31 Awesome Travel Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

A great number of individuals travel various parts of the world throughout the year. It could be domestic or international, the purpose could be business or vacation.

Families enjoy it more, because it allows the parents to interact with their kids and as well teach them more.

Whatever reason it is, you normally visit some locations, awesome travel hacks are put in place to guide you properly on things to do, stuffs to pack before traveling, tips on how to enjoy your journey, and activities you should engage yourself in when you’ve arrived at your destination.

These Travel Hacks will brings the best ways to go about your journey, let’s explore the best travel hacks.

Best Travel Hacks

1. Scan Your Passport and Email to Yourself

Travel Hacks
Credits: Photobyphotoboy/Shutterstock

Having a handy means of identity is very vital whenever you are about to travel international flights. You would understand more if you were a victim of loss or burglary theft.

You can scan and send images of your details to your email for security.

Better still, take a screenshot of the passport to your phone. If offline it can be accessed without an internet connection.

This is a very essential hack for travelers and even the general public. You have no idea what may happen anytime.

2. Do not Pack Bulky Clothes

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Credits: Sergey Ryzhov/Shutterstock

Pretty much one of the most essential hacks for travelers. You are not doing anything with bulky coats while traveling.

Since you aren’t visiting the arctic regions, like Mount McKinley or traveling to Siberia, then you should drop it at home.

Why not lay your hands on light apparel and smart clothing, waterproof jackets, flannel, and lightweight cardigans.

This should save you some space and weight for some important items which are needed for your trip.

3. Fancy Using a Pillbox for your Small Items

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Credits: Nanta.Kul/Shutterstock

There are some smaller items you definitely would need in the course of your travel. This need adds more necessity that they be kept safe.

With Pillboxes, you can simply stuff all those in there. There are amazing kits for your travel.

You can place in it your jewelry, tiny batteries, safety pins, thumbtacks, bobby pins, paper clips, and some other little objects.

4. Use Private Browsing to Book Cheaper Airline Flights

Travel Hacks
Chrome Incognito Browser

Most times when you browse through airline or travel site, they keep your browsing history because of the installed cookies which you allow on your browser through the site.

With that, they record how frequently you visit, and tend to raise the price above normal because of your regular visits.

The truth is, the ascending price is a trick to push you into what is called ‘panic buying”.

A travel hack is to reverse the trick by using “incognito mode”, “privacy mode” or “private browsing” depending on your browser.

5. Tag Your Luggage as Fragile

Travel Hacks
Credits: Elnur/Shutterstock

There were times your luggage was damaged or even at the extreme, it got lost. Yea, you would have prevented it if you know what to do to avoid such occurrence.

It is that simple, tag your baggage as fragile.

The truth is this, this makes anyone on the line of coming across your luggage to handle it with utmost care or at least in a proper manner.

There is a high tendency that your luggage is placed on top when piled in the storage compartment of the plane.

Not only will your luggage be safe but you could be the first of all passengers to receive their baggage

6. Just Pack want you Need

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Credits: Kostikova Natalia/Shutterstock

Are you wondering how to pack your suitcase for a journey, it’s advised that depending on the type of adventure you are undertaking, always try to make your luggage as light as possible.

If you would be touring various locations in this course, then pack only things that you will need in this your destination or hostel.

This hack is a handful, especially when you are already running late for a flight.

7. Ensure you have Skype, Viber and WhatsApp

Travel Hacks
Credits: Khunkorn/Shutterstock

Social media is now an essential part of an average individual. Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp have largely added to this effect.

Skype enables video and voice calls on different phones.

Vibers provides you with free calls while WhatsApp lets you send instant messages.

8. Ensure your Razor Blades and Other Sharp Tools are Safe

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Credits: Vfhnb12/Shutterstock

This is one very important thing to do. I know you might need some of these sharp tools such as razor, but just do well to keep them safe.

Having a razor cut is one painful injury and could be very messy and embarrassing especially when traveling.

Create the scenario of a profuse bleeding with blood spilled on the airline seat, the carpet, or anything close to that. It’s very disgusting.

Try to avoid these scenes by protecting those sharp edges. A binder clip will help.

9. Move with a Small Fragrance Spray Bottle

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Credits: Lamyai/Shutterstock

Your perfumes, aftershaves, or deodorants are sometimes large size or even in heavily built bottles. Carrying them is another task on its own.

You can just pour your perfumes, aftershaves and deodorant into a small durable plastic bottle (antiseptic spray or any other similar size).

This way you reduce weight, save space as well avoid breakage.

10. Meet Travel Buddies Online

Travel Hacks
Credits: NDAB Creativity/Shutterstock

Travelling can be fun if you move with travel buddies, while exploring new areas, check for follow travelers within the area for their itinerary for a fun time.

Though this may be a daunting task engaging with people mostly in an unfamiliar area, this brings the need to explore online websites like Backpackr and Travel Buddies.

11. Download Google Translate For Use Offline

Travel Hacks
Credits: BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock

Are you traveling abroad? There is a possibility that you don’t speak their language and would require he have Google Translate as an aid.

Bearing in mind that this requires a network connection, there is a way to go about it.

Open the Google Translate app and in the settings select “Offline Translation”.

Download the various languages and enjoy!

12. Charging your Electronic Devices

Travel Hacks
Credits: Artem Kniaz/Shutterstock

I am aware the majority of persons do ignore this technique. Probably as a result of ignorance or being scared of trying something new.

But, charging your electronic devices like phones through a television is one of the most creative travel hacks.

A helpful method especially if you lost or forgot a wall plug for your mobile charger.

Just by the side of most televisions, you’ll find a USB port, it may be at the back for some.’

All you need do is just plug in your cable to the USB port and relax while your phone charges.

13. Bring Along an Empty Water Bottle to the Airport

Travel Hacks
Credits: Bubbers BB / Shutterstock

You are familiar with the $4 paid for water bottles at the airport. Well, there is a way to get through this hurdle easily.

Yea! Some fellows work off by filling and freezing water in the bottles and then it’s no longer liquid, you know?

That method works, but it becomes hell wait anxiously for the blocked ice to turn water for you to drink.

Just come with empty bottles. That way you can pass through the security and afterward, fill to your satisfaction.

14. Put a Pen in Your Pocket/Bag

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Credits: Tarr Pichet/Shutterstock

It might not be convenient, but I assure you it saves. You might just need a pen at any stance. So it is a good one that you have it handy in backpacks, purses, etc so you don’t keep searching for one when you need to fill some stuffs.

15. Engage the Local Grocery Stores/Supermarkets

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Credits: 1000 Words/Shutterstock

You must not cook your meals yourself while in a new environment. But, for the time being, or whenever you wish to, I’ll employ you to use the local grocery stores or supermarket.

Suspend buying from kiosks, you can buy better from the groceries. They are just down the street.

16. Reserve the Window and Aisle Seats

Travel Hacks
Credits: Louis.Roth/Shutterstock

There is something that happens when people travel together. Sometimes, your partner or friend might be dreadful of the middle seat or might want it.

Here is an interesting hack, just reserve both ends. But if they want the middle seat, simply ask for a switch. Works pretty fine.

17. Come with a Pillowcase

Travel Hacks
Credits: Atiwan Janprom/Shutterstock

To save some space, bring a pillowcase instead of the pillow itself. It serves in at least two surprising purposes.

In an emergency period, you can just stuff in some clothes inside and make yourself comfortable. And secondly you can compress clothes in it (just like a puffy jacket) when packing your luggage.

18. Pack a Dryer Sheet

Best travel hacks
Credits: Malgosia Janicka/Shutterstock

Those long trips can make your clothes smell nice. So keep something handy to help control your dirty laundry. It will save your entire suitcase from a bad smell.

You can even throw in a bar of soap, for ease.

19. Use a Free Wi-Fi

Travel Hacks
Credits: McLittle Stock/Shutterstock

Surfing with a poor internet connection can be very annoying. One of the best travel hacks is to identify the First Class Lounge at the airport, seat comfortably, and connect the internet. Select a high-speed network, it’s for free.

Not just the airport, some classy restaurants are available. So sign in!

20. Fool Pickpockets by using a Fake Wallet

Travel Hacks
Credits: Voyagerix/Shutterstock

There are a good number of dishonest persons scattered everywhere, especially in public places. You have to be aware of this and guard yourself.

One of the top travel hacks is to buy a fake wallet, which you can use to deceive pocket pickers. But, be sure that your real wallet is close to you. Probably, around your security belt or in a hidden pocket or scarf.

21. Bring an Extension Cable with you.

Travel Hacks
Credits: Evalogan/Shutterstock

This might look childish but I tell you, it’s not. If where you are planning on visiting requires you to stay in the hostel, come with a power strip.

The output sockets might not be sufficient, I bet you would not want to be taking turns to charge your devices.

You would even become friends with almost everyone bringing an extension with you.

22. Pen Springs can Protect your Cables

You know sometimes our cables keep breaking when we wind it around, especially when traveling. But, wrapping a spring from a pen (ballpoint) round the cable can save you that.

How to do this is. Take the spring off the pen tube. Place the endpoint of the spring around the cable. Gently wind it down the cable.

You can fasten the loose end to the cable using a plier, so it doesn’t move up and down, this makes one of the ultimate travel hacks.

23. Get a Lot of Free Packages

Travel Hacks
Credits: Veles Studio/Shutterstock

Do you know that a good number of companies search daily for people who would test their employees, try their products and in turn give them feedback?

While trying such products, they offer products in exchange such as movies, drinks, snacks and free films

Being a marketer requires little work and is even fun. You can seize this opportunity!

24. Come with Crayons Instead of Candles

As a traveler, you are not able to determine when there could be a bridge in electricity.

You know that candles can be kind of bulky with more space occupied. So, you can come with a pack of crayons.

Crayons can give about 30 minutes of great light.

Just put the crayon on a lid, face the pointed end upwards, light a paper around the crayon and enjoy the light, this makes one of the best travel hacks you should employ.

25. Get a Local as a Personal Guide

Travel Hacks
Credits: Ammit Jack/Shutterstock

This is one trick to apply in sourcing for your guides. It could be expensive and tough to get a tour guide.

You can cut costs, however, by looking for an individual who is resident In the place.

It is for sure cheaper than the organized tours.

26. Your Fridge can Extend Shelf Life of Rechargeable Batteries.

Travel Hacks
Credits: Art_photo_s/Shutterstock

When you place your batteries in a fridge, the shelf life is extended by this keeping them fresh.

One thing is this, at cold temperatures, most rechargeable batteries retain about 90% of the full capacity.

So you don’t have to charge often when you apply this simple hack.

27. Meet Locals Using your Phone.

Travel Hacks
Credits: Maria Savenko/Shutterstock

You would agree with me that knowing a country or some secret places is easy when you meet the locals.

Some apps help you find the perfect place to visit in an organized manner, an instance is Party with a Local.

The app gives you a good guide to the best restaurants, local shops and even shows you the city’s nightlife.

28. Learn How to Prepare Local Dishes.

Travel Hacks
Credits: enciktat/Shutterstock

This is one interesting hack every visitor should adopt. Strive to learn how to prepare the traditional dishes of any country you visit. It helps you make friends too!

Just enter the grocery store, buy some of the local ingredients. They aren’t expensive. So, cook that meal and enjoy yourself with chilled beer.

29. Enjoy the selfies

Travel Hacks
Credits: Oneinchpunch/Shutterstock

One might see taking selfies as just fun. But, when traveling they are more than. It’s a form of identification not only memories.

Selfies prove that the phone belongs to you. This is in case the phone gets stolen or lost.

30. Forfeit your Seat for Other Fringe Benefits.

Travel Hacks
Credits:Skycolors /Shutterstock

There are times airlines get overbooked. So, you are not really in a haste you can forfeit your seat for the many benefits attached.

Some of the gains attached include free food, free drinks, a nearby accommodation, and even an upgrade on your flight without extra charges incurred.

31. Rent a Bicycle

Best Travel Hacks
Credits: biletskiyevgeniy.com/Shutterstock

When you take a walk, you get to see the best views of a place than when in a vehicle. Second to this is riding a bicycle.

You keep yourself fit when you ride and even tend to discover more beautiful places like hangouts. Bicycle tours make you cross ride that is less traveled. Some of them are hidden, firm visitors.

Hope you find these travel hacks interesting, take to putting them into practice while traveling, also share them with your friends.