23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Mazatlan (Mexico)

Mazatlan, over the years, has been famous for being a resort town with an incredible historical vibe. This destination has many fun attractions for all and sundry to enjoy.

Be sure you will have the best vacation when you visit this beautiful resort town as it has beautiful beaches, tourist hubs, and peaceful spaces for people who want to feel relaxed.

This destination also has Airbnb rentals for visitors who want to stay longer. The region is home to the Banda Sinaloense, a famous music style in Mexico.

Mazatlan’s economy is dependent solely on fishing and tourism despite the narcotics activities in the region. This region has a 2017 official headcount of 502,547 people.

You can have an adventurous time here as you visit attractions rich in history such as Del Malecon, the Aquatic Park Maxagua (a beautiful waterpark for adults and kids and has slides and pools), the Playa Las Brujas for some excellent time surfing and sunbathing in the beach or the Mazatlan Cathedral which is a beautiful architectural edifice.

In addition, you can check out the many restaurants available to enjoy the unique prepared fresh seafood experience. Let’s explore the top things to do in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Things to Do in Mazatlan

1. Stay at Zona Dorada

Zona Dorada
Credits: eskystudio / Shutterstock
Zona Dorada

One of the best things to do when you visit Mazatlan is to see the Zona Dorada also called the Golden Zone. This part of the city contains many top-notch hotels, fun places, and stores for visitations.

Aside from many attractions, it has 3 miles of several beautiful beaches in Mazatlan.

If you are up for some shopping binge and partying, be sure not to miss out on having a trip to this beautiful city. Despite being a significant tourist attraction, many guests also say the locals are endearing, which adds to the beautiful experience you gained during your visit.

From this destination, visitors will be able to check out other close attractions, which are linked with the Malecon waterfront strip.

Address: Mazatlan, Mexico

2. Mazagua Water Park

Mazagua Water Park
Credits: Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB / Shutterstock

A visit to Mazatlan is incomplete without visiting the Mazagua Water Park; it is the perfect place to enjoy a great fun experience with friends and family and should be on your bucket list of things to do.

This destination does not require you to break a bank to visit as it is affordable and a great way to have lots of fun aside from visiting the beach.

The water park also features different water slides to have lots of fun. In addition, there is a wave pool on site coupled with an artificial reservoir for having a relaxing time. It also has a volleyball court, where the kids are not left out of the picture, and a play area for children to enjoy themselves.

Address: Entronque, Av. Sábalo Cerritos, Sábalo Country, 82110 Mazatlán, Sin., México

3. Attend the Carnival

If you’re visiting Mazatlan, be sure to visit during the Carnaval. Although the Carnaval in Brazil, Janeiro, and New Orleans in the USA seems to be the most famous, the Carnaval in this part of the country also offers the same fun.

The Carnaval occurs from February till March. During this festival, visitors can feel the bustling lifestyle in Malecon and closeby regions. Vendor stalls at every corner of the city’s street due to the festival.

Live performances from incredible bands and other types of music formalities spice up the environment. You can see beautiful fireworks and a grand parade as the festival finishes.

It is an excellent festival where visitors can be part of a one-of-a-kind experience with everyone you intend to make this trip with.

Address: Mazatlan, Mexico

4. Mazatlán Aquarium

Mazatlán Aquarium
Credits: Behan / Flickr
Mazatlán Aquarium

Mexico’s pacific coast is the only standing aquarium; it features over 50 tanks that showcase different species of fish that exist in the Pacific close to Sinaloa, coupled with other freshwater habitats from tropical areas.

The aquarium has more than 250 species, including octopuses, clownfish, mudskippers, eels, sharks, piranhas, sea turtles, and others.

The Oceanic Fish tanks are the Marquee tanks, which accommodate about two million liters, whereas the stingray pool has six different kinds of stingray species.

Mazatlán Aquarium has a unique expansive outdoor space with a botanical garden and aviary. You can stay under the branches of a beautiful elephant ear tree and enjoy some bird watching as well.

Address: Av. de los Deportes 111, Tellería, 82017 Mazatlán, Sin., México

5. El Clavadista

El Clavadista
Credits: Real Studio Mzt / Shutterstock
El Clavadista

One of the most lovely sights to witness when you visit Mazatlan is the adventurous cliff divers at El Clavadista.

The Cliff has an elevation of 14 meters and is visited by adventurous persons who deem it fit to check out the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean from such a great height.

Many Cliff divers begin at noon for their jumps and usually finish their escapade before nightfall or midnight. The tradition of cliff diving at Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada Glorieta started way back in 1960.

Although not very famous like that in Acapulco, the idea of watching divers in this attraction is so lovely. Over time, there are rumors of how the activity of Cliff diving has somehow been drawing tons of people from different parts of the world. 

Address: Mal. de Mazatlán, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., México

6. Angela Peralta Theater

Angela Peralta Theater
Credits: My Sideways World / Flickr
Angela Peralta Theater

During your adventure, visit the beautiful Angela Peralta Theater and enjoy a show or movie. The Theater was built in 1874 and went through a thorough renovation in the 80s to continue as a destination for numerous performances.

The Angela Peralta Theater took after the name of a famous opera musician from Mexico who was a victim of a yellow fever outbreak in Mazatlan.

If you are fortunate enough, you will be opportune to watch any of the live performances organized by the theater. In addition, visitors can also check out the breathtaking architecture of this theater.

Address: Carnaval S/N, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico

7. Discover Centro Historico

Centro Historico
Credits: FJZEA / Shutterstock
Centro Historico

When you are in Mazatlan, visit the Centro Historico to start your trip. This attraction features numerous iconic buildings, and this place had its development during the 1920s and 1930s.

Although known to be a little town nestled on an estuary, this town has transformed into becoming a large port on the Pacific coast of the country.

This destination underwent numerous challenges, but it all changed in the 2000s when a lot was put in place to ensure that multiple Neoclassical structures were constructed, leaving the city in its current incredible environment.

Centro Historico is also known as “Old Town,” Visitors can be part of golf carts riding, which are currently used as public transport.

Aside from the incredible architecture to meet here, visitors can see numerous attractions, along with shops where you can purchase souvenir items and street food stalls.

Be sure to be wholly part of the intrinsic beauty of this town by checking out the Centro Historico.

Address: Belisario Domínguez 1607, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., México

8. Plaza Machado

Plaza Machado
Credits: robin robokow / Flickr
Plaza Machado

Another interesting item on our list of things worth checking out is the Plaza Machado, and it is the central spot for seeking to have lots of fun within the city.

The Plaza prides itself on its historical background is something anyone would love to be part of, as its construction has a history stretching back to 1837.

In this fun, thrilling area, visitors can see many restaurants, various beautiful shops, and a handful of incredible art galleries to visit during their trip.

Here is an ideal spot for anyone visiting this region and should be on your checklist of things to do.

Address: Plaza Machado, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., México

9. Faro (Lighthouse)

Faro (Lighthouse)
Credits: mehdi33300 / Shutterstock
Faro (Lighthouse)

The Cera to Creston is a gigantic rock nestled at the edge of the isthmus on the west side of the main entrance of the harbor.

The large rock has existed since 1828 as it is used for navigation coupled with the building of an ancient beacon.

In 1879 the primitive beacon was changed to a lighthouse; it is standing till today despite undergoing additional and having about 30 miles of nautical range.

The lighthouse should be a must-see, and the scintillating views from the Cerro Crestón make hiking here a must-do.

The lighthouse has an elevation of 160 meters, and visitors must climb over 350 steps to reach it. Imagine getting to the top, and you’ll enjoy lovely views of the Centro Histórico, the Isla de la Piedra to the harbor, and the Piedras Blancas outcrops.

Address: Mazatlán, Sin., México

10. Turtle Sanctuary at El Verde Camacho

Turtles are fantastic creatures, and so many people from different parts of the world are out to preserve these lovely sea animals. Every year, these sea turtles seek a credible spot to lay their eggs.

Moreover, in different places worldwide, especially the Mexican beaches, the improvement of tourist centers has made this natural phenomenon disappear gradually.

Fortunately, many refugees in Mazatlan are protective of these places for the sea turtles so they can stay, lay their eggs and reproduce.

During your trip, you can learn about this preservation effort put in place by checking out the El Verde Camacho.

In this destination, visitors can tour their sea turtle sanctuary and learn more about sea turtles and the efforts put in place to preserve this fantastic animal.

Address: 82373 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

11. Baluarte Bridge

Baluarte Bridge
Credits: Curtis Penner / Shutterstock
Baluarte Bridge

The Baluarte Bridge is just 85 minutes northeast of Mazatlan and spans about 3,700 feet over the Baluarte River. The bridge is 1,322 feet above sea level, breaking a record of being the seventh highest bridge in the world and the tallest one in America.

An ideal way to enjoy visiting this historical bridge is to check out the super highway that links Mazatlan to Durango. This exciting kickstarts from the coast to the countryside and into the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The next stop is the Incredible Baluarte bridge which takes you through the El Sinaloense, one of the nine smart tunnels to find along the way. You can end your tour by visiting the village of Mesillas.

You’ll cross the thrilling bridge before venturing through the El Sinaloense, one of nine smart tunnels along the route. Finish by exploring the village of Mesillas.

Address: Mazatlan – Durango Highway, 34954 Sin., Mexico

12. Mazatlan Lighthouse

Mazatlan Lighthouse
Credits: Genaro Arvizu / Shutterstock
Mazatlan Lighthouse

If you want to be up and doing during your trip while still searching for the most scintillating vistas to find in Mazatlan, be sure to visit the famous lighthouse.

The Mazatlan Lighthouse is perched at the city’s most elevated hill, known as Cerro Creston; the height of the lighthouse has an elevation above sea level of 523 feet.

As a result of its great height, a hike to the peak of his lighthouse offers the best gorgeous views of this area and the surrounding ocean.

It takes about 30 minutes for visitors to climb the trail and stairs. A visit to this place is worth the time and effort.

Address: Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

13. Playa Brujas

Playa Brujas
Credits: Ruben Narcio Salgado / Flickr
Playa Brujas

If you want to be very much involved with water activities during your adventure in Mazatlan, be part of this attraction’s many watersports.

Myths once had it that witches come to the beach to carry out their rituals, which gave rise to its recent nickname, “Witcher Beach.”

According to legend, witches once loved to perform their rituals at this beach, giving birth to its current moniker, “Witches Beach.” However, there are no witches to see here now.

Currently, this destination attracts tons of people as a result of the numerous water activities it has. You can go paddling and surfing and try other water sports at Playa Brujas.

Aside from the many water activities to be part of here, this place is ideal if you wish to have a peaceful time. This is because the area has a serene ambiance and is quite secluded.

Address: Playa Las Brujas, Playas, 82128 Mazatlán, Sin., México

14. Las Labradas

Las Labradas
Credits: Mierdamian Rondana / Flickr
Las Labradas

The Cacaxtla Plateau wildlife reserve is located about 40 kilometers north of Mazatlan and is one of the ancient longlines of culture to witness in Northern Mexico.

Las Labradas are glyphs in their hundreds that are sculpted on volcanic rocks nestled on the beach, unique to find in the Americas.

These stones have a long line of history that dates back between 2000 BC and 300 AD, showcasing plants, animals, humans, and geometric shapes; most of these patterns showcase excellent skill in craftsmanship.

There is a guide available that tells the true story of the sculpted works and the life of the individuals that carved them.

Address: 82967 San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico

15. Acuario Mazatlán

Acuario Mazatlán
Credits: David Stanley / Flickr
Acuario Mazatlán

One of the best things to do when you visit Mazatlan, especially with the entire family, is to check out the Acuario. This destination has a whole lot of fun things to do and should be on your checklist of things to do.

The aquarium to find here is filled with over 250 different kinds of fish housed in plenty of tanks. Aside from the aquarium to see here, visitors can check out the marine museum, house animals on display, and its aviary.

If you are coming with the kids, they can have a good time playing in the playground within the facility. Be sure to have lots of fun with the entire family by creating unforgettable memories.

Address: Acuario, 82150 Mazatlán, Sin., México

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16. Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán

Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán
Credits: wittenbergman [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán
From the architecture of this building, it is believed that this building existed a long way back before the 1800s.

If you are keen on learning the pre-Hispanic history of Mazatlan in detail, be sure to visit the Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán.

This destination accommodates archaeological col show how life was before Spanish colonization.

Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlán consists of individual rooms, each exhibiting exhibits that help visitors learn about Mazatlan’s development over the years.

Be sure you will find about 200 artifacts that will help you know how this region was before colonization.

Address: Sixto Osuna 76, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., México

17. Mazatlan Cathedral

Mazatlan Cathedral
Credits: Serge Freeman / Shutterstock
Mazatlan Cathedral

If you want to take a break from beach life during your visit to Mazatlan and set your eyes upon even more incredible sights in the city, visit the Mazatlan Cathedral.

The cathedral features shining yellow spires and structures made of Italian marble and was first built in the 1800s; the Mazatlan Cathedral is a place of abode for the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

The cathedral is an excellent destination in this area because of its magnificent architectural pattern and style.

It gives visitors an idea of how Mazatlan was in the past. The exterior of the building is not the only thing to look out for, be sure to see the interior, which features incredible architectural elements that are amazing to see.

If you also want to know a lot more about this magnificent building and the city’s rich history, be sure to have a guide that takes you through the entire cathedral. Moreover, observe the serene nature of the cathedral as it is used as a church, and be sure to visit when there is no ongoing service.

Address: 21 de Marzo, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., México

18. Hotel Playa Mazatlan

Hotel Playa Mazatlan
Credits: MOiSTER / Flickr
Hotel Playa Mazatlan

One of the best things to do after long hours of adventuring through the city is to stop by the Hotel Playa in Mazatlan to enjoy a place that has been popular amongst the locals for centuries for its incredible lodging experience.

If you would like to have this experience firsthand, visit the Hotel Playa Mar Mazatlan as they are always available to help exciting people get hold of it.

The experience from the hotel includes traditions implored in Temazcal as it was carried out for centuries. If you want a laid-back experience, this should be a must-visit during your stay in Mazatlan.

Address: Av. Playa Gaviotas 202, Zona Dorada, 82110 Mazatlán, Sin., México

19. Walk Through the Malecon

Credits: eskystudio / Shutterstock

A walk down the Malecon during your vacation in Mazatlan should be a must for you. It is one of the many longest beachfront promenades in the world as it covers a distance of 5.2 miles, starting from Zona Dorado down to Old Town.

Attractions to find here, such as street food stalls, bars, and galleries, are the many things to see on the vast waterfront promenade.

Moreover, the most favorite activity to engage in without having to think twice is witnessing the beautiful sunset views in this area. When you visit, be sure to have a great time checking out the beautiful waterfront promenade.

Address: Malecon de Mazatlan, Mazatlan 82000, Mexico

20. Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Credits: eskystudio / Shutterstock
Immaculate Conception Cathedral

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral is a beautiful structure with a touch of Neoclassical,l, neo-Baroque, and neo-Gothic architecture.

The main facade on the south side features a portico-cum-arcade ad has different foil arches, with stones put up in a beautiful; diagonal pattern; it also has sculptural images of Mathew, Luke, John, and Mark

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral also features a three naved interior beautifully adorned with enormous tires, the giant chandelier hanging from the Renaissance the Do it is the. A massive chandelier in Mexico.

There are 28 stained glass windows; each of these windows comes with the star of David to show gratitude to the prominent local Jewish family that aided in funding the cathedral’s building.

Address: 21 de Marzo, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin., México

21. Isla de la Piedra

Isla de la Piedra
Credits: Manuela Durson / Shutterstock
Isla de la Piedra

One of the best things to do when you visit Mazatlan is to see Isla de la Piedra. Water taxis are available to drive you from the Mazatlan port board over the channel to Isla de la Piedra, also known as the Stone Island, which costs 30$ pesos per trip.

Despite not being too developed, here is better known as a peninsula than an island; in front of it is a long coarse sandy beach about 200meters from its dock.

There are chains of restaurants located on the beach’s west side, just close to Mazatlan. Most of these restaurants are full-time establishments, and you can also find regular palapas, also known as palm huts, here.

Most of the restaurants here come with beach chairs and sun loungers, be sure to enjoy a nice meal when you check-in.

Be sure to also tour the mangroves in the channel and the caves previously used by pirates by being part of the catamaran excursion.

Address: Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico

22. Playa Olas Altas

Playa Olas Altas
Credits: ryanwcurleyphotography / Shutterstock
Playa Olas Altas

Playa Olas Altas is situated close to Centro Historico, and it is a beautiful and fun beach to find in Mazatlan.

As a result of its name, which means “high waves,” it is undoubtedly a famous beach area for numerous water opportunities.

So whenever you decide to visit this beautiful part of Mexico, be sure to visit this scintillating part of the beach and try to go surfing in the rough waves.

If you love the activity people watch, be sure to visit, especially during the mornings, to watch fishers as they come back from their fishing adventure to see their catch for restaurants located within.

Visitors can also see fantastic sunset views emanating from this beautiful bridge.

Address: Playa Olas Altas, Chula Vista, 82124 Mazatlán, Sin., México

23. Mazatlán Surf Center

Mazatlán Surf Center
Credits: ohrim / Shutterstock

If you want to do something even more exciting, visit the Mazatlán Surf Center, it is a must-see destination for anyone wishing to visit Mazatlán and should be on your checklist of things to do.

Undoubtedly, one can say that the Sinaloa coast and Mazatlán are excellent places for surfing. Surfing is a lot of fun here, so be sure to visit.

There are professional instructors at the Mazatlán Surf Center and Jah Surf School to help visitors have a one-of-a-kind experience picking out the proper breaks as you surf

If you intend to have your holiday dedicated to surfing, coupled with doing some kayaking and going on an excursion into

Sinaloa’s biodiverse interior, be sure to check out surf such as the Barras de Piaxtla or East Pacific via their website.

Address: El Encanto, 82110 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

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Plan a Trip to Mazatlan

Mazatlan is an incredible port city providing visitors with the best vacation experience, from architectural edifices to beautiful beaches.

There is a lot to do here for a fun time, so start planning your trip to Mazatlan, Mexico.

Have a fun trip!