12 Best Restaurants in Old Lyme, CT

In search of the best restaurants in Old Lyme, CT? Old Lyme is coastal town in New London county, Connecticut. 

Old Lyme was founded in 1855 when the rural side of Connecticut had a lot of Lyme disease patients suffering the arthritis-like symptoms associated with it.

It is now famous for incredible art museums with a few flourishing artists spare heading “American Impressionism.”

Its main street is a historic district filled with homes of old-time sea captains.

Old Lyme restaurants are treasures worth exploring. To crown it all, you don’t have to break the bank to dine here.

Here are the top restaurants in Old Lyme, CT

Best Restaurants in Old Lyme, CT 

1. Coffees Country Market and Catering

Coffees Country Market and Catering

Coffees Country Market and Catering is the best grocery store in Old Lyme, CT. It offers in-store shopping, curbside pickup, and delivery service options.

This store is multipurpose: a country market, a must-go-to deli, and a full-service catering company. Coffees offer loaves of bread, sandwiches, and all-American breakfast comfort foods.

Coffees have repeatedly shown competence by consistently delivering custom events, from picnics-in-the-park to weddings or corporate events. The working staff members are hardworking, courteous and friendly.

The company has been serving the Old Lyme community for decades. The restaurant’s kitchen has culinary-trained chefs who blend in three key ingredients – fresh raw food items, classic food preparation techniques, and attention to detail.

Little wonder it is the most sought-after catering company in Old Lyme and neighboring Old Saybrook. 

Address: 169 Boston Post Rd, Old Lyme, CT 06371-1348. Phone: +1 860-434-1801

2. Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe & Café

Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe & Café

This is the best ice cream shop in Old Lyme, CT, Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe & Café (OLICS) produces homemade ice cream and desserts. Therefore, all ice cream is made on the premises.

OLICS makes their ice cream with super-premium 16% butterfat cream. Their most sought-after ice cream special is Connecticut Peach.

Ice Cream Shoppe & Café is the best place to get hard-packed ice cream and vanilla-flavored ice cream. It is also an ideal place for a sundae and frozen yogurt in Old Lyme.

You will surely enjoy their black raspberry truffle and back cherry. It is simply amazing and delicious. It is our favorite pick, and we recommend it to you.

OLICS won the Gold Cone National Ice Cream Competition 2017, which stamps its dominance as the best-quality ice cream in America. This ice cream shop is identified as a women-owned business place.

At this point, it is obvious that OLICS serves the best ice cream on the Connecticut Shoreline. They open from 1-6 pm on Mon-Thurs and 1-7 pm on Fri-Sun respectively.

Address: 34 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371-2331. Phone: +1 860-434-6942

3. Cafe Flo at the Florence Griswold Museum 

Cafe Flo at the Florence Griswold Musem

Café Flo is a lunch restaurant in Florence Griswold Museum. It is not not just among the best restaurants in Old Lyme, CT, but also one of the best restaurants in New London Country, according to Connecticut Magazine. 

Florence Griswold Museum is a famous art museum celebrating art, history, and nature. The Café Flo opens during the museum’s visitation hours because it mostly serves tourists who come by the museum every day.

Café Flo is a great place to eat in Old Lyme. It won last year’s CT Magazine Award for the Readers’ Choice for New London County.

The restaurant recommends reservations for dine-in service. Some delicious foods and treats they serve include lobster BLT, veggie sandwiches & lemonade, flourless chocolate cake, and so on.

You can order a cup of soup with a side salad at Café Flo. It’s a popular pick amongst regular customers. As earlier stated, Café Flo opens and closes around the same time as the museum. The operating hours are from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm daily.

Address: 96 Lyme St Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, CT 06371-1426. Phone: +1 860-434-5542

4. The Hangry Goose

The Hangry Goose

Hangry Goose offers extensive menu options for adults and kids. It is one of the top restaurants in Old Lyme, CT.

The Hangry Goose offers a “Hangry Littles” menu for kids, and its food offers are interesting. The main menu contains all American breakfast and lunch comfort foods.

You can expect to find eggs benedict, pancakes, Belgian waffles, Hangry goose scrambler, French toast breakfast, homemade corned beef hash, and more.

There is a crispy cod sandwich with a side of coleslaw on the menu list. It is crispy, soft, and delightfully tasty once you take a bite. It’s highly recommended.

They also serve breakfast wrap, brunch burger, plain pancake side of sausage, and yogurt bowl. There is a delicious lunch offer of a sumptuous fish sandwich platter.

The Hangry Goose menu is filled with many tempting foods that you have to try. Hangry Goose is the ultimate breakfast restaurant in Old Lyme, from eggs to omelets to sandwiches and wraps.

Address: 11 Halls Rd, Old Lyme, CT 06371-1457. Phone: +1 860-434-2227

5. Old Lyme Inn

Old Lyme Inn

Do you know of any 3-star hotels in Old Lyme? Well, Old Lyme Inn is one such hotel. It has a restaurant in it that is considered one of the top restaurants in Old Lyme, CT.

Old Lyme Inn is located in the town’s historic Art District on the Connecticut Shoreline. It was renovated, and its magnificent looks were restored in 2012.

The hotel’s restaurant and bar have indoor and seasonal outdoor dining spaces, plus live music in their jazz club, The Side Door.

The restaurant here serves house salad, breakfast sandwiches, Belgian waffles, California Benedict egg, a jazzy brunch burger, and more for breakfast. There is a breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menu at Old Lyme Inn restaurant.

The lunch and dinner menu contain food items such as grilled Atlantic salmon, shrimp pad Thai, pork tenderloin, short rib sliders, and sides & desserts. Now head over to Old Lyme Inn for your own share of food enjoyment!

Address: 85 Lyme St Exit 70 I95, Old Lyme, CT 06371-2336. Phone: +1 860-434-2600

6. Teddy’s Old Lyme Pizza Palace

Teddy's Old Lyme Pizza Palace

Are you craving some pizza slices in Old Lyme? Well, you should consider one of the best pizzerias in the area – Teddy’s Pizza Palace. It is one of the best places to eat in Old Lyme, CT.

According to online review ratings, it is a top-rated pizza restaurant in Old Lyme. Teddy’s is perfectly located on Shore Road, which is at the heart of the Connecticut Shoreline district.

Wondering what’s on Teddy’s menu? They serve a number of gourmet and specialty pizzas. Some of our favorites include Hawaiian Meat Lovers, BBQ chicken pizza, steak pizza, and pepperoni pizza flavor.

Oh, and before we forget, we have to mention their margarita pizza. This is one of the most thrilling pizza options on their menu. It is delicious yet carries on the characteristic touch of a margarita with it. It is such a special pizza flavor.

The restaurant’s Facebook page showcases all the inviting pizza offers they have. There are announcements of new menu offers, discounts, and specials on there.

Teddy’s Pizza Palace is the best place to order pizza in Old Lyme. You’re welcome to stop by for lunch or dinner at Teddy’s Pizza Palace anytime between 10.30 am-8 pm daily.

Address: 264 Shore Rd, Old Lyme, CT 06371-2446. Phone: +1 860-434-1517

7. Hideaway Restaurant & Pub

Hideaway Restaurant & Pub

Do you want to eat at one of the top-rated Old Lyme restaurants? Then, you should visit Hideaway Restaurant & Pub.

It serves American favorites like burgers, sandwiches, and wings in an easygoing dining room. It is located in Old Lyme Shopping Center, which is along Halls Road.

Hideaway Restaurant & Pub is a classic American eatery with a nice atmosphere, good service, and an excellent selection of food and drinks.

They have an extensive menu featuring food items like shrimp cocktails, French onion soup, clam chowder, Osso Bucco, shrimp quesadilla, turkey & rice soup, chicken fingers & fries, and so on.

At the bar section, you can have chicken Marsella, martini, rum & coke, iced tea, and beer. Some foodies love simple beverages or water to complement their food. 

If you haven’t tried their grilled cheese with tomato & bacon, then you haven’t visited Hideaway yet. It’s a funny thought, but this food is superb. You just have to grab a bite of this combo.

Address: 19 Halls Rd, Old Lyme, CT 06371-1457. Phone: +1 860-434-1455

8. La Mia Pizzeria

La Mia Pizzeria

Up for some savory pizza near you in Old Lyme? Look no further than La Mia Pizzeria. It is one of the best places to eat in Old Lyme, CT.

There are many pizzerias in the area, but no one strikes us like La Mia Pizzeria. It is a casual chain offering thin-crust pies with house-made dough, plus deli sandwiches and salads.

La Mia Pizzeria offers authentic Italian-style pizzas that taste so good that you’ll revisit them. This pizza restaurant is located in Old Lyme Shopping Center along Halls Road. It is the best pizza restaurant in Old Lyme.

Everyone entering Da Vinci gets to enjoy high-quality pizza at affordable prices and great service. You can’t miss out on their La Mia Pizza, a very delicious specialty pizza. You should order this!

La Mia Pizzeria’s menu also features salads, sandwiches, and sides. They can serve pizza with sausage and onion. They can offer you a make-your-own-pizza option which permits you to pick your favorite pizza ingredients.

La Mia Pizzeria opens by 11 am and closes by 9 pm daily.

Address: 19 Halls Rd # 7 Old Lyme Shopping Center, Old Lyme, CT 06371-1457. Phone: +1 860-434-1676.

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9. Fresh Salt

Fresh Salt

Fresh Salt is a refined, New England-accented American seafood restaurant in an elegant setting with Connecticut River views.

Fresh Salt is a Michelin-Star restaurant in Saybrook Point Resort and Marina. 

It promises to provide food that’s “fresh from land and sea to your table.” Fresh Salt’s menu is filled with interesting seafood. The good selection of seafood at Fresh Salt Restaurant makes it one of the best.

As a guest at Fresh Salt, you enjoy food made with the freshest ingredients. This award-winning restaurant serves you food and well-crafted culinary experiences as you eat by the waterside views inside and out.

Some seafood delicacies you can enjoy here include lobster rolls, fried calamari, sea scallops, shrimp cocktail, and salmon burger. You can visit their website to learn more about Fresh Salt in Saybrook Point. 

Address: Bridge St, Old Saybrook, CT 06475-2502. Phone: +1 860-339-1318

10. Penny Lane Pub & Restaurant

Penny Lane Pub & Restaurant

Do you want to drink and have a great time with your buddies? Then look no further than Penny Lane Pub.

Penny Lane Pub is a down-home gastropub offering burgers alongside English-style bar fare, with outdoor seating.

This eatery and bar is a two-story historic Old Saybrook, CT building with a friendly staff and nice surroundings.

They serve a variety of quality, casual pub fares such as sensational salads, Shepherd’s pie, half-pound Angus Burgers, nachos, and more. You can visit their official site and social media account handle to see the full menu list.

Penny Lane Pub offers numerous interesting bar foods, but we recommend you keep it simple by ordering beer, fish & chips. It is the way to go at this fancy pub.

Penny Lane Pub opens by 11.30 am and closes by 9 pm daily.

Address: 150 Main St, Old Saybrook, CT 06475-2373. Phone: +1 860-388-9646

11. Liv’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant

Liv's Oyster Bar & Restaurant

Do you know of an oyster bar restaurant near you? You’re most likely not aware that such a restaurant exists in the first place. Well, Liv’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant is one such restaurant.

It is an oyster restaurant and bar establishment. It is a spacious, high-ceilinged room where a bar and raw bar flank one side and seafood stars on the menu.

Liv’s Oyster Bar was opened in 2006 and later became a dining destination in Old Saybrook. John Brescio, an executive chef with years of restaurant industry experience, founded it.

He set out with a desire to welcome the community to his food establishment with the promise of consistently serving high-quality meals. John and Liv’s partners are specialists in preparing stunning seafood.

They prepare the tastiest oyster meals in all of New London County. Thus the name Liv’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

 Address: 166 Main St Unit 4, Old Saybrook, CT 06475-2386. Phone: +1 860-395-5577

12. La Marea Ristorante

La Marea Ristorante

La Marea Ristorante is a fine dining restaurant that’s located on the shoreline of Connecticut’s Old Saybrook. It is a leather & wood-decorated restaurant preparing regional Italian cuisine & wood-fired pizzas.

La Marea Ristorante invites you to savor the authentic tastes of Italy when you dine with them. They offer the best-tasting Italian fare that will heighten your appreciation for Italian cuisine.

It is voted as the Reader’s Choice “Best Italian” restaurant in Connecticut Magazine Best of 2022 Restaurants. It is a fantastic place for romantic dates, business dinners, anniversaries, weddings, and private parties.

This restaurant’s outstanding meals, service, and very personable staff are the most desirable features customers like about it. They offer high-quality food in a cozy space with a friendly staff there to serve you at all times.

The menu contains interesting items such as fettuccine Bolognese, linguine alle vongole, tiramisu, gnocchi alla sorrentina, lasagnette al ragu, and more. Come to La Marea only in the evenings from 4.30 pm to 9 pm for you to enjoy the best fine dining experience there.

Address: 732 Middlesex Turnpike Rte. 154 near Rte. 9, Old Saybrook, CT 06475-1318. Phone: +1 860-391-8614.

Map of the Best Restaurants in Old Lyme, CT 

To get around during your trip to Old Lyme, here is a map of the best restaurants in Old Lyme with markers of the top places to eat in Old Lyme, CT.


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Plan a Trip to Old Lyme

Old Lyme is a town with a rural feel with peaceful neighborhoods, thus, making it a great retirement place in Connecticut.

As you may have noticed, Old Lyme restaurants are quite exceptional. There’s something for every preference.

The town’s restaurants offer all that a typical American suburban resident will need.