15 Best Restaurants in Tulare (CA)

Tulare is a major city in Tulare County, California, U.S.A. The city’s name is strongly affiliated with Tulare Lake, which was once the largest freshwater lake among all those ones west of the Great Lakes. Tulare is located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, which is a popular tourist spot in California.

According to 2020 Census Bureau estimates, the city’s population was 69,200. It is known for its agriculture-centric community. Most residents in Tulare are food processors and distributors.

Tulare land is reportedly one of the most productive farmlands in the world, which gives an abundant supply of locally grown crops.

Are you in Tulare, CA, and looking for your next stomach refilling station?. Let’s explore the best restaurants in Tulare, CA.

Best Restaurants in Tulare, CA

1. Bravo Farms Restaurant and Cheese Shoppe

Bravo Farms Restaurant and Cheese Shoppe

Bravo Farms is a medium-sized restaurant located in Tulare Outlets. It cooks and serves foods freshly sourced from the farmland. They make gourmet salads, daily soups and steaks, sandwiches, and wraps.

Bravo Farms Restaurant is a Californian eatery serving custom-made salads and sandwiches plus soup, artisanal pizza, beer, and wine. Bravo Farms Restaurant and Cheese Shoppe is one of the best places to eat in Tulare, CA.

They serve berry chicken salad, a tri-tip salad, pulled pork sandwich, a Sante Fe chicken wrap, an Asian chicken salad, sweet potato fries, and a ribeye steak sandwich.

The restaurant serves some of the most delicious beer-battered cheese curds and onion rings you’ll ever taste in the whole town.

The staff opens the eatery by 11 am and closes it by 9 pm every day except on Sundays when they close by 7 pm.

Address: 1691 Retherford St, Tulare, CA 93274. Phone: +1 559-684-1600

2. Apple Annie’s

Apple Annie's

Apple Annie’s® is one of the best restaurants in Tulare, CA. It is an easygoing offering of breakfast-to-dinner American eats and an apple-centric dessert menu.

Apple Annie’s® branch in Tulare, CA, is located in the Central Valley of California. They offer breakfast classics such as corned hashbrowns, pancake breakfast, Biscuits & Gravy, ham & cheese omelet, and others.

We love the good-tasting apple burrito. Thus, we recommend it if it’s your first time at Apple Annie’s.

How about lunch at Apple Annie’s? We highly recommend their double cheeseburger and fries complemented with juice or a smoothie. For dinner, check the menu and select their prime rib dinner.

Apple Annie’s Tulare opens by 7 am and closes by 9 pm every day of the week.

Address: 1165 N Blackstone St, Tulare, CA 93274-2347. Phone: +1 559-686-3411

3. Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner is an easygoing restaurant chain serving delicious comfort food and desserts in a casual woodsy setting. The restaurant brand has many branches nationwide, and the Tulare branch is no exception to Black Bear Diner’s culinary culture.

They offer dine-in, takeaway, and delivery service options for all. The woodsy setting of the interior makes it unique and confers a relaxed vibe. Black Bear Diner is one of the best places to eat in Tulare, CA.

They offer taco salad, eggs Benedict with hashbrowns, double cheeseburgers, fish & chips, prime rib omelet, steak, and more. Patty melt is one of the menu foods that this restaurant offers. Home fries and sweet potato fries are simple yet in-demand foods provided by Black Bear Diner.

Black Bear Diner’s banana cream pie is a great dessert that kids and adults alike love whenever they dine at the restaurant. Aside from being a classical American diner, it is spacious and serves as a social hangout spot for Tulare residents.

They open by 7 am and close by 8-9 pm daily.

Address: 1161 E Tulare Ave, Tulare, CA 93274-4561. Phone: +1 559-684-9152

4. Cool Hand Lukes

Cool Hand Lukes

Cool Hand Luke’s is the best steakhouse in Tulare, CA. It is a local chophouse chain with an Old West salon vibe and a menu of steaks, seafood, and boneless ribs.

Cool Hand Luke’s is simply the place to be if you want to savor some delicious grilled food or steaks. They offer dine-in, curbside pickup service, and no-contact delivery for all customers.

Some of the food items on Cool Hand Luke’s menu include ribeye steak, onion blossom, sizzling steak bites, bacon-wrapped shrimp, chicken fried steak, and dinner rolls.

The restaurant’s New-York style steak is the tastiest food on the menu, in our opinion. It is very delicious, filling, and aromatic. In the drinks department, the bar is filled with soft drinks such as lemonade and cocktails instead of alcoholic drinks (not saying they don’t have beer). You may wish to try the strawberry lemonade. It is sweet and cold.

Address: 1470 N Cherry Ct, Tulare, CA 93274-2252+1 559-686-0825

5. La Piazza Ristorante Italaino

La Piazza Ristorante Italaino

Do you crave Italian cuisine in Tulare? La Piazza Ristorante Italiano is one of the excellent Tulare restaurants to go to. 

It is a spacious eatery with traditional fares such as steak & seafood plus wine from Italy and California. La Piazza is great for business or romantic dinners, wedding receptions, and private parties.

It is a restaurant to relax, enjoy and socialize with family and friends. The staff is friendly, and they enhance your dining experience.

They serve prime New York steak and scampi, their most popular dish on the menu. This is so because it is wonderfully prepared and tasty. It has received a lot of praise & high online ratings, even from food critics.

La Piazza also serves fettuccine alfredo, lasagna, bruschetta, rack of lamb, cioppino, and seasonal crème brulee.

They open the restaurant in two sessions – morning and evening. The morning session hours are from 11 am to 2 pm. While the evening operating hours are from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm daily.

Address: 1600 E Tulare Ave, Tulare, CA 93274-3153. Phone: +1 559-687-9833

6. Figaro’s


Figaro’s Mexican Grill is one of the best Mexican restaurant in Tulare, CA. It is the highest-rated and most recommended in the area.

Figaro’s is a family-owned food establishment offering traditional Mexican dishes in a low-key environment.

They are committed to providing customers with the best Mexican-inspired dining experience.

Everything on their menu is prepared daily with freshly sourced ingredients to create their unique Southwestern flavor. This restaurant chain has branches in Visalia, Hanford, and Figaros, including Tulare.

Figaro’s Mexican Grill offers dine-in and takeaway but no delivery. They serve chop chop chop salad, tortillas, taco plates, fiesta nachos, Baja shrimp salad, ceviche, flan, and more.

Figaro’s bean and cheese burritos are a must-try for newcomers. It is sumptuous and satisfying.

Figaro’s daily opens by 10 am and closes by 8-9 pm.

Address: 1348 E Prosperity Ave, Tulare, CA 93274-8052. Phone: +1 559-685-0366



IHOP is a great breakfast restaurant in Tulare. It is an age-old chain serving a wide variety of pancakes, other American breakfasts, and diner fare.

IHOP offers all three service options dine-in, takeaway, and delivery. It is a great place to eat delicious pancakes, hashbrowns, omelets, crepes, and burgers. They serve Pancake Combo, which is the best choice on the menu for a family breakfast.

Interesting menu items at IHOP include strawberry cream, hashbrowns, orange juice, spicy poblano omelet, scrambled eggs, and more. You can visit IHOP’s Tulare website to view the full menu offering.

This breakfast restaurant opens by 7 am and closes by 10 pm daily except on Fridays and Saturdays when they close by midnight.

Address: 1004 E Prosperity Ave, Tulare, CA 93274-2354. Phone: +1 559-684-7440

8. Wimpy’s Hamburgers

Wimpy's Hamburgers

Wimpy’s Hamburgers is the best-rated fast food restaurant in Tulare, CA. It is a hamburger restaurant. It serves famous fries, chili cheese fries, pastrami burgers, bruto burgers, and pastrami sandwiches.

The wimpy burger combo is the best food from the menu to order for lunch. It contains a large-size burger and fries in it.

We recommend this or the Cheeseburger Combo with water or soft drinks. Wimpy’s Hamburgers is a great place to eat lunch in Tulare, CA.

 Deep-fried mushrooms, fish sandwiches, peppers, chili fries, double cheeseburgers, and chicken burgers are popular picks, especially among repeat customers of Wimpy.

Don’t forget to order one of their sweet milkshakes to complement your hamburger. Wimpy’s Hamburgers is open daily by 10 am and close by 8-9 pm.

Address: 1417 E Tulare Ave, Tulare, CA 93274-3067. Phone: +1 559-688-2527

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9. Vejar’s Mexican Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge

Vejar's Mexican Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge

This is a family-friendly restaurant featuring traditional Mexican dishes as well as classic American dishes. Vejar’s Mexican restaurant is one of the top Tulare restaurants on highly-rated review sites.

Vejar’s Mexican Restaurant is the perfect eatery to go to if you’re craving enchiladas or Chile Relleno. They make the most delicious versions of those two Mexican dishes.

Vejar’s has a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. It is an ideal place for social hangouts and dinner nights.

They serve chimichanga, California burrito, carne asada, fajitas, taco salad, cheese enchilada, and more. Some of the interesting drinks served here include Bloody Mary, mango margaritas, corona extra beer, and so on.

We recommend treating yourself to Vejar’s menudo with two corn tortillas. You should take those in small or regular sizes, or else you’ll be begging someone to finish it up, or you’ll just waste it.

Tri-tip tacos with rice and beans are a good choice for dinner at Vejar’s Mexican Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge.

Address: 1293 S K St, Tulare, CA 93274-6424. Phone: +1 559-688-0355

10. Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is a good restaurant that offers dine-in, takeaway, curbside pickup, and delivery service options.

It is a hip counter-serve pizzeria dishing up crispy, thin-crust pies made with creative toppings and sauces.

Blaze Pizza is located in Tulare Pavilion Shopping Center, Tulare, CA. It is the best place to go to eat pizza in Tulare, CA. They have a variety of toppings, cheese, and sauces, as aforementioned.

Some customers’ favorites include red vine pizza with arugula, pizza ever, vegan pizza, pepperoni pizza, veg out pizza, artichoke hearts pizza topping, and so on. If you like creativity, you can opt to build your own pizza right there.

Alternatively, you can order their already-made veggie cauliflower crust chicken vegan cheese pizza. This Tulara pizzeria operates between the hours of 10.30 am to 11 pm daily.

Address: 1403 Hillman St, Tulare, CA 93274-1600. Phone: +1 559-686-2807

11. Farmer Boys

Farmer Boys

Farmer Boys is a fast-food restaurant chain for made-to-order burgers and breakfast items. It is one of the top restaurants in Tulare, CA. It is a counter-serve chain with many homemade foods prepared with fresh local ingredients.

Farmer Boys take advantage of the availability of arable land and farm produce in Tulare. This abundance of farm produce is utilized in the kitchen to produce rich burgers, sandwiches, and wraps.

The restaurant serves chicken sandwiches, onion rings, bacon burgers, breakfast burritos, hashbrowns, fries, and others.

Other breakfast foods offered by Farmer Boys includes Biscuits & Gravy, chicken, and bacon sandwich with cheese topping. You are sure to enjoy yourself eating healthy fast foods at Farmers Boys.

Address: 1197 E Prosperity Ave, Tulare, CA 93274-8030. Phone: +1 559-687-9900

12. V.I.P. Pizza

V.I.P. Pizza

V.I.P. Pizza is a snug pizza joint featuring a variety of pizza flavors in a laid-back atmosphere with big flatscreen T.V.s tuned to sports.

They also serve chicken wings and drinks in abundance. There are located at Pho 99 | Noodle House.

V.I.P. Pizza serves buster’s chorizo pizza, Hawaiian pizza, buffalo wings, and more. There are a lot of vegetarian options at V.I.P. Pizza.

Tostada, chicken garlic supreme, and Stella’s Chilli Verde are some of the best menu items at V.I.P. the restaurant’s staff are super-friendly and receptive. The prices of each pizza here are reasonable, and the taste is consistently top-notch.

It is best to order Big Joe’s Combo, which has the right combination of cheese, pepperoni, sausage, salami, and beef portions of pizza.

V.I.P. operates between 10 am and 9 pm every day except Sundays and Mondays.

Address: 235 N K St, Tulare, CA 93274-4005. Phone: +1 559-688-2011

13. Fugazzis California Grill

Fugazzis California Grill

Fugazzis is an Italian restaurant and one of the top restaurants in Tulare, CA. It is a warm, bustling restaurant chain (ristorante Italiano) serving Italian food with an American appeal. In other words, it serves Italian-American cuisine with California flair.

They provide all three service options uncommon with most restaurants – dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery.

Fugazzis are best at preparing and presenting the tastiest chicken marsala in town. They also produce great-tasting ravioli, which are savory to all.

They also serve sweet potato fries, sweet potato fries, lemon drops, Brussels sprouts, and seafood pasta. You should try the bistro steak salad with Jalapeno Popper. It is incredible!

This restaurant opens shop by 11 am on a daily basis. It closes by 9 pm every day except on weekends.

Address: Evolution Center in Tulare, 1441 Prosperity, Tulare, CA. Phone: +1 559-687-1454

14. Denny’s


Denny’s is a casual dining chain serving classic American comfort fare, including all-day breakfast favorites.

Denny’s has multiple nationwide branches, which are all breakfast specialists. The Tulare, CA, branch is no exception to that.

They serve the best-tasting pancakes, as observed and rated by many food critics. Denny’s serves hashbrowns, bourbon chicken bowl, house salad, and zesty nachos.

Try their loaded breakfast sandwich if you want to eat some delicious sandwiches. It is tasty, filling, and worth the buy.

Other menu items include country-fried steak, salmon & asparagus skillet, bourbon bacon burger, double cheeseburger, roast beef dip, chicken tender, cobb salad with prim rib, and so on. Philly cheesesteak omelet is a good pick for breakfast.

Address: 795 E Prosperity Ave, Tulare, CA 93274. Phone: +1 559-686-1920

15. Big Kahuna Frozen Yogurt

Big Kahuna Frozen Yogurt

Do you know where to go to enjoy frozen yogurt in Tulare? Big Kahuna Frozen Yogurt is the best frozen yogurt shop in Tulare, California.

Big Kahuna is located in one of the Tulare Outlets inside The Village Shopping Center. Just like in all other locations, there is a frozen yogurt machine situated with provisions for customers to serve themselves frozen yogurt.

The yogurt is frozen and sweet. You have a variety of awesome flavors served in low-fat, non-fat, and low-sugar options.

Frozen yogurt is no the only delightful product you will see in Big Kahuna. They also offer chocolate pretzels, cookies & cream, and falooda.

They serve yummy frozen yogurt and a fun selection of toppings. Big Kahuna is open by 11 am and close by 9 pm on weekdays and 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

1297 N Cherry Street, Tulare, CA 93274, USA. Phone: +1 559-685-5343

Map of the Best Restaurants in Tulare, CA 

To get around during your trip to Tulare, here is a map of the best restaurants in Tulare with markers of the top places to eat in Tulare, CA.


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Plan a Visit to Tulare

Tulare is a medium size neighborhood blessed with many good restaurants. Most Tulare restaurants offer all four service options: dine-in, takeaway, curbside pick, and online delivery.

Tulare is a fun place with a lot of nice site-seeing attractions. And so, we encourage you to plan a food trip to Tulare, CA!