25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Ely (NV)

Ely is the largest city and the county seat of White Pine County in Eastern Nevada, United States. The city had a population of 4,002 people at the 2021 census.

If you are planning a vacation in Nevada, there are quite some fun things to do in Ely, NV. This historic city offers many amazing attractions that will pique your interest, as it is famous for its amazing history.

There is a historic railroad in the city that is well-maintained. It is one of the favorite places to find in the city currently.

The city has other attractions that portray its natural aesthetic. It is ideal for tourists searching for a tranquil place to visit

Let’s explore the best things to do in Ely, NV.

Things to Do in Ely, NV

1. Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park

Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park
Credits: Brenda Fitz / Shutterstock
Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park

An interesting site to check out in Ely is the Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park. It features about six charcoal ovens with the shape of beehives.

The charcoal ovens were used to process silver ore discovered in the region from 1876 to 1879. Because of a collapse in the mining industry, they repurposed the ovens as shades for tourists

It is also believed that these charcoal ovens served as hiding spots for stagecoach criminals. This attraction is popular among tourists as it is a place for fishing, hiking, and camping. 

Ward Charcoal Ovens States Historic Park is one of the best places to visit in Ely, NV. When you visit, you will find various types of animals. It is an ideal location for visitors who love the outdoors.

Address: Ely, NV 89315, United States

2. Ely Renaissance Village

Ely Renaissance Village
Credits: zombieite / Flickr
Ely Renaissance Village

Ely Renaissance Village is a popular attraction in Ely, NV. Exploring this destination is one of the top things to do in Ely, NV.

This museum displays century-old cabins, ranching outbuildings, and historical miners. These were remodeled into cultural hubs that served as a place for educating both locals and tourists concerning the many ethnicities from different countries who come to live in Ely.

The cabin comprises wood-burning stoves, glass flatware, and claw tubs that will help you appreciate and recall how life was in the early 1900s.

This place is a well-known location for concerts, theatre productions, workshops, and other shows. If you love live performances or want to partake in their workshops to showcase your artistic side, include this place on your bucket list. 

You can also partake in the Ely Walking Tour if you want to enjoy the art scene in Ely. The tour allows you to browse through various areas of the city and appreciate the outstanding wildlife and scupper mounted by the Ely Renaissance Society.

Address: 400 Ely St, Ely, NV 89315, United States

3. Steptoe Park

Steptoe Park
Credits: Ken Lund / Flickr
Steptoe Park

Steptoe Park is an ideal place to visit to spend an amazing time outdoors with family and friends.

The Park comprises a soccer field and a playground where visitors can enjoy playing. It also has an area where you can relax and take a walk while enjoying some breeze and scintillating views of the lush trees.

There is a pavilion on site where you can relax. The Park occupies a land area of 6 acres, implying ample space for you, your friends, and your loved ones.

It also has a basketball court where you can hone your basketball skills or have a great time with other tourists.

Address: Ely, NV 89301, USA

4. Cave Lake State Park

Cave Lake State Park
Credits: LittleGiggleBoxes / Shutterstock
Cave Lake State Park

Are you a nature lover looking for a place to have great fun in the outdoors? Then visit Cave State Park. It is one of the fun things to do in Ely, NV.

The State Park covers a land area of 4,000 acres that contains pristine waters, beautiful landscapes, and rich greenery.

It is also a great place for fishing, as it is filled with German brown trout and rainbow trout. You can explore the area by going boating and swimming. Ensure to bring extra clothes with you while visiting the State Park for a better and stress-free visit.

Mountain biking and hiking are also ways to enjoy the natural beauty of this Park. Camping is an ideal way for families to enjoy this area’s beautiful surroundings and lovely weather.

The Cave Lake State Park is also ideal for visiting during winter. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing are some of the well-known activities to explore during this time.

Address: US Highway 93-Success Summit, Ely, NV 89315, United States

5. White Pine Public Museum

White Pine Public Museum
Credits: White Pine Public Museum & McGill Historic Drug Store / Facebook
White Pine Public Museum

The White Pine Public Museum is the abode for two large short-faced bears discovered in White Pine County Cabe in 1982. It is an incredible place for couples, single travelers, or families keen on knowing about the city’s interesting history.

When you visit, take enough time to learn about the Lincoln Highway via the exhibits in the museum.

You can also check out the Native American artifacts in the museum and see how greatly the mining industry has influenced the local community in White Pine County.

Before you leave, you can visit their gift shop to purchase items that’ll serve as memorabilia from this area. This Museum is one of the best places to visit in Ely, NV.

Address: 2000 E Aultman St, Ely, NV 89315, United States

6. Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Nevada Northern Railway Museum
Credits: Ventu Photo / Shutterstock
Nevada Northern Railway Museum

If you are a historian, one of the top things to do in Ely, NV, is to check out the Nevada Northern Railway Museum.

The Nevada Northern Railway Museum provides a special way of recalling the past. The Museum features Nevada’s original locomotives that offer a 90-minute train ride that has been functioning for over 100 years.

The trip begins at the Ely historic depot. Visitors appreciate the beautiful mountain views and stories that tell about the city’s history.

If you want to enjoy your tour, you can choose any themed rides, like the Night Sky Start Train, Evening Champagne, and Star Train, which are ideal for partners searching for a lovely place to have a memorable night out.

Another perfect time to visit this place is during the holiday season. The Museum offers Santa’s Train rides for Christmas and Haunted Ghost Train for Halloween.

If you are keen on learning the operational methods of these trains, the Museum provides first-hand learning experiences to tourists.

Address:1100 Ave A, Ely, NV 89315, United States

7. Fire and Ice Winter Festival

Fire and Ice Winter Festival
Credits: Zodar / Shutterstock

The annual Fire and Ice festival in White PINE County has persisted since 2003. The festival happens on the third weekend of January each year.

 It involves the community coming together to honor Martin Luther King Jr. with food, fireworks, and games, irrespective of the weather. 

Different teams compete for cash prizes to make amazing artwork for three days on the ice of Cave Lake State Park.

Other activities include snow bowling tournaments, ice sculpture tournaments, and snow bowling tournaments carried out on the frozen Cave Lake. Attending the Fire and Ice Winter Festival is one of the fun things to do in Ely, NV.

Address: Ely, Nevada, United States

8. Prospector Hotel and Gambling Hall

Prospector Hotel and Gambling Hall
Credits: Prospector Hotel & Gambling Hall / Facebook
Prospector Hotel and Gambling Hall

If you are searching for a place to relax and have fun, check out the Prospector Hotel and Gambling Hall.

 Upon entering the hotel’s lobby, you will be greeted by beautiful chandeliers, coupled with finely decorated walls designed by a prominent cowboy artist, Tim Cox.

For history enthusiasts, the hotel features many historical photographs and antiques showcased in different areas of the hotel for your viewing pleasure.

The hotel has a casino available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for visitors to play and have fun. Enjoy playing games on their slot machines and video poker when you visit. There are delicious foods and drinks in their lounge.

Address: 1501 E Aultman St, Ely, NV 89315, United States

9. Shoshone-Crafted Jewelry Garnet Mercantile

Shoshone-Crafted Jewelry Garnet Mercantile
Credits: Kwangmoozaa / Shutterstock

A vacation to any city is never complete without going shopping, so endeavor to include shopping in Shoshone-Crafted Jewelry Garnet Mercantile to your itinerary of the best things to do in Ely, NV.

Garnet Mercantile is in the downtown area of Ely. It comprises locally produced items and brands ideal for tourists searching for special items they cannot get anywhere else.

If you are a collector, you are in for a treat. All the items here are unique, including handcrafted jewelry and home products.

If you are searching for a special souvenir, here is the right place to visit. The most exciting thing about this store is that visitors can browse a wide selection of Shoshone-crafted jewelry.

Address: 363 E Aultman St, Ely, NV 89301, United States

10. White Pine Golf Course

White Pine Golf Course
Credits: taka1022 / Shutterstock

The White Pine Golf Course earned itself the “most remote 18-hole golf course in America.” because of its far-flung distance from other golf courses.

There are advantages to being in a secluded area. The White Pine Golf Course is 6,500 feet above sea level. The temperatures during summer are moderate, and the ball travels far.

One of the front nine travels down the Nevada Northern Railway years, offering an exceptional backdrop to golf against gorgeously preserved red barns and mountains with great heights.

Other things to find on the golf course include a clubhouse, a driving range, a pro shop, and seasonal events.

Address: 151 N Golf Course Rd, Ely, NV 89301, United States

11. Ely Art Bank

Ely Art Bank
Credits: Ely Art Bank / Facebook
Ely Art Bank

If you are an art enthusiast, there is no better place to begin your tour than the Ely Art Bank.

Ely Art Bank comprises permanent exhibits of different types, like photos and paintings. It also has sculptures that showcase Ely’s history. You get the chance to browse through the art pieces of local artists.

If you are in search of any unique items that you can put in your house, there are furniture, handmade jewelry, and other art pieces that local artists produce.

Address: 399 E Aultman St, Ely, NV 89315, United States

12. Sunset Lanes Bowling Center

Sunset Lanes Bowling Center
Credits: Boris Medvedev / Shutterstock

There are limitless fun opportunities for tourists planning to visit the Sunset Lanes in Ely, NV. This establishment has been functioning for about 35 years and has adopted the use of wooded lanes for a long time.

If you want to enjoy bowling, you can visit the Sunset Lanes Bowling Center on Saturdays for their cosmic bowling.

After many hours of bowling with your family members and friends, you can enjoy the delicious food and drinks sold at their snack bar to refill and return to playing. 

Sunset Lanes Bowling Center is also the right venue to host your special events, including corporate events, family reunions, and birthday parties.

Address: 1240 E Aultman St, Ely, NV 89301, United States

13. Central Theatre

Central Theatre
Credits: Ammodramus / Public Domain
Central Theatre

Another exciting place to check out during your tour in Ely is the Central Theater. It features Art d├ęco Styles. This Theatre is the perfect attraction to visit and relax after a busy day touring through the city.

Central Theater was constructed in 1940, and over the years, it has been a favorite location among tourists and locals.

The Theatre offers convenient seats and a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience through its sophisticated technology.

You can buy some delicious snacks on-site to add to your movie experience. You can also buy cold beers and tasty cocktails to go with your snacks.

Address: 145 W 15th St, Ely, NV 89301, United States

14. Shoshone Tribe Fandango & Pow Wow

Shoshone Tribe Fandango & Pow Wow is a yearly festival of Ely’s Shoshone Tribe that happens in late July. You can be a part of this cultural celebration. So, ensure to add it to your itinerary of what to do in Ely, NV.

Besides the normal marching bands and floats to witness here, this annual festival also carries out traditional drumming and dancing.

Visitors can also witness their corn hole tournament, horseshoes, archery, horseshoes, other traditional hand games, vendors, an entertaining run or walk, artisans, children’s activities, raffles, and Barbecue.

Address: 505 S Pioche Hwy, Ely, NV 89301, United States

15. East Ely Railroad Depot

Check out the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum and see its outstanding exhibits and galleries for yourself.

The museum was built in 1905. It attracts visitors to see how the railroads looked during the 1900s. Also, a tour of the museum takes you to the history of this place.

On the opposite side of the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum, you will find the Nevada Northern Railway Foundation, which provides visitors with the opportunity to make reservations for tours and have a better insight into the stores and facilities of the popular Railroad.

Address: 1100 Ave A Ely, NV 89301, United States

16. Jailhouse Motel & Casino


If you love casino games and want to try your luck, Jailhouse Motel and Casino is the right place to be.

There are many games to play and have fun, such as video poker, video blackjack, slot machines, and many more.

A jackpot winner emerges every day, and you might be lucky, so why not visit to try your luck? You can have an incredible dining experience here as well. You can check out their Cell Block Steakhouse to enjoy a meal and tasty wine.

You will enjoy the amazing foods at Juanita and Chava’s Taco Shop. You can have a glass of whisky or cocktail at the Jailhouse Lounge in a relaxing and convenient atmosphere. 

Visitors can see their favorite games at the Jailhouse Sports Bar while they sip a drink with other fans. If you intend to spend the night, you can book any of their rooms, fitted with comfortable beds, TV, and Wi-Fi.

Address: 211 5th St, Ely, NV 89301, United States

17. Eastern Nevada Adventures

Eastern Nevada Adventures
Credits: soft_light / Shutterstock

If you want an adventurous vacation in Ely, make reservations for a trip with Eastern Nevada Adventures. It should be on your checklist of what to do in Ely, NV.

During this trip, Visitors will be exposed to scenic nature trails and beautiful landscapes via the supervision of a local professional. 

Seeing different wildlife like deer, horses, and elk is a wonderful opportunity. Bird watchers will also have a great time during this trip.

Another interesting activity that is fun around this area is going camping with family and friends. You can get support from Eastern Nevada Adventures’ experts.

Address: 1095 E Aultman St, Ely, NV 89315, United States

18. McGill Pool

McGill Pool
Credits: Artfilmphoto / Shutterstock

The McGill Pool is an old-fashioned, outdated pool in McGill, NV, just a 17-minute drive from Ely. This place is a perfect place to enjoy outdoor swimming. It is a well-known place in the community and gives this nostalgic feeling that you would not want to let go of in a hurry.

The McGill Pool is mostly open to the public on Memorial Day Weekend and some particular weekdays. This incredible swimming location has been a place to cool off from the sunny weather for many years.

A spring close by gives water to this naturally warm pool. The outdoor swimming pools feature diving boards, slides, and white sands. It also has a heated pool that is ideal for any weather condition. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the views.

Address: US-93, McGill, NV 89318, United States

19. Economy Drug & Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain

Economy Drug & Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain
Credits: Economy Drug / Facebook
Economy Drug & Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain

You rarely see these drugstore soda fountains in the country, as there are not too many. The place is well-maintained and offers delicious food for its customers. 

Ensure not to drive past this beautiful vintage drugstore soda fountain when passing the old downtown area of Ely. It is a wonderful place not to miss out on during your vacation in the city.

The drug store soda fountain has a history that goes way back as 1946. It has been a huge part of history and is currently managed by the family’s third generation. The grandfather of the store’s current pharmacist, Dale Miller, is the store’s founder.

 They serve the very best of sandwiches. Quality ice cream, coffee, and espresso are also available. Their staff is excellent as well.

Address: 696 E Aultman St, Ely, NV 89301, United States

20. Shooter’s Bar and Grill

Shooter's Bar and Grill
Credits: Tim Sulov / Shutterstock

The Shooter’s Bar and Grill is an excellent place to visit and enjoy the very best of liquor. It is an ideal place to enjoy a fine cocktail, booze, and the finest pub food in the city.

You can also try out their favorite dishes. Shooter’s Bar and Grill provides its patrons with unique American dishes, such as burgers and steak. Lunch is also available should you be craving a delicious pub meal.

Shooter’s Bar and Grill, for over 30 years, has been a favorite destination for the community and should be a must-see place for you during your tour in Ely, NV. 

Address: 714 E Aultman St #2501, Ely, NV 89301, United States

21. Ely Film, Art, and Music Festival

Ely Film, Art, and Music Festival
Credits: Billion Photos / Shutterstock

The scenic terrain and unique depiction of the wild American West in Ely, NV, make it a favorite location for many filmmakers over the years.

Ely, over time, has been a well-known location for making movies way back to the 1920s. This is obtainable via its ancient architecture, stunning mountain landscape, railroad, and lovely locals.

Although this place sits on a rural site in the Nevada High Desert, the city annually hosts a film event that celebrates its placement in the history of Hollywood.

You can have conversations with the filmmakers and other members of the production group at the film festival. You can see short and lengthy film entries if you love attending film festivals.

The film submissions by various participants will compete for cash prizes and honors. In addition, you will enjoy the art exhibitions and live music performances throughout the three-day weekend. 

Address: Ely, Nevada, United States

22. McGill Drugstore Museum’s Full Shelf Inventory

McGill Drugstore Museum's Full Shelf Inventory
Credits: Finetooth [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
McGill Drugstore Museum’s Full Shelf Inventory
Between 1915 to 1979, the McGill Drugstore was in operation not until Kennecott Copper halted its operations, which led to the closure of the drugstore.

The McGill Drugstore still has its complete inventory in the same way as it was, together with prescription medications.

The place opened again as McGill Drugstore Museum with over 30,000 records that date back to 1915. Everything here was as it was back in operation and is just a 15-minute drive from Ely.

In the museum, you will find names of brands that existed in those times. The store has tons of fascinating products like the Dippity-do. 

Address: 11 S 4th St, McGill, NV 89318, United States

23. Success Loop

The Success Loop in Eastern Nevada, close to Ely, is an amazing 38-mile drive that few people outside this area care to follow or even know about.

The scenic drive offers scintillating views across the total area and many things to do on the roadsides directly to the Schell Creek Range. Also, this Park leads off towards picturesque Cave Lake State Park.

Beginning your ride at Cave Lake State Park and finishing close to McGill will be better. The landscape here is indeed beautiful, with lots of birch trees. The roads are easily accessible as well.

Address: Ely, Nevada, United States

24. Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill
Credits: Paul Briden / Shutterstock
Garnet Hill

The Garnet Hill recreational area offers guests unique activities for a fun day or weekend. It will take you to the era of the 1900s when the population of Ely flourished because of the Gold Rush in Nevada.

Despite the unavailability of gold in the area, visitors will find garnet rocks that are dark and filled with charming garnet gemstones.

To find these gemstones, you need to break open the garnet rocks. You will be glad at your efforts, as you will go home with something to share with your loved ones or keep as memorabilia.

If you are stressed out because of searching for gems, you can visit the hill and examine the open copper pit excavations or enjoy a picnic with the many barbecue pits you can use.

Address: US-50 Ely, NV 89301, United States

25. Nardi’s Homestyle Restaurant

Nardi's Homestyle Restaurant
Credits: Nardi’s Home Style Restaurant / Facebook
Nardi’s Homestyle Restaurant

Nardi’s Homestyle Restaurant is a place to relax and enjoy homemade dishes. Ensure to stop by the place to enjoy its delicious foods before embarking on your tour in Ely.

Nardi’s Homestyle Restaurant is the ideal place to eat breakfast or brunch. You can enjoy the variety of breakfast food served. It is a popular restaurant in this part of the country.

It is an excellent place to have breakfast with loved ones and friends. They have an excellent staff who are welcoming and will treat you as family. Their food comes in sizable portions to fill you up and prepare you for your journey.

Address: 1204 E Aultman St, Ely, NV 89301, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Ely

The lovely city of Ely, NV, is all you can ever ask for a perfect vacation, as it has many historical attractions and outdoor areas for your pleasure.

The many recreational activities that this place holds make it a perfect choice for solo tourists and families.

To enjoy your visit to the fullest, ensure to go through this well-curated list of things to do in Ely, NV.