23 Best & Fun Things To Do In Lewisburg (WV)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Lewisburg, WV? Lewisburg is a city in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, United States.

The city was regarded as America’s Coolest Small Town in an online poll by Budget Travel Magazine in 2011  with a  population of about 3,930 people.

Lewisburg is a place worth visiting as it is known for its historical landmarks and artistic works, and it is also known for promoting its locality.

There are lots of fun places to visit here, like the Lost World Caverns, Robert’s Antiques And Wine Shop, and lots more. There are also beautiful restaurants that serve unique and delicious foods. A lover of food will fall in love with this place.

Are you planning a vacation to this city? Here is a perfect list of the top things to do in Lewisburg, WV.

Things To Do In Lewisburg, WV

1. Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall should be one of the places on your list to visit if you are looking for a fun place to visit in Lewisburg.

Carnegie Hall is known for its incredible live performances because it features both local and international artists, but to witness these shows, you have to check their website to see when these performances are being held and book a ticket.

This hall is one of the many halls under the Carnegie’s name (Carnegie Hall was named after Andrew Carnegie) that is still in existence and is used as a venue to host live shows.

If you are too early for a show at Carnegie hall, you can use your free time to walk around the hall and enjoy its lovely scenery; there are lots of mind-blowing views in the hall, like the different artworks from different artists, especially the 2nd floor which contains the hall’s permanent exhibit which tells a lot about the history of Carnegie Hall.

Address: 611 Church Street, Lewisburg WV 24901 United States.

2. A New Chapter Bookstore

A New Chapter Bookstore
Credits: connel / Shutterstock

A New Chapter Bookstore is a place for book lovers. If you are looking for a book to buy, something to pass the time with, try looking for it here.

This shop is located in downtown Lewisburg. They sell various books, including books with paperbacks and hardcovers, what’s more interesting is that they have books for everybody, both the old and the young.

They sell local and international books, so if you want to know more about Lewisburg, you can get one of their locally written books like their current affairs.

There is also an on-site coffee shop where you could go to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the book you got from the bookstore.

You could also get a gift for a loved one because the bookstore offers its customers many unique gifts.

If you are a bookworm, add a visit to A New Chapter Bookstore to your list of fun things to do in Lewisburg, WV.

Address: 922 Washington Street W Lewisburg WV 24901 US.

3. Greenbrier Valley Theatre

Greenbrier Valley Theatre
Credits: Billion Photos / Shutterstock

Greenbrier Valley Theater is another fun place to visit in Lewisburg, especially if you love arts.

You could go to the theatre to spend time with your family, partner, friends or even go alone since the theatre hosts lots of shows like dance shows, music concerts, comedies and lots more to keep you entertained.

What is more interesting about this theatre is that they offer drama classes for all interested in learning the basics of theatre and arts.

If you are looking for a place to host your events, Greenbrier Valley Theatre should be the first place on your mind as long as you are in Lewisburg. You can rent the lobby or the theatre; it’s your choice.

Visiting Greenbrier Valley Theatre is one of the fun things to do in Lewisburg, WV.

Address: 1038 E Washington Street, Lewisburg WV 24901 united states.

4. Lewisburg Farmers Market

Lewisburg Farmers Market
Credits: Ana Blazic Pavlovic / Shutterstock

A farm is popular in all countries, and we all know what to expect from a farm.

Lewisburg Farmers Market sells natural and organic food items like vegetables, fruits, local herbs, pepper, aloe vera, ginger, turmeric, and lots more. They also sell chicken and eggs since they have poultries in the farm.

If you are looking for a place to buy very fresh food items, Lewisburg Farmers Market is the right place for you.

Since it’s a market, there is also the availability of foods, drinks, snacks, and coffees, something you can buy and nibble on when you feel tired and hungry. You can also get jewelry, clothes, bags, and skincare materials at the market.

You could also stop by without having something to buy and watch how busy and crowded it can get here; it’s also a fantastic experience.

If you are looking to buy fresh food visiting Lewisburg Farmers Market is one of the top things to do in Lewisburg, WV.

Address: 850 Maplewood Avenue, Lewisburg, WV 24901 US.

5. Greenbrier Historical Society And North House Museum

Greenbrier Historical Society And North House Museum
Credits: jcsullivan24 / Flickr
Greenbrier Historical Society And North House Museum

Greenbrier Historical Society And North House Museum is a perfect place to visit if you are a history and art enthusiast.

Since Lewisburg is widely known for its historic landmarks, history and art enthusiasts could come here to learn more about the city and its history.

Since 1820 when the museum building was built, the museum has played a significant role in the city.

John North, a well-known lawyer in the city, once lived here, then it became an inn and a tavern and later the house of the local college president. 

It is currently used as a display center for exhibits showcasing the country’s genealogical records and archives.

The North House Museum could teach you more about the previous civil war through its displays and artifacts. However, it would be best if you also didn’t miss out on the presentation of the 18th-century Conestoga.

If you are unsatisfied with all you have seen and wish to know more about the country’s history, log in to the museum’s website and book a guided tour.

Address: 814 Washington Street, Lewisburg WV 24901 United States.

6. Trillium Performing Arts

Trillium Performing Arts
Credits: Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock

Trillium Performing Arts was first introduced in West Virginia in 1982 and is situated in Lewisburg.

Trillium Performing Arts encourages artistic participation, performance, and education since its also a dance and choreography school.

Trillium is also known as a non-profit organization. This place is an enjoyable place to visit in Lewisburg because you can go and watch their live performances and concerts. Their dance classes are also open to all who wish to join.

Trillium Performing Arts also features music, drama, and film. Visiting Trillium Performing Arts is among the best things to do in Lewisburg, WV.

Address: 867 S Court St, Lewisburg, WV 24901 United States.

7. Harmony Ridge Gallery

Harmony Ridge Gallery
Credits: Liv friis-larsen / Shutterstock

Harmony Ridge Gallery should be on your visit list if you love arts and shopping. The gallery has different products made by various artists from the Country.

You should also check out the 5,000 square feet shop and different items like wall arts, jewelry, bags, and lots more available in the store.

The staffs of the shops are always available and ready to help if you need assistance picking out something from the shop.

There are lots of affordable items at the gallery, so you can get to choose one within your budget.

Address: 866 Washington Street, Lewisburg WV 24901 United States.

8. Lee Street Listening Room

Lee Street Listening Room
Credits: Lee Street Listening Room by Adam DeGraff/ Facebook
Lee Street Listening Room

One of the fun things to do in Lewisburg is visiting the Lee Street Listening Room.

This Listening room isn’t as huge as other popular showrooms, but it doesn’t make it less attractive since it’s not so big; it’s less crowded and comfortable.

What is more fun is the fact that the audience can interact freely with the performing artists, and that’s the most lovable thing about Lee Street Listening Room.

They most times organize charity events too. If you want to partake in their events or shows, you can check their website to see the latest event and reserve a spot, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Address: 232 N Lee Street, Lewisburg WV, 24901 US.

9. Botanique Skin Studio

Botanique Skin Studio
Credits: Rido / Shutterstock

After a stressful day out, you need a place to relax and get a beauty retouch. Now that’s where Botanique Skin Studio comes in.

All you have to do is to book a treatment at the studio because they don’t just accept walk-ins.

Their services are suitable for all because they know just how to handle all skin types, and they have varieties of skin care treatments.

Botanique Skin Studio is sure to give you the best, and it’s highly rated, so visit the studio while in Lewisburg to keep your beauty intact and relieve stress.

Address: 900 Washington Street, Suite 2, Lewisburg WV 24901 United States.

10. Greenbrier County Convention And Visitors Bureau

Greenbrier County Convention And Visitors Bureau is an information center. You can find brochures showing the best things to do in Lewisburg and their venue.

This place keeps you informed and updated on things in Lewisburg, like shows, concerts, and lots more.

Their staff is accommodating and friendly too; they give you explanations for most things you are finding hard to understand.

Visit Greenbrier County Bureau and check out new things to keep you entertained in Lewisburg.

Address: 905 Washington Street W, Lewisburg, WV 24901.

11. Bella The Corner Gourmet

Bella The Corner Gourmet
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Bella the corner gourmet is another famous shop in Lewisburg.

This is the right place to visit if you are looking for a shop that sells gourmet foods. However, Bella does not only sell gourmet foods and drinks; they also sell dining and kitchen appliances.

So if you just relocated to Lewisburg or even just visiting and need these appliances, you can pay a visit to Bella The Corner. 

They also offer artisan cheese, which is famous for its fantastic taste. You can also find pantry snacks, local meats, and varieties of wines, coffees, ciders, and more. This shop also has a wonderful environment, and their services are so good.

Stop by Bella’s today and shop for what you want, and you won’t regret you did.

Address: 1017 Washington Street E Lewisburg, WV.

12. Old Stone Presbyterian Church

Old Stone Presbyterian Church
Credits: jcsullivan24 / Flickr
Old Stone Presbyterian Church

Old Stone Presbyterian Church is a historical building in Lewisburg’s two-story limestone rectangular building.

This church should be added to your list of places to visit while in Lewisburg, irrespective of whether you are a presbyterian member or not, because of its historical facts and antique beauty.

This church was built in 1796 with local limestone and thick walls of twenty-two inches, and it was completed thirty-four years later in 1830.

This building has an open cupola belfry. Years ago, during the civil war, this church served as a hospital for injured soldiers. It was regarded as a place of safety. This church is one of the oldest churches still in use to date.

There is also a cemetery behind the church building, where some of its early members were buried; you could stop by and pay your respects, and you can as well pray for their souls to keep resting in peace.

This church was dedicated and named by Rev. Grigsby Benjamin.

Address: 644 Church St, Lewisburg, WV 24901 US.

13. Confederate Cemetery Of Lewisburg

Confederate Cemetery Of Lewisburg
Credits: jcsullivan24 / Flickr
Confederate Cemetery Of Lewisburg

Since Confederate Cemetery is a historic place, visitors of Lewisburg always love to visit the cemetery.

While you are here, do not forget to visit the grave of the 95 unidentified soldiers who died during the battle of Lewisburg years ago and offer a moment to silence as a sign of respect.

Confederate Cemetery is a historical place, as it’s said to be the remaining evidence of what happened during the war.

While in the cemetery, you can walk around the place and enjoy the beauty of its surroundings and its fresh air.

Address: MC Elhenny Road, Lewisburg WV 24901 US.

14. Love Child

Love Child
Credits: Love Child / Facebook
Love Child

Love Child is the perfect place to take your children to have fun and shop for new wear for those traveling with kids.

They sell quality wear for kids ranging from newborns to size 14.

They also sell different toys your kids will love to play with, like watercolor paintings, puzzles, and lots more fun toys.

Toys and clothes are things kids cannot do without, so show your children some love by visiting Love Child and getting them something to make them happy.

A visit to Love Child should be on your list of things to do in Lewisburg, WV, if you are visiting with kids,

Address: 933 Washington Street W Lewisburg West Virginia 24901 US.

15. Lost World Caverns

Lost World Caverns
Credits: Katherine Bowman / Flickr
Lost World Caverns

Now, if you are a lover of games and mystery, Lost World Caverns should be on your list of fun things to do in Lewisburg, WV. In this place, you can see the world’s hidden treasures, things you never knew existed.

Lost World Caverns is a popular cave known primarily for its exciting attractions. This National Natural Landmark is a must-visit in the city of Lewisburg.

Interesting attractions you can find in the cave are the arrangement of stalactites and stalagmites from the roof to the ground of the cave, a thirty-ton stalactite on the top of the cave known as one of the biggest in West Virginia, and there is also a lovely column of white calcite known as the Bridal veil and lots more.

What is more fun about this cave is that you get to come with your camera, so you can save your memories from your visit and share the beauty of this place with your friends who aren’t opportune to visit.

There is also gemstone mining, where visitors discover different minerals and gemstones. Nature enthusiasts will love this, especially the fact that you get to find fossils in the cave, and you are allowed to take them home with you.

If you are very adventurous and feel all you have seen isn’t enough adventure for you, you can book a Wild Cave Tour. Now this Wild Cave Tour allows you to visit both the undeveloped parts of the cave.

To avoid inconvenience, since it’s a cave, do dress comfortably. A canvas will be preferable regarding what kind of footwear to put on.

Address: 907 Lost World Road, Lewisburg WV, 24901 United States.

16. Hawk Knob Hard Cider and Mead’s Tasting Room

Hawk Knob Hard Cider and Mead’s Tasting Room
Credits: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

Hawk Knob Hard Cider and Mead’s Tasting Room is a perfect place for people who love ciders.

Their process of making cider is exclusive as it involves barrel aging, resulting from the owner’s love for Appalachian roots.

You can also try out varieties of ciders in their very comfortable tasting room at a very affordable price, and they also offer free cheeses to add to your ciders.

They also hold live performances to keep you entertained and make your stay worthwhile. You can check out their website, too, so you will be up to date with their activities.

Address: 2245 Blue Sulphur Pike, Lewisburg, WV 24901, United States.

17. Lee Street Studios

Lee Street Studios
Credits: Volurol / Shutterstock

This studio is known for its different artworks by different artists of the country.

Artists in the city usually go to Lee Street Studio to display their numerous artworks, including paintings, unique garments, custom jewelry, and many more.

Lee studio is also known for giving adequate training to people interested in arts and crafts.

This training is done by Artists living in the studio with suitable qualifications and experience in artistry.

Jeanne Brenneman, an outstanding watercolor artist who has been in the field for close to 40 years now, teaches people interested in learning how to work with flowing watercolors since the studio also makes provision for that.

This training is open for beginners with zero experience and experts who wish to refresh their brains or learn more.

The best part is that you do not need to worry about the basic materials required for the courses since the studio makes provisions for that.

To join these classes, you must register through their website, where you will also see more courses offered in the studio. You just have to choose whichever you like.

Lovers of art should add Lee Street Studios to their checklist of best things to do in Lewisburg, WV. 

Address: 232 North Lee Street, Lewisburg WV 24901 United States.

18. Stardust Cafe

Stardust Cafe
Credits: Stardust Cafe / Facebook
Stardust Cafe

Stardust Cafe has you covered if you are visiting Lewisburg and looking for a restaurant that serves delicious and classy foods.

Stardust Cafe is a popular modern restaurant in Lewisburg. This restaurant is well known for its “Trust Me Salad,” blended with a mix of avocado, grilled chicken, mixed greens, and many enticing ingredients; just like its name “Trust Me Salad,” you should know that it’s perfect.

The foods served in this restaurant are most times made with natural and organic ingredients.

It is also known for promoting its locality since the meats they use are local, and its bread and pastries are fresh and locally made too. They also have wines from different countries, so there is just a lot to choose from, and their staff is also welcoming.

Address: 1023 E Washington St, Lewisburg, WV 24901 US.

19. General Lewis Inn

General Lewis Inn
Credits: Carol Norquist, NGC Chairman / Flickr
General Lewis Inn

Accommodation is a huge part of our life because, after a stressful day, you can’t just wait to get home and have a good rest and peace of mind.

General Lewis Inn is a home away from home, with its beautiful atmosphere and lovely surroundings, and it’s located close to Lewisburg’s top attractions, which makes it a perfect place to stay.

Lewis Inn became known in 1929, and it’s made up of ancient decorations from the 1800s, which makes it a historic landmark.

If you are looking for a room or suite with class, Lewis Inn got you covered as they have classic and conducive rooms and suites with a touch of beautiful ancient and modern designs.

These rooms are spacious and have very comfortable beds, a perfect relaxation sofa, and a well-equipped bathroom.

General Lewis Inn also has a Thistle Lounge in case you want to go out of your room a bit and still be in the vicinity.

The beauty of this Inn is just superb and admirable, and its services are highly rated. It’s a lovely place to stay.

Address: 1236 E Washington Street, Lewisburg WV 24901 united states.

20. Livery Tavern

Livery Tavern
Credits: The Livery Tavern / Facebook
Livery Tavern

Livery Tavern is an interesting place to visit, and it is worth adding to your checklist of best things to do in Lewisburg, WV.

Livery Tavern is a beautiful place with a touch of the mid-1800s; it has an open beamed ceiling, a wood-burning fireplace, stone walls, and many other exciting things. They also offer dishes like quail, lamb, and two-inch bone-in rib eyes, trying to keep the tavern style.

The ingredients used for their foods are often natural ingredients from their local farms, following the farm-to-table philosophy.

They also have varieties of wines in their bar. What’s more interesting is that they serve foods following the seasonal changes; you can’t ever get bored with their nutrition.

Livery Tavern is a place to visit, especially for those food lovers who want to try something new.

Address: 1134 E Washington St, Lewisburg, WV 24901

21. Robert’s Antiques And Wine Shop

Robert’s Antiques And Wine Shop
Credits: Matthew Ashdown / Shutterstock

If you are a lover of antiques, add a visit to Robert’s Antiques And Wine Shop to your list of fun things to do in Lewisburg, WV.

Robert’s Antiques And Wine Shop features exquisite antiques. Since Robert’s has been in existence since 1990, they are so knowledgeable about antiques. 

They also never run out of new items, so visitors won’t get bored from seeing the same things whenever they visit.

Regarding wine, Robert’s Antiques And Wine Shop is the perfect place to visit as they offer over 600 different types of wine. They also offer vintage wines with varying labels from countries like Spain, Italy, and lots more.

If you are new to Lewisburg and yearning for a new taste, you can try out their local wines.

In Robert’s Wine Shop, your taste buds never get bored.

Address: 1055 E Washington Street, Lewisburg WV 24901 US.

22. Brick House Antiques

Brick House Antiques
Credits: Brick House Antiques / Facebook
Brick House Antiques

Brick House Antiques is a fun place for antique lovers to visit.

Starting from its housing and the variety of things in the shop makes this place an exciting place to visit.

Brick House Antiques was housed in a building from 1815, and it sells different products like home furnishings, glassware, kitchen utensils, and lots more.

You can also find ancient pots and kettles, which you can use to cook. There is also a room where different types of linen are kept.

I’m sure you can find any house antiques in Brick House Antique, so add this place to your list of places to visit in Lewisburg.

Address: 1066 E Washington Street, Lewisburg WV 24901 US.

23. Edith’s Health And Specialty Store

Edith's Health And Specialty Store
Credits: Edith’s Store / Facebook
Edith’s Health And Specialty Store

Our health should always be our top priority because, as we all know, health is wealth.

Edith’s Health And Specialty Store is a place that prioritizes our health as it sells healthy supplements that we need to go on with our daily lives.

While in Lewisburg, make an effort to visit this place, especially if you need health supplements. They sell healthy foods and organic goods, vitamins, organic body care materials, natural herbs, and roots, in fact, anything that promotes your health stability.

Their staffs are also lovely and welcoming, they have the correct answers to all questions you ask, and it’s enjoyable interacting with them.

The store is also elegant, and its goods are beautifully arranged. Its surroundings are perfect too. Although their products are pretty expensive, the quality of their products matches the price. Edith’s Health And Specialty Store is a helpful place in Lewisburg.

Address: 1035 E Washington Street, Lewisburg, WV 24901.

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Plan a Trip to Lewisburg

Lewisburg is a place worth visiting because of the city’s many beautiful attractions and fun things to do.

There is something for everyone here, from the beautiful historic cave, lovely restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping malls, and the beautiful view from every corner of the city.

Start planning a visit to Lewisburg today!