25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Richmond (KY)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Richmond, KY?

Richmond, Kentucky, was established in 1789 when the state was acting as America’s western frontier. The city is relatively small but has a rich history with different iconic persons like Daniel Boone and Kit Carson.

This lovely destination has everything installed on for you as it provides several fun things for you to choose from and be a part of. The Fort Boonesborough State Park offers many outdoor activities, the Chenault Vineyards for lovers of wine, and the White Hall State Park for history enthusiasts are some some of its highlights.

It is interesting how people keep coming back every year to Richmond, interesting also the many things visitors can indulge in to have that perfect vacation for themselves and loved ones. It does not matter if you are a historian, foodie, or into outdoor activities, Richmond, Kentucky, got you covered.

Planning a vacation in Richmond?, here are the top things to do in Richmond, KY.

Things to Do in Richmond, KY

1. Fort Boonesborough State Park

Fort Boonesborough State Park
Credits: Don Sniegowski / Flickr
Fort Boonesborough State Park

The Fort Boonesborough State Park provides a handful of lovely experiences for tourists and locals alike. It also features the Kentucky River Museum, a historic fort, and outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, camping, boating, and hiking.

Visitors are allowed to discover the original fort site that Daniel Boone and the early settlers used. Visitors can go boating to have a fantastic view of the Palisades, go fishing on the River of Kentucky, spend time in the campground, or collect several lovely handcrafted items from the gift shop situated in the park

The State was renovated into a functional fort and has local artisans carrying out demonstrations of their skill or craft and displaying how the early settlers carried out their activities in Kentucky.

Address: 4375 Rd, Richmond, KY 40475,

2. Boones Trace National Golf Course

Boones Trace National Golf Course
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

If you are a golf lover, the Boones Trace National Golf Course is the ideal place to be and enjoy the magnificent mountain landscape, a challenging 18 hole and natural competitive golf course.

The golf course took a whole new shape after it was renovated. It has a lovely clubhouse that offers an enjoyable culinary experience with friendly people and a cozy atmosphere. They have excellent customer service and welcoming staff committed to helping you step up your gameplay. Their practice range is excellent as well.

The Boones Trace National Golf Course is one out of the many beautiful golf courses in the Central part of Kentucky, providing visitors with a spectacular golf experience.

Address: 175 Gleneagles Blvd, Richmond, KY 40475,

3. Chenault Vineyards

Credits: TFoxFoto / Shutterstock

The Chenault Vineyard is situated around the undulating hills in Kentucky, providing visitors with a perfect attraction to display some delectable wines in Richmond.

The Vineyard is a family-operated and owned winery that extends over 500 acres of picturesque land area and outstanding views of grapevines.

The winery provides visitors with a handful of handcrafted wines produced on-site, including red wines, blush wines, and white wines. You can also go to their tasting room or have a glass of wine sitting out on their outdoor patio and enjoying the beautiful views here.

Spend a fun time at Chenault Vineyards, makes one of the fun things to do in Richmond, KY.

Address: 2284 Barnes Mill Rd, Richmond, KY 40475,

4. Adventure Falls MiniGolf & Batting Cages

Adventure Falls MiniGolf & Batting Cages
Credits: Poznyakov / Shutterstock

The Falls MiniGolf and Batting Cages is a premium golf facility that the Harris Miniature Golf Company constructed in 2004. The 18 hole golf course consists of a 9hole ADA-accessible golf course, water obstacles, and challenging holes.

Visitors can have a great experience of the picturesque Lake Reba while playing golf here. The golf course is quite challenging but fun at the same time.

There are also three shuffle courts situated close to the Adventure Falls Miniature Golf Course. Visitors can make rentals of shuffleboard pucks and stick at regular work hours at the Golf facility for free of charge, but be sure to know you will drop your Driver’s license behind.

Address: 250 Lake Reba Dr, Richmond, KY 40475

5. Richmond Area Arts Center

Richmond Area Arts Center
Credits: Richmond Area Arts Council / Facebook
Richmond Area Arts Center

The Richmond Area Center offers visual and performing arts classes for individuals of all sizes and ages in Richmond, Kentucky

The art center is an iconic organization focused on creating an endearing art community for locals and tourists alike and is available for visits from Mondays- Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm, respectively.

The Richmond Area Arts Center offers many arts-related activities for both kids and adults. They organize art exhibitions that feature education programs for adults, summer school programs, and classes for kids and local artists.

This answers what to do in Richmond, for art lovers, a perfect addition to your list of things to do in Richmond, KY

Address: 399 W Water St, Richmond, KY 40475,

6. Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi

Brady's Sushi and Hibachi
Credits: Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi / Facebook
Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi

The Brady’s Sushi and Hibachi is an indigenous-operated and owned restaurant located in Richmond, Kentucky, and is focused on colonial traditional sushi rolls.

Aside from serving visitors several choices of sushi, it also provides hibachi entrees and finely prepared Poke bowls, and every ingredient used in preparing these delectable dishes is sourced freshly.

The family behind the outstanding culinary experience is intensely focused on providing locals and tourists alike with the perfect relaxed dining experience for sushi and hibachi via good tasty foods and excellent customer relationships. The restaurant is open for visitors daily aside from Sundays.

Address: 525 Eastern Bypass, Richmond, KY 40475,

7. Lake Reba Recreational Complex

Lake Reba Recreational Complex
Credits: PalSand / Shutterstock

The Lake Reba Recreational Complex is a 500-acre area and has numerous fun and exciting things installed for couples and families.

You can bring your fishing rod along with you or, more still, a boat to go fishing to get some catch m, visitors can also go paddle boarding or kayaking.

Visitors can also indulge in outdoor activities such as soccer, basketball, horseshoes, foosball, softball, baseball, and lots more. Visitors can also go jogging on the picturesque trail or hiking.

For a fun time, do add to your checklist of things to do in in Richmond, KY.

Address: Gibson Bay Dr. Richmond, KY 40475

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8. The Judy Rains Memorial Dog Park

Judy Rains Memorial Dog Park
Credits: Joy Brown / Shutterstock

The Judy Memorial Dog Park perched on Reba is a furry-friendly park that provides lots of spaces for your pets to play and have fun time off-leash.

The dog park is built with wooden fences, so you might still want to take notice of your dog’s movements before it escapes. The Small and Big dogs are all allowed to play in the same space. If you witness a form of aggression by your dog, be sure to withdraw yours quickly to avoid injury.

The Memorial Park also has a sheltered area and picnic tables for pet owners to chill and enjoy seeing their dogs play. Here is a great place to enjoy some fun time with your pet. The area is appropriately maintained and cleaned properly after every use

Address: 299 Lake Reba Drive Richmond, KY 40475

9. White Hall State Historic Site

White Hall State Historic Site
Credits: Arthur T. LaBar / Flickr
White Hall State Historic Site

The White Hall State Historic Site is an iconic building in Richmond and is perched on a picturesque undulating farmstead of Kentucky

This place was established in the late 1700s, and with some additions in the 1860s, the iconic structure was built into a Georgian and Italian style. It has a land area of 1000 Square feet with recent additions like a central heating supply and indoor plumbing.

Here was previously a place of abode for Cassius Clay, politicians, an Ambassador of Russia, an advocator, a friend of Abraham Lincoln, and newspaper publishers. The building was first constructed by his Dad, General Green Clay.

Address: 500 White Hall Shrine Rd, Richmond, KY 40475,

10. Hummel Planetarium

Hummel Planetarium
Credits: Hummel Planetarium / Facebook
Hummel Planetarium

The Hummel Planetarium has a long line of history stretching back to 1988. It first started with a Spitz Voyager type of projection system changed into the Definiti Theater.

The planetarium has a seating capacity of 194 persons currently and is part of the largest and most well-built planetariums all over the country.

The Hummel Planetarium offers programs to tutor various individuals who visit here about physical sciences and astronomy, and these organizations are carried out using pre-recorded shows or a combination of different media presentations.

In search of what to do in Richmond, for a fun time, do add a visit here to your bucket list of things to do in Richmond, KY

Address: 4440 Kit Carson Dr, Richmond, KY 40475

11. Battle of Richmond Visitors Center

Battle of Richmond Visitors Center
Credits: J. Stephen Conn / Flickr
Battle of Richmond Visitors Center

The Richmond Visitors Center is situated beside Battlefield Memorial Highway. It also showcases the numerous detailed exhibits of the Battle of Richmond that occurred during the American Civil War

Visitors who are history lovers can delve into the historic achievements of this town and how the Battle of Richmond greatly impacted the area, which occurred between August 29 to August 30 in 1862 and is famous for being the ground for the second largest Civil War that broke out in Kentucky.

Address: 101 Battlefield Memorial Hwy, Richmond, KY 40475,

12. Stepping Stone Ranch

Stepping Stone Ranch
Credits: Valeri Vatel / Shutterstock

The Stepping Stone Ranch has been in the business of connecting horses and humans together and has been existing for about 20 years.

The tutors to guide you are knowledgeable because of the experiences gained over time and are certified in Equine Assisted learning or Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Part of its goal is to ensure visitors have a good time communicating with horses. Connecting with these horses is simply incredible and is worth the visit for anyone.

Address: 2001 River Cir Dr, Richmond, KY 40475,

13. Madison Garden Bar and Grill

Credits: Valentyn Volkov / Shutterstock

You should stop by at the Madison Garden Bar and Grill to enjoy some delicious meals prepared from the very best of hands in Kentucky, and here should be a major item on your checklist of things to do in Richmond, KY.

The Bar and Grill have a long line of history that made it grow into an ideal destination that attracts locals and visitors alike to enjoy their foods.

The Madison Bar and Grill provides quality food coupled with Southern-style hospitality, making the destination a huge one in this vicinity. This place runs every day as a complete bar and restaurant in Richmond, Kentucky.

This place attracts many people from different parts of the state to come to be a part of the delectable meals available here while enjoying the live music in a serene atmosphere and quality beer and handmade cocktails.

Address: 152 N Madison Ave, Richmond, KY 40475,

14. Baldwin Farms

Baldwin Farms
Credits: Baldwin Farms / Facebook
Baldwin Farms

Baldwin Farms is a famous destination that fits people of different sizes and ages to visit in Richmond, Kentucky. Here is an ideal place to bring your friends and loved ones.

They have a famous farm festival celebrated over time and draw tourists from Madison County and various parts of the world to come to be a part of and spend time with people they love.

Activities to engage in when you visit the farm include having pony rides, climbing Mt. Baldwin Dirt Hill or straw values, playing with friendly animals, corn hole, wagon rides, a hay maze, and jumping Baldwin Dragon.

Address: 1113 Tates Creek Rd, Richmond, KY 40475,

15. Picnic at Irvine-McDowell Park

Irvine-McDowell Park
Credits: Stock-Asso / Shutterstock

Enjoy picnicking like never before at Irvine McDowell Park. It is an excellent destination for you and your family to have a perfect getaway and should be on your checklist of fine things to do in Richmond, KY.

The Irvine McDowell Park has a land area of 29 acres situated at 345 Lancaster Avenue. It consists of two shades, a playground, the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department, Irvington House Museum, and four softball fields.

The softball fields to be found here are mainly used by the Girls Softball Association, Richmond. Visitors can always make reservations for the shelters that are always available.

Make this weekend fun and exciting for you and your peeps as you enjoy a great deal of picnicking at Irvine Mcdowell park.

Address: 345 Lancaster Ave, Richmond, KY 40475

16. Deer Run Stables

Deer Run Stables
Credits: : Flamingo Images / Shutterstock

Another fun thing to do in Richmond is to ride a horse at Deer Run Stable

Kentucky is known for its love for horses, and nothing beats the thought of riding a beautiful horse through the countryside. 

During your vacation in Richmond, you should ride at Deer Run Stable and experience horseriding on the scenic trails in Daniel Boone Country. 

The ranch will accomplish your desire for rustic nostalgia and an intimate encounter with these stunning steeds that are used to being calm mounts. 

Go on a unique ride and put all your fears to rest since a professional trainer will follow you through the countryside. 

Whether you have been on a horse or not, the staff can always offer assistance. 

You will enjoy bonding with these sweet-natured, calm horses as you begin your journey and connect with their selfless and kind spirit. 

Additionally, you can encounter riders from different parts of the world and experience the beauty of the Bluegrass State through horse riding. 

Address: 2001 River Cir Dr, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

17. River Hill Ranch

River Hill Ranch
Credits: Rita_Kochmarjova / Shutterstock

One of the things to do in Richmond is to visit River Hill Ranch, an Alpaca farm in Richmond. 

This alpaca farm offers healthy, quality, and simple alpaca products. 

These alpaca products are soft and fluffy and have become the country’s most recent livestock species. 

The ranch primarily carries those of the Suri breeds. 

River Hill Ranch is known for being a top-tier alpaca breeder. It offers consultations to enable people to begin their ranches. 

The ranch also offers a camp, field trips, and an after-school program focusing on alpaca and livestock care, textile and fiber art, farm operations, cultivation, conservation, and nature exploration. 

Additionally, River Hill Ranch offers tours, allowing you to get close to the lively, curious, and cuddly animals while being escorted by a trained handler. 

Address: 680 River Hill Dr, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

18. Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM/ Flickr
Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)

Another thing to do during your stay in Richmond hm is to tour Eastern Kentucky University. 

Eastern Kentucky University, also known as EKU, is a public university in Richmond and a flourishing community of more than 10,000 students. 

Eastern Kentucky University is a gorgeous campus and center that builds and develops friendships and hosts programs and events to enable people to participate fully in school activities. 

The university has a division dedicated to equity, inclusion, and diversity, establishing a campus community that welcomes diversity. 

This division also creates equitable results and represents inclusiveness so everybody can be fully involved in university life. 

Eastern Kentucky University holds numerous special events annually. It has a campus visit organized to give you a comprehensive view of the university and acquaint you with this welcoming and inclusive environment. 

Furthermore, you can visit the university’s Hummel Planetarium to observe the universe or head to EKU Center For the Arts to enjoy a lively student performance. 

Address: 521 Lancaster Ave, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

19. Camp Catalpa Park

Camp Catalpa Park
Credits: GenMills / Shutterstock

Camp Catalpa Park is a suitable outdoor getaway situated on the east side of Lake Reba. 

In the 1970s, the land was designated as a bird sanctuary. So, it was required that numerous trees should be grown, a water source constructed, and hunting not permitted. 

Camp Catalpa features an 18-hole disc golf where you can visit with your buddies or family to view the breathtaking views and play golf at the challenging holes. 

Besides golfing, you can exercise on the 2-mile loop walking trail, enjoy the stunning view of the lake and fix a hammock to lay on the ground. 

Camp Catapla also has a playground, access to fishing, and two picnic shelter, providing a perfect location for a lovely day outside. 

Address: 2200 Catalpa Loop, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

20. Gibson Bay Golf Course

Gibson Bay Golf Course
Credits: Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock

Among the several things to do in Richmond is to go to Gibson Bay Golf Course

Michael Hurdzan created Gibson Bay Golf Course in 1993. 

This 7,100- yard and par-27 golf course is one of America’s greatest public golf courses. 

The 450-acre Lake Reba leisure area houses Gibson Bay Golf Course. 

Gibson Bay Golf Course is suitable for players of various ability levels, using about five tee boxes on each hole. 

Gibson Bay Golf Course sows bent grass on all the courses, fairways, and greens to create the best possible track. 

The majority of the greens are stuffed into slopes of hills and protected by mounds and finely made bunkers. 

Address: 2000 Gibson Bay Dr, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

21. Red Roof Inn

Red Roof inn is an ideal choice for budget-friendly accommodation, offering guests an inexpensive stay in a clean, contemporary, and lovely room. 

Besides being a family-friendly hotel, it allows pets, making it a good option for pet owners vacationing with their animals. 

Boonesborough State Park and Eastern Kentucky University are tourist attractions close to this hotel. 

Guests can feel at home with the restaurant’s trendy and elegant interior decoration. 

The hotel offers easy Wi-Fi access, flat-screen TVs, lighting, fresh bedding, a microwave, complimentary cable packages, and mini-fridges. 

Red Roof Inn also offers several amenities, including a business center, an indoor pool, a snack center, free coffee in the lobby, free parking, and coin laundry. 

Address: 111 Bahama Ct, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

22. Masala Fine Indian Cuisine

Masala Fine Indian Cuisine
Credits: Masala Richmond / Facebook
Masala Fine Indian Cuisine

One thing to do in Richmond is to sample a meal at Masala Fine Indian Cuisine. 

Masala Fine Indian Cuisine offers the most incredible Indian food and a large variety of foreign spices to produce quality. 

At Masala, you can enjoy authentic Indian food produced with traditional techniques by chefs with years of experience creating exceptional cuisine from every part of India. 

Since the cuisine tastes exclusive to Masala, this restaurant is considered a much better curry restaurant than others. 

The chefs use the finest local ingredients and blend them with a wide variety of international spices to bring about a taste exclusive to Masala.

Masala Fine Indian Cuisine has something for everyone ranging from gentle Indian curries to people who enjoy delicate spices to hot spicy curries for the courageous. 

Masala Fine Indian Cuisine uses the freshest ingredients to serve its guests. It prides itself on offering happy but adequate service and authentic Indian food. 

Address: 1000 Center Dr, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

23. Paradise Cove Park

Paradise Cove Park
Credits: Andrew Angelov / Shutterstock

A visit to Paradise Cove Park should be added to your list of things to do in Richmond. 

During summer, Paradise Cove Park is a fabulous, fun outdoor destination. 

Among the facilities at this public water park include a play pool with four slides and different play features. 

Two of these slides begin at 40 feet above the park, and an eight-lane lap pool and a diving area accompany the play pool. 

Several shade structures are all over Paradise Cove Park to protect you from the sun. In addition, there are modern restrooms, and a concession stand selling reasonably priced items. 

Address:274 Lake Reba Dr, Richmond, KY 40475, United States 

24. Downtown Richmond

Downtown Richmond
Credits: Brent Moore/ Flickr
Downtown Richmond

Linked by Main Street, Downtown Richmond’s predominant commercial area is the US notable district with 60 buildings. 

The point of reference is the Greek Revival Madison County Courthouse built in 1849, a city hall, fire station, and post office. 

As a college town, Richmond is vibrant, featuring a thrilling roster of bars, restaurants, and unique local stores for antiques, books, furniture, fashion, and bicycles/ bicycling accessories. 

As you explore Main Street, it will be fun to spend some time reading the information signs and historical markers. 

If you love exploring local architecture, you can drop by Richmond Visitor to collect a map that will help you locate over 70 historic residences, churches, and civic buildings. 

Address: Richmond, KY, United States

25. Madison Country Farmer’s Market

Madison Country Farmer’s Market
Credits: Chubykin Arkady / Shutterstock

Madison Country Farmer’s Market is located at Lowe’s Parking lot. 

The market takes place on Saturday mornings from May to December. 

Madison Farmer’s Market is where you will see rich agriculture all around the city, with surplus fruits and vegetables from May to October. 

Furthermore, you can purchase local specialty food, meats, baked goods, honey, jam, jellies, sauces, prepared food, artisanal cheese, organic soap, and lots more. 

Address: 814 Eastern Bypass, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Richmond, KY

The City of Richmond is for sure an excellent destination for anyone wishing to have an ideal holiday experience with family and friends or even colleagues from work. There is a whole lot to be part of, and with our list of fun things to do in Richmond, KY, be sure to enjoy your every stay here