“Keep a Diary so you can Remember your Experiences” – Alan Atkinson

Travelling makes a fun way to go about life, you get to meet places, new cultures and interesting peoples with lots of ideas.

An important part which should not be left out is keeping an archive of your exploits, here in this article, we have a passionate traveler as well as a travel blogger, Alan Atkinson.

Travelling the world, Alan is also passionate about sharing his experience through his blog, he has visited 5 out of the 7 continents, and currently reside in the United Kingdom.

You can take to exploring his blog to learn more of his adventures.

Travelers & Locals with Alan Atkinson

Meet Alan Atkinson

Alan Atkinson: The Great Wall, China

I’m Alan, 36 years old, and living in the United Kingdom.

A once avid traveler who has traveled to 5 of the 7 continents I’ve now taken on a new adventure with my daughter and family life; however, the desire for travel very much remains and now planning on future plans.

The Passion as a Traveller and Travel Blogger

I’ve always loved being an outdoors person and exploring new places. As I’ve got older, I’ve discovered a love for learning about different cultures.

Before my first big travel trip, I wanted to make sure I kept in touch with friends and family so I could let them know what I was doing each day but I started to get more out of the blogs, they became a bit of a diary to remind me what I did each day, what feelings I felt.

I then started to find people following me and I then also took an interest to follow like-minded travellers as it’s great to hear other people’s stories and learn their experiences as well as learn about locations I’ve not been to that could possibly be the next adventure.

Best Destinations Visited

I have been to Peru, China, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Italy, I have also visited Greece

Fun Attractions and Activities in these Destinations.

In Peru, I enjoyed the Sunrise at Machu Pichu as well as Swimming with 10,000 sea lions

China Enjoying the Great Wall all to myself, Eating so much Chinese food (tastes so much better than back home)

Mexico, the Stunning Tulum views as well as Sleeping in a wooden hut in Palenque jungle

Costa Rica, Seeing so much wildlife and White water rafting down the Sarapiquí river

Belize: Swimming with Nurse Sharks and stingrays and Floating in a rubber dinghy down a lazy river going in and out of caves

Italy: The colosseum is just spectacular as well as the Amazing ancient ruins .

Greece is Just perfect for a chilled vacation and guaranteed good weather also enjoyed trying out delicious Greek food

Tips for Anticipating Travellers

  • Do some research, make sure you’ve planned your itinerary as some places book up quickly or open at certain times
  • If travelling solo and country not familiar or slightly unsafe, think about booking through a tour operator as it’s a great way to meet other travellers, you get security of being in a large group, you have a local knowledgable tour guide and your accommodation and transportation is all sorted
  • Always take enough cash with you

Destinations on your Bucketlist

Iceland – just looks beautiful and I’d love to see the green lights

Japan – stunning country and beautiful culture

General Travel Tips for Travellers

Create your own blogs whilst you’re away so you can go back and revisit your adventures or at least keep a diary so you can remember your feelings and experiences.

You’ll be surprised how quickly after your trip has ended that you start to forget moments of what happened, by having it written down helps replay the adventure.

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The views expressed in the above article are of Alan Atkinson.

Website: TravelBlog

Photography: Facebook.com/siralanphotography

Interviewed By: Dave [Tourist Checklist Editorials]