15 Best Restaurants in Bethlehem, NH

Bethlehem is a town found in Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA. It has a population of over 2,500. The town provides old-fashioned outdoor activities and live music performances for its fun-loving locals and tourists.

In addition, it offers antique shops, lively inns, and quaint restaurants downtown where people can relax, refuel, and shop for their needs.

Thus, you can treat yourself to a hearty meal, a drink, or coffee on a casual evening in any of the best Bethlehem restaurants.

Are you planning a trip to Bethlehem? Here are the best restaurants in Bethlehem, NH.

Best Restaurants in Bethlehem, NH

1. Cold Mountain Café

Cold Mountain Café

In the heart of the White Mountains rests Cold Mountain Café, serving inventive and internationally inspired cuisines. It is one of the best places to eat in Bethlehem, NH.

With its farm-to-table dishes, the restaurant patronizes small farms and businesses in Northern New England. The menu is extensive and features vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Cold Mountain has something for everyone!

This is where home-cooked meals are at their best. Start with a tasty bean cake, proceed with pasta and local wild mushrooms, and finish with the Italian lemon layer cake. A good cocktail or beer will be refreshing for your meal or to sip alone if you don’t want something heavy.

While Cold Mountains brings good food to your table, it also creates a free atmosphere. It is somewhere near the historical Colonial Theatre and makes it easier for anyone to walk in and relax before going for the display. 

Cold Mountain Café is open on Monday to Wednesday, from 4 – 9 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 11 am – 9 pm.

Address: 2015 Main Street, Rte 302, Bethlehem, NH 03574. Phone: (603) 869-2500

2. Rek-Lis Brewing

Rek-Lis Brewing

For a savory experience in Bethlehem, Rek-Lis Brewing is the perfect spot. It releases hometown vibes while ushering you into the wonders of a pub-style, farm-fresh meal. You may be lucky to visit when the live music is playing so you can gift your ears some lovely tunes.

The eclectic menu features favorites, like burgers, snacks, fries, guacamole, falafel, seafood, salad, soups, and sauces. Try the Ahi tuna wild rice bowl with a beer. Its taste is refreshing; you would want another round of enjoyment.

There is an extensive selection of beers, so you have a lot to sample. You may also request a carryout for your family. Those with special diet needs, such as vegans, will find incredible options. Feel good and enjoy your meal.

Rek-Lis Brewing is open on Thursday to Monday, from 11 am – 9 pm.

Address: 2085 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574-4966, Phone: +1 360-852-1234

3. Rosa Flamingo’s

Rosa Flamingo's

Located close to Mount Washington Hotel, Rosa Flamingo’s is an enticing restaurant to walk in and create memories.

It provides an environment where you can relax and eat authentic Italian food. The staff is also approachable, as they welcome you with inestimable smiles, which further helps you to feel great.

Don’t worry; your favorite flavor is on the menu, whether chicken dishes, burgers, pizzas, meatballs, seafood, salad, and pasta dishes. If you love shrimp dishes, you should consider the restaurant’s signature scampi shrimp and salad that oozes deliciousness. What about getting a glass of wine or margarita to wash down the meal?

Rosa Flamingo’s makes sure your comfort is their priority. That is why a casual dinner is all you need to get your head going. There is enough seating and space to help you relax and enjoy every bit of your presence.

Rosa Flamingo’s is one of the best Bethlehem restaurants. It opens on Wednesday to Saturday, from 5 – 11 pm.

Address: 2312 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574-4946, Phone: +1 603-869-3111

4. The Maia Papaya

The Maia Papaya

The owners of The Maia Papaya are glad to bring excellent tastes to the locals and visitors of Bethlehem. The diner is all-American that focuses on serving breakfast dishes to its celebrated guests. It stands tall among the best restaurants in Bethlehem, NH, and gives a welcoming ambiance that sets the mood for a delicious meal.

The eclectic menu features something for every taste bud and allows you to select tasty baked goods, smoothies, coffees, and teas. Try the Breakfast Sandwich, containing your choice bagel, English muffin, or bread and topped with cheddar cheese. Alternatively, the Breakfast Burrito comprises two scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, salsa, and spicy beans, then wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla and a side cream.

Remember, the restaurant offers vegetarian dishes. Of course, you can stop in for lunch and take in some wafting scents of soups. So, come and experience Bethlehem in diverse flavors; you won’t be disappointed.

The Maia Papaya is open on Monday to Thursday, from 7 am – 3 pm, and Friday to Sunday, from 7 am – 5 pm.

Address: 2161 Main, Bethlehem, NH 03574, Phone: +1 603-869-9900

5. Adair Country Inn Restaurant

Adair Country Inn Restaurant

If the location and views of the White Mountain are vital to you, then Adair Country Inn Restaurant will make sense for your next dining experience. It is one of the top restaurants in Bethlehem, NH.

Adair Country Inn Restaurant provides an inviting atmosphere to create romantic memories and share fun moments. With a stunning landscape and nicely displayed flowers, you know you are not only coming for the meal.

The food is freshly made with locally sourced ingredients, which leave a lasting effect on you. Ask for lamb chops, prawns, and a salad dish, and combine it with a good cocktail. Finish with a cheesecake wedge or blueberry pie for your dessert.

Of course, this is different from your typical restaurant that offers only food; the dining room is as inviting as the patio seating. The staff is attentive and will make your presence an unforgettable one.

Address: 80 Guider Ln, Bethlehem, NH 03574-4327, Phone: +1 603-444-2600

6. Bethlehem Country Club Restaurant

Bethlehem Country Club Restaurant

At Bethlehem Country Club Restaurant, you can entice your appetite with delectable American-style dishes. It is one of the top restaurants in Bethlehem, NH. 

This restaurant offers freshly made comfort food in a pleasant setting. The food is also cheap and hits the spot; you won’t want to miss a great breakfast here.

If you have a soft spot for meat, this gem has chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef dishes, which can pair well with salad and a good drink. However, start your day with toast, pancakes, or egg dishes paired with hot chocolate or coffee. 

Although the restaurant is not fancy, it serves simple, delicious meals. Plus, it overlooks the beautiful golf course and mountains. There is a lot to make the place laid-back and exciting. The locals enjoy hanging out with folks and sharing a good evening or weekend time.

Bethlehem Country Club Restaurant is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 8 am – 5 pm.

Address: 1901 Main, Bethlehem, NH 0357, Phone: +1 603-869-5556

7. Super Secret Ice Cream Club

Super Secret Ice Cream Club

This is a small ice cream joint in the heart of White Mountain, selling delicious frozen food. Super Secret Ice Cream Club uses natural flavors and local ingredients from nearby farms to produce the ice cream. You may not always get the desired flavors because of the season you walked in.

In addition to the taste, the ice cream is pleasantly packaged in the kitchen. Hence, you can stop in, pick up your favorite and leave. However, if you prefer to dine in, the setting is quaint and best for a summer afternoon stop-in. You can combine your favorite flavors to give you the feel you desire. 

Moreover, the chocolate brownie ice cream or the vanilla-flavored stands out, and the freshness is out of this world. The prices are also affordable. Nothing stops you from giving your sweet tooth a nice treat during the weekend.

Super Secret Ice Cream Club is open on Thursday to Sunday, from 12 – 9 pm.

Address: 2213 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574-4970

8. The Wayside Restaurant

The Wayside Restaurant

Sharing a hearty traditional American breakfast with your loved ones while visiting Bethlehem is one thing you should not miss. The Wayside Restaurant is one of the outstanding Bethlehem restaurants. It offers welcoming vibes and high-quality meals. All the treats you have dreamt of are possible just a step away from this stunning eatery.

In addition, the dining room overlooks the river, offering a pleasant view that would bring you back for another experience. The restaurant is an offshoot of the Wayside Inn, which means there’s an excellent place to rest your head while the river blabs away. Besides, this little gem is only a few minutes from Bretton Woods and off downtown. Would you not love to watch the sunset trickle in as you have a casual dinner in the Wayside Restaurant?

If so, you should start with scallops wrapped in bacon and served with honey mustard. Then, proceed with delicious fried chicken and steak tips with salad. Alternatively, cheese quesadilla, sweet potato mash, and potato wedges will be fun. A chocolate mousse cup is a great dessert; if you are on dietary restriction, there is something for you.

The Wayside Restaurant is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 4 – 8 pm, Friday to Saturday, from 4 – 9 pm, and closed on Monday to Wednesday.

Address: 3738 Main Street, Route 302 The Wayside Inn, Bethlehem, NH 03574-5123, Phone: +1 603-869-3364.

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9. Tim-Bir Alley

Tim-Bir Alley

Nestled in Main Street, close to Bethlehem, is Tim-Bir Alley, a farm-to-table restaurant. It is family owned and provides a casual to the chic ambiance. The eclectic menu features food prepared from scratch by the owners, and wines and beers, which are locally produced. 

Caesar salad is a good appetizer, but a chicken sandwich, steak, or pasta Bolognese is excellent for a main course meal. Consider a hazelnut chocolate tort or warm brownie with pistachio ice cream for your dessert. Ensure to pair your meal with a glass of wine or beer.

In addition, while coming, remember that you will leave having enjoyed a fine dining experience in an upscale setting. The restaurant is perfect for intimate dining or a quiet meal when you crave your own company. Nothing on the menu could make you go beyond your budget.

Tim-Bir Alley is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 5 – 9 pm. 

Address: 7 Main St, Littleton, NH 03561-4007 (4.6 miles Littleton), Phone: +1 603-444-6142 

10. The Coffee Pot Restaurant

The Coffee Pot Restaurant

The Coffee Pot Restaurant is nestled near the White Mountains, serving a hot cup of coffee with breakfast. All the dishes are made from scratch and to order, with high-quality ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere. If you don’t want breakfast options, you can select from the soups and sandwiches for brunch.

Choose from the breakfast options, such as toast, hash browns, pancakes, omelets, or hotdogs. Catholic burgers are open for a pick if you would prefer them. Of course, a cup of coffee of your choice will be great to wash it down.

Come hungry and select your favorite dish, regardless of your diet preference. The restaurant is family-style and believes in bringing friends and family together to share beautiful moments. But know that the seating is not large enough to contain many people at once. However, you will enjoy the atmosphere you create by sharing your meal with others.

The Coffee Pot Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Bethlehem, NH. It opens on Monday to Saturday, from 6:30 am – 2 pm, and Sunday, from 6:30 am – 12 pm.

Address: 30 Main St, Littleton, NH 03561-4009 (4.6 miles Littleton), Phone: +1 603-444-5722 

11. Schilling Beer Co.

Schilling Beer Co.

At Schilling Beer Co, you will experience tastes of beers creatively brewed with passion and served hospitably. It is one of the best pub-style restaurants near Bethlehem, which inspired European history. The atmosphere is quaint and releases some laid-back vibes. There is also a tasting room to enjoy some glasses of specialty beers, as you desire.

Aside from the drinks, you will enjoy wood-fired pizzas with many flavors. Guests are enthusiastic about the chicken maple bacon pizza. You can grab one with a can of beer and relax for an incredible treat. 

The service is stellar, and the prices does not eat into the pocket. Have a great time in the outdoor patio, and enjoy the view of the water in Littleton. Here is a beautiful place where you will be warmly received with smiles.

Schilling Beer Co. is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 12 – 8 pm, and Friday to Saturday, from 12 – 9 pm.

Address: 18 Mill St, Littleton, NH 03561-4000 (4.7 miles Littleton), Phone: +1 603-444-4800

12. Littleton Freehouse Taproom & Eatery

Littleton Freehouse Taproom & Eatery

If you are looking for a place to clink glasses with your friends and eat a light meal, Littleton Freehouse Taproom & Eatery makes a better description. The range of beer produced in this taproom is eclectic. Plus, serving as a pub-eatery, you will have some local dishes to keep the fun going. 

Besides, the atmosphere is fabulous for a casual lunch or dinner. As the eatery overlooks a river,  it makes it spot on for a great view, blending with the atmosphere and meal to hit the spot. Hence, the locals do not joke about coming here because it helps them to unwind after a great day.

Grab a delicious chicken sandwich with salad and sip a glass of beer. If you prefer shrimp tacos with fries or salad, it will be an excellent idea. 

Littleton Freehouse Taproom & Eatery opens on Sunday to Saturday, from 11:30 am – 9 pm.

Address: 28 Cottage St, Littleton, NH 03561-5716 (4.5 miles Littleton), Phone: +1 603-575-5410

13. The Little Grille at the Depot

The Little Grille at the Depot

Nestled in an old depot behind a bridge near the river is The Little Grille at the Depot. It blends Mexican and Brazilian dishes with a Southern flair. So, you must visit it and let your taste buds indulge in some flavors. 

You will be pleased with the restaurant’s food, which is freshly curated with locally sourced and exotic ingredients. Nowhere around Bethlehem makes you feel more relaxed after a great meal than this little diner.

Go Mexican with a shrimp fajita, seafood, or tequila-lime marinated chicken breast. Then, order Bloody Mary to wash it down. You can also make it simple by taking a burger or vanilla ice cream as a dessert. But if you want a Brazilian option, select a good barbecue with side dishes.

The Little Grille at the Depot is open on Sunday to Thursday, from 11:30 am – 8 pm, Friday to Saturday, from 11:30 am – 9 pm, and closed on Monday to Wednesday.

Address: 62 Cottage St, Littleton, NH 03561-5716 (4.5 miles Littleton), Phone: +1 603-444-0395

14. Chang Thai Café

Chang Thai Café

Go Thai by coming to Chang Thai Café and indulging in Asian flavors straight from the heart of Thailand. At the entrance, smiling faces usher you into the cozy and comfortable setting, where the feasting starts.

You will discover traditional Thai cuisine with a touch of a modern twist. The food quality is extraordinary, with large portions that can be shared. A few of the content of the menu include chicken fried rice, potstickers, sushi rolls, dumplings, egg rolls, soups, and Korean beef. Eating the noodle dishes like Pad Thai, well-spiced, is a must.

You can drop by for brunch, lunch, or dinner; whatever you decide to eat will be worth the money. Whether you want alone time or with the people that matter to you, you will not be disappointed. 

Chang Thai Café is open on Monday to Friday, from 11:30 am – 3 pm and 4 – 9 pm, and Saturday to Sunday, from 11:30 am – 9 pm.

Address: 77 Main St, Littleton, NH 03561-4018 (4.7 miles Littleton), Phone: +1 603-444-8810

15. Littleton Diner

Littleton Diner

Set in Littleton, New Hampshire, Littleton Diner has been a mainstay of the neighborhood for ages. Its hearty meal, cooked home-style with England standards, is the restaurant’s main attraction. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable for your pocket. 

Although the diner is small, the food is excellent for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you crave a simple meal, go for hash brown and bacon. For lunch or dinner, good seafood or soup will be fantastic. Top it up with a slice of cake or ice cream for dessert. Coffees, soft drinks, and others are ready to pair with your meal. 

In addition, the place is spot-on if you want to step back in time. It is the locals’ diner where everyone knows someone. You will also interact with lovely faces willing to extend a hand of friendship.

Littleton Diner is open on Sunday to Saturday, from 6 am – 8 pm.

Address: 145 Main St, Littleton, NH 03561-4019 (4.8 miles Littleton), Phone: +1 603-444-3994.

Map of the Best Restaurants in Bethlehem, NH

To get around during your trip to Bethlehem, here is a map of the best restaurants in Bethlehem with markers of the top places to eat in Bethlehem, NH.


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Plan a Trip to Bethlehem 

Bethlehem in New Hampshire is an excellent town to visit because it has a lot to offer in the dining scene. Whether on a road trip or want to spend the weekend, stop in any of the Bethlehem restaurants above and give yourself some mouthwatering treats.

Start planning your trip to Bethlehem, Have fun!