27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Grafton (IL)

Grafton is situated close to the confluence of the second biggest river in the United States, the Mississippi River and the Illinois River.

It is Jersey County’s oldest city in Illinois, United States. Grafton had a population of almost one thousand before the Great Flood in 1993, leading to a decrease with a current population of six hundred and twenty-six at the 2020 census.

James Manson established Grafton in 1832, so it was named in honor of the birthplace of Mason, “Grafton,” Massachusetts.

There are several attractions to explore in this city, including Grafton Harbor, the Hideaway Farms Market, the Wood Artisan, Harrison’s Gifts, the Grafton Arts in the Park Festival, and more.

Are you planning an exploration of Grafton? Here are the best and fun things to do in Grafton, IL

Things to Do in Grafton, IL

1. Visit Grafton Harbor

Grafton Harbor
Credits: Amilao / Shutterstock

Grafton Harbor is unsurprisingly one of the best places to visit in Grafton, IL. It comprises a winery known as Grafton Harbor Floating Water, which is found on the river. It offers a wide variety of distinct and flavorful wines, such as iced coffee and chocolate wine.

You can embark on an expedition on the Hakuna Matata cruise, which is large enough to accommodate nearly 50 persons.

Stop by the Tiki Bar if you want to have a party, such as a birthday party, reunion, and more, or simply have a drink.

Those who would like to embark on an intimate tour can actually rent boats at Grafton Harbor and explore the beauty of nature.

Grafton Harbor features bars with several live music performances hosted occasionally and other festivals.

Address: 215 West Water Street, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

2. Raging Rivers

Raging Rivers
Credits: Andrei Bortnikau / Shutterstock

If you’re someone who enjoys water-related activities, Raging Rivers offers some of the fun things to do in Grafton, IL.

Raging Rivers offers you an exhilarating experience and mesmerizing views, especially when exploring wild rides.

This gigantic waterpark with two cascade body flumes of 500-foot whirls and swerves down the natural contours and hills.

The treehouse is open for children and adults, with an enormous bucket pouring down water of about 1,000 gallons.

There is a full-service cabana with comfortable lounge chairs and an endless supply of drinking water; the facility can be rented for special events.

If you’re brave enough, you can visit the Breaker Beach Wave Pool, known for its terrific waves, or the swirl pool for a lazy swim.

Address; 100 Palisades Pkwy, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

3. Eckert’s Farm

Eckert’s Farm
Credits: kozirsky / Shutterstock

Have you ever had a fruit u-pick experience? If not, here is your opportunity to participate in these exciting activities.

Eckert’s Farm offers you the chance to pick fruits and also watch or participate in their day-to-day activities held on the Farm.

This gorgeous farmland sits on the bluffs of the stunning Mississippi River, which offers a perfect getaway to a calm setting.

Visit Eckert’s Farm, which is filled with friendly and welcoming people with crops that are available for picking.

The U-pick activity is always fun and a perfect way to teach the younger generation where and how the food in the country is grown.

Eckert’s Farm offers pumpkin butter, fruit jams, Apple butter, Apple cider, Amish salsa, homemade pies, and more.

Address: 20995 Eckert Orchard Rd, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

4. The Grafton Visitors Center

Grafton Visitors Center
Credits: Victor W Black / Facebook
Grafton Visitors Center

Have you ever wondered what the views of the Illinois River and Mississippi River confluence look like?

The Grafton Visitors Center offers all you need about Grafton ranging from churches, accommodation, services, shopping, dining, and more.

It is also a perfect place to watch the American bald eagle, with lots of tourist information to offer.

Visitors are also offered brochures and maps for Grafton, and they get to learn about several events, including eagle watching.

The Grafton Visitors Center features numerous historical artworks and artifacts that would catch your attention.

There are picnic tables arranged in a beautiful setting; all you have to do is come with enough snacks and drinks. A visit to this Center is one of the top things to do in Grafton, IL, especially for tourists.

Address: 950 E Main Street, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

5. Aerie’s Resort

Aerie's Resort
Credits: Aerie’s Resort & Winery / Facebook
Aerie’s Resort

For those who are ready to have fun, Aerie’s Resort is the surest place to be with your travel companions.

Aerie’s Resort is located on a bluff that overlooks the point where Illinois and the Mississippi Rivers meet, known as Confluence.

This Resort offers the most outstanding views in the Midwest, which captivates every visitor, so come with your family.

From relaxing settings to thrilling activities and amazing views, Aerie’s Resort caters to the needs of all visitors.

Aerie’s Resort consists of a terrace with an outdoor deck of 4,400 square feet, offering all-around views of the surrounding region.

The terrace is available for rentals for different events, including elegant accommodations featuring a large lounge and terrace room.

At the beer garden, you get to enjoy some live music performances while you enjoy a drink or delicious meal at the winery.

Address: 14 W Main Street, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

6. Thee Hideaway Farms Market

Hideaway Farms Market
Credits: dotshock / Shutterstock

The Hideaway Farms Market is located right in the center of Grafton, with a diverse selection of vendors offering various kinds of goods.

It is the best place to purchase locally grown farm produce, including fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, dairy items, honey, eggs, and more.

You can also purchase hot sauces to spice your meal up, including preserves and jams to enhance your breakfast dishes.

The Hideaway Farms Market offers decor which adds more color and class to your home or outdoor lawn.

Don’t forget to support the local artisans by purchasing unique gift items, including artwork and other souvenirs.

Address: 1 E Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

7. Lady LaMarsh Gallery and Gifts

Lady LaMarsh Gallery and Gifts
Credits: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

To your list of what to do in Grafton, IL, add a visit to Lady LaMarsh Gallery and Gifts, one of the best galleries in the region.

Lady LaMarsh Gallery and Gifts was founded by Kimberly Dublo, a native of Jersey County, and her mom, Brenda Dublo.

This gallery and specialty gift store, housed in the historic LaMarsh House, carries a significant amount of the history of Grafton.

It showcases artworks created by local artists as a perfect way to promote their market value, including lawn and landscaping art, including gazing balls.

Lady LaMarsh Gallery and Gifts offers unique sculptures, paintings, handcrafted items, and jewelry.

Address: 25 E Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

8. Grafton Winery and Brewhaus

Grafton Winery and Brewhaus
Credits: Markus Mainka / Shutterstock

Popular for its delicious wines, Grafton Winery and Brewhaus owns vineyards that cultivate chardonel, Vidal, and Vignoles grapes.

Grafton Winery and Brewhaus offer tasting and tour packages allowing visitors to get a view of how their favorite drinks are produced.

They also offer several event spaces for rentals for any event, including weddings, with a shaded pavilion of 5,000 square feet.

The Winery offers many award-winning wines, including a list of craft cocktails offering vodka, bourbons, gin, and more.

Grafton Winery and Brewhaus offer a menu featuring shareable along with sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, soups, burgers, entrees, and more.

Address: 300 W Main Street, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

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9. Harrison’s Gifts

Harrisons Gifts
Credits: Harrisons Gifts / Facebook
Harrisons Gifts

Maybe you’re planning to purchase a gift for your loved one or yourself; visiting Harrison’s Gifts should be on your list of top things to do in Grafton, IL.

Harrison’s Gifts is housed in a spacious Victorian house of 3,000 square feet, fully packed with unique items.

It is the only Victorian home in the city, and you can purchase a bag full of collectibles and antiques. You should visit with enough funds and plan to stay for as long as there are charming items that would draw your attention.

You can actually purchase the finest piece of jewelry, furniture, clothing, and many amusing costumes for kids.

Address: 224 E Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

10. Beasley Fish

Beasley Fish
Credits: Alexander Raths / Shutterstock

Beasley Fish is a family-owned and operated business that is known for offering a wide variety of freshwater fish throughout the year.

They offer a selection of naturally reared fish, and visitors are advised to call and ask about the availability of the fish specie they need.

You’re expected to bring a cooler to take home your fresh fish. If you love clean eating, you will definitely love their fish; they also serve hot fish for customers to enjoy.

Beasley Fish catch their catfish and Buffalo fresh and prepared that same day; they don’t use preservatives in preserving their fish rather than refrigeration and ice.

Address: 1512 W Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

11. Grafton Pub

Grafton Pub
Credits: Grafton Pub / Facebook
Grafton Pub

Grafton Pub is one of the best places to dine, where you are served mouthwatering meals that will tickle your fancy.

The restaurant is dedicated to offering people nothing but the most delicious cuisines made using the freshest ingredients.

They are renowned for providing a comfortable and classic environment for people to come in and enjoy some nice meals.

Grafton Pub offers pizzas only on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday from 6 pm, including Saturdays. What could be better than having a delicious meal with your loved ones at Grafton Pub?

They offer sandwiches built with pickles, lettuce, French fries or slaw and onions, Fried Pickle Chips, catfish fritters, Bacon Guda Cheeseburger, Cheese Burger & Fries, Fried Pickles Cheese Curds, Boneless Chicken Wings Dinner, and more.

Address: 225 W Main Street, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

12. Knotty By Nature

Knotty by Nature
Credits: Knotty by Nature / Facebook
Knotty by Nature

If you want anything made of wood, one place to visit in Grafton is Knotty By Nature; they’re always ready to welcome you.

Knotty By Nature adds beauty and a rustic feel to your personal space through their scenic woodcrafts.

This store is filled with various furniture, decor, and more, including handcrafted tables. You can choose from their large collection of cutting boards with different designs. A good number of the items here were made by cancer and veteran survivors.

Knotty By Nature also offers every item for purchase through which you can create your masterpiece.

They offer hickory, cherry, honey locust, osage orange, walnut, black locust, maple, sycamore, oak, elm, and more.

Address: 15 E Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

13. Anchors Inn

Anchors Inn
Credits: Anchors Inn / Facebook
Anchors Inn

Anchors Inn is one of the top inns in Grafton, where you can reside and feel at home.

This spectacular structure features an upstairs region with complete kitchens, while the lower part consists of a bbq pit but no stove.

They offer a patio with an outdoor fireplace, pergola, and unending beautiful river views. Each room features a living room, cozy beds, refrigerators, hairdryers, and more.

The resort is located not too far from some wineries, shops, restaurants, and a marina in Grafton so that you can stop by for some treats.

Anchors Inn also offers a patio with a pergola, an outside fireplace, and a beautiful unobstructed view of the river.

Address: 10 Vine St. Grafton, IL 62037, United States

14. The Loading Dock

Loading Dock
Credits: Loading Dock Bar & Grill / Facebook
Loading Dock

An enormous entertainment center like the Loading Dock ought to be on your checklist of the best places to visit in Grafton, IL.

The Loading Dock offers numerous activities with gorgeous views of the great river while you enjoy delicious fares.

It is a premier destination in Grafton with a seasonal ice skating rink where you can try out your skating skills.

You will also find the monthly flea markets where you can purchase collectibles, crafts, and antiques from more than fifty dealers.

The Loading Dock hosts events, which you are also encouraged to join; check their website for any planned events.

Address: 401 Front St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

15. Piasa Winery & Pub Winery

Piasa Winery & Pub Winery
Credits: Vania Zhukevych / Shutterstock

Suppose you’re a lover of delicious wines who wants nothing but the best. In that case, Piasa Winery & Pub Winery is a fantastic option.

Piasa Winery & Pub Winery is concerned with offering visitors the tastiest wines in the region, assuring them a great experience.

The Winery also offers wine tastings where guests can sample different kinds of wines.

They serve drinks like Logic Bomb, Sandbar Pils, Hell or High Watermelon, Raspberry Wheat, Dingo Magic, Xtra, Vanilla Dream Ale, Pseudo Sue, Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout, Baltic Porter, and more.

Piasa Winery & Pub Winery features staff keen on providing a relaxed and cozy environment for visitors to feel at ease.

Address: 225 W. Main Street, Grafton, IL, 62037. United States

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16. The Wood Artisan

Wood Artisan
Credits: Improvisor / Shutterstock

Karl and Pam Pox in Grafton established the Wood Artisan in 2004 as a clock-producing shop.

The moment you step into the store, you will first be welcomed by the smiles from the friendly staff and dozens of clocks in various designs and sizes.

This unique store is a certified vendor of Kit cat clocks, clocks in cat shape, and they have been in business since 1932.

The Wood Artisan also offers customers an opportunity to order a customized clock made only for them.

You can also bring that your old favorite clock, which you want to refurbish or fix any damaged parts in the clock.

They offer charming musical instruments made from wood with furniture, which adds a rustic feel to your space.

Address: 22 E Main St UNIT 5, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

17. The Ruebel Hotel

Ruebel Hotel
Credits: Ruebel Hotel and Restaurant / Facebook
Ruebel Hotel

The only surviving hotel from the ancient days in Grafton, the Ruebel Hotel, offers tourists and locals outstanding accommodation options.

For over one century, the recently constructed replica and the historic Micheal Ruebel have existed on the site in Grafton.

The Ruebel Hotel is famed for offering standard suites with private balconies suites, jacuzzi suites, and many more.

The Hotel features numerous timeless architectural stained glass windows, which offer a more unique and stunning appearance.

The suites feature hairdryers, soft beds, wireless Internet, flat-screen TVs, microwaves, a toaster, a free Wi-Fi network, and more.

Address: 217 E Main Street, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

18. Grafton Ferry

Grafton Ferry
Credits: Yildiray / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your day, check out the fascinating Grafton Ferry.

Grafton Ferry carries people to Grafton, starting from St. Charles, Mo. It is seasonal and usually offered during spring.

The Ferry can comfortably carry people, vans, and buses. In addition, individuals are allowed to leave their cars during the trip across the river.

Address: Water St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

19. River View Guest House

River View Guest House
Credits: River View Guest House / Facebook
River View Guest House

Book a room at River View Guest House for those still skeptical about where to lodge.

River View Guest House is a family-owned and operated resort that provides accommodation for the entire family with lovely views.

Several terraces surround the building from which you can enjoy the views of the gorgeous sun.

The resort features a large backyard with beautiful picnic areas, a fireplace, and barbecue grills where guests can have a little get-together.

River View Guest House features six elegantly furnished suites with queen-sized sofas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchenette.

The resort comprises a game room, a foosball table, and a dart board providing a clean and fully equipped facility for utmost relaxation.

Address: 1435 W Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

20. Pere Marquette State Park

Pere Marquette State Park
Credits: BalanceFormCreative / Shutterstock

Are you seeking a fantastic adventure in Grafton? Exploring Pere Marquette State Park is definitely among the best things to do in Grafton, IL.

Pere Marquette State Park spreads over 8,050 acres of the property featuring natural panoramas ideal for outdoor activities.

The Park features a hiking trail that immerses you in the natural environment as you hike or bike.

There are equestrian trails for those who would like to explore the area on a horse with rocky landscapes, which are only advisable for professional rock climbers.

Pere Marquette State Park comprises an exposed hunting area of two thousand acres with a variety of wildlife species ranging from turkey, deer, squirrel, and more.

There are beautiful picnic areas where you can spread your picnic carpets and enjoy a lovely picnic with your loved ones. Pere Marquette State Park is a home for activities like fishing, camping, hunting, boating, and so on.

 Address: 13112 Visitor Center Lane, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

21. Pere Marquette Stables

Pere Marquette Stables
Credits: acceptphoto / Shutterstock

Are you wondering what to do in Grafton, IL? Go horse riding at Pere Marquette Stables; it is your chance to bring your long-time dream to reality.

Pere Marquette Stables is open from May to October, from Wednesday to Monday. They offer visitors rides that last from 45 to 50 minutes through the scenery of Pere Marquette State park.

You get to ride through 2½ miles of stunning trails, which takes you through gorgeous sites and clean natural area.

As you ride through, watch out for local wildlife like turkey, deer, and red trail, regularly roaming the region.

Pere Marquette Stables is a venue for pony and horse rides for different events like family reunions, birthday parties, and school trips.

Address: 15780 IL-100, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

22. The Grafton Art in the Park Festival

Grafton Art in the Park Festival
Credits: PopTika / Shutterstock

A perfect way of mixing with the community’s people and sinking into the city’s cultures is joining some of the festivities it holds.

Joining the Grafton Art in the Park Festival is one of the fun things to do in Grafton, IL, especially if you’re an art lover.

The Grafton Art in the Park Festival offers the community the opportunity to explore a variety of art exhibits, including some made of glass.

Check out the captivating photography or paintings on display with an extensive collection of handcrafted jewelry.

You get to enjoy live music entertainment with a good number of vendors offering a wide variety of traditional meals.

The Grafton Art in the Park Festival is open to the public free of charge, encouraging them to join and have a great time.

Address: Main St. & Market St. Grafton IL 62037, United States

23. The Bloody Bucket Saloon

Bloody Bucket Saloon
Credits: Viiviien / Shutterstock
  1. B. Eaton moved to Grafton during the American Civil War and founded this Saloon previously known as the River House.

The Bloody Bucket Saloon offers live music presentations from Friday to Sunday, with live bands of blues, southern rock, and country genres offering amazing performances.

They offer a cocktail menu featuring famous drinks like old-fashioned, bloody marys, mom’s bourbon slush, and more.

The Saloon was known for housing a collection of spreadable and dangerous characters obtained from history papers during the civil war era.

You can visit to relax and have a nice time after a stressful work day or explore to enjoy a delightful drink.

Address: 201 E Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

24. Grafton Fudge & Ice Cream

Grafton Fudge & Ice Cream
Credits: Iryna Melnyk / Shutterstock

For families traveling with kids, Grafton Fudge & Ice Cream is the number one destination for you to visit in Grafton.

Grafton Fudge & Ice Cream was established on the 1st of September, 1987. It is now considered a historic landmark.

It is housed in the McClintock House, which has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Their homemade fudge was the number one item they offered before adding the ice cream freezer.

They offer twelve flavors of delicious ice cream and other materials such as cashew crunch, pecan brittle, a variety of chocolate-coated confections, and more.

Grafton Fudge & Ice Cream offers mud pie, banana split, malts, floats, turtle sundaes, hot fudge brownies, floats, shortcakes, glaciers, shakes, and more.

You get to enjoy also light fares from their small menu, including pretzels, corn dogs, hot dogs, snacks, nachos, burritos, and more.

Grafton Fudge & Ice Cream offers an expansive collection of antique furniture, stoneware, quilts, pottery, and primitives.

Address: 321 E Main St, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

25. Bobby G’s Martini Bar

Bobby G's Martini Bar
Credits: Nitr / Shutterstock

Bobby G’s Martini Bar offers a perfect setting to sit back and relax as you enjoy one of the numerous specialty martinis.

The Bar offers deliciously mixed drinks and an enormous space where families and friends can sit on the exposed patio.

The shaded deck offers incredible views of the river with the shaded patio found in the original icehouse dating back to the 1800s.

Bobby G’s Martini Bar offers yummy martinis with a wide variety of complex desserts to complement the drinks.

The Bar’s interiors are always clean, with nice tables and chairs offering a homey and beautiful ambiance. 

Address: 214 W. Main Street, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

26. Grove Memorial Park

Grove Memorial Park
Credits: Eric Bueneman/ Flickr
Grove Memorial Park

Make a stop at the Grove Memorial Park, as it promises to be fun-filled and memorable for you and everyone you come with.

Bring your picnic basket or lawn chair to enjoy live music bands and performances from their Grove Memorial Park gazebo overlooking the scenic Mississippi River.

You can wrap up your experience by going evening shopping at locations such as Pajarito, River Bank Gifts, and Knotty By Nature, or enjoy some food at their famous Loading Dock, Grafton Winery and Walk, or Aerie’s Resort

This Grove Memorial Park is an excellent place to visit and should top your summer list of fun things to do in Grafton, IL.

Address: Grafton, IL 62037, USA

27. Designs by Deseray- Paint Studio

Designs by Deseray- Paint Studio
Credits: silverkblackstock / Shutterstock

If you are an art enthusiast, one ideal place you do not want to miss out on during your visit to Grafton, IL, is the Designs by Deseray-Paint Studio.

This Paint and art studio features special group paint parties, custom-made decor, DIY paint kits, and other exciting stuff to make your stay worthwhile.

Designs by Deseray is also a movable paint studio. Visitors can hold their art demonstrations on-site, or you can have them come to you as well.

This attraction is an ideal place to bring out your art and bring out that creativity inside of you. You can come in the company of your friends or maybe visit solo to enjoy painting in this art studio. 

Address: 14530 Rowling Ridge Rd, Grafton, IL 62037, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Grafton

Grafton is an incredible city that would blow your mind the moment you step in due to its beauty and great hospitality.

There are many attractions waiting to be explored. So, regardless of your preferences, get ready, as you will have terrific fun.