26 Best & Fun Things to Do in DuBois (PA)

DuBois is a city and the most heavily settled community in Clearfield County. The population of the city after the 2021 census was 7,460. 

The city means “the woods,” which is fitting considering its close distance to miles of forests. 

There are quite some fun things to do in Dubois, PA. Since DuBois has lots of forests, the city is a perfect haven for hunters, nature lovers, hikers, and anyone looking for the serenity of the outdoors. 

The city is also has quite some inns, antique stores, country stores, golf courses, restaurants, and malls, making it a must-visit destination.

If entertainment and arts are your favorite pastimes, you will find varieties when visiting DuBois. 

This city has tons of hotspots you will enjoy visiting, ranging from soothing spas to popular restaurants. 

Tourists searching for history and culture will love the close by museums and art galleries scattered all over the city. 

Here are the best things to do in DuBois, PA. 

Things to Do in DuBois, PA 

1. Beaver Meadow Trail 

Beaver Meadow Trail 
Credits:lzf / Shutterstock

Beaver Meadow Trail is one of the famous outdoor tourist attractions in DuBois. This short Trail in the center of the city begins near the DuBois Mall and extends for miles stopping on Liberty Boulevard. 

The Trail moves past historic landmarks like the Sandy Lick Creek Recreational Area and the Big Beaver Meadow. 

The Big Meadow is a significant corridor for the Seneca, the Native Americans who resided in the area. 

This outdoor tourist attraction is great for a fun stroll or a morning jog and is also a great place to bring your dog for workouts. Exploring this Trail is one of the fun things to do in DuBois, PA.

Address: DuBois, PA 15801, USA

2. DuBois Mall 

DuBois Mall 
Credits: G-Stock Studio / Shutterstock

One of the top things to do in DuBois, PA, is to shop at DuBois Mall. The DuBois Mall is a top-tier destination for all kinds of shopping in the city. 

This indoor mall features different stores ranging from big-name brands to local boutiques. 

Whether searching for clothes, books, cosmetics, or souvenirs, you will see what you want at DuBois Mall. 

If you don’t feel like buying anything, you can explore the mall with your loved ones and look at the different stores. 

The DuBois Mall is also a great place to dine since it has food courts offering different dishes. 

Whether you are a shopaholic, a foodie, or a professional window shopper, you will enjoy your time at DuBois Mall.

Address: 5522 Shaffer Rd Suite 125, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

3. Day Spa DuBois 

Day Spa DuBois 
Credits:Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

While spending time in DuBois, a day of self-care would not hurt, and you can indulge in this self-care at Day Spa DuBois. 

The Day Spa DuBois is a quality salon and spa center that offers different range of services varying from nails and hair to facials and massages. 

This spa salon also offers couples massages, so you can come here and enjoy a relaxing massage with your spouse or partner.

There’s nothing like a soothing and calm massage and facial to aid you in unwinding after a long day exploring the city. 

Whether you want a spa date with your partner or you want to give yourself a treat, the Day Spa DuBois is an ideal place for you. 

Address: 100 N Brady St, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

4. Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery 

Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery 
Credits:Ivo Velinov / Shutterstock

Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery has numerous tasting rooms in Johnstown, Cranberry Township, State College, and Clearfield Butler. 

The Winery and event venue is located on Bailey Road, and the owner of the Winery is Ken Starr. Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery is located in Curwensville, seven minutes from DuBois. 

The Winery’s owner has always been intrigued with wines and appreciated the German style of producing wines. After buying a property in Curwensville in 1994, he began the wine business with 12 vines which later grew to 3000 vines.

From this 13-acre Winery and vineyard, more than 40 handcrafted wine collections were produced.

Try a sip of their dry wine option like Cab Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot. You can also sample something sweet like Bailey Road Red, Sexy Beaches, and Niagara. 

Additionally, you can enjoy the fruit wines like Sweet Spot Blueberry-Lemon, Amore, and Blackberry Blush. Make sure you taste the specialty wines such as Guilty Pleasure, Dubois Double Play, and al Monpdo. 

Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery also provides carbonated drinks like fermented fruits, wine in cans, sparkling diamonds, and ambrosia. 

Address: 861 Bailey Rd, Curwensville, PA 16833, United States

5. Dutch Pantry 

Dutch Pantry 
Credits: Dutch Pantry Family Restaurant – Dubois, PA / Facebook
Dutch Pantry 

Are you searching for what to do in DuBois, PA, with your partner? Then, head to Dutch Pantry for a wonderful dining experience.

Dutch Pantry is a charming and family-friendly, and Dutch-inspired restaurant in Duboise. Dutch Pantry is suitable for those searching for the most notable restaurants to try in the city. 

This restaurant offers different home-cooked Dutch-style meals, from country-fried steak to cabbage rolls. You will also find a gift shop with jams, jellies, gifts, and souvenirs at this place. 

Dutch Pantry offers an amazing steak that is perfectly seasoned and cooked. The steak is served with green beans, mashed potatoes, and a mouthwatering gravy. 

Address: 2044 Rich Hwy, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

6. Esther’s Hair Haven 

Esther's Hair Haven 
Credits: diplomedia / Shutterstock

Do you fancy a hair change while spending time in DuBois? If yes, pay a visit to Esther’s Hair Haven. 

Esther’s Hair Haven is a popular hair salon in DuBois. The salon is well-known for offering terrific services and professional hair stylists. 

If you are looking for a place make your hair done while vacationing in DuBois, schedule an appointment at Esther’s Hair Haven. 

This salon offers a wide range of services, from extensions and haircuts to hair color and perms. 

Esther’s Hair Haven also has plenty of different hair products to pick from, so you will find a suitable product for your hair type. 

Address: 2285 Bee Line Hwy, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

7. Winkler Gallery of Fine Art 

Winkler Gallery of Fine Art 
Credits: PeopleImages.com – Yuri A / Shutterstock

DuBois is reputable for its art scene, making the Winkler Gallery of Fine Art a must-visit for art enthusiasts. 

The art gallery displays artwork from local and regional artists, making it an ideal place to admire various styles and genres of art. 

When you visit the Winkler Gallery of Fine Art, you will definitely find unique artwork. In addition to painting and print galleries, the art gallery has fabulous glass works and sculptures. 

Among its most famous pieces is the 1886 Children’s Carousel. The Winkler Gallery of Fine Art also holds art classes and workshops for adults and children. 

Address: 36 N Brady St, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

8. Two Birch Winery 

Two Birch Winery 
Credits: OPOLJA / Shutterstock

If you love wines, one of the best places to visit in DuBois, PA, is Two Birch Winery. 

Two Birch Winery is a family-owned and operated business that manufactures the best wines in Pennsylvania. 

This winery uses the freshest and finest ingredients to produce locally homemade wines. 

So make sure to check out Two Birch Winery and taste their delicious wines. 

Address: 12 S Brady St, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

9. DuBois City Memorial Park 

DuBois City Memorial Park 
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Among the best things to do in DuBois, PA, is to spend quality time with your loved one at DuBois City Memorial Park. 

The DuBois City Memorial Park is a fabulous location for a picnic or a fun day out with loved ones. 

This Park is in the center of DuBois and features a walking trail, basketball courts, a pavilion, and a playground. 

The DuBois City Memorial Park also houses the DuBois Veterans Memorial, a stunning monument honoring the Veterans of DuBois. 

This Park is a suitable place to unwind and spend precious time with your family and friends while interacting with the friendly locals. 

Address: DuBois, PA 15801, United States

10. Hockman Candy 

Hockman Candy 
Credits: Brenda Carson / Shutterstock

One of the best places to visit in DuBois, PA, especially with kids, is Hockman Candy. Hockman Candy is a popular family-owned and operated candy shop well-known throughout DuBois and the entire state of Pennsylvania. 

Hockman Candy is a paradise for all sweet lovers. This candy shop sells fudge, homemade chocolate, caramels, and other sweet treasures that will tease your taste buds. 

You can sample their best-sellers, like the trademark chocolate-covered strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. 

Hockman Candy is iconic; a must-visit shop and an ideal place to satiate your cravings for sweets. 

Address: 2 W Long Ave, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

11. The Scottish Heights Golf Club 

Scottish Heights Golf Club 
Credits: lunamarina / Shutterstock

The Scottish Heights Golf Club is located in Brockport, 16 minutes away from DuBois. Take your clubs to the championship-level golf course at Scottish Height Golf Club.

This tourist destination is a gorgeous 18- hole golf course that compasses a total of 6,657 yards. 

The Scottish Heights Golf Club features gorgeous landscapes, full-service restaurants, banquet facilities, on-site lodging, and lots more. 

So if you are searching for where to reimburse golf near Dubois, drive to Scottish Height Golf Club. 

Address: Scottish Heights Dr, Brockport, PA 15823, United States

12. The Hitching Post 

Hitching Post 
Credits:Vigen M / Shutterstock

If you fancy a barbecue during your holiday in DuBois, how about paying a visit to the Hitching Post

The Hitching Post is a popular bar and grill that offers some of the best barbecues in the city. The restaurant’s menu includes barbecue staples like sausage, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. 

However, The Hitching Post’s most sold-out barbecue is the famous Santa Maria-style barbecue which is a must-have when you visit. 

The restaurant has a large selection of side dishes, including potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans.

For guests who are not familiar with the menu, the polite staff will assist you in putting together a mouthwatering meal. 

Address:692 Liberty Blvd, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

13. Simon B. Elliot State Park 

Simon B. Elliot State Park 
Credits: barmalini / Shutterstock

Simon B. Elliot State Park is a 318- acre destination in Penfield. You can find this wooded park amidst Moshannon State Forest, providing a beautiful view of swamp meadows and a large second-growth forest shaded with tall oak timber and hardwood. 

You can discover other oak species like northern red oak, chestnut, shagbark history, and northern hardwood such as aspen, black cherry, and sugar maple. 

If you intend to visit in July, participate in the Annual High Country Arts and Crafts Fair, which features entertainment, craft vendors, food, and live demonstrations. 

A visit to Simon B. Elliot State Park is an amazing thing to do near DuBois. 

Address: Penfield, PA 15849, United States

14. Luigi’s Ristorante 

Luigi’s Ristorante
Credits: Luigi’s Ristorante & Catering DuBois / Facebook
Luigi’s Ristorante

Are you craving an Italian meal? If you are, you should go to Luigi’s Ristorante. Luigi’s Ristorante has been operating in DuBois since 1998 and is popular for its original Italian meals. 

This restaurant Is one of the top restaurants in the city if you want to enjoy delicious Italian dishes. With tempting recipes from old times and a relaxing casual atmosphere, Luigi’s restaurant guarantees a lovely dining experience. 

Additionally, the restaurant has a full bar, an outdoor patio, and a vineyard-themed room. 

For a satisfying meal at Luigi’s Ristorante, try their chicken marina, a fabulous dish with a great taste and generous amount. 

Address: 32 N Brady St, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

15. The Laurel Mountain Winery 

Laurel Mountain Winery 
Credits:Africa Studio / Shutterstock

If you want to satisfy your wine craving, you should head to Laurel Mountain Winery

Laurel Mountain Winery is situated on Old Grade Road in Falls Creek, 17 minutes from downtown DuBois. 

This winery offers an Antique Tool Museum, fine wine, and a stunning pavilion facing the gorgeous eastern valley. 

Furthermore, the Winery also has a gift shop where you can purchase local handmade items and bespoke gift baskets. 

You can also buy clothing, customized wine racks, gourmet food, and unique wine accessories. 

The Laurel Mountain Winery is open all through the year, so you can come anytime you like 

Address: 1754 Old Grade Rd, Falls Creek, PA 15840, United States

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16. Southside Pickers 

Southside Pickers 
Credits: Aris-Tect Group / Shutterstock

Antique enthusiasts should add a visit to Southside Pickers to their list of top things to do in DuBois, PA.

If you enjoy collecting antique items or love trading with other collectors, head to Southside Pickers. 

Most items sold at this antique store are budget-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about dipping too much into your pockets. 

Southside Pickers has a lot to offer you, from magazines to old coins and vintage furniture. 

Address: 310 S Brady St, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

17. Bilger’s Rock 

Bilger’s Rock 
Credits:Maridav / Shutterstock

Bilger’s Rock is a secluded recreational park in Grampian, 18 minutes away from Dubois. 

You will be intrigued by the sights of geologic formations, rivers, valleys, hills, and mountains. 

You can also see the sandstone beds constructed during the Carboniferous Period dating back over 300 million years. 

Additionally, you can wonder at the noticeable features of openings, arches, passageways, and crawl spaces, most reputable areas known as the Devil’s Kitchen and Devil’s Dining Room. 

Bilger’s Rock also offers more than ten miles of hiking trails passing via streams and hardwood forests. 

You can take any of the three marked trails, including the white, orange, and pink trails, or go for a more exciting hike on the trails that are not marked, such as the Duane, Shadow, Birch, and Solley Trails. 

After admiring the sights, you can get some snacks and drinks at Conklin Concessions. 

Furthermore, the park has rustic camping sites where you can make your tent beneath the trees and stars. Bliger’s Rocks provide camping amenities such as fire rings, picnic tables, and porta-potties 

Address: 1921 Bilgers Rocks Rd, Grampian, PA 16838, United States

18. Station 101 Pub & Kitchen 

Station 101 Pub & Kitchen 
Credits: Reemnz / Shutterstock

There are several restaurants and eateries at DuBois. If you get hungry while exploring the city, you can stop at Station 101 Pub & Kitchen for a quick meal. 

Station 101 Pub & Kitchen is popular for its amazing food, tasty craft beer, and stunning ambiance. 

The Station 101 Pub & Kitchen can also serve as a place for dates since it features different types of steaks, seafood, and pasta to fill you up. 

So if you are searching for an exceptional place to eat in the city, try Station 101 Pub & Kitchen. 

Address: 2285 Bee Line Hwy, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

19. Curwensville Lake 

Curwensville Lake 
Credits: Sergey Muhlynin / Shutterstock

There are several lake and outdoor activities that you can do with your loved one at Curwensville Lake. 

Curwensville Lake is situated seven minutes away from Dubois. You can spend quality time and picnic at the pavilion or camp at the lake for some days. 

Additionally, you can bike or hike the trails to admire the surrounding nature. You can run around with your kids at the recreational park, play a round or two of Disc Golf, or play volleyball on the court. 

You can get on a boat and enjoy the lake water or even do a little fishing or swim in the soothing waters. 

Bring your dog to the assigned dog park area; you don’t have to worry because there is a divided space for small and large dogs. 

The dog Park features a four-foot high fence, water dispensers, a tiny pavilion with picnic tables, benches, and a hydrant. 

Finally, you can allow your dog to take a dip at Curwensville in the swimming area designed for dogs near the beach house. 

Address: Pennsylvania 16833, USA

20. Narrows Creek Country Store

The Inn at the Narrow Creek Country Store is a popular primitive store in DuBois. This store has a 1700s-inspired bed and breakfast suitable for a weekend getaway. 

Additionally, the Inn at the Narrow Creek Country Store is popular for its amazing array of primitive furniture, suitable for people who want to add a rustic touch to their houses. 

Besides furniture, the store also sells various local handmade items, candles, and quilts, making stunning gifts for loved ones. 

You can also bring your kids to Inn at Narrows Creek Country Store. The shop has various folk art prints, country candles, and other things children would like. 

Address: 44 Narrows Creek Ln, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

21. Fat Kid’s Sports Bar 

Fat Kid's Sports Bar 
Credits:271 EAK MOTO / Shutterstock

Are you still wondering what to do in DuBois, PA? Then, watch a game at Fat Kid’s Sports Bar. 

Fat Kid’s Sports Bar is a suitable place to go and watch your favorite team play. This Sports bar has beer and pub food you can sample while watching a game. 

Fat Kid’s Sports Bar menus include chicken tenders, onion rings, French fries, homemade pub chips, mini tacos, pub chips, pizza, cheese sticks, and lots more. 

Whether you like sports or not, Fat Kid’s Sports Bar is a great place to hang out and have a good time. 

Address: 243 W Long Ave, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

22. The Reitz Theater of CRI 

Reitz Theater of CRI 
Credits: Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock

If you love arts, you will undoubtedly enjoy visiting the Reitz Theater of CRI. This theater is unique because it resembles a church from the outside. 

The Reitz Theater of CRI was built in 1887. This historic theater is well-known for its outstanding acoustic and sound system, making it an excellent place to see a drama. 

The Reitz Theater of CRI often holds musicals, theatrical performances, and events. Attending a performance in this Theater is one of the fun things to do in DuBois, PA.

Address:36 E Scribner Ave, DuBois, PA 15801, United States 

23. Buck’s Pizza 

Buck's Pizza
Credits: Buck’s Pizza – DuBois, PA / Facebook
Buck’s Pizza

Another restaurant you should go to during your holiday in DuBois is Buck’s Pizza. 

Buck’s Pizza specializes in pizza, but you will also find salads, chicken, and pasta at the restaurant. 

The exterior of this pizza may not look much, but don’t let it fool you. When you have a taste of one of the pizzas, you will discover why the restaurant is top-rated in DuBois.

Buck’s Pizza has much to offer besides pizza; you will enjoy its spicy garlic wings. These wings are delicious and crispy with a delectable sauce that will make you lick your hands. 

The wings are filled with garlic, hot and spicy with a slightly sour taste and a little sweet taste 

Address: 53 Industrial Dr, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

24. Parker Dam State Park 

Parker Dam State Park 
Credits : Michael Sean OLeary / Shutterstock

Parker Dam State Park is a 986-acre state park in Penfield, 18 minutes from DuBois. 

The park is a beautiful natural park with country cabins, campgrounds, large ruined areas, and a lovely lake. 

Parker Dam State Park is linked to the Moshannon State Forest, where you can stroll through the ruined woods. 

You can take a backpacking hike into the Quehanna Wilderness, spot wildlife, or ride a mountain bike. 

If you are visiting on a Labor Day Weekend, you can participate in the Wooodhick Weekend, where you can compete in numerous events like log rolls crosscut saw. You can also find out about the life and pastime of loggers in the past or view the historical demonstrations. 

However, if you visit during the fall season, you can partake in the celebration and traditions such as pumpkin carving, apple cider-making, and candle dipping. Additionally, you can buy different items created by artisans, vendors, and local artisans. 

You can also participate in the park’s environmental education programs via evening programs, interactive activities, and guided tours. 

Stop by the environmental education center with your kids to see interpretive displays, read from the children’s book collection, and play games 

Address: 28 Fairview Rd, Penfield, PA 15849, United States

25. Downtown DuBois Revitalization 

Downtown DuBois Revitalization 
Credits: Arina P Habich / Shutterstock

What do you think about paying a visit to the Downtown DuBois Revitalization farmer’s market for some local produce? 

Downtown DuBois Revitalization Farmer’s market is an excellent place to buy local produce to stock your kitchen. 

The market is notable for its large selection of cheese, fruits, vegetables, and meats. 

So if you want to get the freshest food in the city, make sure you visit Downtown DuBois Revitalization. 

Address: 2 E Long Ave, DuBois, PA 15801, United States

26. UMI Motorsport Park 

UMI Motorsport Park 
Credits: Ivan Kurmyshov / Shutterstock

If you are looking for some action-filled car racing experience, pay a visit to UMI Motorsport Park. 

UMI Motorsport Park is located in Clearfield, 19 minutes from DuBois. This 85-acre complex has a 5/8-mile asphalt over a track that has held road racing and auto-x racing events for more than 50 years. 

UMI Motorsport Park offers race car lovers an exciting experience, making it a perfect place to visit. You can view scheduled events like the two-day- motorsports events named UMI Autocross Challenge. 

This event features competitors from all over the country and Canada. Other race events you can watch include the pro-tour, King of the Mountain autocross, and the TeamCross. 

UMI Motorsport Park also has a top-notch powered camping area and tent camping. 

Address: 111 Mt Zion Rd, Clearfield, PA 16830, United States

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Plan Your Trip to DuBois

DuBois is a small city with a welcoming and friendly environment. The city is close to miles of woods, providing an ideal place for nature lovers to visit and explore. 

There are plenty of things to do in DuBois, such as shopping at the DuBois Mall, watching a performance at the Reitz Theater of CRI, buying antiques at Southside Pickers, and dining at Luigi’s Ristorante. 

So visit the city and explore these amazing attractions.