15 Best Restaurants in Childress, TX

Childress is a city and the seat of Childress County, Texas City, USA. It was established in the year 1887 and incorporated a city in 1890. Childress had a population of 5,844 in 2021

The city was named after a native of Nashville, Tennessee, called George Campbell Childress. He was the principal author of the Texas independent declaration, and in honor of his contributions, the city was named after him.

It can be exasperating when looking for the right place to eat whenever you are in a not-so-familiar environment.

Well!!! Worry no more because this article is all you need for your smooth, easy, and successful finding of the best Childress restaurants. Let’s get started!

Best Restaurants in Childress, TX

1. Golden Dragon 

Golden dragon

This is one of the excellent Childress restaurants. It is known for being very clean and neat. The restaurant offers flavor-filled meals made freshly from high-quality ingredients and transformed into delicious Chinese delicacies.

Their services here are always exquisite, delivered by well-experienced staff. You are rest assured that your experience in this restaurant is going to be worthwhile. They offer guests very generous portions at very affordable pricing, and your experience here will certainly be memorable.

Some of the deliciously prepared cuisines from their menu include; shrimp with cashew nut, sizzling rice seafood combination, sizzling chicken special, egg rolls, chicken noodles soup, pot stickers, sesame shrimp, wor wonton soup, and a whole lot more.

They are open to the public at these hours; Mon & Tue; Closed, Wed-Fri;11 am-2 pm & 5 pm-9 pm, Sat-Sun;11 am – 2 pm& 5 pm-9 pm. ( hours may differ).

Address;200 Ave 7 NM, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-3331.

2. Dawson’s Family restaurant

Dawson's Family restaurant

Here at this restaurant, you will be exposed to wonderful dishes for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. They are also second to non in their wonderful dessert options; their services are all delivered at a very swift time so that their customers won’t be kept waiting.

Their menu offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and many other exciting dishes served by highly trained staff; all of these are put together to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the sizzling dishes offered on their menu; coffee, buffet catfish with Mac & cheese, chicken fried steak, buffet meatloaf and catfish, club sandwich, hamburger and fries, fried fish and grilled veggies, chicken strip meat, soup and salad bars, grits & toast.

They are open to the public at these hours; Tue; closed, Wed &Thurs;7 am- 2 pm, Fri – Sat; 7 am- 8:30 pm, Sun-Mon; 7 am- 2 pm.

Address;1709 Ave F NW, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-2227.

3. McDonald’s 

Mc Donalds

McDonald’s is known worldwide; they are passionate about delivering the best of all the meals on its menu. It all started in 1954 by Ray Kroc, who started a small burger restaurant; from the days of its small beginning, it has become a worldwide name with over 36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries globally.

Ray Kroc’s ambition was to create a food service that would be well known for the provision of high-quality food made from uniform methods of preparation, and this is done successfully by making sure all of their recipes are the same and have been tested and trusted.

Some of the delicious delicacies on their menu include; Mc nuggets and meals, fries and sides, happy meals, sweets and treats, chicken and fish sandwiches, burgers, breakfast, beverages, and a whole lot more.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Mom-Thur;6 am-10 pm, Fri&Sat;5 am- 11 pm, Sun;5:30 am- 10 pm.

Address;2111 Ave FNW 287, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-3622.

4. Top-notch Texas BBQ

Top-notch Texas BBQ

Top-notch Texas BBQ are well grounded in the skillful craft of preparing the best of the southern grill in the city. It is one of the best places to eat in Childress, TX.

They give the public a chance to experience the taste of one of the best American cuisines with assorted options from which you can choose.

They uniquely prepare their meals, unlike the regular pattern in which meals are usually made, and they are twisted into exquisite delicacies that bring excitement to your taste buds,

Some of the superb dishes you will be experiencing include; a ribs plate, chicken fried steak, three meal plate, BBQ sandwich, rib eye, sweet tea, side salad, fried mushrooms, turkey plate, cowboy fries, banana pudding, mashed potatoes, pork sandwich, rack of ribs, BBQ salad, etc.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Mon-Thur;11 am-8:30 pm, Fri-Sat;11 am-9 pm, Sun; Closed.

Address;211 Ave F NW Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-8658.

5. Arby’s Restaurant

Arby's Restaurant

Are you looking for a restaurant that offers great dining and a fun-filled experience? Arby’s restaurant is the right place for you?

Arby’s restaurant is a fast-food chain with a fast-growing reach and spreads to over 3,400 restaurants worldwide. Since 1964, they have delivered tantalizing and mouth-watering sandwiches to their customers.

With their experiences over the years, they have provided their customers with very healthy dishes and even go as far as listing out the nutrition and allergic content of all their cuisines on their menu. This will help the customers to ascertain the nutritional content of the meals.

For the best experience for your breakfast visit Arby’s; you certainly won’t regret it.

Some of their cuisines include; roast turkey slider, oreo milkshake classic, vanilla shake, roast beef, chicken club wrap, side salad, smokehouse brisket, curry fries, Greek gyro,jalapeƱo bacon, beef n cheddar, fire-roasted Philly, etc.

They are open to serving the public at these hours; Mon-Sun, 7 am-12 am daily.

Address;2301 Ave NW, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-8769.

6. The Plaza Mexican Restaurant

The Plaza Mexican Restaurant

The Plaza Mexican restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that has endeavored to provide customers with standard varieties of Texan and Mexican fusion dishes. It is one of the top restaurants in Childress, TX.

Their topmost priority is to make sure that customers are provided with quality dishes served by humble and well-trained staff.

They have been going on with the tradition of delivering the best of all meals since 1982, and they have won the hearts of the public because of their consistency in giving the public the best cuisines.

Some of the unique cuisines on their menu include; sour cream, enmoladas, French fries, avocados, chips and salsa, chicken fajitas, carne asada plate, chimichangas, Chile pelleno, tortilla soup, charro beans, etc.

They are open to receive customers at these hours; 11 am-9 pm, Fri-Sat;11 am-9:30 pm, Sun; closed.

Address;1501 Ave F NW, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-8553.

7. J.T’s Drive-In

J.T's Drive-In

J.Ts Drive-In has a reputation for offering the best burgers and BBQs, catfish, and shrimp in Childress, TX.

It is a fast food chain that provides a thrilling and fun experience for your lunch, dinner, and solo dining experience.

Here at this exquisite restaurant, they offer you freshly made excellent comfort foods, small plates, and quick bites, and the kids are not left out because their menu encompasses great kids’ selections.

The atmosphere here has a historic feel and is usually cozy and casual.

Some of the exquisite dishes offered at this restaurant include; crab legs, onion rings, bacon cheeseburger plain and fries method hamburger, hush puppies, catfish platter, French fries, zucchini fries, pickle fries, jalapeno caps, chili cheese fries, etc.

They are available to the public at these hours; Mon; closed, Tue-Sun;11 am-9:30 pm.

Address;406 Ave F NW, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-2688.

8. Childress Bakery Sandwich Shop

Childress Bakery Sandwich shop

Childress Bakery Sandwich Shop treats the public to beautiful eye-catching, and mouth-watering baked goods made freshly each working day for utmost customer satisfaction.

Here, customers are treated to the best of pastry goodness filled with a creamy and unique taste, all combined to give you the best form of breakfast, brunch, and wonderful dessert experience.

For a treat to out-of-this-world dessert goodness and a wonderful breakfast experience, visit this restaurant in Childress, TX, and you sure won’t regret it.

These are some of the unique cuisines on their menu; glazed donuts, coffee, cookies, ice cream croissant, etc.

They are open to the public at the following hours; Thurs; closed; 4 am-2:30 pm, Mon-Wed;4 am-2:30 pm, Sat &Sun;4:30 am-12 pm.

Address;1001 Ave F NW, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-8771.

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9. Thai Kitchen

Thai Restaurant

This restaurant is best known for offering one-of-a-kind Thai cuisine from special Thai family recipes. It is revered one of the best restaurants in Childress, TX.

They offer a lot of wonderful food varieties such as small plates, comfort foods, quick bites, healthy options, vegan options, vegetarian options, and a whole lots more.

Thai restaurant is always willing to welcome everyone, whether alone or in the company of family and friends; you should not doubt that your experience here will be filled with bliss and fun as you dine in this restaurant.

They offer a lot of sizzling dishes, some of which include; Thai eggroll, pho, chicken broccoli, shrimp pad Thai, Panang chicken, combination chop suey, fried banana and ice cream, Mongolian beef, spicy curry with chicken, egg drop soup and a whole lots more.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Sat-Sun; closed(hours might differ), Mon-Fri;11 am-8:30 pm.

Address;1602 Ave F NW, Childress, TX 79201, United States. Phone;(940)937-2227.

10. Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Mr. Glen Bell established Taco Bell in Downey, California, in 1962. Over the years, Taco Bell has expanded to be a culture-centric lifestyle brand that offers customers very high-quality meals made from freshly obtained ingredients at affordable and pocket-friendly prices.

The Taco Bell brand has grown in excellence since its establishment, with nearly over 500 restaurants across 30 countries across the globe.

They are also the first QSR to lunch a mobile app in the United States to enable quick customer access.

They have a lot of awards accrued to their name, one of which includes being named as one of the fast companies’ top ten (10) most innovative companies in the world.

Their menu is packed with wonder-filled, deliciously crafted cuisines, some of which include; quesadilla, burrito fiesta potato, ground beef burrito, cheddar chipotle taco, orange juice, brown rice, cheesy potato griller, nacho fries, grilled breakfast,gulad jamun, etc.

They are open to the public at these hours; Sun-Mon, 9 am-11 pm.

Address;2707 Ave F NW, Childress, TX 7920, United States.Phone;(940)937-9090.

11. Wheat’s Artisan Bakery

Wheat's Artisan Bakery

For a splendid and relaxing breakfast experience, Wheat’s Artisan Bakery is just the place you need whenever you find yourself in the beautiful city of Childress.

Here at this bakery, they offer you elite customer service, just mere words may not be able to describe the great taste of all the pastry goodness that they have to offer.

It is highly recommended that you come and gain first-hand experience with all the grande-style treats you will be exposed to at this Bakery. Wheat’s Artisan Bakery is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat in Childress, TX.

Some of the superb treats on their menu include; cinnamon rolls, scones, oven-baked custom pizza, six different cookies, green chile cheese bread, pizza, etc.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Sun-Tue; Closed, Wed-Sat;7 am-2 pm.

Address;424 commerce St NW, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940l938-7036.

12. Porky’s Salon and BBQ

Porky's Salon and BBQ

Enjoy exquisite and mouth-watering dishes delivered to you by very polite and nice staff with great hospitality at Porky’s Salon and BBQ. It is regarded as one of the outstanding Childress restaurants.

Their menu is filled with many food choices, but their barbeque has uniqueness and is tagged one of the best tastes in all of Childress, TX.

This restaurant also features a bar on site large screen TV, which is usually very comfy for watching sporting events; it is a great place for your lunch, dinner, and solo dining experience.

Their menu entails a whole lot of superb dishes, some of which include; Texas twister, side beans, porky tacos, Mac n cheese, armadillo egg, cheeseburger, extra patty, catfish Friday, sample platter feeds, etc.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Sun-Wed; Closed(hours may differ), Thur-Sat;11 am-9 pm.

Address;610 Ave F NE Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)938-7085.

13. LA Unica Taqueria

LA Unica Taqueria

This is one of the best restaurants in Childress, TX,  offering patrons one of the best family-like cuisines. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner here.

You certainly will be reminded of a home feel and will find yourself yearning for a daily experience after your first tryout at this restaurant.

They deliver exquisite meals coupled with top-notch customer service, and of course, your meals will be delivered to you in a fantastic and very conducive, and relaxing atmosphere.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on all of these. When you are in Childress, TX, Pay a visit to LA unica Taqueria, You will be overwhelmed with an experience never to forget.

They serve delicious delicacies, some of which include; barbecue burritos or Menu do, flour tortillas,carne con papas burritos, quesadilla, one meat burritos, menu do beef /chicken fajitas, chicharrones con Chile, salsa dojo(red), etc.

They are open to serving the public at these hours; Sun-Mon;5 am-12 pm.

Address;2002 Nd St NE, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)938-7020.

14. Golden Chick Restaurant

Golden Chick Restaurant

The Golden Chick Restaurant is a very nice fast food chain known for giving customers great quality meals at their best.

At this restaurant, you will be given top-notch customer service. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and is always filled with vibes and liveliness.

The interior decor is splendid and gives the customers a home feel as they enjoy their meal in this beautiful restaurant. Pay a visit to this restaurant, and you be assured of a completely fun time as you dine.

Some of the superb dishes served on their menu include; salad, southern fried catfish, mixed chicken, sandwich, boneless buffalo wings, golden chicken, chicken tender specials, tender salad, golden roast, chicken salad, chicken Jr combo, etc.

They are available to serve the public at the following hours; Sat-Sun;10:30 am-10 pm.(daily).

Address;1910 Avenue F NW, Childress, TX 79201.Phone;(940)937-6869.

15. Garibaldi’s Restaurant

Garibaldi's Restaurant

This is a Mexican Restaurant tagged to be one of the top restaurants in Childress, TX, offering a blend of Mexican and American dishes.

This restaurant is family-owned. It has existed for over 20 years, and all of these years, they have gathered enough experience in preparing wonderful meals that will heighten your appetite and leave your stomach yearning for more.

Aside from the great meals, the restaurant is endowed with so many exciting features that are put in place to ensure that customers are thrilled and properly relaxed as they dine. Some of these features include; an all-you-can-eat buffet, great coffee, high chairs, and much more.

Some of the unique dishes served on their menu include; chicken enchiladas, plaza salad, quesadilla, green Verde salsa,ensalada de polo, chicha mores en las brazas, albondigas, fajita salad, chips and salsa, green verde salsa, etc.

They are open to serve the public at these hours; Sat-Mon; Closed, Fri-Tue;11 am- 2 pm.

Address;136 W Main St, Childress, TX 79201, United States.Phone;(940)937-3495.

Map of the Best Restaurants in Childress, TX

To get around during your trip to Childress, here is a map of the best restaurants in Childress with markers of the top places to eat in Childress, TX.


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