24 Best & Fun Things to Do in Dandridge (TN)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Dandridge, TN? you are in the right place!

Ancient Cities give deep insight into history, and Dandridge is no different. Dandridge is a beautiful city and is also the county seat of Jefferson County, Tennessee, United States.

Dandridge is the second oldest city in Tennessee, it features beautiful attractions making it a top vacation hub in Tennessee. Its official headcount in the 2020 census was about 3,344.

A stroll down through the city will take you back in time. There are lots of places to visit in Dandridge, TN that will pique your interest, such as visiting the Douglas lake, Tinsley-Bible Drug Store, the Lighthouse Pointe Marina, Wolfdogs at the Wolf Paws, and many more. 

Are you planning an exploration of Dandridge? Here are the top things to do in Dandridge, TN.

Things to Do in Dandridge

1. See The Dandridge Dike

Dandridge Dike
Credits: Allen Forrest / Flickr
Dandridge Dike

The Dikes found in Dandridge play a significant role in this town’s infrastructure as it helps keep the community free from massive floods.

The Tennessee Valley Authority executed this project, and its importance has dramatically helped ensure this town and other districts do not encounter flooding.

The economy of this region has dramatically witnessed incredible improvement over the years due to this dike construction, and even until now. You can bring your camera along to take photos of landmarks that will help you remember how these dikes immensely helped this town from getting flooded.

This town has about ten markers spread across the city, so be sure you will find one as you walk through the town, especially in its downtown area. You can also take photos with loved ones and friends at this beautiful overlook.

Address: 131 E Main St, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

2. Explore Smoky Mountain National Park

Smoky Mountain National Park
Credits: Ken Lund / Flickr
Smoky Mountain National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a significant attraction in Dandridge and should be a must-see for anyone visiting this region. The park was founded in 1926 and consists of the ridge after ridge of infinite woodland perched on the Tennessee border of North Carolina.

The park is famous for its scenic and natural beauty, biodiversity, and a lovely history. Here is an exciting spot for hikers of all skill levels; it comprises quite challenging pathways coupled with picnics, fishing, motor touring, and camping.

During springtime, winter, and summer, the Smoky Mountain National Park organizes Ranger-led tours. Be sure to enjoy captivating views of the serenity of this area, especially that of the Forests and hillsides. Suggestions are also accepted to find ways to improve the beauty of this wilderness.

Try visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park as it boast some of the top things to do in Dandridge, TN.

Address: Dandridge, Tn, United States

3. Douglas Lake

Douglas Lake
Credits: Patricia G. Adderley / Shutterstock
Douglas Lake

One of the best things to do in Dandridge, TN visits Douglas lake. It is an exciting destination to see if you are in this part of the country as it has a fascinating environment.

This destination is located in the bottom hills of the Great Smoky Mountains, so be sure to visit and enjoy the many opportunities this place offers.

Douglas Lake was previously known as one of the top tiers lakes to find in the United States as it displays numerous adventurous lakeside activities for tourists.

It was formerly ranked among the top fishing lakes in the United States, showcasing its immense promise of providing the best lakeside experience for tourists.

Be sure to stop by and enjoy the many things this place holds by being part of numerous lakeside activities. Activities to engage in include fishing, swimming, and fishing. Ensure to be part of the many people that come to this attraction annually. 

Address: Dandridge, Tn, United States

4. Wolfdogs at the Wolf Paws

Wolf Paws
Credits: Nina Alizada / Shutterstock

The Wolf Paws (Positive Awareness Wolfdogs Sanctuary) is a place of abode for abused and forgotten wolf dogs to help people be knowledgeable about these incredible animals.

This destination is part of the numerous significant attractions in Dandridge to help increase your love for canine species and animals in general.

To ensure these dogs are not all over the park, it offers visitation individually. Do be sure to make reservations before you visit.

You can also bring your camera to take exciting photos of lovely moments with these creatures. You can also be part of their Wolf Paws mission. This voluntary organization offers these creatures a semi-natural environment, so a little donation will go a long way.

Address: Edgewater Ln, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

5. Mountain Harbor Marina

Mountain Harbor Marina
Credits: PPstock / Shutterstock

Looking for a company that will give you a head start in ensuring you have a wonderful lake experience, be sure to check out the Mountain Harbor Marina, and it should be on your checklist of fun things to do.

This destination features a massive facility for boat rentals for visitors who come here and will love to discover more about Douglas Lake; everything you need is readily available and affordable.

Get to augment your boating skills by utilizing this opportunity to try out the numerous pieces of equipment available at this place.

The various amenities are available for canoeing, rafting, sledding, and—kayaking which can be used for a maximum of two hours. Extra charges do not imply if you choose to use their inflatable boats for an additional two houses or more.

You can extend your hours of stay if you intend to go swimming for a lengthy time on Douglas Lake. Be sure to visit and enjoy the many activities this destination has for you.

Address: 1199 TN-139, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

6. See Live Music Performances at the Music on the Town

Music on the Town
Credits: Music on the Town, Dandridge, TN / Facebook
Music on the Town

If you are a lover of good music, one of the best things to do in Dandridge, TN is to be a part of the music performances in this beautiful city, and it should be on your list of things to do.

Music in the town organizes a free concert for both locals and tourists alike on Thursdays for seven weeks, and this conversion is done in the colder seasons of every year.

If you get famished before or during the concerts, you can check out the eateries that are close by. This concert is fantastic, coupled with the whole ambiance that is thrilling.

Please learn about various bands from Tennessee and bars located in the opposite states to increase your knowledge about music and our music library with recent songs.

Address: 131 E Main St, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

7. Tinsley-Bible Drug Store

Tinsley-Bible Drug Store
Credits: Brent Moore / Flickr
Tinsley-Bible Drug Store

Another exciting place to see is the Tinsley Bible Drug Store. If you wish to have a bottle of soda and wait for your drug prescription to be taken, here should be a must-see.

This destination is one of the many drugstores offering its guests items such as gourmet cakes, afternoon, and a beautiful home interior, perched in a particular spot.

These drug stores were not part of what to find on any tourist itinerary, but the reverse is the case recently. This destination has been in the business of providing quality drugs for its guests since 1911.

Be sure to add this place to your checklist of things to do in Dandridge, TN when you visit.

Address: 1224 Gay St, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

8. Lighthouse Pointe Marina

 Lighthouse Pointe Marina
Credits: Lighthouse Pointe Marina / Facebook
Lighthouse Pointe Marina

One of the best things to do in Dandridge, TN is to visit the Lighthouse Pointe Marina, which provides various boating services to ensure tourists enjoy the best lakeside experience.

If you have a boat and intend to make an upgrade or refurbish, here is a perfect site to have that done. An ideal way to tour the Dandridge is via a boat and enjoy the exciting views from the lake’s center.

This destination provides storage, maintenance, and rental services that will help you enjoy an incredible trip.

Tourists can choose from their many collections of classic boats containing about ten persons to have a lovely, enjoyable, safe, and credible adventure.

These boats come with life jackets and a safety PPE, all geared towards ensuring the safety of tourists during their lakeside adventure.

Address: 1209 TN-139, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

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9. Bush’s Beans Visitor Center

Bush’s Beans Visitor Center
Credits: Bush’s Beans / Facebook
Bush’s Beans Visitor Center

Another exciting place you also want to check out is the Bush’s Beans Visitor Center; this attraction has, over time, been in the business of producing beans and, for more than a century, has kept and nurtured this industry.

Admittance to the Bush’s Beans Visitor Center is free, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the rich history of this place. Be sure to learn the bean production process, which will give you an in-depth insight into how the company operates.

It also has a café inside the facility. You can check it out when you visit and enjoy its incredible selection of foods, along with gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Address: 3901 US-411, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

10. Douglas Dam

Douglas Dam
Credits: Cpowers1831 [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Douglas Dam
The Douglas Dam was finished in 1943 and is famous for being the fastest dam ever built in the world, within 12 months and 17 days.

The Douglas Dam is a hydroelectric facility that produces 111 megawatts of electricity for every community in Tennessee.

If not for the construction of this Dam, the Douglas lake would not exist. You might want to learn about the iconic history of this dam apart from enjoying the incredible views of this lake.

Check out the Douglas Dam Headwater Campground, which has about 60 camp areas close to the beach.

11. Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday
Credits: MariaKovaleva / Shutterstock
Chicken burger

And if your choice of foods is American coupled with lovely cocktails, be sure this region has everything in place for you.

The one place to be is Ruby Tuesday. Be sure to stop by and satisfy your cravings with a Cajun rib-eye steak, a cheesy crunch burger, or a honey crunch chicken burger.

You can also order a chocolate lava cake or an apple crumble skillet. This restaurant is famous in this part of the country for its favorite cocktails like their Island Mai Tai and Ruby Relaxer.

Their cocktails are available for everyone all through the day at whatever time of the day you visit.

Address: 523 Patriot Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725, USA

12. Taste of Dandridge

Taste of Dandridge
Credits: New Taste of Dandridge / Facebook
Taste of Dandridge

If you love good food, one of the best things to do in Dandridge, TN is to have a delicious meal at the

Taste of Dandridge kicked off operations in 2011 and provides visitors with the best of meals.

Taste of Dandridge is an ideal spot to check out when you visit Dandridge because not so many restaurants offer a great dining experience.

The serene environment of Dandridge attracts numerous tourists, especially those interested in their meals or snacks.

It features ample space to accommodate your special events such as birthdays, weddings, couples’ night out, and others. Here is for sure a perfect place to see.

Be sure to begin your meal with their delectable appetizers and favorite rib-eye steak to satisfy your stomach cravings.

Address: 540 Patriot Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

13. Checkout the Swann’s Marina

Swann's Marina
Credits: Swann’s Marina and Campground / Facebook
Swann’s Marina

Another fascinating destination to check out when you visit is the Swann’s Marina. This destination was initially constructed in 1943 and is a beautiful facility that provides visitors with all the gear they need to have a lovely lake experience.

Over time, this destination has been in the business of providing top-notch boat rental services. It is a well-known boat services company and Marina in Douglas lake, and it also features a cafeteria where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves.

You can begin your day by patronizing their services via renting a boat, which comes in different types of sizes. You can learn about their fishing equipment, so you have a good time fishing with friends and loved ones.

Address: 2515 Swanns Marina, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

14. Field of Dreams Activity Center

Field of Dreams Activity Center
Credits: Torsak Thammachote / Shutterstock

Dandridge is an ideal place if you intend to enjoy real-time fun in the outdoor recreational activities, and one of the best places to get this fun is at the Field of Dreams Activity Center, which should be on your checklist of fun things to do.

Field of Dreams Activity Center has a land area of 31,000 square feet, and this facility was intended to make the lives of locals and guests fun and exciting; it has kept up with that standard over the years.

The facility is open to everyone who wishes to enjoy scintillating recreational activities. Activities to get involved in when you visit include basketball and indoor soccer games, and even training such as Aerobics, body shaping, and pilates are readily available here.

The kids are not left out from the fun as sports facilities are available for them in the center. Apart from their recreational activities, this destination provides visitors with amenities like Baseball, Gyms, a Pavilion, an Activity room, and others. 

Address: 1145 Treadway Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

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15. Have a Delicious Breakfast at Owen’s Restaurant

Owens Restaurant
Credits: Owens Restaurant / Facebook
Owens Restaurant

Family is everything, and engaging your family by bringing them to a beautiful spot such as Restaurant to have the best of foods in a lovely ambiance is essential.

This destination is a signature breakfast destination that features unique Southern dishes. It is a farm-owned sure to have the best time with your loved ones and family.

Owen’s Restaurant attracts tons of people to come to have an incredible breakfast, and it is one of the cafés in this part of the country that begins its activities early.

Address: 834 TN-92, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

16. Dandridge Golf & Country Club

Dandridge Golf & Country Club
Credits: S_Wassana / Shutterstock

If you are a golf lover and want to have fun playing some rounds of golf, visit Dandridge Golf and country club.

Whether you are new to golfing or even a professional at the game, this destination embraces all skill levels of players. Initially, the golf course started with just 18 holes.

In 1991, 9 holes were added, totaling 27 holes. The golf course is fun and challenging as well. Its greenery areas are well manicured and maintained, coupled with its fairways.

Aside from golfing, you can take some time to enjoy the beauty of this environment and check out the Bermuda fairways and even the Great Smokies and Douglas Lake.

Address: 1247 Stonewall Jackson Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725, USA

17. Skydive East Tennessee

Skydive East Tennessee
Credits: Germanskydiver / Shutterstock

If you intend to have a daredevil experience in Dandridge, brace your sleeves for something challenging as you try skydiving. It is one thing anyone should try out, even if it’s just once in their lifetime.

The ideal place to try this activity is to check out the Skydive East Tennessee. Enjoy the graceful and scintillating views from on top as you drive slowly.

Driveways are also paramount, so be sure you will be guided by one of their company’s licensed professionals throughout your skydiving experience.

Address: 1542 W Dumplin Valley Rd, Dandridge, TN 37725, USA

18. Shoppes at Roper Mansion

Roper Mansion
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
Roper Mansion

If you intend to go shopping, visiting the Shoppes perched in Ropers Mansion is among the best things to do in Dandridge, TN. This destination provides visitors with a lovely shopping experience and an opportunity to enjoy views of the gorgeous area of the Federal mansion.

This mansion was constructed in 1820 and features various items such as collectibles, home decor, jewelry, a pet store, collectibles, antiques, and home decor.

It has a beautiful ballroom that was converted into an art gallery. Also found here are paintings that have a history stretching back to the nineteenth and twenty-first century, folk art, sculptures, and signed and dated prints.

It has four porches where you can relax and enjoy the incredible views of this lovely town. Here is an ideal place to go shopping and should be on your checklist of things to do.

Address: 218 W Main Street Dandridge, Tennessee,

19. Eat Dinner at Bush’s Family Café

Amongst the top things to do in Dandridge, TN is visiting the Bush’s Family Café.

This afe is part of the local company that cultivates the historic beans in Tennessee and is located in an area surrounded by the Bush Family Central area.

Not only is the café one of the many incredible destinations to have an exciting dining experience in Dandridge, but it is also a well-known attraction in this region.

Bush’s Family Café also features a gift shop, a general store, and a museum. In addition, this destination exudes a lovely ambiance that is welcoming for both kids and adults alike.

Visitors can also try out their signature food, the pulled pork barbecue sandwich, which has gotten credible feedback from numerous guests who visit. To make your breakfast here even more exciting, you can also add the Bully Chili to your checklist.

Address: 3901 US-411, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

20. Angelos at the Point

Angelos at the Point
Credits: bonchan / Shutterstock
Maryland crab cakes

A lot of agility and energy is needed to kick start any adventure, and to gather that much energy, you need to eat good food, and you can get such from Angelos at the Point.

Angelos at the Point provides an excellent array of delectable seafood leaks, including Maryland crab cakes and fish ‘n chips. And Mediterranean salmon.

The most exciting part about the Angelos at the Point is that as you eat your meal while gazing at the scintillating views of the lake, it is such an adorable sight.

This destination should make up your list of things to do in Dandridge, TN for a memorable dinning experience.

Address: 122 Boat Dock Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725, USA

21. Misty Morning Farm

Misty Morning Farm
Credits: FocusStocker / Shutterstock

Another interesting spot to visit is the Misty Morning Farm. If you are an agriculturist, you could make a stop at the Misty Morning Farm. The farm was established in 2010 to cultivate top-notch food products for the entire community.

An off-farm retail store and the commercial kitchen were established in 2017, known as the Misty Morning Farmstand and Greenhouses.

Farm products such as fresh salads, handcrafted ice cream, baked meals, deli favorites, frozen take, and others are produced in the Misty Morning Farmstand and Greenhouses.

They also provide visitors with the best of delicious foods, indigenously cultivated plants, and seasonal produce all through the year.

Address: 722 W US-25W #70, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

22. Dandridge Partnership Trail

Dandridge Partnership Trail
Credits: ff-photo / Shutterstock

Another exciting place to see when you visit this city is the Dandridge Partnership Trail. The trail’s total length is more than a mile, about 1.2 miles, and provides visitors with many areas for fishing and swimming.

The Dandridge Partnership Trail is perched on TVA’s Douglas Reservoir. Due to the trail’s location to a natural shoreline, it offers many options for visitors to fish and swim, an ideal way to enjoy the lake.

You can as well go camping, hiking, and hiking. There are also ample parking spaces and benches available here.

The park is furry-friendly, you can bring your pets with you, but you must ensure they are on their leash with a length not more than 6 feet.

Address: 2H4R+GX, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

23. River Smallie Adventures

River Smallie Adventures
Credits: BILD LLC / Shutterstock

Another place worth checking out, especially if you love fishing, be sure to visit the River Smallie Adventures. If you intend to do something different away from the usual park visit, rides, and arcade games, then here is a great place to have a good day fishing for smallmouth bass on the East Tennessee river.

Throughout your trip, you will be guided by a professional angler who has received a Captain’s license from the United States Guard.

The trip encompasses waters close to Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg. Family trips take the majority when it comes to people patronizing company services.

No matter your skill level in fishing, be sure you will have a fun-filled time on the water as you will be glad at the varieties of fishes you will catch, including catfish, walleye, hybrids, and stripers, white bass, sauger, and others.

Address: Dandridge, TN, USA

24. Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery
Credits: Perkins Restaurant Dandridge ,Tennessee / Facebook
Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

The Perkins Restaurant and Bakery was established in 1958 and has, over the years, been providing quality dishes in more than 300 sites all over the United States and Canada.

Be sure to stop here to see several well-known eateries in the city. This destination can be easily located, especially if you are moving along interstate 40 while driving toward US Highway 92.

You can bless your stomach with the many iconic American foods prepared at this eatery at any time of the day you visit. You can eat brunch here as well. Here is a fantastic place to be and should be on your checklist of things to do.

Address: 501 Patriot Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725, United States

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Plan a Trip to Dandridge

Over time, Dandridge, Tennessee, has been an excellent destination for tourists. It has all you want to have a splendid vacation experience, including residents with good hearts, an exciting history, and a beautiful atmosphere.

Apart from these, this destination features unique foods and cultures. There are excellent restaurants on-site for you to satisfy your cravings for delicious meals.

Be sure to visit and have the best moments with friends and loved ones; you can also capture these moments by bringing a camera along.

Do pin this guide for your bucket list of things to do in Dandridge, TN when you visit.