars, a large variety of arcade games, laser tag, and other fun attractions installed in the area.

Additionally, the Alley of Hutchinson features some of the fun things to do in Hutchinson, KS, for both the young and old ones.

Address: 1221 E 23rd Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

22. Strataca

Credits: Granger Meador / Flickr

The Strataca remains one of the top salt mining sites in Hutchinson, Kansas; with over 30 years of experience, it is a must-visit for everyone.

Since salt mining is one of the city’s economic pillars, Strataca is significant to the city for revenue generation and financial stability.

The complex was structured amazingly, with a massive salt deposit placed at the top. It offers visitors the opportunity to walk 650 feet underground in just 90 seconds via a double-decker hoist.

Strataca mining gallery displays historic features like the dynamite and other objects used by salt miners for the past century, machinery tools, and dynamite.

Additionally, it offers education on how salt mining activities can be done for people interested in it, show the new mining tunnels, and many more.

Address: 3650 E Ave G, Hutchinson, KS 67501, United States

23. Prairie Dunes Country Club

Credits: pisitnamtasaeng / Shutterstock

A trip to the Prairie Dunes Country Club is one of the top things to do in Hutchinson, KS, for golf lovers and people who want to enjoy an exciting time outdoors.

The golf course in the Prairie Dunes Country Club is spotted just a few drives away from Hutchinson, Kansas making it a perfect fun destination for everyone.

Prairie Dunes Country Club has hosted a series of international golfing competitions, such as the annual United States Golf Association national championship tournaments.

The beautiful Prairie Dunes Country Club was founded in the mid-1930s by Emerson Carey and his four sons, making it a family-owned and run club.

Additionally, the facility has also hosted the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Golf Championship and since then has been rated as a top golf course in the United States.

Address: 4812 E 30th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67502, United States

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Plan to explore Hutchinson

Hutchinson, Kansas, is an exceptional tourist destination filled with lots of fun attractions which range from its historical background, museums, sports complex, and cultural centers.

The city also features a lot of fun attractions that draw massive crowds, attractions such as the Carey Park Golf Course, Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm, and others listed here are worth the visit.

Start planning a visit to this lovely city!